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Update: 4/19/12

Maria Rosenthal….

you are the winner of the beautiful Velvet Pepper handbag from the Whitney Collection (Retail Value $149.99).



I’ve been feeling a bit like Mary Poppins the last couple of days!

And I like it! :-)

I was privileged to receive a handbag from a fashionable company called Velvet Pepper, creators of vintage velvet handbags and diaper bags. The bag that arrived was beautiful and luxurious and reminded me of the “magic” bag that Mary Poppins carried. As a matter of fact, I was paying for something at the pharmacy today and the woman helping me was oooooing and aaaahing over it and called it my Mary Poppins bag. :-)

The Hannah Blue Note Pack is made out of gorgeous cut velvet and linen and is the perfect size for a diaper bag…or a girl who needs a really large bag!  Like me.


I mean look at all this stuff I “STUFF” into my bag each day!


The BEAUTY of this bag is all the places it has to stash stuff! Most large totes are just that….large, and roomy, but not very compartmentalized or organized.

I’d actually been looking into getting one of those purse organizer inserts that you can find on etsy and Amazon and all sorts of other places.  But, like I said, no need for that with this bag!

I actually managed to EASILY find a spot for each and every thing in my sizable collection of purse stuff!


Not too bad huh? I was pretty proud. The only thing I didn’t find a place for was my out of control stacks of receipts! But that’s only because I decided a stack of receipts that big does NOT belong in my bag in the first place.  It belongs in a file somewhere. (But for now they’re all in a big glass jar on my counter. Another project for another day.)

A few helpful purse organization tips:

  • Put bulkier items like wallets, notebooks, and other cases in vertically rather than horizontally. You will be able to fit more into your purse and find things more easily.
  • Handbags with lots of open pockets (like this one) can be great because they keep things neat and organized, but also make it easy to carry more than you need. Don’t overload.
  • Full-size bottles, tubes or a large hair brush are space hogs. Use small, travel-size versions.
  • Keep items in your purse in the same location at all times, so it’s easier to find them when you need them. (First priorities in my bag: keys, phone, glasses!)
  • Instead of carrying several different pill bottles, take a few pills of each type you might need and combine them into one small bottle. (Just make sure you know what each of the pills is.)
  • Purge regularly! Daily would be ideal…but at LEAST once a week. Sunday night, before the beginning of a new week, is a good time to get rid of the extra junk that has accumulated.

Now that you know how to keep an organized and happy handbag…how would you like to put these ideas into practice with this beautiful bag from Velvet Pepper? This gorgeous number is from their Whitney Collection (Retail Value $149.99) and could be yours!

If you are interested in purchasing one of the many fabulous handbags at VelvetPepper.com…use the coupon code “JILLEE” to get 15% off your purchase!


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Mandatory Entry:

Visit VelvetPepper.com and leave a comment below telling us which is your FAVORITE out of their 7 beautiful collections! Also, just for fun, tell us what is the most unusual thing you have in your handbag right now.  (When I was cleaning out my OLD purse I found a candy thermometer! What the heck???)

Want to increase your chances to win?? You can do any and ALL of the following:

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- Contest open to U.S. residents only.



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  1. Jana says

    Lily. Love it!
    My husband bought me a knife/scissor thing. I use it all the time. Also I carry a small cosmetic bag that I put all my receipts in. When it’s full I take them out and file them.

  2. says

    I love the Hannah collection the best but it was a hard choice! I love the inside pockets and I definitely LOVE a Big purse!
    I guess the strangest thing I’ve ever found in my purse would be shoes. And they weren’t even mine!
    Thank you so much for the purse organization tips! I love your blog!

  3. jenne says

    Oops! Forgot to tell u what the weirdest thing in my purse was. Well, my diaper bag is my purse right now so I would have to say – a pair of undies for my 4 year old in case of an accident or my two year old’s Cinderella figurine.

  4. Kristin says

    I love the Hannah collection and definitely love the Hannah plenty bag. It has all the organization pockets that I could definitely use. I carry so much stuff in my purse in general, but extra materials as well for my job. The most bizarre thing in my purse at this moment is one of the magic crayons used on Easter eggs. Now how’d that get there! :)

    • Gretchen says

      Oops forgot to add > I don’t have any bizarre things in my purse at this time (I just cleaned it out the other day, lol) but usually I have everything but the kitchen sink in there ;-)

  5. Kim Lemke says

    Oh my – I Love the Raychel and Tori collections. Love the colors available and also the interchangeable flowers – beautiful and unique. These are handbags I can SEE myself carrying. The organization is exactly what I need. And since you asked what is in my purse besides my Iphone, Ipad, billfold and the normal make-up….

    I have an enormous notebook with the majority of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) law information (health care reform) and language in it. Along with analysis of what it means to consumers, employees and employers. (OK before you say boy is she exciting…my profession is Employee Benefit Consultant for employer groups of 50 – 2000 employees). Everything is crammed into my current purse! Help me Jillee!

  6. Kay Hilderbrand says

    Love Love Love the “Mary Poppins” bag…strangest thing in my bag… a pair of panties in a baggie (thanks for reminding me) ;) went tanning yesterday and forgot they were still in there till I read this… Oppps!!! that could have been embarrasing at the check-out line! However I always have toothbrush, paste & small bottle of mouthwash. Great site thanks Jillee :)

  7. Brenda says

    I love the Hannah Plenty Bluenote. I have a wooden shelf knob in my purse as well as a hinge to remind myself to by those specific items in those sizes when I’m out and about. :)

  8. says

    I *just* cleaned my purse out yesterday while waiting in my car to pick up my grandson from Kindergarten. So nothing unusual in there right now! But when I cleaned it out, I did find 3 Legos and the cat’s catnip mouse. (I’ve been wondering why the cat keeps rubbing up against my purse when it’s hanging on the door knob!).

    My favorite collection from Velvet Pepper is actually the Hannah collection. They’re all gorgeous though.

    JoanOH at cinci dot rr dot com

  9. Sarah says

    I love love love the lily petite – surfside. These purses are adorable. I was going through my purse yesterday actually and I found a Vacutainer (assists in drawing blood) and Tourniquet.

  10. Carole May says

    I LOVE the Hannah collection! Honestly, I could never afford one, but they are beautiful! The most “unusual” thing I have in my purse right now is cash..real money! Life threw me a curve ball and I haven’t been able to recover, yet. I will be OK and Jillee, honestly, you’re upbeat site is one thing that helps! Keep up the good work. You don’t know all you inspire!

  11. Michelle says

    Our tastes must be the same because I just love your Mary Poppins bag! The most unusual item in my purse would be someone else’s baby’s socks. Easter Sunday I was watching the infant nursery. I thought I had put baby’s socks in his diaper bag, but I inadvertently put them in my purse!

  12. Rachel Loveridge says

    I “like” you on Facebook. I think these purses are gorgeous, but for myself, I tend to like simple purses because I don’t feel “overwhelmed” by them, but I think my sister in law Amy would love this purse. Right now I have post-its and highlighters in my purse because I tend to take my homework with me everywhere.

    I don’t shop very often, but I keep my receipts in my wallet, then when it gets too thick I sort through them. Otherwise I put my receipts in the bag, then put them in a drawer when I get home. That drawer really needs to be sorted through, though! ;)

  13. Kat T says

    I love the Hanna collection. The Surf side and Camel are my favorite- appropriate because I live near a tropical beach but we’ll soon be moving to a dessert area in the middle east. My 3 daughters live the ruffles of the Whitney collection though. Right now in my purse I carry a bunch of blank business cards. Each of my kids have a business card portfolio they use as an address book. Since we are moving soon and they LOVE to write letters, I have their friends (or their Moms) fill out a business card to put in their folio so they can write to their friends.

  14. Jody Gillikin says

    I liked the Hannah the best. I had a hard time picking between Hannah and Lily. The most unusual thing in my bag would be the rubber washers in my coin purse. Not even sure where they came from anymore.

  15. Shannon Lambert says

    I LOVE the Lily Collection. The colors are different and I would surely stand out amongst the other PTA moms. The pockets are amazing and will definitely help in organizing. I carry a tape measure with me. And I use it at least once a week. Every woman who is on a mission to organize her life should have a tape measure in her purse!

  16. Rose says

    I LOVE the Lilly Collection!!! WOW, great bags!! The most unusual thing I have in my purse right now is a gift certificate to a furniture store that we got at our wedding (10 years ago)!

  17. Sandy says

    I LOVE the Hannah pack in Peridot! The wierdest thing in my purse is a cotter pin….what can I say? Been cleaning out the garage and it found its way to my purse! I am a follower on FB and email. Thanks

  18. Lynn says

    Here’s a handy hint for those who need to carry a “portable pharmacy”: Lay one pill of each type on your scanner glass making sure that any markings are facing the glass and get them close enough that the picture will fit on the bottle you’ll use. Either PhotoShop the names of the individual meds or hand write them on the printed scan (use arrows to connect the name to the pill, if necessary). Or, take a picture & print it, if you don’t have a scanner. If you’re ever in an emergency and can’t tell responders what you take, this could be a life-saver!!

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