Lunch…Avocado Lime Chicken

Yesterday I saw this photo on Pinterest of a delicious-looking chicken breast topped with avocado and cheese. I haven’t been able to get it off my mind since. So I decided today I better make it so I could stop obsessing over it. :-)

Upon further inspection I realized it was a recipe for Chicken Parmigiana. And while it still looked delicious…I was looking for something a little lighter and simpler.

So here is my Jillee version that I have dubbed….Avocado Lime Chicken! ¬†Clever huh? ;-)

Oh….and it was delicious by the way.

Defrosted chicken breast (from one of those bags of frozen chicken breasts).
Cooked for approximately 5 minutes on each side in a little olive oil and my “house” seasoning.
Mmmm…..perfect avocado!
I decided to slice up the chicken breast because it was pretty big and I didn’t want all of it.
Anything with avocado and chicken seems to scream out for lime…in my book!
I squeezed lime juice on the chicken and then again on the avocado slices. Then salt and peppered the whole thing. I always use kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper. The Food Network has ruined table salt and pepper in a can for me. :-)
A slice and a half of Monterey Jack cheese.
Approximately 45 seconds in the microwave (my oven was otherwise engaged) and a healthy dousing of fresh cilantro….just because I think it makes almost everything taste better!
Lunch is served!
Now…..what to make for dinner…………..

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