Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner & All Purpose Cleaning Spray

bathroom cleaner 4

I really hesitated to do a post about this...because to be honest...the hubster does most of the toilet bowl cleaning around here. But when you think about it...since I am currently the only "girl" in the house...living with 3 menfolk...I think it's only appropriate. :-) Cuz we all know boys make the toilet area of the bathroom ... Continue Reading

Edible Easter Basket

Edible Easter Basket

Wow...I don't know what has come over me lately...but I can't seem to stop making stuff! I had so much fun today creating this "Edible Easter Basket"! I call it my "Frankenstein" craft...because I combined ideas from several different websites to construct my "creation". But even though there were several sources...overall, it's ... Continue Reading

Afternoon Snack . . . Frozen Blueberries & Greek Yogurt!

OK....I know I posted about blueberries and Greek yogurt a little while ago......but this is COMPLETELY different! :-) Well OK...not completely...but somewhat. And while I still ADORE THE Frozen Yogurt-Covered Blueberry Bites (I mean seriously ADORE!) . . . this tasty little treat has been coming in a VERY close second! Of ... Continue Reading

How To Clean Your Kitchen In 15 Minutes!

Clean Your Kitchen 1

Yesterday I was interviewed for a feature article in the Gainesville Times Gazette newspaper. A lovely woman by the name of Brandee called and interviewed me for a few minutes about the post "How To Clean Your Bathroom Like A Pro". As a former reporter, it was kind of strange to be the one being interviewed, but it was fun too. ... Continue Reading

Mini Corn Dog Muffins (Gluten Free…or Not)

The boys didn't have school today....so I thought it would be a good time to try out these little gems! Made ours gluten-free with the help of Pamela's Baking Mix...but of course if you don't need to go that route...good old fashioned flour will suffice! No. 3 son (aka...pickiest eater in the world) had a few and thought ... Continue Reading

How to Make Your Scratched Dishes Look Like New Again!

Scratched dishes

After nearly a quarter century of use...this set of Mikasa French Countryside dishes that I got for my wedding have served me well! Sure they have a fair amount of grey scratches from metal utensil use...but for the most part they have worn like IRON! I figured that putting up with the scratch marks was just the price I paid for ... Continue Reading