Super Fast and Easy Homemade Laundry Detergent!

homemade laundry detergent

My initial attempt at making my own homemade laundry detergent started back in July of last year.  I have to laugh at my first post about it because I was so "up in arms" about the high cost, etc. that I finally said "enough is enough" and haven't ever gone back! I HAVE however made some tweaks to my system along the way and ... Continue Reading

Secret Plumber’s Trick to Unclog a Toilet!

2b don't have to admit it...but I bet ALL of us have been in a "situation" before involving a clogged toilet that has been on the embarrassing side.  Especially when it's somebody else's toilet!  Yikes! Well, I am here to give you at least a little peace of mind in this area. I'm going tell you the "secret" to getting ... Continue Reading

Cut Fat, Calories and Your Grocery Bill! Make Your Own Cooking Spray.

cooking spray

This post is brought to you by Amazon where you can get deals on kitchen products! Today's post comes from the files of "Captain Obvious"!  I mean really...making your own Cooking Spray is about as easy as "making" a bowl of cereal with milk...but for WHATEVER reason, it wasn't until I happened to see this pin on Pinterest that ... Continue Reading

Bandana Camera Strap Re-do!

camera strap

I got a new camera a couple of months ago because the pictures I was taking with my camera phone just weren't cutting it anymore. After my brother (who can also be a jerk! Some things never change!) told me the pictures I took of my ribs recipe looked like "poop"...I bit the bullet and invested in this baby. To be honest, ... Continue Reading

How To Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator!

Clean Your Refrigerator

Yesterday was "attack something that needs attention in my home Wednesday"! Not really. I can't possibly limit myself to a certain day of the week for house attacks. I must have the flexibility to attack when inspiration strikes...or it most likely won't get done. That's just how I work. And I certainly couldn't keep this up ... Continue Reading

3 Simple Steps to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Good!


I have been a disobedient daughter. :-(   My parents moved into a new house several weeks ago, and my Mom asked me for advice about how to clean and care for her new wood floors. Apparently she has been getting conflicting advice on how best to clean them. Well, while I don't have personal experience with cleaning wood ... Continue Reading

“Homegrown” Green Onions and Mom’s Cheese Bread

green onions original

    Several weeks ago I saw this photo on Pinterest.  The pinner CLAIMED they'd grown them from some green onion ends they'd simply submerged in water. No way. That can't possibly be true. As a matter of fact....I'll PROVE it!     Here are MY green onion "leftovers" from making "Those (Funeral) ... Continue Reading