Chicken Nacho Scoops!

I made a happy food discovery this afternoon that I thought I would share!

I decided to make Chicken Nachos for the guys because I had some chicken that needed to be cooked…but it wasn’t quite enough for an official chicken dish. So when that’s the case…I usually chop it up and put it on a salad or sprinkle it on nachos…to make it go a little further.

I ALWAYS have the ingredients on hand for nachos. Which basically means I always have some sort of tortilla chips and some sort of cheese. Today was a bonus day because I also happened to have cilantro on hand AND had just made a batch of my FAVORITE Blender Salsa (that you can find here.)

The only thing different about today was I didn’t have regular tortilla chips…but I DID have tortilla SCOOPS. I don’t normally buy these, but I had been visiting my sister who also loves to make the Blender Salsa and she served it with the scoops, which was really good! So I bought some yesterday. And TODAY…they turned out to be the perfect vehicle for my chicken nachos!! I love a happy surprise in the kitchen. :-)

So I decided to snap a few pictures to share. There’s really no “recipe” for these….more like a method. I think the pictures tell the story. (If they don’t….feel free to ask.)   :-)

The perfect little bite. :-)

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  1. elizabeth says

    I’ve even fixed this recipie with some alfredo sauce drizzeled ontop instead of using sausa. Great variation.

  2. Toy Carli says

    Jillee, I just LOVE your blog. I’m been receiving your emails and looking at your blog for about six months now and I don’t think I’ve commented. I tell my friends and share some things with them once in a while and they love you too. Please don’t stop! You have very useful information.

  3. Nadine says

    Hi Jillee, I always look forward to getting your emails & love browsing the different catergories for tips. Keep up the fab work. You have a new fan in London, England!