Make Your Own Moisturizing Shave Cream

I have a love/hate relationship with Winter. I hate how COLD and DRYING it is….but I kinda like how I get to wear long sleeves, long pants and puffy coats that hide a “multitude of sins”. lol. When the weather starts to warm up…I always feel a little exposed those first few times showing off any part of my legs that have been in hibernation all winter! Talk about neglected! :-)

So I decided it might be time to give the gams some lovin’ and while I have nothing against using good old soap or body wash to shave with…I must admit a nice moisturizing shave cream is nice! My daughter and I have used Skintimate (off and on) for years! Actually, I don’t think she knows any other way to shave! (Of course she needs all the help she can get in that department because she is a chronic “nicker”! Love you Britta!)  But I digress.

When one is shaving ones legs (or face for that matter) it’s very nice to have some extra moisturizing and lubrication going on, otherwise your legs can end up feeling a bit alligator-like and there’s a much higher likelihood of the dreaded nicks!

Well, have I got a treat for you! (and Me! And Britta!)  Jess at A New Leaf figured out how to make her own version of “Skintimate” Shave Cream that both her AND her hubby use. (Now, getting the hubster to use this stuff is going to be CHALLENGE! He has been using the same stuff for as long as I have known him! But I got him hooked on the body wash….so it could happen!)

I really liked the idea and decided to tweak it just a bit for my taste (not literally for TASTING…you know what I mean.)  The original recipe called for “hand cream” and I could think of no BETTER hand cream than my Simple Moisturizing Lotion.   :-)   So I used that…and then instead of baby oil…I used….wait for it…..COCONUT OIL! Because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coconut oil and how it makes my skin feel.  So needless to say, I LOVE this shave cream!

First of all, between the coconut shampoo, coconut conditioner, coconut oil and my homemade lotion….it SMELLS DIVINE! And even after attacking my legs with a razor tonight, my legs feel so soft and smooth and happy!  Oh but the smell!  I am loving that.

So, if you have some “work” to do on your legs before they see the summer sun…give this easy shave cream a try!  And don’t be afraid to try different ingredients, etc! This is one of those very “forgiving” concoctions.  Just be sure and share! :-)

Homemade Shave Cream (for Women or Men)

1 cup shampoo (I used Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Shampoo)

1 cup conditioner (again…Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner )

5 Tablespoons lotion or cream

5 Tablespoons coconut oil (warmed in the microwave for about 15 seconds)

Because I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this…I decided to make HALF a batch. (So I basically cut in half each ingredient listed above.) But now that I know how much I LOVE it…I will definitely make a whole batch next time. However, this size batch fit PERFECTLY into this pump bottle I got at Walmart awhile ago. I’m not sure how big it is…I’m guessing 12 ounces?  If I can convince the hubster to try it and he LIKES it…I foresee having to make more very soon.


*******As you can see by this last picture…this is a fairly thin consistency, which doesn’t bother me in the least. If you are looking for something thicker you could try adjusting the ratio of ingredients.  Let us know. :-)

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  1. Lynette Cortez says

    I have used a version of this for several months! Yes, it is thinner. I use less lotion and oil in my recipe. I found that putting the bottle closer to the area to be shaved, then rubbing the lotion around was the trick. I have been the most happy :) because I now don’t spend as much time rinsing out the razor. And who doesn’t want less time doing that???

    • kirstie says

      I normally just use my body wash. I literately us a drop a leg. And i buy not over the top brands but creamy ones. Right now I have St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter.

      But I’m going to keep this in mind.

      Also got a bottle with coconut oil, coconut milk, and honey that I’m adding to cheap conditioner for my step daughter. Once she is gone back to her mom’s I’ll see about adding all these together to have stuff for a long time. Also got lots of lotion in the house so I’ll so add some of that too.

      I shave every day so my legs can get really dry. Love these ideas thanks..

  2. Nicole says

    Is this shave cream thick as conditioner, one comment was posted that is more like a thick liquid?

  3. Mary Alice says

    I have also used plain old hair conditioner to shave my legs. Suave conditioner (an inexpensive brand) works just fine for me.

    Also, like a previous poster said, not all coconut oils have a scent. I actually had to keep looking to find a brand that smelled and tasted like coconut oil. (Vitacost brand is my new fav for scent and flavor.) Wal-Mart’s brand, Luanna, is refined and has no scent or flavor.

  4. says

    I have used everything under the sun to shave my legs. I’ve used each one of the products you’ve listed separately to shave. I get the best results with conditioner.

  5. Lynn says

    I see so many recipes that call for coconut oil. I absolutely cannot stand the smell of coconut. It actually turns my stomach. Are there any alternatives to using coconut oil in this recipe or the others you use? I would love to try them, but can’t because the idea of my body smelling like coconut is quite unpleasant! BTW, I LOVE your site! Just made my first batch of fabric softener today!

    • EmilyM says

      Have you tried a refined coconut oil? I don’t smell any coconut scent with that type. Walmart carries a brand called Lou Ana – it does not have any scent (to me).

      • Lynn says

        Thank you EmilyM! I will check that out when I get to the store this week! Good to know there is a chance I will be able to make some of these products!

    • Michelle says

      I love the smell of coconut but much to my disappointment, the coconut oils I have used in my recipes (for food or body) have absolutely no smell at all. I even tasted some of it out of the jar before using it for cooking and it tasted like nothing, too. I think most of the coconut smell you dislike comes from fragrance added to a product while it’s being made.

      • Michelle says

        ps- I’ve tried LouAna, Spectrum Naturals (organic) and Now Solutions coconut oils. The Now Solutions actually says it was deodorized after extraction. None of them have any scent that my nose can detect :)

      • Lynn says

        Thank you Michelle! I will look for those brands and see how it works out. Especially the Now Solutions :)

      • Kim says

        Try Trader Joe’s coconut oil! Has the delicious coconut smell and taste! Before I tried it, I used other coconut oils that didn’t smell at all too. Everyone would talk about how great it smelled and I didn’t know what they were talking about. Also, when/if you do get the Trader Joe’s stuff, replace the coconut oil for margarine in Rice Cripsy Treats and you will be in HEAVEN!

      • Amber says

        In order to get the coconut oil smell and taste, you need to get cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Preferably organic because there is less processing and all the nutrients.

    • Natalie says

      Try replacing the coconut oil with sweet almond oil (found at health food stores). I use almond oil for most of my homemade bath and body products because it leaves virtually no oily residue and leaves my skin soft and glowing. Almonds are wonderfully good for clearing up skin issues and nourishing dry skin.

    • Chainey says

      I found another recipe, but it called for baby oil. That’s what i used, but i only used a squirt so it wouldn’t be so runny.

    • Bethany says

      Me too, Karen. I wonder, with this recipe, if the coconut oil & lotion clog up the razor? Conditioner – the really cheap VO5 or Suave stuff – works great for me & leaves my skin soft! The cheap Suave comes in lots of great scents too!

  6. EmilyM says

    This is probably weird, but I don’t have any lotion in the house because we just use coconut oil. Do you think it might work to leave out the lotion and double the coconut oil?

    • eanowakattack says

      It’s good to know that someone else uses coconut oil as lotion too. I started using it for a sunburn and now use it as a daily moisturizer. When my skin freaks out in winter, I mix it with shea butter for a more coating/protective coverage.

  7. says

    I’m really excited to try this one. Shaving cream is so expensive, and I’m always running out (but only discover I’ve run out when Sherwood Forest is growing on my legs!). I have all these ingredients at home, so I should never run out again. Thanks Jillee!

  8. Dawn says

    I tried this recipe last week and it was so runny! Not like a cream at all. It took almost the entire batch to shave my legs because most of the “cream” just runs off. :(

    • Jessica says

      Perhaps try using a foaming soap dispenser? You could use an empty Dial dispenser, or Bed Bath and Beyond now carries nice stainless steel ones for about $15. Maybe that would help it adhere to your legs :)

  9. Rachel Loveridge says

    Can’t wait to try this! Back before “Skintimate,” I would avoid shaving my legs because I always had problems with my sensitive skin, even when I tried using men’s shaving cream. So, Skintimate became a “necessary” purchase.


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