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Make Your Own SIMPLE Moisturizing Lotion

I have been wanting to make my own lotion for a LONG time! But I haven’t been able to find QUITE the right “recipe” for me. There are as many formulations for lotion out there as there are fish in the sea it seems! Heavy, light. Greasy, non-greasy. Scented, unscented.  etc etc etc. To be honest I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted…but knew I would know it when I found it.  Sure enough…I did!

I found this semi-homemade version on and thought it sounded like just the ticket for me. Simple, inexpensive ingredients and no melting or cooking required. Funny thing is I recently bought some beeswax pellets online in preparation for making lotion…but have yet to use any of it. I might have to find another project that requires beeswax…because I LOVE this lotion! It’s rich and creamy and yet not too heavy…and it smells heavenly! I just love the smell of baby lotion. :-)

The original recipe called for: 16 oz. baby lotion8 oz. Vaseline, and 8 oz. Vitamin E Cream

But after consulting with my staff of advisors (my sisters), we decided to try replacing the Vaseline with Coconut Oil. The result was LOTION PERFECTION! It’s thick, but not heavy, so it’s very moisturizing but doesn’t leave your hands (feet, etc) feeling greasy. Oh, and did I mention how good it smells!?!?  I was considering adding some essential oils to make my own “scented lotion”, but thought better of it when I smelled this.

My sisters and I immediately started slathering this stuff on and my oldest sister said it reminded her of her favorite Burt’s Bees lotion, but at a FRACTION of the cost.

So here is the revised
Homemade Moisturizing Lotion:

16 ounces baby lotion
8 ounces coconut oil (solid form, not melted)
8 ounces vitamin E cream

Mix together with handheld mixer until it resembles icing.

Store in air tight containers…keep it for your own supply…or slap on a quick little label for gift-giving!

I gave one to each of my sisters’s that were visiting. :-)

Cost breakdown:

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil $7.00
Dollar Store Baby Lotion $1.50
Dollar Store Vitamin E Cream $1.50

Use roughly half the jar of coconut oil, the whole bottle of baby lotion and 1/2 the jar of vitamin E Cream.

Approximate cost: $5.75 for roughly 32 ounces. Or $1.44 for each 8 ounce jar I filled.

Ready? Set? MOISTURIZE! ;-)

{{{Update:  Here’s a fun idea!  Put on one of those pump tops! Find out how to MAKE one on this post:  Make Your Own Mason Jar Dispenser}}}


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244 thoughts on “Make Your Own SIMPLE Moisturizing Lotion

  1. Jolene

    Hi, I actually use to make and sell lotion, but quit. It is actually very affordable and just as easy to buy the ingredients from a company online that specializes in selling ingredients for making bath and beauty products to homecrafters and small businesses (would name a few, but don’t want to be accused of being a spammer, lol!) And it would be more naturally based and not contain any petroleum products (Let us avoid petroleum when needed to help lower the demand for oil!). They have some tutorials and books online, but lotion is about 70- 80% water, 15-25% oil, about 6% emulsifier such as vegetable emulsifying wax, and 2-3% essential oil (of you can order a concentrated body safe fragrance oil, but do not add more than 3% or you risk injury!), and 1% preservative after everything else totals 100% such as optiphen to confidently know your product will be bacteria and mold free (which is paraben and formaldhyde free). You simply heat your oils with emulsifier together (keep under 180 degrees if adding shea butter because it will cystalize) and heat up water to same temperture. Add together. Blend till it looks like milk. Add essential oils and preservative. Blend good. It will look like milk. Pour into containers and let cool. It will firm into lotion after cool.

  2. Amy

    I noticed that you originally said in your post that you were thinking of using Vaseline. There is a natural alternative for it. It’s a product called Waxelene. It’s the natural alternative to Vaseline! I haven’t tried it but I heard it feels great on the skin.


  3. Molly

    This was a fun little recipe to put together and I had to make some substitutions based on what was on hand and available without running around town too much. Definitely not organic but I don’t use all that many lotions if I’m drinking enough water anyway and wanted the smell of baby lotion but in a thicker product. This did the trick! What I ended up using was Johnson’s standard baby lotion, cocoa butter cream (instead of vaseline) and that super-thick Eucerin cream (that was sitting unused because it is too thick). Altogether it made a very fluffy cream that is just greasy enough but not too greasy. And the fragrance is light and sweet. Thank you!

  4. Rose Scarlet

    I make this all the time, but I never thought about using the coconut oil… I have TONS of it I need to use up, so next time, I’m going to give this a try. Thanks!

  5. Tika

    I made this using shea butter instead of vaseline and I added some coconut oil along with my favorite suave lotion, whipped it all together ….my skin loves it and the lotion disguises the smell of the shea which im not crazy about…..this is going to be a staple

  6. Kseeeee

    I would give my left arm for a lotion recipe that contains a preservative (my understanding from reading for days on this is that Vit E is NOT a preservative) and also that does not contain a nut oil. I am allergic to all nuts, including coconut and from what I have read, I should avoid putting them on my skin as well. Aside from that, I can’t stand the smell of them, now that the allergy has come along.

    I don’t want a 15 ingredient recipe either that has stuff in it that I have never heard of. I have been searching for days, reading, etc. It’s getting really frustrating. I don’t see vaseline as an option either as I thought it was petroleum based, and I’m not a fan of beginning, as you did, with a prepared lotion. Why bother at that point? I will read a label on one to be sure, but my gut says no.

  7. Susan

    I’m going to try this with the Dermasil lotion from the dollar store. Years ago it was price up there with Keri Lotion but now they carry it at the $1 store! I stock up so I’ll get a half dozen of them, coconut oil (or make the un petroleum jelly) and Vit E…also put more Vit E capsules in it and grapeseed extract for preservative.

  8. Kathy

    I’ve made this and love it! Just tried a new recipe:
    20 oz skin lotion, any scent
    10 oz Dermasil (in the tube)
    (2) 4 oz Creamy Vaseline with Vit E
    All were from Dollartree. Made about 40 ounces for $4. The best yet. I used an unfragranced lotion and added Vanilla. I will add Vitamin E from capsules next time.

  9. Chellie

    Hi Jillee! I absolutely love your blog, I’ve been wrecking my brain (and wallet) trying to find the best moisturizing lotion for my little ones. Their skin was so dry that and I didn’t want to resort in using steroid creams especially for my daughter as she is only 16 months. So I found your recipe and just tweaked it a little, instead of the baby lotion I used all natural Shea butter cream along with the coconut oil and vitamin E cream and it works great! Not a dry patch on my little Lola, she loves lotion time and not to mention its good for her! Thanks a lot : )

  10. Kathleen

    Hi Jillee,

    Love your blog, found it on pinterest. I just made this moisturizer, found my products at walmart and I had two lotion bottles with pumps from other products I saved and reused them. I put the homemade lotion in a plastic bag and snipped off the end to put it in the bottles without any mess…..easy peasy and love, love, love the lotion. I’ll be making for holiday gifts.

  11. Karen

    Made this lotion this weekend and LOVED it! I couldn’t find Vitamin e at the dollar store, and ended up with creamy vaseline with e, coconut oil and baby lotion from the dollar store. I had a coupon for coconut oil from a vitamin shop so came out to $4 for 15 ounces.

  12. Debbie

    My Mom makes the version with the vaseline in it. The grand kids call it Grandma’s Miracle Cream. It soothes their sun burn skin where they missed using the sun screen.

  13. Lily

    Made this, really liked it as body/hand lotion. One nite too tired to move…used it as make-up remover/face wash ….cannot tell you how amazing. Now only face wash I use (removes long-wear foundation and mascara). Now it’s face and body moisturizer. My version of washing face with oil? Used to have oily skin, but at 60, skin has become dry. This gives my face just enough moisture…not greasy…not tight….just right. Lancôme … never more! Thanks Jillee

  14. Trish

    I’ve been making the Vaseline version of this and, while I love it, have been wondering if coconut oil could be substituted for the Vaseline. Now I don’t have to wonder any more. :-) I’ll be making my next batch with coconut oil!

  15. Landon

    I made this a few weeks ago & forgot to come back to comment. Coconut oil melts here & makes a mess in home blended (since some don’t want to call this homemade even though I bought the ingredients and made it in my home) personal care items, so I chose to use vaseline after searching in vain for a natural alternative.

    Jillee, you have changed my life! Ok, well not my life, but at least my skin. My skin is very sensitive. Every lotion I have ever tried as a body lotion has broken me out, so I’ve always had dry & itchy skin, but no more! My skin loves this stuff! I can use it head to toe. Yippee! This is the first time in my adult life that I haven’t had dry cracked heels, flaky legs & an itchy back. My skin purely glows after several weeks use, so on it’s behalf I thank you!

  16. maria

    This could be acceptable if you don’t use the “baby lotion” you described. You could use an organic lotion which would be better but you could very easily make your own real lotion from scratch that is good for your skin that does not use petroleum products in it. Johnson’s is chemicals, not natural. You need to buy a few ingredients, but once you have on hand, this is a cinch. I don’t mean to be rude or bossy, I jsut don’t want anyone using toxic stuff on their skin, your largest organ which absorbs stuff. Here is a good website with recipes and directions.

    1. Dianne nevius

      Maria I have made this and been using it for well over a year. I DO NOT believe it is toxic. Just because you want everything natural doesn’t mean it is toxic.It bothers me that people come onto these sites and make remarks. If you don’t like it don’t use it

  17. Cora

    Finally tried this tonite, it mixes up fast and it works great. Love this lotion, I used all the ingredients suggested. I used a lot of it on my arms and hands and two hours later it still feels like I have lotion on. Not greasy either even though the coconut oil is extremely greasy by itself. This whipped up lotion makes skin feel really soft. I would recommend it. thank you Jillee.

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  19. Judy

    My friend and I made “OODLES” of this, jarred and decorated, then gave as gifts to our Red Hat group. They requested it for the next birthday or Christmas gift!

  20. barbara remillard

    Wow amazing! Good bye ashy skin :) It is 12:30 am but I am so excited over the results, I had to share before bed. So I did substitute the baby lotion with Dermasil from the dollar store because I love it and already had it. Everything else, coconut oil, vitamin e, essential oil, I found at Walmart. I made half the portion and added some essential oil. I am a moisturizing junky and this stuff truly feels like silk! Oh and wait….. my husband said I smell good ;) I believe I might be hooked lol. F.Y.I. I am normally a die hard Nivea person. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to pass it onto my daughter who suffers from super dry skin.

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  23. Carrie

    Baby lotion, and vasaline are also big No No’s in our family due to the chemicals. However, this recipe coudl easly be used with the coconut oil, and a safer organic lotion. For me, straight coconut oil is a little messy and greasy, depending on the time of year, however the safe and organic lotions do not seem to moisturize enough for me. So I am excited to try this with my favorite organic lotion, and coconut oil, along with the vitamin e cream. Combining my favorites :)

  24. Suzie

    I love the idea of making your own lotion, as I contantly have dry skin. And I would love to use your recipe for the body butter; however, I have a serious allergy to anything that has any kind of coconut in it. So putting this on my skin would be a SERIOUS no no, let alone cooking it. I could only imagine what the vapors would do to me. What could I possibly use as an alternative to the coconut oil if anything?

  25. Nicole

    Sorry .. maybe you already addressed this but you say to store them in air tight containers … If I use mason jars like you show do I need to seal them the way I do when I’m canning salsa? Sorry if that’s a stupid question but I don’t want the lotion to go to waste either :)

  26. Peggy

    In the winter time, everything I touch….even people get shocked… after my shower in the morning I put this lotion on all over and has cut down on my shocking experiences. I put my lotion mixture back in the vitamin E jars or I buy the big jar of vaseline and once it’s empty I fill the jar and leave in my nightstand to put on my feet at night. My boss went through radiation and her oncologist gave her a thumbs up on the lotion to put on her skin. My sisters fingers used to crack in the winter, not anymore. I will never buy store bought lotion again.

  27. Kathy

    I made this last week. Tried the hand mixer and I had a bunch of coconut oils clumps in it. Switched to the Kitchen-Aid mixer, still clumpy. Transferred everything to the food processor and it turned out super smooth. My daughters and I love this mixture!!! Thanks!

  28. Kara

    I really want to make this but couldn’t find any Vitamin E Cream. I even tried Wall-Mart. I do have Vitamin E Oil though and wondered if this would work in it’s place?

  29. traceylee

    Even though I have been moisturizing like crazy, my hands have been so painfully dry – to the point of cracking… and last night I was nearly in tears from discomfort:-( I woke up this morning determined to find a solution that didnt break the bank… A friend coincidentally pinned this today and I ran across io… thank goodness!!! I tweaked the recipe for my preferences with success! Next time I will make sure I have the correct ratio of lotion to other parts- mine turned out more like a lotion bar than creamy lotion, but I did n’t have as much lotion on hand as I thought I did when I started the project and didn’t want to run out for extra.

    1. Heather G.

      It isn’t difficult to understand at all!! Read the comments and you will read that she loves to take a product and improvise to make it better. All of these negative comments drive me insane!! If you don’t have anything nice to say…you know the rest.

      1. Suzan

        EXACTLY!! It’s great if someone wants to be organic or petroleum free!! However, everyone doesn’t feel that way, so if you don’t like it, do it your way…but many of us DO love this recipe, so get over it & keep ya’lls negativity to yourselves. JS

  30. Lmaria

    This is my first comment and I’m a new member of Pinterest! Wow, I love this website. I’m hooked. I can’t wait to try to make my own simple moisturizing lotion. These will be great gifts for teachers, family and friends. Very cost effective.

  31. Jamie

    What do you think about making this with goat’s milk?
    We have dairy goats and was just wondering if I could add some or subsitute some in there somewhere?

  32. Marianna

    Hi. I recently made my own lotion with coconut oil. I have a daughter with a gluten allergy and since most lotions do have gluten, I was looking for something she could use that would not contaminate her. I made it using coconut oil and vitamin e oil. The secret to getting a smooth end product is to whip it together. I just used a hand mixer. Also, you want to make sure you are not using refined coconut oil. I bought my first jar of oil at my local GNC. I have since been doing some research and have started buying it from Tropical Traditions. I have been using the coconut oil for many other things as well. Google the uses for coconut oil, you will be amazed!

  33. Susan

    Which Dollar Store did you find the Coconut Oil? I’ve looked and looked and finally bought Cocoa Butter in Vaseline which has a nice scent, too, but would have liked to use the Coconut Oil.

  34. Rachel Bennett


    My mom made some of this a few weeks ago, gave me a small (4 oz?) container, and distributed the rest between herself and some friends. I have since used it almost exclusively for both FACE and BODY lotion. It’s amazing. Scraped the container tonight, so we’re going to make more tomorrow. Also, as a nurse, GOOD lotion is hard to come by, and much needed. I’ll take a LITTLE of the next batch to work to share with some fellow-cheapskate friends. Thanks for all the great ideas and keep them coming! ~Rachel~

  35. Tanya

    Tonight I made this a second time, using Aveeno baby lotion, Vaseline with vitamin e and aloe and vitamin E cream. I like to reuse the baby lotion container for the homemade hand cream, but couldn’t figure out an easy way to get it back inside without making a mess. Leave it to my son to come up with a solution: a disposable Wilton frosting bag with the inside coupling, but not a frosting tip. It was one of those smack myself on the forehead why didn’t I think of that moments, and it worked perfectly! Did I mention that I love my son? Lol. I told him I had to come on here and share his genius ;)

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  37. Angela

    I have made coconut oil “lotion” by putting it in my stand mixer and setting the timer for 10 minutes. What comes out is beautiful, fluffy amazing-ness. I can not wait to try this and do the same. The stand mixer takes even more work out of it.


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