Bandana Camera Strap Re-do!

I got a new camera a couple of months ago because the pictures I was taking with my camera phone just weren’t cutting it anymore.

After my brother (who can also be a jerk! Some things never change!) told me the pictures I took of my ribs recipe looked like “poop”…I bit the bullet and invested in this baby.

To be honest, taking pictures has never really been one of my “things”, but since getting this “real” camera…I have to admit…it’s definitely growing on me! The only thing that is NOT growing on me (more like rubbing and chafing on me!) is the camera strap! From day one it has bothered me! I admit, I am one of those people who simply can’t abide anything next to my skin that I perceive to be “itchy” or “scratchy”. (Just ask my Mom! I used to drive her insane when it came to clothes shopping. Poor Mommy.)

So since I don’t like the strap that came with the camera against my neck…I usually don’t bother using it. But then I’m always getting a lecture from the safety police (hubster & No. 2 son)! I just can’t win! :-)

Until today! Today I’m a winner! Thanks to a few inspiration photos I spotted on Pinterest…and some deep-thinking in the craft aisle at Walmart…I came up with my Bandana Camera Strap Re-do and am a happy camera strap-wearing photographer once again! (And I got the safety police off my back!)


I’m a little bummed as I write this however, because I made TWO fabulous camera straps today…one black (for me) and one red (for my daughter-in-law who has the same camera – with a much nicer lens! *envy*)  But for some reason my CAMERA PHONE decided to freak out on me and didn’t record ANY of the red one! grrrrrr. The hubster asked, “Well WHY were you USING your camera phone anyway!?”  (I actually had to think about that for half a second! lol!)  Ummm…because I was taking pictures of my CAMERA!  Aye, aye, aye.

But anyway, I digress. At least I managed to get some halfway decent pictures of the black one I made, and if you don’t look too closely at the stitching (I think my ANCIENT sewing machine is finally on its’ way out!)…I think it turned out pretty nice!  But most importantly…it’s so comfy around my neck! A completely new experience in camera neckwear!


Here is the “How-To”:

I purchased (2) $1.00 bandanas per (1) camera strap. (Like I said, I made a black one and a red one.)

You will also need some key rings that you can buy at the craft store for about a buck.

FIRST THING I did was WASH and IRON the bandanas!  Remember, I was going for COMFORT! (with a little bit of style thrown in.) Washing and drying them helped soften them up.

Overlapping the two bandanas like so made for the perfect length. (One would have been way too short.)

 Fold the bandanas in half diagonally.

Then start rolling….





REPEAT stitching at regular intervals along the length of the rolled bandanas.

Slide end of rolled bandanas through key ring….and stitch again.

Attach rings to camera…..stand back and admire your work!


Looking at these last 3 pictures I’m very grateful to be rid of the old camera strap AND the old camera PHONE!  yikes. :-)

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  1. says

    I always wrap my strap around my wrist when using it. it’s not banging around my waist and hitting other things around me, easy access when needing to take a photo, and no uncomfortable strap around my neck. but nice idea with the bandana.

  2. says

    Just upgraded to a T3i and am most assuredly going to make use of this redo. I love your blog and read it all the time! I got hooked as I have found a fellow lover of coconut oil! Love the stuff! Almost all of my hygenic supplies are mostly composed of it or baking soda (or both) thanks to your blog, and I’m saving tons every month. Thank you!

  3. says

    Great idea ! I’m a professional photographer on a budget and I love this! I typically wear my strap off one shoulder so the camera rests on my hip, taking stress off my neck. I might use three bandanas for this reason <3 Thank you again!

  4. Angela says

    I swear, I read that title as BANANA Camera Strap at least four times before realizing it said Bandana… oi.

    Going to have to try this! The Canon strap doesn’t bother me most of the time, but when I’ve got it on for longer periods of time it can definitely get a bit irritating. And I’ve got plenty of big bandanas laying about the house.

  5. Alisha says

    I have purchased three inexpensive camera straps. I dislike every single one of them. Can not wait to try this UNIQUE idea! You rock Jillee!

  6. says

    I <3 this. I think I may be doing this later today, before I head out tomorrow for a family adventure that I will be taking photos at. You always seem to have the perfect timing for your posts. BTW I <3 Cannon. You picked a wonderful camera. you will spend so much of you time figuring out all the cool settings that you may never post again