Some Easter Thoughts

 UPDATE: Sunday, April 15, 2012

Patty Sines is the winner of the framed 11 x 13 “Picture of Christ” print signed by the artist, Liz. (Retail Value $159.99)!




Happy Easter Everyone! In the spirit of the holiday I have a special project to share with you AND a beautiful giveaway!

But first a short story….

This is a story about an artist named Liz. One day, not long ago, she was coerced into watching what she thought would be a corny “Bollywood” movie called “My Name is Kahn”. What she ended up watching was a portrayal of hurt and loss and love and hate during the aftermath of the 9/11 crisis that was so real and heartfelt that it made it hard to watch. As a matter of fact, at one point she asked that the movie be stopped so she could go and compose herself. While in another room she felt the need to kneel in prayer and ask God why there was so much hatred in the world and what she personally could do to help stop it. Out of that experience the answer to her prayer was born….the non-profit organization Picture Of Christ, dedicated to the goal of providing a picture of the Savior to everyone and every home.

Why a picture? What difference can a simple picture make in a world that sometimes seems to be crumbling all around us?

If you will indulge me for a moment…from a personal perspective…let me answer my own question. A lot.

I have been through some pretty dark times in my life. Times when hurt and sorrow threatened to destroy me…body and spirit. But no matter how far away from the Savior’s love I felt…whenever I saw an image of Him…a peace came over me that I couldn’t find anywhere else in my life at that time. And I felt that maybe…just maybe…there might be a way for me back into the light. I truly believe that the Savior’s love can penetrate the darkest trial.

And that is the whole idea behind,, a website that’s sole reason for existing is to put a free picture of Christ in every home.

If you go to the website…you will see there are 3 different photos to choose from:

Click on the graphic that saysFREE PRINT – Click here and you will be directed to a page where you can find a distributor near you where you can pick up your choice of pictures. If there is not a distributor near you…they will mail the free print to you for a nominal shipping fee.

Plus, there are ways to get involved by either purchasing them to give away yourself or by donating money to the organization and specifying whether you want the pictures to go to military, prisons or a local charity.

It’s a simple yet powerful concept and one I hope we can all help start a groundswell for.

And in celebration of this wonderful idea…one lucky reader of this blog will receive the gorgeous framed 11 x 13 print below, signed by the artist, Liz. (Retail Value $159.99) .

To enter to win, simply go to Picture Of Christ on Facebook and “Like” their page, then leave a comment below saying that you have (that way I can keep track of all the entries).  I will announce the winner of the framed and signed print NEXT Sunday, April 15th.

May this Easter be a day of celebration and reflection, rooted in happiness, triumph and joy!  

(And lots of chocolate!)  :-)

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  1. Patty Sines says

    I too liked the facebook page…what a terrific mission! And inspired by a movie, no less! A blessed Resurrection Sunday to everyone!

    • says

      Patty! You are THE WINNER of the framed 11 x 13 “Picture of Christ” print signed by the artist, Liz. (Retail Value $159.99)!


      Please email click on the “CONTACT” button at the top of the page and send me your email address and I will be in contact with you about getting you your prize! :-)

  2. Traci says

    What a wonderful way to start my busy Easter morning. Thank you, I really like the one with the Jesus and little girl. Reminds me of the way we are supposed to treat our children.

  3. Laurie says

    What a wonderful giveaway! I absolutely “liked” Picture of Christ’s page on Facebook. And yes, seeing an image of Christ does have a profound impact on people. Anger fades, sorrow lifts, worries wash away. And joy soars. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

  4. Brenda W says

    What an awesome project and what more appropriate time could there be to become aware of it? Thank you so very much for sharing it. I was more than happy to “like” Picture of Jesus on Facebook. Have a blessed and Happy Easter. He Is Risen!

  5. Jennifer K says

    What a beautiful thing to share and I love hearing these stories of how the spirit moves someone and wants to share that with others. We need more positive in the world, it was a pleasure to go and like “Picture of Christ”. Happy Easter to you and everyone