Let’s Go On a Birthday Treasure Hunt!

birthday treasure hunt

One of our families most HONORED traditions is the….Annual (x 4 kids) Birthday Present Treasure Hunt!

It takes place immediately upon waking up on the morning of your birthday, and seeing a little note like this taped to your bedroom door.

Followed by more similar signs…..like these….


Until we FINALLY arrive at the prize/present! My parents did this for as long as I can remember for myself and my brothers and sisters…and I have ALWAYS done it for all my kids from the time they were old enough to toddle around the house looking for clues (with the help of a guide.)

It has resulted in some treasured memories and is something the kids could always count on. Sometimes the presents were smaller (or bigger) depending on the circumstances that year….but there would ALWAYS be a treasure hunt! :-)


Happy Birthday to No. 3 son!

Officially a TEENAGER today!!

Watch out world!

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  1. Pip says

    My eldest is 13 on Thursday and we got him a GPS for geocaching, this would be so fun for his gift hunt!
    Sigh..I remember when he was 6lbs nothing and was barely awake..where did the time go!?

  2. Victoria says

    I used to do something very similar for my daughter on Easter morning. Never really got into the whole Easter basket thing for her. She was allergic to eggs, her great grandmother and an adopted grandmother gave her enough candy to last till holloween (any left over at that point was thrown out and the same for the holloween candy when Easter came) and I HATE, HATE those cheap, cheasy Easter baskets. The flimsy, multi-colored, can’t do anything else with them so they bounce around your home till they break and you throw them out baskets. So I bought a package of 6 plastic Easter eggs and put one in plain site. Inside was a clue to find the next and in that a clue to find the third and so forth. At first the clues were simple rhymes and told her where to look, then later I stopped giving her the locations and started giving clues so she had to think about it. Simple clues at first and still rhyming but as the clues became more complicated the rhyming stopped (too much for my little brain). Locations at first were all inside and on the porch, then as she got a little older I included the front and back yards in the “hunting grounds.” Finally the sixth egg led her to her “prize,” usually a new outfit for Easter/spring and a CD or some other small trinket. She has always loved them and even now at 16 still requests to do an egg hunt. I actually think she likes the hunt better than the booty….LOL.

  3. Katina says

    We used to do something like this years ago for adult friends and family, but we would make it a city-wide treasure hunt. I actually started this with one of my cousins. I put the first note on something she would not miss on the morning of her birthday, and then I would go to different places in town and leave another note and sometimes a little surprise. It was a lot of fun for the recipient, and for the people working at the different places in town where I left notes and goodies.

  4. Danielle says

    :-) That is awesome and he looks so happy. Can you believe 13 yrs old, what ever shall we do? Mine turns 13 on Sunday and I am beside myself, it doesn’t help daughter #1 gets her driving permit today. Give me a moment while a scream about all the injustice of being a mother……. Ok done, LOL. Well this is an awesome, I have heard you talk about it before but it is priceless seeing the photos and his reactions to it all. I have to say though that at first glance, when he standing next to the car, I thought well that is a strange gift for a 13 yr old. :-) I thought the gift was the car…. LOL Glad I looked closer, :-) well that and Kaitlyn told me that he got a trampoline. She was as excited as Sten I think. :-) Thanks for the wonderful post, you are amazing. Love ya

  5. says

    I did this a few times for my kids, now you make me wish I had made it a tradition. What great memories you
    are creating for your kids. BUT, it also gives me some great ideas for my grandchildren. One thing I did for my kids that they never, ever forgot was a Pirate’s Chest I decorated and filled with Pirate Treasure. (Chocolate filled gold coins, costume jewlery,etc.). Thanks for sharing, Jillee, you are an inspiration. =)

  6. Marce says

    Fantastic idea and very memorable. Brings a smile to my face just looking at the pictures.

  7. Susan says

    I do something similar for Easter. The kids get a plastic egg on their placemat with a picture and a small candy, which leads to the general vicinity of the next egg with a picture. We also alternate the locations – inside, outside,inside, outside. Easter morning is two kids running in an out, past each other, looking for the next egg until they finally reach their basket. They are now 13 and 16, and still insist on an Easter Egg hunt.

  8. Love Is In The Details says

    What a great idea! Thank you for sharing such a fun family tradition. My son turns 10 next month and this will be a wonderful way to kick off the double digits and hopefully become a new tradition for us too, I love it! Andrea