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Mary Poppins

I’ve been feeling a bit like Mary Poppins the last couple of days! And I like it! :-)

I was privileged to receive a handbag from a fashionable company called Velvet Pepper, creators of vintage velvet handbags and diaper bags. The bag that arrived was beautiful and luxurious and reminded me of the “magic” bag that Mary Poppins carried. As a matter of fact, I was paying for something at the pharmacy today and the woman helping me was oooooing and aaaahing over it and called it my Mary Poppins bag. :-)

The Hannah Blue Note Pack is made out of gorgeous cut velvet and linen and is the perfect size for a diaper bag…or a girl who needs a really large bag!  Like me.

I mean look at all this stuff I “STUFF” into my bag each day!

The BEAUTY of this bag is all the places it has to stash stuff! Most large totes are just that….large, and roomy, but not very compartmentalized or organized.

I’d actually been looking into getting one of those purse organizer inserts that you can find on etsy and Amazon and all sorts of other places.  But, like I said, no need for that with this bag!

I actually managed to EASILY find a spot for each and every thing in my sizable collection of purse stuff!

Not too bad huh? I was pretty proud. The only thing I didn’t find a place for was my out of control stacks of receipts! But that’s only because I decided a stack of receipts that big does NOT belong in my bag in the first place.  It belongs in a file somewhere. (But for now they’re all in a big glass jar on my counter. Another project for another day.)

A few helpful purse organization tips:

  • Put bulkier items like wallets, notebooks, and other cases in vertically rather than horizontally. You will be able to fit more into your purse and find things more easily.
  • Handbags with lots of open pockets (like this one) can be great because they keep things neat and organized, but also make it easy to carry more than you need. Don’t overload.
  • Full-size bottles, tubes or a large hair brush are space hogs. Use small, travel-size versions.
  • Keep items in your purse in the same location at all times, so it’s easier to find them when you need them. (First priorities in my bag: keys, phone, glasses!)
  • Instead of carrying several different pill bottles, take a few pills of each type you might need and combine them into one small bottle. (Just make sure you know what each of the pills is.)
  • Purge regularly! Daily would be ideal…but at LEAST once a week. Sunday night, before the beginning of a new week, is a good time to get rid of the extra junk that has accumulated.

Now that you know how to keep an organized and happy handbag…how would you like to put these ideas into practice with this beautiful bag from Velvet Pepper? This gorgeous number is from their Whitney Collection (Retail Value $149.99) and could be yours!

If you are interested in purchasing one of the many fabulous handbags at VelvetPepper.com…use the coupon code “JILLEE” to get 15% off your purchase!


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  1. Shirley W says

    Love the Hannah Plenty in Bluenote! I am my mom’s caretaker so, right now, I have a Depends in the bottom of my (too small) purse!

  2. says

    I adore the Tori Pack-Black Linen it would hold everything and add fun, funk and pizzaz to every long wintry day here in Alaska! YES I still have over 4 ft of snow in my yard on April 12th and it snowed yesterday! :~)

  3. jenne says

    Oops! Forgot to tell u what the weirdest thing in my purse was. Well, my diaper bag is my purse right now so I would have to say – a pair of undies for my 4 year old in case of an accident or my two year old’s Cinderella figurine.

  4. says

    I love the Hannah collection the best but it was a hard choice! I love the inside pockets and I definitely LOVE a Big purse!
    I guess the strangest thing I’ve ever found in my purse would be shoes. And they weren’t even mine!
    Thank you so much for the purse organization tips! I love your blog!

  5. jenne says

    I really enjoy the “Hannah” collection. Specifically the Plenty purse- peridot. Gorgeous!

  6. Jana says

    Lily. Love it!
    My husband bought me a knife/scissor thing. I use it all the time. Also I carry a small cosmetic bag that I put all my receipts in. When it’s full I take them out and file them.

  7. Jessica Dodson says

    I Love Love Love the Tori collections. They are all very cute though.In my purse right now is a package of fruit snacks.Not to crazy but still not the everyday thing..