“Hangerdoos” – A Little Way To Send A Big Message

Please. Do not adjust your computer monitor. Your eyes are not deceiving you…today’s post IS largely in BLACK and WHITE.  I decided to go with a “retro” feel to the blog today….just for fun!

Not really. I just forgot to buy COLORED PAPER like I’ve been trying to remember to do for a week!  ugh.  And today’s post really does kinda cry out for color…but we’re going to do like Barney the big purple dinosaur says and use our I M A G I N A T I O N today! :-)

But I’m getting ahead of myself. You are probably wondering just what I am blathering on about. Well, let me tell you. I’m blathering about these fun, ready-to-print, hanging door signs from a company called “Hangerdoos” that are available as a quick download to your PC. Just pick one of HUNDREDS of fun ideas to print and personalize, then go crazy with them! Which is sort of what I did. But I had so much fun doing it!

I would have KILLED for a couple of these hangers when my kids were little! :-)


One of THESE too!


Babysitter coming over for the evening? Leave one of these Hangeroos in a place in the kitchen where is CAN’T be missed!


Surprise the kids when they go to get milk for their cereal in the morning with a Family Fun Night menu! Their choice! (But they can only pick ONE!)



Put a little note for your kids where they are SURE to see it! Right on the front of the XBOX console! ;-) (Well ok….maybe that’s just MY kids.)


You can put these babies just about ANYWHERE! Even on the rim of a dirty cup that the kids have left in their bedroom! (Maybe THIS particular note SHOULD have said, “Take your dishes to the kitchen sink!”) lol


Are there some important things for the kids to remember this week? A simple “Weekly Goals” reminder such as this one right next to the bathroom mirror can keep them on task throughout the week.


Send the kids off to school with a good shot of POSITIVE THINKING! So simple, yet makes such a difference!


Enough of this KID stuff! What about some fun ADULT stuff? Hangerdoos has tons of fun, mushy, love stuff too! Leave this note for your significant other to find when they’re getting ready in the morning and I promise he won’t be able to think of anything else all day long! ;-)


The top of this picture got cut off but it says “Plan A Date Night”. Budget is pre-determined with the attached bill…which requires some creativity…but aren’t those the most fun dates after all? :-)


This one is guaranteed to bring a smile to his face while he’s getting ready for the day. (Of course if your KIDS see it…be prepared for what my 12 year old son said when he saw it today….”Ewww…..GROSS!”) hehe


Did you do something (or DIDN’T do something) that landed you in “hot water” with your significant other? Help cool things down with this hanger printed with two simple words.


Lastly, the perfect Hangeroo to hang up in your office somewhere! Love it!


That was literally just a tiny sampling of a huge collection of these unique display messages. Hangerdoos offer three unique collections with a variety of messages.

The Family collection offers sports, reminders, jokes, foreign languages, goal setting, love, caring thoughts and much more.

The Romance group features signs with date night invitations, romantic activities, poetry, “homework” for couples, humor, photo frames and many more.

The Education assortment, gives teachers and students a new way to learn basic skills, letters, numbers, math, reading, science, or to study U.S. presidents, states, and flags.

For more information and to find out how to purchase:  Hangerdoos.com

View a product demonstration: YouTube Video

And before you go….be sure and leave a comment below to enter to win ALL THREE COLLECTIONS!

We want to know YOUR best idea for using Hangeroos!


**********CONTEST IS CLOSED!***********

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  1. Heather C says

    It is so hard to pin down one way to best use these. As a wife, busy mom, and a teacher, the possibilities are endles. I would probably use them for simple love notes to my hubby. This is a great giveaway! Thanks!

  2. Lauralee says

    Now retired and living alone, these would be good motivators around the house to kick me into action . . . “Time for a Walk!”, “Load the Dishwasher,” “Take A Little Time To Read,” “Buy Groceries!” etc. Fun to make a set for the Grandkids too!

  3. Billie says

    I think I need to leave these for my kids in the morning. Sort of like a treasure hunt of things that need to be done before school. They in turn could leave them for me with my chores for the day (dishes, laundry, walk, dust, vacuum.) Off to look and see what I can come up with.

  4. Vicky says

    These are AWESOME! Lots of ideas running through my head….the teacher in me sees them used in my classroom for students and parents, sending them home for upcoming events to be placed where both will remember them! As a mommy, I would so use these with me 1st grader! She is really into reading everything she sees and I would have her read the house to practice, leave her notes, and have her pick the activities for the evening. They would be great for leaving tips for those that provide services for us (car wash attendants, a surprise for the hairdresser, etc). Definitely as notes for the hubbs! I could even see printing them out in black and white, and having a coloring party, then laminating the ones I would use repeatedly. They are truly be a family friendly message system!

  5. says

    I’d use one of these to hang on the front door so my husband remembers to take the trash out on his way to work in the morning! I’d also use them (in a few years) as a fun way to help my daughter practice reading! Because who wouldn’t want to read the little notes left by your mum or dad? In fact, I’d probably give her a stack to put around the house with her own notes on them, so she can practice writing too!

  6. Lynn Ellison says

    Hi, Jillee!

    I am a wife, mother, and teacher; so I, too, could use ALL of the Hangerdoos collections that you reviewed. Although I can think of MILLIONS (well–maybe not MILLIONS–but pretty close :p ) of ways that I could use this product, the first way that comes to mind is that I would create Hangeroos to remind myself of things that I’m likely to forget to do. For instance, a “Got Keys?” sign on the back door will remind me to check my purse for my keys BEFORE I go flying out the door (which, out of habit, always stays in the “Locked” position). (It has happened more than once!) Another thing that I would do is to print a stack of “Remember To . . . ” Hangerdoos to for home and for work, to hang on my purse. (A PostIt note on the purse is my current method of reminding myself–when at home–of things that I need to do at school, and vice versa. A Hangerdoo probably has a much better chance of making it to the desired destination than my PostIt does.)

    While I’ve got you here, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to you for your wonderful blog and pins on Pinterest. To be just one person, you are doing SO much to make the world a better place. Happy Wednesday!!!! :)


  7. Jonalyn Forman says

    I love this idea! I can think of a million ways that I would use these handy tools! I love the idea of leaving a little spending money attached to one with a note for my kiddos. Or putting one somewhere for my family to find a thank you for _________ (fill in the blank). Such a cute idea!

  8. MichelleH says

    What a fun idea. Around our house I would leave ‘I love you because….’ or ‘surprise, someone else did your chore for you’. I think it would be great to sneak one to the grandparents’ house and have the kids leave a hidden message to be found later.

  9. Heidi says

    What a fantastic idea!
    For thank you’s…who doesn’t love to know they are appreciated??
    Reminders…maybe I can put away a few ‘piles’ if I have one Handerdoo to remind me do to something!
    A little love note for the hubby…
    An ‘i love you’ for the kids….
    Thank you for the giveaway..but for a great idea!

  10. says

    I LOVE these! As a kid I would have loved if my parents used these to remind me to do stuff instead of telling me verbally when I was still in bed and not at all listening. I personally would use them to remind myself and my husband of things that need to get accomplished. Or for unexpected notes in odd places. Sort of like when mom used to leave a note on the napkin in a lunchbox but even better. I love these!

  11. Tracy Martin says

    Ok just went to their website and am amazed at all they have to choose from. Now I really need these for school and for home. My kids would go crazy if these were left for them.

  12. Anne says

    I really hope I win because I could never get to the site for them. The ones you have are sooooo cute and I know I would love to use them with my grandchildren and kids. If I left one with $20 though, no chores would be done and there would be an empty pizza box on the counter! haha! please pick me to win! love your column!

  13. Sandra Diaz says

    I LOVE these! I simply love the idea of leaving little notes around the house to breed LOVE and encourage a “helping” spirit! What a great idea. So many wonderful ideas….notes to myself, like have YOU done YOUR chores, yet?!? ;)

  14. JR says

    I live by notes to myself! I can see hanging one of these from the mirror in my car with my “to do” list of errands or items to pick up. No more coming home only to realize I had forgotten something!

    To me, the best place to hang one of these to ensure my note to a member of my family gets seen is to hang one on the handle of the refrigerator door!

    I also think these would work great to write a recipe on and then hang it from your cabinet knob so it is at eye level when cooking. No worries about food smudges on them later!

    I like the idea of hanging these on the door of my friend’s house saying, “I stopped by—sorry I missed you!”
    Your kids could use them at their friends’ homes as well!

    These are one of those little gems that just make life a wee bit easier and fun too!

  15. says

    I think these are brilliant! One of those ideas I could smack my forehead and say, “Why didn’t you think of that?!” I would use these at home between my husband and I, our son at home, our son in college and our 2 grown and married children. I am a school Librarian so they’ll be terrific at school. Also, I could gift them to my married daughter who is moving to Germany with her Army husband and my married son and his wife who lead busy lives. Just a wonderful idea! Please pick me!!

  16. Sheena says

    I LOVE the “Baby sleeping” one. I wish I’d had one of those when my son was little…but would still love one for baby #2! :)

    I would use these all over the house to leave positive or sweet notes for my husband, and reminders for myself of things that need done!

  17. Cindy says

    I love these! I think this is a great idea to show everyone how much you appreciate them. I can see leaving them for you waitress (with a tip attached), the person who bags your groceries, etc.

  18. Melanie says

    These would’ve come in handy when my husband proposed to me. After work one Friday, I came home and found a note taped on the door, which eventually led me to find many other notes and surprises (new heels, new pearls, new dress, etc.) throughout the house.. My big sweet man was nowhere to be found.. The last note gave me instructions to go to a hotel room, where he was waiting for me with champagne and my gorgeous engagement ring!

  19. Deb Holt says

    These things are a great idea. Kids could use to make sure mom signs this or calls about that. I also like the reminder at the door one, I am always forgetting something – phone, keys, wallet, teeth…..lol. I also love that they hang, post it’s sometimes fall off.

  20. Charmaine Vandestreek says

    I can think of so many ways to use these, besides all of the wonderful ideas already mentioned, i would use them to mark books in our home library, hang ones on the next recommended book for each reader in the family, or on the cookbook that has tonight’s dinner recipe, or in the craft or home decor book that has the ideas you want to use soon. I usually have a few books laying around for current projects, etc, this would help me keep track of those and still remember which book i am using

  21. Mary says

    I sometimes leave a post-it note on my husbands steering wheel. More often then not it falls on the floor of the car or between the seats. This would be a fun idea, then I’ll know it would still be where I wanted it to be.

  22. Carissa says

    Have been going through a ruff time…post partum/hormones out of whack. Would use these ALL over the house. For motivation, concentration on what to do and to focus on what needs to be done. These would be a lifesaver. Wonder if it would help my marriage get a little spark back in it :)

  23. Jennifer P. says

    I have several uses for them. First thing I thought was one that said “Trash Day” to hang on the doorknob of the front door for my teenager as a reminder. Then I thought how useful they would be in my office. There are several reasons why the doors to our offices would be closed. This would be a polite and fun way to give warning if it was ok to knock, walk-in or to be left alone!
    My school kids could tell me “I need lunch money”, which seems to sneak up on us both!

  24. Karen Martell says

    I LOVE THESE! I’ve been needing something like this for my wardrobe for the week. Hang everything up on Sunday with a label for which outfit (and jewelry) for each day!! Thank you Jill….you scored again! :)

  25. Marybeth says

    I Love these! I especially love the “To Do Afterschool” and the “Goals for the Week”. These would be really fun to use for my kids and my husband! Thanks for the opportunity and for sharing!

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