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  1. Katie Johnson says

    Hi Jillee……..This is about everything you do on your OGTBJ daily blog. You have changed my life…..I thought I was past the stage of DIY and find I’m in it up to my arm-pits and loving it! I have set up my “lab” on the washer and dryer using the cupboards above to store my “necessaries” and find I can make just about any household cleaner you and your “go-to” people come up with. I am having such a good time. My one and only problem has been with my DIY-sorta hot chocolate mix. I can’t get rid of that “institutional” taste. I’m thinking it’s the powdered milk. Maybe it was “expired”. It was up in the cupboard and no telling how long it had been there. My day has been enhanced by the English Muffin Bread. All you have to do is toast it and think English Muffin……don’t forget to generously butter the bread after it’s toasted and then put on the jam. I don’t plan on ever running out of that Bread……..with a back-up in the freezer. Each time I pass by the $ store I run in to search for plastic bottles to use for my endless supply of DIY items. Love searching the Goodwill for pots and jars for my homemade laundry and dishwasher detertents. I used my small molds (you know the ones used for making individual tortillas for small salads and dips) to form my deodorizing disks. For ones I am planning to use at home I salvaged some small butter tubs. Makes ’em easier to handle and place in those special places where you hide deodorizing disks. Can you tell I’m thrilled with your website and the huge assortment of recipes for ANYTHING. Morning hugs to you, Jillee…………..from Katie Johnson in Arkansas

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