Homemade Toothpaste With Coconut Oil – and 38 other coconut oil cures!

coconut oil toothpaste

It seems like everywhere I turn lately, I run across another “___ Uses For Coconut Oil” list. Sometimes when things are HYPED that much…my skeptic’s radar goes into overdrive. But, the more I read about it, the more it DOES seem like it can do anything! I have read so much about Coconut Oil in the past week, my head is spinning! But despite research overload vertigo…I have managed to glean some of my personal favorites from the HUNDREDS I read about and thought I would share them with you. I haven’t personally TRIED all of these…but wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

coconut oil toothpaste


a couple I HAVE tried:


***Homemade Coconut Oil Toothpaste
by Crunchy Betty

3 Tbsp coconut oil
3 Tbsp baking soda
25 drops peppermint essential oil
1 packet stevia
2 tsp vegetable glycerin (optional)

Put the coconut oil and baking soda in a bowl and mash up with a fork until blended. Add the peppermint essential oil, stevia and optional vegetable glycerin and continue to mash and stir until you’ve reached toothpaste consistency.

This recipe surprised me! I was anticipating it tasting pretty nasty…but it was minty fresh instead!  AND it left my teeth feeling clean and “slickery”. (yeah…I made that word up.)


5 stars from me!!!


coconut oil toothpaste
coconut oil toothpaste
coconut oil toothpaste


***Add to mineral foundation powder for a great no-streak glowing foundation.

I only use mineral makeup foundation. But sometimes I feel like my skin could use something with a little moisture to it to use as a base. So I tried this tip and I LOVED it. I used the “liquid” foundation first…then finished off with the powder and got such a nice, even coverage! I wouldn’t use it for everyday, but for special occasions….DEFINITELY!


more i WANT to try:


***Moisturizing Shower Scrub:  1 cup coconut oil; 1/2 cup aloe vera gel; 1/4 cup baking soda

***Frizzy Hair Remedy. After washing and conditioning, rub a small amount between palms and smooth over wet hair, style as usual

***Hair Mask: 2 Tbs olive oil, 2 Tbs coconut oil, 2 Tbs almond oil, however many punctured vitamin E tablets as you want, and some lemon juice.

***Deodorant - already blogged about

***Eye Makeup Remover - already blogged about

***Healthy “Magic Shell” ice cream topping. Melt any kind of chocolate and mix in some coconut oil. Pour it on your ice cream and it hardens just like the magic shell stuff.

***Condition your wooden cutting boards.

***Keep a little container in your purse for lip moisturizer.

***Add a spoonful to your dog or cat’s food.

***Use on your baby’s diaper rash or cradle cap.

***Use to help reduce visibility of stretch marks or to prevent stretch marks.

***For nursing mothers, use coconut oil on your nipples to prevent cracking and irritation.

***If you’re prone to nosebleeds, coat the inside of your nostrils with coconut oil regularly.

***Ear infections. Tilt your head to the side and put a few drops in (or a small chunk if you don’t want to melt it… your body heat will soon melt it).

***Homemade VapoRub:  3 Tbs. Coconut Oil – melted; 3-5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil; 6-10 drops Rosemary Essential Oil. Place oil into a small container and add in essential oils. Then just rub on chest, under nose or on to feet.

***Insect Repellent.  Mix with peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary, or tea tree oil

***Mix with baking soda for a non-toxic “Goo Gone”.

***Got gum stuck in your hair? Try using coconut oil to remove without cutting your hair.
Use instead of WD-40.

***Mix with butter and toss your popcorn in it.

***Chocolate ‘bark’ with Virgin coconut oil
4 T. (1/4 cup) Virgin Coconut Oil
1-T. Cocoa Powder
1/4 t. lowcarb sweetener, such as stevia
2 oz sliced almonds optional
2 oz coconut flakes optional
Melt the coconut oil to a liquid LOW heat, add in cocoa powder and sweetener. Stir to combine and blend well. Blend nuts and flakes into chocolate mixture (Optional). Pour onto a plate with wax paper on it put in refrigerator or freezer on LEVEL shelf and let set 10 minutes or so. It will harden quickly and breaks up easy, put in a plastic bag and keep in refrigerator or freezer.

***Strengthening Nails. Add a drop of lavender to a little dish of coconut oil and rub it into your nails and they will be strong and lovely.

***As a treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

***Mix it with sugar for an exfoliating sugar scrub.

***Melt a tablespoon of it and pour it into your smoothie. 1 cup full-fat yogurt, 1/2 cup strawberries, 2 Tbsp maple syrup, 1Tbsp melted coconut oil. Delicious and healthy.

***Use coconut oil as a natural guitar string lubricant and string cleaner. 

***Use coconut oil instead of the pricey toxic shampoos to get rid of lice.

***Mix garlic with coconut oil and it makes whatever you’re cooking taste buttered!

***Rub it on fresh tattooes. Helps with the healing process.

***Use coconut oil mixed with baking soda for a moisturizing and brightening facial scrub.

***Sore Throat Remedy.  If you feel a sore throat coming on, let a spoonful of coconut oil dissolve on your tongue and coat your throat. Sore throat should be gone by the next day!

Spoon 3 tbsp. of shea butter into a medium bowl. Add 6 tbsp. of coconut oil to the shea butter. Whip the two ingredients together using a wire whisk.
Add 2 tbsp. of zinc oxide to the mixture and blend with the wire whisk.

***Use it on cold sores!

***Use to condition your wooden cutting boards.

***Keep a little container in your purse for lip moisturizer.

And last but certainly not least….and possibly my VERY FAVORITE…

***Cinnamon toast is AMAZING with coconut oil in place of butter! Can’t WAIT to try this one out!







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  1. Rebecca says

    Coconut oil on warm fresh bread with honey is delicious! I still love washing my face with coconut oil, a tip that I got from you…my skin thanks you and so does my bank account!

  2. Anonymous says

    I love your posts! I follow a similar toothpaste recipe however instead of stevia I use Xylitol which is actually in our chewing gum to help prevent tooth decay. Xylitol is sweet and tastes good…I use it to sweeten almost all of my tea, baking etc instead. Hope this helps!

  3. Anonymous says

    I know this is a sidenote, but recently when makIng oatmeal for breakfast, I realized I forgot to pick up milk the previous night :/ I used half a can of coconut milk, mashed strawberries and bananas and got rave reviews! I'm starting to think coconuts are the cure to everything!

  4. Anonymous says

    I have tried many brands of Coconut Oil and they are not the same. The best I have ever found was from http://www.nutiva.com it is extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil and smells incredible when you open it up. I do not work for Nutiva but wanted to share about the wonders of their oil. Thanks Jillee for another amazing post. I read your blog daily! :)

    • Carol says

      I agree…Nutiva is the best! Im going to share my opinion of this great stuff! Tasting it right off a spoon is the best taste test…pure coconut heaven! I’ve tried Tropical Traditions too but it isn’t as tasty as Nutiva…their website though has a lot of recipes for food and health remedies…they have coconut everything and other organic products…Coconut Concentrate is delicious…tropical traditions.com! I’ve been using extra virgin coconut oil for years especially for cooking…it melts at about 74 degrees and has a high cooking temperature vs olive oil. In the cooler months the oil will stay solid in the container but in the warmer months it will liquify…it doesn’t hurt the oil going back and forth (if it lasts that long!:). I can’t say enough about it! Right now on Amazon.com you can get 2 – 54 oz containers of Nutiva for $26.49 (Prime – free shipping) and these are huge! And this oil has a very long shelf life! Google coconut oil and you will find the cures, remedies, recipes, etc that are endless! Enjoy! :D

  5. Anonymous says

    This is perfect timing for the jar of coconut oil I just bought. FYI, I stopped in my local Asian foods store and scored a 16oz jar for $5.49. The same size jar is $9.99 at my local grocery store.

  6. Anonymous says

    Hi Jill,

    I'm so glad I found your blog. I can't wait to try this toothpaste, I've been looking for a good toothpaste recipe. I love the deodorant recipe, I'm pleasently surprised at how good it works. Thanks for all your great research!


  7. Jenny says

    I just started using coconut oil for oil pulling as I have enamel loss on my back teeth. Not sure if it's working yet, but I'm hoping. I also used it as a hair mask and was amazed at how soft my hair was afterwards. I also love to use it in cooking.

  8. Kathleen says

    I make my own tooth paste. I thought I would try this recipe. So last time I made tooth paste, with coconut oil. I have to say, I don't like it. It's just too oily and it's hard to get it to stay on your tooth brush and when you first put it in your mouth its just a big glob of oil that is hard to spread over your teeth. I will stick to my tried and true recipe. Any body want it….

  9. Julie says

    Coincidentally, I just decided to make this last night after reading about it on another website. I even cut down the baking soda a little bit and still found it to taste absolutely awful :(. This morning I brushed my teeth with just plain coconut oil and it wasnt as bad. I ordered something called Peelu fibers that I am going to try adding to it instead of baking soda because I really dont want to use store bought toothpaste with glycerin anymore!

  10. Anonymous says

    This is a freakish coincidence! (or not, ;) lol!) I just got done googling Coconut oil for hair treatments before clicking on your blog today.. I work at a salon (though not a hairdresser) and I am so fickle about what I want to do with my hair.. you name it, I've done it over the last year.. Hilights, perm, all over dark color, and last but not least, today I had one of the stylists put a perm on my hair and comb it out to straighten the frizz that it had morphed into (my perm was about 5 months old..) I cringed and prayed my hair wouldn't fall off.. as I dried it, I noticed this 'goopy gummy' feel about mid-length down from my hair shaft.. (you know how worn out elastic feels? yeah, not good) The stylist trimmed the worst of all this damaged part off and added all these miracle serums and recommended I keep it conditioned.. The damaged parts were where I had the hi-lights/colored over/permed/unpermed sections.. yeah.. too much on my hair.. Advice ladies: don't do that to yourself! In conclusion.. I remembered your posts about the coconut oil with the shampoo/conditioner (and revised version) so here I am, looking for a solution to my over-processed hair.. Can't wait to try some of these!! (so sorry this was a terribly long post)

  11. Karen says

    Jill..I had to post immediately! I know just the thing to keep your homemade toothpaste in! As I was making my lunch this morning, I had an almost empty container of Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise in the 9 oz. squeeze bottle. Frustrated that I couldn't squeeze out the last drop of mayo, I took a good look at that container and viola!!! Remove the label and you have a clear squeeze container!! Sharing a hint with Jill is my "One Good Thing"! God Bless YOU!!

  12. KcScamp says

    I have to ask a "silly" question…..I hate coconut and the smell just gags me…….so does coconut oil and coconut water all taste and smell like the shredded coconut and the stuff they put in suntan oil(Hawaiian Tropic)??????
    I see a lot of all kinds of recipes using coconut this and that…I need to know the answer>>>>PLEASE?????

    • makalove says

      KcScamp, it depends on the coconut oil. The really awesome organic virgin coconut oil does have a coconut smell, but if you buy regular coconut oil from the grocery store it probably won’t. Open the jar and check – most of the grocery store brands i’ve bought (LouAnn is one i can recall) don’t smell like coconut at all. i don’t think Hawaiian Tropic smells anything like actual coconut, for what it’s worth. But i suffer from environmental chemical sensitivity and find most fragrances – even some natural essential oils – obnoxious.

      • Cara says

        Sometimes you can find “expeller pressed” virgin coconut oil, with or without the scent (although it epreally doesn’t smell like Hawaiian Tropic, it’s more of sweet candy type of scent, if that make sense (no pun intended). I went to Whole Foods and got my 16oz jar for 7.99, their brand has no scent, but since I like the smell of the oil, I chose a brand name for a dollar more. Both are unrefined, but at least you can choose for yourself

  13. Vikki says

    I just keep two tiny bowls together for toothpaste one with baking soda the other coconut oil. Been using the combo for years. I used to mix them, but got lazy AND I'm a scrubber. So a lot of times I just use the coconut oil because the baking soda can be pretty harsh for me. My dentist always told me it's the brushing not the toothpaste anyway.

    A handy tip. If keeping coconut oil in your purse. make sure you container seals very well and remember in warmer weather it will melt and will no longer be in solid form. I made this mistake years ago.

    Is a awesome cuticle cream as well. My main uses are for it's health and nutritional benefits so I make sure I add a good healthy spoonful to my coffee or tea.

  14. Anonymous says

    Prissila, She did mean Pepermint Essential oil, using the DoTerra oils she shows in the pictures, they are perfectly safe because they have not been cut with any other oils, ie. mineral oils ect. They are truely pure where as many other Essential oils are not recomended for ingestions, DoTerra's can be for this reason. They are great, try them!!!

  15. Billie says

    Thank you so much for the links. I've been interested in coconut oil ever since I started using it to make our own homemade bar soap. I buy it in the 5 gallon buckets because it is cheapest that way but I need more uses for it. It is great knowing I can use it for all the non-ingestible recipes and save my good organic stuff for things like toothpaste and what not. Off to read and bookmark so I can make stuff in the next week.

    P.S. Coconut oil makes an assume lube if you aren't a fan of KY. ;)

  16. Anonymous says

    I discovered coconut oil a couple months ago and LOVE it. I agree that Nutiva is the most delicious brand I've tried. I have been oil pulling almost every morning for about a month (swishing about 1 Tbsp for 15 min.) and my teeth are getting whiter and feel slick like after a dental cleaning. Hoping the dentist notices the improvement on my next visit.

    If you don't like the taste or smell, stay away from the extra virgin brands. The Lou Ana brand is tasteless and odorless and is available at Walmart and other grocery stores.

  17. Jill Nystul says

    For those that weren't happy with the taste of this…it's definitely not your "regular" toothpaste…but I found it quite nice after the addition of the peppermint essential oil and the stevia. And like the comment just above this…loved the slick feeling of my teeth afterwards. :-)

  18. Scooter says

    So funny! I've been doing the homemade shampoo for two weeks now (yours of course but that's another post) and I've been missing my store bought hair frizz serum. Two days ago, saw my coconut oil and said, "F it. We use it in lotion and lip balm…" Tried it; so awesome! Love the way it makes my hair feel. But of warning though: a dab'll do ya! First day I used too much and ended up wih somewhat oily hair. Yay coconut oil!!

  19. Anonymous says

    Love this list! I use coconut oil for many things but my favorite use is as a shaving lotion…it works great and there is no need to moisturize afterwards. Also, I use it when I feel an ear infection coming on.

    Do you have more information on using it as a treatment for people who have Alzheimer's and dementia?

    • Becky says

      If you type in “coconut oil Alzheimers” in Amazon’s search, you will find a couple books. One is by Dr. Mary Newport. There are several YouTube videos featuring her. You can do the same thing there. Just go to YouTube.com and type in “coconut oil alzheimer’s” in the search.

        • says

          Yes, I learned about it’s great properties while studying to be a MnemeTherapist with Art Without Boundaries. I do whole brain therapy with people with Alzheimer’s using singing, movement, directed painting and story telling. We are also trained about the 2nd brain, being the digestive system and our founder, Noell Hammer is always reading and studying for helps with Alzheimer’s and Autism. We learned of one lady who doused her husbands food with coconut oil after taking and Alz test and after she changed his diet, he improved dramatically. You should check out our website and see if our program is available in your area. We have documented improvements as well with our therapy. I absolutely LOVE what I do…we work with people with Alz, dementia, stroke, kids with autism, Parkinson’s…Huntington’s…all kinds of brain related issues have benefited. And you will flip when you see the paintings they do too! Sorry…I get on a roll…have a passion for painting and this therapy as well as for coconut oil!!!!! Love this blog!!! So glad I found it! Thanks!!!!

  20. Becki says

    My boyfriend introduced me to coconut oil for cooking. But now I am so amazed by all it’s other uses! He’s going to be upset when I use it all for face wash and lip moisturizer! Thanks for the tips!! :)

  21. debi says

    i just love your blog…you always come up with the best ideas….and i appreciate that you blog “updated” versions as well. i have many of your ideas, sitting on my shelves! thanks so much…dont stop your great humor too!!!

  22. Kathy says

    I get my Nutiva on Amazon. I get the 2 pack of 54oz jars and sign up for subscribe & save. I get 20% off and free shipping…then once it’s shipped, I cancel the sub & save :) It’s a great deal..the best I’ve seen online so far. Thanks for all these cool uses! I’m going to try it on my naturally curly hair and see if it helps with frizz!

  23. says

    I ran out of coconut oil and didn’t have any for about a week while it was shipped. I didn’t realize how much I use it until I realized how lost I was without it! The best is coconut oil on toast, topped with ground flax and cinnamon. It’s also great for frying eggs and it’s delicious with sautéed mushrooms. My daughter eats it by the spoonful and thinks it’s a great treat. I also substitute it in my baking all time. If I make a pumpkin or zucchini loaf, I melt coconut oil with cinnamon and sugar or xylitol, poke holes in my bread and pour it on top. Delicious! The extra virgin cold pressed is by far the best for you. Nutivia is my brand of choice as well.

  24. Theresa says

    I love all the uses for coconut oil! I recently made a 50:50 mix with butter for my air popped popcorn next time I make it.

    In response to the toothpaste recipe, this tastes awful!! It must be the baking soda… I tried adding 5 packets of stevia instead of 1, extra spearmint extract, extra coconut oil, it it still has a bitter, salty taste. I wish the taste could be improved because I love the concept! Any ideas?? Baking soda is kind of a key ingredient here.

  25. Anonymous says

    About 10 years ago, I was fighting with rash, rosaca and just all of a sudden very dry skin and scalp. I hated going to work and being in public, or even letting anyone shake my hands. I researched and found so many sites about Coconut oil. I started eating it. Applying it to my face and I would say with in a weeks time, everything, on me started changing. I can actually tell you, I don’t have to use the coconut oil as much and haven’t had rash, or Rosaca problems or dry scalp. Love this stuff. I just discovered that Trader Joe’s carries their own brand and it TASTE GREAT! BECK….Thank YOU, so much for this site of yours and I’m still learning more ways to use it.
    Thank YOU.

  26. Rachel says

    Thank you Jill for all of your research!! I have Hyper Hydrosis, and I have been trying different things to help it naturally. I also have Sjogren’s Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. The Sjogren’s causes dry skin, eyes and dry mouth. I have tried your oil cleaners idea for removing my make-up and it worked good, but while experimenting I started using the coconut oil to moisturize, and after 3 days i noticed something. It was helping the Hyper Hydrosis!!! (excessive sweating, mine is the face and scalp) It started helping the first day i used it. I used it on my face as a moisturizer, under my make-up, and my face had a glow! I look forward to trying new things with this amazing stuff. Thank You!

    • Tracy says

      Rachel, I am curious, my daughter has had eczema since birth basically, a rare form of hand and foot eczema where she gets bubble blisters on her hand and feet, mostly her feet. But she also sweats excessively on her feet, so much so that all of her shoes STINK within a few days of buying them and we’ve tried just about everything OTC and prescription. I have read a ton on coconut oil and its benefits for eczema and am trying to get her to use it more, she’s 17 and the typical stubborn one, do you ingest it at all or strictly use it as a moisturizer? I would really rather her try this route instead of all the prescription steroid creams she uses now.

      • angel says

        I had blistery hand eczema for several years and after going on an elimination diet realized it was caused by gluten. Anytime I eat food from bulk bins such as nuts, seeds even quinoa, I notice a reaction too so got to watch out for cross contamination. Not sure if you have eliminated the gluten yet, but it’s worth a try. I don’t eat any of those gluten free products. Just make my own bread/tortilla with garbanzo bean flour and water.

    • Grannie_4_7 says

      Rachel, I have an extreme case of hyperhydrosis (body wide) and mine usually starts at the sides of my face and around my head – like wearing a headband except it’s a headband of sweat. I’ve never found anything to help it except using ice packs around my head and face.

      If coconut oil helps with mine I will be completely over-joyed! I can use it as a facial moisturizer and maybe take it daily (?) to see if it really does help. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your experience with this. Here’s crossing my fingers and saying a prayer that you may have found a solution!

  27. Cynthia says

    OMG your entire site is AMAZING!!!!
    I have been a fan of home remedies for years, but mostly only looked them up for when I or a loved one was sick (ginger for upset tummy, mint for sore throat, etc.) but recently have become wrapped up in the idea of making everyday products from scratch. It started with wanting homemade itch cream, which I have yet to make but it sounds incredibly easy. A friend of mine posted a link on Facebook to your homemade lotion, and I have since gone nuts browsing over this site, looking at all your nifty ideas. Not only do they sound amazingly effective and affordable for everyday use, but I’m big on homemade gifts. For Christmas, we do a dirty Santa gift exchange and I’ve often put together care packages of lotion, mani/pedi sets, body wash, etc…but I could make it all myself and put so much more into it for the amount of money we’re allowed to spend! This is amazing! I can’t tell you enough! I’m so excited, I think I’m gonna bust!
    P.S. I love the word “slickery”.

      • Cynthia says

        I’m running low on toothpaste and I was wanting to try this recipe. However, I have some concerns…I have sensitive teeth. Not really from enamel loss (though I know I have that), but they have been sensitive since I had braces. I have been using Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste and it does help. As long as I use it on a regular basis, I hardly notice any pain. But, the stuff is EXPENSIVE! I wonder what it would do to add in some sensitivity-friendly mouthwash instead of the peppermint essential oil/extract?

  28. Rose Myrtle says

    I tried this toothpaste out and it’s awesome! I found out that if you use extra virgin coconut oil in it, it will work like fluoride, except it isn’t toxic and harmful like fluoride! Making this toothpaste saves a ton!


  1. […] So I decided to go in search of a more INTENSIVE treatment for my bone dry winter hair and wouldn’t you know it….my search led me right to my bathroom cabinet and my bucket of coconut oil! I really should have known. Coconut oil is pretty much a miracle cure as far as I’m concerned. Here is just one of many posts I have done about the benefits of coconut oil: 39 Coconut Oil Cures. […]

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