Make Your Own Homemade Hairspray and Hair Detangler

Hair Spray

I am constantly amazed by the intelligent people who read this blog. You provide me with so much interesting material to research and present. So Thank You and keep ’em coming!

This blog post idea actually came from one of my sister’s (who just happens to also be an intelligent reader of this blog AND who just happens to have a blog of her own that you should check out!)

She has two little girls, 8 and 6 years old, and is in that phase of Mommy life when she is constantly “fixing” their hair. The younger of the two has very fine hair that tangles easily, combined with a very tender head….so using some sort of detangler after hair washing (and even when her hair is dry) is a must!  She ran out of her store-bought brand of detangler the other day and mentioned to me that I should do a post about an homemade alternative.

Well one thing led to another and in my researching of a hair DETANGLER, I came across some interesting homemade versions of hair SPRAY! As a matter of fact…you are not going to believe how simple it is to make! I mean really….you’re not going to believe it. I didn’t believe it until I made it AND tried it.  And now….I believe! :-)

Let’s start with the hairSPRAY:

Hair Spray

Homemade Hairspray


  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons rubbing alcohol
  • 6-8 drops essential oils (optional)

Heat water to a boil and turn off heat source. Add 2 tsps of sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Then add 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol and 6-8 drops of your favorite essential oil scent (optional). Once again I chose Lavender…because I love it! :-)   And THAT ladies and gentlemen…is it!

Hair Spray

Hair Spray

Hair Spray

However, according to Diane at there are 3 SIMPLE but KEY TIPS to make this work:

1) Find the right concentration for you.
2) Use a spray bottle with a very fine mist.
3) Wait for it to dry 20 – 30 seconds between applications.

I followed these 3 steps to the letter and was quite literally amazed at how well this stuff works! I figured I would have to use 4 or 5 applications before it was a strong enough “hold” (after all…it’s basically SUGAR WATER!) but after just ONE misting…it held my hair in place quite nicely. I didn’t even bother with a second application. And an added bonus…the sugar water actually adds a little extra shine to your hair. And really….who couldn’t use a little extra shine in their life! :-)

So that’s homemade hair concoction #1.

#2 is the…..

Hair Detangler

Homemade Hair Detangler

Did I say the hair SPRAY was simple to make???  Well………then THIS recipe is going to blow your mind! ;-)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A spray bottle
  • Hair conditioner of your choice
  • Water

Here’s what you’ll do:

1.  Fill your spray bottle two-thirds full with water.
2.  Add conditioner of your choice to finish filling the bottle.
3.  Shake the bottle well, making sure the conditioner and water are thoroughly mixed.
4.  Spray the mixture into your hair and brush as you would normally.

Hair Detangler

Hair Detangler 4

Are you OK?  Do you need to sit down and taker a breather after that exhaustive process?  ;-)

The fact that we spend SO much of our hard-earned money on these products that are SO SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE to make at home continues to boggle my brain. Today’s post is the perfect example. It’s just a good thing I have such SMART READERS to point out the painfully obvious to people like me. :-)


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  1. Christy says

    I remember my Mom talking about my Grandmother spraying her hair with sugar water as a child as she would put rollers in her hair @ night. It’s no surprise about the home made hair spray! The detangler sounds like a great diy as well. I can’t wait to try out myself. What you need to come up with next is a HAIR SMOOTHER like Frizz Ease. :o) Thanks for all the great homemade goody recipes!

  2. Tiffany says

    For those who are worried about the alcohol, turn your store bought hairspray over and read the ingredient list. If you use hairspray, you put alcohol on your hair. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. Kehau says

    Aloha! I have been using the detangler recipe for years. I am not sure if I read it in a magazine or just tried it out on my own. I will also spray my hair with the watered down conditioner before paddling, my workouts and before I go to the beach. If my hair is up in a bun or in braids while I work out, my hair gets a good conditioning when the heat from my body mixes with the conditioner. I ALWAYS get compliments when I have my hair cut that my hair is so soft. Now, I will try your homemade hairspray recipe. Thanks so much!

  4. Deanne says

    I heard about this homemade detangler from someone else and I’ve been using it on my mixed race foster children for quite a while now. It works SO MUCH BETTER than the stuff I had been buying in the store. It’s great, even on my 2 year old who has super dry, kinky/curly hair.

    • says

      YESSSSS I was reading these comments JUST TO FIND OUT whether this works on other mixed people as well! Some times people get GREAT ideas for hair, but it only works for white hair, never mixed. Wooo hooo! Now I shall go try it out! Thanks everyone! :D I am in need of a REALLY GOOD detangler for my kinky-during-the-day, matted-by-night hair! :D

    • Tamm says

      the alcohol acts a a preservative, it keeps bacteria from growing in the sugar water, you can leave it out but you have to throw out any mixture you don’t use and make a fresh batch every time. i use half a cup of water, half teaspoon of sugar, half teaspoon of salt, a dash of olive oil for shine, and a drop of rosehip oil which helps repair your hair

      • Joelle says

        I have to make a new batch each time?? This doesn’t save me time. There’s no way I can use this recipe.

      • Michelle says

        No, you have to make a new batch only IF you leave out the rubbing alcohol. If you put in the rubbing alcohol it will last.

  5. Sam says

    Is the hair detangler really “homemade” when the ingredients are water and store bought conditioner?

    • Laura says

      Sam…I thought the same thing. The detangler I use is this: 1 T apple cider vinegar and 1 cup water. Mix in a spray bottle, then spray on your hair in the shower, leave it in for a minute or so, rinse, and voila. No tangles.
      Btw, I use this as my conditioner too, after washing with a baking soda and water solution. I’ve been doing this since last July, 2011. AND I still have friends.

      • J says

        Yeah they are….but they have HUNDREDS of uses, whereas conditioner may not even have more than a one-person-per-household use. You can cook, clean, deodorize, etc etc with those products, and you can’t really with conditioner.

        New question/comment: is putting soap back into your hair a great idea when you’re not about to shower it out?

      • Brandi says

        Yeah, It’s really no different from you buying a leave-in conditioner from the store…watered down conditioner. Companies water these products down, slap a new label in it and sell it to us consumer for top $$.

      • Jennifer says

        Yeah, they are bought at a store. Just like all the other things you need to buy to make your own ‘products’! The only difference is that these two items are natural and have no other fillers as does the already made store bought conditioner.

      • Heather says

        Yes baking soda and vinegar but think of them as basic ingredients like a banana. When you make homemade banana nut bread you still have to go buy the bananas and other ingredients from some where.

      • says

        Well, what do have to do… Make your own baking soda and distill your own vinegar??? Gees! It’s homemade people! Saves money! And is better for you and the environment!

      • Cynthia says

        Yes they are but what I think Sam meant is its a product that is already made and not really completely home made. Vinegar and baking soda are more natural than the conditioner because the conditioner was made with chemical, parabens, dyes, and man made chemicals. :0)

      • Glenda says

        Pretty much everything is going to be store bought, but not everything is a pre-mixed product! It’s homemade in the sense that you take the store bought (or home grown) products and combine them into your own product.

      • Joann Palermo says

        Where else are you suppose to get baking soda, vinegar? Can’t really make your own.

      • says

        I also wash my hair with baking soda and water. I rinse with water, then a mix of vinegar and water. Squeaky clean and shiny. After I towel dry my hair I rub a drop or two of lavender oil in my hands and run my hands through my hair.

    • emily says

      Sam, I think the point is that you are making a concoction of two inexpensive ingredients that accomplishes the same purpose as a much more expensive product marketed specifically as a “detangler”. After all, what is “homemade” if you can’t use store-bought ingredients? Dirt and water? I guess if you used home-grown ingredients that might count, but I bet you still bought the seeds :)

    • tahirah says

      sweetie she said your favorite conditioner that can be any thing from aloe vera to shea butter with lavender oil. just cause she you used a store brand dont mean you have to but one the other hand i make my hair spray the same way for over a year but i use vodka or rum instead of rubbing and it works wonderfully and if i want a different looser hold i add flax seed gel or aloe oil and if i want a stronger hold i add more sugar. and the detangler is similar to my moisturizer minus my oils distilled water and glycerin. so a +

  6. Anonymous says

    Would the rubbing alchol doing any damage to your hair? And I wonder if your are more attractive to honeybee with the sugar in your hair :)

    • Johna says

      I’ve been told that if you add peppermint essential oil to the hair spray, the bees (and other bugs) will steer clear. Bug spray and hair spray in one :)

      • Glenda says

        Peppermint oil is an excellent insect repellent for some insects. Don’t know about the bees though.
        An excellent book on EOs is “The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy” by Valerie Ann Worwood.

    • Emily says

      Rubbing alcohol dries out your hair but doesn’t cause any major damage. A LOT of hair products have alcohol in them; it helps your hair dry faster. Use thermal protectors when using hair dryers, curling/straighting irons, etc. Huge saver on your hair!

    • Jnell says

      I add peppermint essential oil when I make my hairspray, wasps and other bugs don’t like it :)

  7. Anonymous says

    I will definately be re-filling my Aveeno detangler/leave in conditioner with this recipe!

  8. Anonymous says


    • wreachell says

      I agree with the previous comment!
      Thank you so much for sharing this. I have long black silky hair and I recently decided to make some changes so I got a body wave perm about a month ago. I want it to stay wavy but I refuse to use gel or hairspray that are high in alcohol and other harmful chemicals. I saw this and I immediately got excited!

      I love it. Thanks again!


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