Friday, February 24, 2012

Make Your Own SIMPLE Moisturizing Lotion

I have been wanting to make my own lotion for a LONG time! But I haven’t been able to find QUITE the right “recipe” for me. There are as many formulations for lotion out there as there are fish in the sea it seems! Heavy, light. Greasy, non-greasy. Scented, unscented.  etc etc etc. To be honest I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted…but knew I would know it when I found it.  Sure enough…I did!

I found this semi-homemade version on and thought it sounded like just the ticket for me. Simple, inexpensive ingredients and no melting or cooking required. Funny thing is I recently bought some beeswax pellets online in preparation for making lotion…but have yet to use any of it. I might have to find another project that requires beeswax…because I LOVE this lotion! It’s rich and creamy and yet not too heavy…and it smells heavenly! I just love the smell of baby lotion. :-)

The original recipe called for: 16 oz. baby lotion8 oz. Vaseline, and 8 oz. Vitamin E Cream

But after consulting with my staff of advisors (my sisters), we decided to try replacing the Vaseline with Coconut Oil. The result was LOTION PERFECTION! It’s thick, but not heavy, so it’s very moisturizing but doesn’t leave your hands (feet, etc) feeling greasy. Oh, and did I mention how good it smells!?!?  I was considering adding some essential oils to make my own “scented lotion”, but thought better of it when I smelled this.

My sisters and I immediately started slathering this stuff on and my oldest sister said it reminded her of her favorite Burt’s Bees lotion, but at a FRACTION of the cost.

So here is the revised
Homemade Moisturizing Lotion:

16 ounces baby lotion
8 ounces coconut oil (solid form, not melted)
8 ounces vitamin E cream

Mix together with handheld mixer until it resembles icing.

Store in air tight containers…keep it for your own supply…or slap on a quick little label for gift-giving!

I gave one to each of my sisters’s that were visiting. :-)

Cost breakdown:

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil $7.00
Dollar Store Baby Lotion $1.50
Dollar Store Vitamin E Cream $1.50

Use roughly half the jar of coconut oil, the whole bottle of baby lotion and 1/2 the jar of vitamin E Cream.

Approximate cost: $5.75 for roughly 32 ounces. Or $1.44 for each 8 ounce jar I filled.

Ready? Set? MOISTURIZE! ;-)

{{{Update:  Here’s a fun idea!  Put on one of those pump tops! Find out how to MAKE one on this post:  Make Your Own Mason Jar Dispenser}}}


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229 thoughts on “Make Your Own SIMPLE Moisturizing Lotion

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  2. Pam

    I used Suave restoring lotion, only about 6 oz of vasaline and 10 oz of vitamin E! Love the smell and it is not as greasy (soaks in the skin faster)!!! And for $10.00 I have enough lotion to last me for MONTHS!!! I see mothers day presents in the future, maybe even fathers day my husband loves it no ‘frufru’ smell!

  3. Karen Goodwin

    I cannot vitamin E cream or coconut oil cream without spending a fortune. My grocery store here wanted 10.99 just for a jar of vitamin E cream. I have to be economical. Plus where do you buy essential oils without spending a mint? I am very anxious to make my lotion. I have the baby lotion.

    Also can you use almond or vanilla flavoring in this lotion?


    1. Jillee Post author

      You will just have to look around to find a good price on the vitamin E cream and the coconut oil. I’ve found the Vitamin E cream at my local dollar store before. You can also find it on Amazon: I get my coconut oil at Costco for a pretty good price an I’ve found it at the dollar store as well. I get all of my essential oils from Doterra but they can be pricey. You can sometimes find cheaper ones at health food stores. You should be able to use almond or vanilla flavoring.

  4. Lora Walker

    I make this all the time and really prefer the coconut oil version. Actually I LOVE it. I have gotten so many people hooked by giving them samples. I have used the lavendar baby lotion and also honey apple or the oatmeal baby lotion. The honey apple is my favorite but it is hard to find.

  5. Virginia

    Beautiful Blog!

    I’ve found your beautiful blog surfing on pinterest and I’ve noticed that in UK and US you use to make body lotion/cream with butter, oil and beeswax.
    In Europe, Italy too, we use lecithyn soybean to emulsify oil, butter and liquid phase. Have you ever tried? I’ve made a coconut milk body lotion with 70% coconut milk homemade (gelified with xanthan gum)+ 10% karitè butter + 13% sweet almond oil + 7% lecimix (lecithyn60%+sunflower oil40%) + conservateur… it’s amazing, the smell and the skin touch very soft and smooth :-)
    This is only my suggestion ;-).
    Thanks again for your simple recipes

  6. Deanna

    I used Dollar General Shea and Cocoa Butter Baby Lotion with vitamin e cream and coconut oil and it smells ans feels amazing! Much better than using petroleum jelly and original scent baby lotion like my mother in law does! I love your blog and use several other of your DIY recipes.

    1. Jillee Post author

      Coconut oil is great as a moisturizer but I’ve read in multiple places that it can clog pores. If you are prone to breakouts I would avoid using it on your face but it should still be fine for any other place on your body.

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  8. Tonya

    Coconut oil is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. So if you’re thinking about making it antibacterial by adding antibacterial gel (alcohol), you’ll just end up drying your skin more. Coconut oil’s natural properties are great by itself. No harsh, drying or damaging properties!

  9. Sharon

    I live in Florida. In the summer, coconut oil doesn’t remain in solid form — it turns to liquid. I wonder if it would still work in this recipe.

  10. debbieq

    i love this stuff, it makes you skin feel great! I live in Texas, so it really helps in the hot, dry climate! i have added vitamin e oil from the dollar store and avocado and sweet almond oil from cvs as well, they make it very nice. Thanks for the great recipe.

  11. Missy

    Hello, I was just wondering, do you think this recipe would work using the baby lotion, vitamin e cream, and YOUR homemade vaseline recipe? Thank you

  12. Laura

    This sounds awesome – I tried your whipped coconut oil, but it melted on me. Do you have any advice on how can I stop that happening with this cream? Winter is coming, and my skin’s starting to feel it.

  13. Monica

    I’ve been using this for a while on my face and does seem to diminish the fine lines on my eyes. I also gave some to my friend who used it for about a week before go to her dermatologist. He told her he didn’t know what she was doing different for her skin but it felt terrific, keep doing it.

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  16. Cheryl

    My sister-in-law and I made this 4 days ago. I just wanted to come back and comment that this lotion is unbelievable. My skins feels great and not greasy at all. I even used iron my face. I have rosacea and she has psoriasis and hersis going away. Definitely worth trying!!!!

  17. Marie

    I made this using 27 ozs, nitetime baby lotion,2 jars of Vitamin E lotion,1 jar of udder cream, 3 tubes of Neosporin Very sooth skin after use and moisturizes skin and cracked hands

  18. Dixie

    I love this stuff…I have made it 3 different ways…my favorite is bag balm instead of the Vaseline or coconut oil…
    I do use a little more lotion to cover the bag balm scent…everyone loves it and my skin is the softer than it has been in years..
    Thanks Jillee for all the great ideas and helpful comments…

  19. Salome

    Regarding the use of Prep H I found this on Wikipedia: “The Canadian formulation of Preparation H includes a yeast extract called BioDyne, which has been removed from the formulation previously sold in the United States in 1995. This yeast extract is believed by Pfizer to remove wrinkles from skin and heal dry, cracked, and irritated skin. The Canadian formulation has acquired a market in the United States as a skin cream with an anti-wrinkle active ingredient.”

  20. Vel

    Can you suggest a replacement for the baby lotion as I am allergic to it, I’ve tried so many lotions and creams. Also I have a mild case of eczema, my doctor gave me some medical lotions but they really stink and are greasy so I stopped using them.

  21. Carol Lopez

    I just made a batch, I got my baby lotion, vitamin E and Vaseline, and jar all at the 99 cent store, total cost $3.96 and I have put by my side of the bed! Can’t wait to try tonight!

  22. Carolyn

    I am getting ready to make the recipe using the coconut oil, vitamin E cream and Baby lotion. I noticed on the recipe at the beginning it said 16 oz of baby oil, 8 0z of vitamin E cream, and 8 oz of Coconut oil. Then later on down it read to use 1/2 the jar of coconut oil, half of the vitamin E cream and the who bottle of baby lotion. Which is it? My baby lotion came in 16 oz bottle, the coconut oil came in a 10 oz jar and the vitamin E cream came in an 8 oz jar. Are the amounts as stated in the first description? 16 baby oil, 8 coconut cream, and 8 vitamin e cream? I know this may be silly, but just want to be sure I am reading this correctly. Don’t want to ruin my batch of wonderful lotion.

  23. Kelly Howard

    There is not “one good thing” in baby lotion, Jillee! Have you investigated how bad the ingredients are? This might smell good and seem cost effective but baby lotion is a wasteland of chemical toxins. Better alternative is to look up recipes using emulsifying wax instead of beeswax and make it from scratch.

  24. Cassie Shipley

    Hey Jillee. I loved this lotion. I made a few changes, but I’m thinking of trying the baby lotion out as Christmas gifts this year. Thanks for posting. You can check out my post on it here:

    I get a lot of my ideas from your blog. It’s my favorite. Hope you don’t mind me trying things out for myself and posting about it. I’ve linked your blog to a few of my posts.

    Thanks for sharing your creative ideas. Can’t wait to see what else you post.

    ~ Cassie

  25. Carolyn

    Hello…Tried this recipe out…I chose unscented baby lotion and then added a few drops of cucumber melon essential oil for scent…the only thing is that it seems really greasy to me…I tried several times…using just a tiny amount as it seems to go further than store bought cream…just wondering if the essential oil is what made it greasy?? Any suggestions?

  26. C. Ellis

    Hello. We just wanted to let you know that your recipe was featured on

    This looks good enough to eat! I love the fragrance of baby lotion and use coconut oil everyday…I’m going to try this :) features recipes, videos, crafts, beauty tips, home decor, etc… from around the world. Posts on link back to the original posting and help to drive traffic to your YouTube channel or blog. :)

  27. Nancy

    I have used this recipe for a year and I LOVE it. I really like the smell of Jergen’s lotion, so I used it instead of baby lotion. I love how it feels mixed with the coconut oil and it smells wonderful! Plus, it really moisturizes.

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    1. Suzan

      Many of the stores in the US that have the word “dollar” in them just means they have discounted prices. There are some that everything in the store is 99 cents or just $1.

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  30. Elizabeth

    I love this stuff! I’m making it for the women that I work with this Christmas. For those of you worried about the petroleum or mineral oil, you can find all natural baby lotion that’s made wit almond oil or olive oil. I used to use California Baby on my daughter and I believe it was free of those chemicals. It’s more expensive of course but if you want to use an all natural product but still want the ease of this recipe it’s worth it. I actually used a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Naturals for this since it’s what I happened to have on hand, and it turned out great!

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  32. Diane

    I used from the dollar store 4oz of Udder Cream – 2 oz of Butt Butter (diaper rash cream) – 4 oz of Vitamin E Skin Care Cream – 2oz of Cocoa Butter hand & body lotion – 1 oz of coconut oil – whipped up with hand mixer. Scooped up with an ice cream scoop into 1/2 oz plastic containers and gave out as gifts at lunch. My friends loved it!!!

  33. Michelle G.

    Hi, just wanted to say how happy I am that I found your site. My neighbor made and gave me the baby lotion as a gift. I usually only use shea butter or lotions from bath and body works. I ran out of my regular lotion so I tried hers. I fell in love with it. Well of course I used it all up. Everytime I asked her for the recipe,she somehow avoided giving it to me!!LOL!! It took me a little while,but finally,finally came across your web site! Just want to thank you!! I love it,and will share it will all my friends,unlike my neighbor!! LOL! Sincerely, Michelle Gregory

  34. michelle

    Do I have to use baby lotion, or will any lotion work? I typically use Vaseline Intensive Care Repairing Moisture (unscented – I tend to have skin reactions to perfumes and dyes in different products) and was wondering if I might be able to use that in this recipe?

  35. Bennett

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