Make Your Own Moisturizing Shave Cream

I have a love/hate relationship with Winter. I hate how COLD and DRYING it is….but I kinda like how I get to wear long sleeves, long pants and puffy coats that hide a “multitude of sins”. lol. When the weather starts to warm up…I always feel a little exposed those first few times showing off any part of my legs that have been in hibernation all winter! Talk about neglected! :-)

So I decided it might be time to give the gams some lovin’ and while I have nothing against using good old soap or body wash to shave with…I must admit a nice moisturizing shave cream is nice! My daughter and I have used Skintimate (off and on) for years! Actually, I don’t think she knows any other way to shave! (Of course she needs all the help she can get in that department because she is a chronic “nicker”! Love you Britta!)  But I digress.

When one is shaving ones legs (or face for that matter) it’s very nice to have some extra moisturizing and lubrication going on, otherwise your legs can end up feeling a bit alligator-like and there’s a much higher likelihood of the dreaded nicks!

Well, have I got a treat for you! (and Me! And Britta!)  Jess at A New Leaf figured out how to make her own version of “Skintimate” Shave Cream that both her AND her hubby use. (Now, getting the hubster to use this stuff is going to be CHALLENGE! He has been using the same stuff for as long as I have known him! But I got him hooked on the body wash….so it could happen!)

I really liked the idea and decided to tweak it just a bit for my taste (not literally for TASTING…you know what I mean.)  The original recipe called for “hand cream” and I could think of no BETTER hand cream than my Simple Moisturizing Lotion.   :-)   So I used that…and then instead of baby oil…I used….wait for it…..COCONUT OIL! Because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coconut oil and how it makes my skin feel.  So needless to say, I LOVE this shave cream!

First of all, between the coconut shampoo, coconut conditioner, coconut oil and my homemade lotion….it SMELLS DIVINE! And even after attacking my legs with a razor tonight, my legs feel so soft and smooth and happy!  Oh but the smell!  I am loving that.

So, if you have some “work” to do on your legs before they see the summer sun…give this easy shave cream a try!  And don’t be afraid to try different ingredients, etc! This is one of those very “forgiving” concoctions.  Just be sure and share! :-)

Homemade Shave Cream (for Women or Men)

1 cup shampoo (I used Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Shampoo)

1 cup conditioner (again…Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner )

5 Tablespoons lotion or cream

5 Tablespoons coconut oil (warmed in the microwave for about 15 seconds)

Because I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this…I decided to make HALF a batch. (So I basically cut in half each ingredient listed above.) But now that I know how much I LOVE it…I will definitely make a whole batch next time. However, this size batch fit PERFECTLY into this pump bottle I got at Walmart awhile ago. I’m not sure how big it is…I’m guessing 12 ounces?  If I can convince the hubster to try it and he LIKES it…I foresee having to make more very soon.


*******As you can see by this last picture…this is a fairly thin consistency, which doesn’t bother me in the least. If you are looking for something thicker you could try adjusting the ratio of ingredients.  Let us know. :-)

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  1. Rachel Loveridge says

    Can’t wait to try this! Back before “Skintimate,” I would avoid shaving my legs because I always had problems with my sensitive skin, even when I tried using men’s shaving cream. So, Skintimate became a “necessary” purchase.

  2. Dawn says

    I tried this recipe last week and it was so runny! Not like a cream at all. It took almost the entire batch to shave my legs because most of the “cream” just runs off. :(

    • Jessica says

      Perhaps try using a foaming soap dispenser? You could use an empty Dial dispenser, or Bed Bath and Beyond now carries nice stainless steel ones for about $15. Maybe that would help it adhere to your legs :)

  3. says

    I’m really excited to try this one. Shaving cream is so expensive, and I’m always running out (but only discover I’ve run out when Sherwood Forest is growing on my legs!). I have all these ingredients at home, so I should never run out again. Thanks Jillee!

  4. EmilyM says

    This is probably weird, but I don’t have any lotion in the house because we just use coconut oil. Do you think it might work to leave out the lotion and double the coconut oil?

    • eanowakattack says

      It’s good to know that someone else uses coconut oil as lotion too. I started using it for a sunburn and now use it as a daily moisturizer. When my skin freaks out in winter, I mix it with shea butter for a more coating/protective coverage.

    • Bethany says

      Me too, Karen. I wonder, with this recipe, if the coconut oil & lotion clog up the razor? Conditioner – the really cheap VO5 or Suave stuff – works great for me & leaves my skin soft! The cheap Suave comes in lots of great scents too!

  5. Lynn says

    I see so many recipes that call for coconut oil. I absolutely cannot stand the smell of coconut. It actually turns my stomach. Are there any alternatives to using coconut oil in this recipe or the others you use? I would love to try them, but can’t because the idea of my body smelling like coconut is quite unpleasant! BTW, I LOVE your site! Just made my first batch of fabric softener today!

    • EmilyM says

      Have you tried a refined coconut oil? I don’t smell any coconut scent with that type. Walmart carries a brand called Lou Ana – it does not have any scent (to me).

    • Michelle says

      I love the smell of coconut but much to my disappointment, the coconut oils I have used in my recipes (for food or body) have absolutely no smell at all. I even tasted some of it out of the jar before using it for cooking and it tasted like nothing, too. I think most of the coconut smell you dislike comes from fragrance added to a product while it’s being made.

      • Michelle says

        ps- I’ve tried LouAna, Spectrum Naturals (organic) and Now Solutions coconut oils. The Now Solutions actually says it was deodorized after extraction. None of them have any scent that my nose can detect :)

        • Kim says

          Try Trader Joe’s coconut oil! Has the delicious coconut smell and taste! Before I tried it, I used other coconut oils that didn’t smell at all too. Everyone would talk about how great it smelled and I didn’t know what they were talking about. Also, when/if you do get the Trader Joe’s stuff, replace the coconut oil for margarine in Rice Cripsy Treats and you will be in HEAVEN!

    • Natalie says

      Try replacing the coconut oil with sweet almond oil (found at health food stores). I use almond oil for most of my homemade bath and body products because it leaves virtually no oily residue and leaves my skin soft and glowing. Almonds are wonderfully good for clearing up skin issues and nourishing dry skin.

  6. Mary Alice says

    I have also used plain old hair conditioner to shave my legs. Suave conditioner (an inexpensive brand) works just fine for me.

    Also, like a previous poster said, not all coconut oils have a scent. I actually had to keep looking to find a brand that smelled and tasted like coconut oil. (Vitacost brand is my new fav for scent and flavor.) Wal-Mart’s brand, Luanna, is refined and has no scent or flavor.

  7. Lynette Cortez says

    I have used a version of this for several months! Yes, it is thinner. I use less lotion and oil in my recipe. I found that putting the bottle closer to the area to be shaved, then rubbing the lotion around was the trick. I have been the most happy :) because I now don’t spend as much time rinsing out the razor. And who doesn’t want less time doing that???

    • kirstie says

      I normally just use my body wash. I literately us a drop a leg. And i buy not over the top brands but creamy ones. Right now I have St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter.

      But I’m going to keep this in mind.

      Also got a bottle with coconut oil, coconut milk, and honey that I’m adding to cheap conditioner for my step daughter. Once she is gone back to her mom’s I’ll see about adding all these together to have stuff for a long time. Also got lots of lotion in the house so I’ll so add some of that too.

      I shave every day so my legs can get really dry. Love these ideas thanks..

    • says

      A LOT cheaper Sher. :-) I didn’t purchase anything because I already had all the ingredients on hand. But even if you didn’t…..the cost of the ingredients in this whole bottle would be well under a dollar! A can of Skintimate is around THREE dollars. For three dollars I can make GALLONS of this stuff. :-)

    • Natalie says

      I just bought the stuff for this recipe, shower gel recipe, and gardener’s scrub recipe (including containers to store in) for less than $10!! I can’t wait to try them all out. The Dollar Tree even had pure coconut oil in the ethnic hair section. :)

  8. Tracey says

    There is also a hair product made by PROCLAIM ….it’s a hair oil for ethnic hair it’s Olive Oil and smells delightful!! I’m not ethnic but I love the product…the smell is great and it works well if you have frizzy hair, or straighten your hair alot…can be used as a hot oil treatment as well!!!

  9. Linda says

    This was awesome, Jillee! Having no coconut oil, I subbed almond oil, which of course thinned the mixture out. But still, what a smooth, silky shave! Thanks for all you do!

  10. Marissa says

    I just HAPPENED to have that exact set of shampoo and conditioner in our hall closet…. we HATE it and have no idea where it came from. Anyway…. we made a full batch even though my hubby SWEARS he hates coconut oil and everything associated with it. I told him your hubby loved it and he ran off with some as soon as we finished making it (suspicious!)…. HE LOVES IT! We both do! It was runny at first and I didn’t think we did something right, but as soon as you start rubbing it in it foams up nice and doesn’t run off the skin. My hubby has one of those shaving cream brushes and it foamed up twice as good when he used that. We love love love this! Thanks for yet another great recipe!

  11. Marissa says

    Actually I have a question… where did you get your soap dispenser in the picture? I just can’t bring myself to spend crazy amounts of money on one. We’ve made the DIY ones with the mason jars and they work great, but with all the stuff we’re making from your site we’ve used them all up. HELP!

  12. Sherry says

    Hi…LOVE your Blog Jillee!! I have been making homemade replacements left and right! :) So thank you! I just made this shave cream, as we have run out and on Sunday evening my daughter tells me she HAS to have some, because she can’t possibly shave with soap lol I only had olive oil on hand, but I use that to moisturize my elbows anyway so I thought what the heck? And I used a bath and bodyworks body butter I got for Christmas but have yet to use any of :) We will see…my daughter is getting ready to shower right now! I will let you know how it goes!

    Thanks again for your fabulous ideas! You are helping me to save my family bunches of money and time in the store…and i feel like I am contributing, since I am not able to work anymore.

  13. Mikala says

    If you want your coconut oil to have a stronger smell, you have to buy unrefined. Where I live you have to get it at a store like Trader Joes, Earthfare, Dorothy Lane, etc. It’s more expensive, but it has more good qualities. Meijer, Walmart, etc doesn’t carry it.

  14. Samantha says

    I just made my first batch of this shaving cream…I tweeked it a little so that it would come out thicker.

    I used:
    VO5 Shea Cashmere Silky Expeirences Conditioner (15oz) – $0.51
    Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme (2.6oz) – $1.00
    1 Tbsp Organic Coconut Oil – $0.25

    I used coupons to get the conditioner and lotion for those prices so that’s why I used those products. I think it came out great! I haven’t tried it yet, but from getting on my hands while making it and after washing them my hands are super soft, so I’m sure my legs will be too :)

  15. Marilyn Turnipseed says

    I just stumbled across this and plan on making a batch!
    I notice that several people are using baby oil…which is a petroleum derivative (occlusive and NOT good for you at all)…to quote another website, ” MOST baby oils are just mineral oil…(some are not, but look for paraffinium oil/paraffin, minerla oil as ingredients) which is crude oil! why would you want that to be absorbed by your skin. It acts like a plastic sheet over your skin, so your skin cannot breathe. it traps in heat and moisture causing inflammation, skin disorders, irritaion, some types of cancer, and it’s toxic. Look at this website for proof:

    Coat a soda cracker in mineral oil, then put it in a glass of water for a few minutes…when you take it out it’s totally crisp ~ no water absorbed.

    I plan on using Arbonne shampoo, conditioner, lotion and possibly the Arbonne Aromasentials essential oils…all stuff I have on hand and they are PURE/SAFE/BENEFICIAL!

  16. Dana says

    You could probably thicken it with more coconut oil.

    I’m going to try this and see how I like it. Right now, I just use straight almond oil, which works fantastically (legs are left so soft and I never get cuts or irritation), but it leaves the tub pretty slimy. Hopefully this can do a good job, but be easier to clean up after.

  17. mdoe37 says

    I got a moment to mix this up and just had to try it. . . . 9:30 p.m. Fabulous!! I opted to use 5 tablespoons of Vitamin E cream rather than my equally WONDERFUL moisturizing lotion. I used it immediately so the coconut oil did not cool (if it thickens at all in this). I put in a clear condiment squirter and squirted out a quarter size bit for each leg. I did rub it into my legs a bit before shaving and it sticks quite well, but won’t lather like the aerosols. I did have a few small soap bubbles forming though.

    But WOW my legs were really, really soft and smooth. Of course, then I topped them off with a bit of moisturizing lotion. Decadence!!!

    I have never had experience with coconut oil before. The only one I could find within a 40 mile round trip was the LouAna. No scent at all and no taste at all — yes, I actually tried it. I may start cooking with it a bit.

  18. says

    adding more coconut oil didn’t help the thickness at all…it’s almost like water. I really love how it makes my legs feel but just isn’t as effective as I’d like it to be since it’s just way too runny :-(

  19. Lorraine says

    Just ordered the coconut oil thru amazon, cant wait to receive it and start on this shaving cream before the hubby runs out and the lotion itself :). As I read the comments has anybody figured out how to make it a little thicker? Thank you so much for your post, will definately keep on following you!

  20. Liz says

    I know this is an older post but I was reading through some older ones and thought I would comment on my solution to the shaving cream problem. I just use straight conditioner to shave with. I usually buy V05 or Suave and they usually run 1.00 or less per bottle at Walmart. I can typically find for .88 at Walmart. I do have sensitive skin and the conditioner seems to have enough moisturizers in it for me.

  21. Tina says

    I made this recipe using baby oil, only because I didn’t have any coconut oil. I liked it, but like most, found it to be too runny.

    Since I’ve used it all up, I choose to make another batch using only 1/2 cup conditioner, 1/2 cup lotion, 2 1/2 tablespoons oil (I shall make a larger batch next time)….mix well, store in a used/washed lotion bottle with a pump. Mixture stayed put and legs feel silky soft after shaving. This is now my go to recipe for shaving cream.

    Thanks you so much Jillee for posting your recipe and helping me to find “my” fav of shaving lotion!!!

    Love getting your daily blogs, so insightful, funny, and most importantly USEFUL!!!!

    • Vestakia says

      Thank you, Tina. I was wondering if this combination would work.

      I used the same increments, but still used coconut oil. I found that adding more lotion clogged my blade more often, but it wasn’t anything a couple good taps on the edge of the tub didn’t fix.

      I didn’t have any irritation and it soothed as I shaved. Plus, my legs are silky smooth. This version is also good for your.. umm.. Venus mound, if you catch my drift. No irritation and no need to lotion afterwards. Win-win!

      My hubby is even interested in trying it. :) That’s always the hardest part, right?

  22. Laura hicks says

    Reinventing the wheel again, huh? The solution for y’all is Al’s Shaving Cream ( Absolutely the best lather in the world and without harmful ingredients. Scented with essential oils and sure to please everybody… Give it a shot for smooth legs and other areas.

    • Janette W says

      As good as Al’s products may be, the whole idea is to be thrifty and save money by making products for yourself. Al’s products are very expensive …. $16-$25!… as opposed to a homemade version of shaving cream made for roughly $1. Even using different products (strictly organic) the homemade version would still be the smarter/more economical choice. My two cents

  23. Leigh says

    Hi there, I’ve just found your blog via Pintrest and am absolutley LOVING IT!!! I’ve experimented with making lotions and potions for myself once or twice and have always been satisfied with the results, but~I want something that I can love rather than be satisfied with…
    My only problems is that we don’t really have ‘cup’ measurements here in England so I have absolutely NO idea how much of each ingredients I should be using in order to fill a particular size bottle, or how many bottles I would need to store a batch and don’t want to end up having to throw any out cos its made more that I was expecting!!
    Can anyone tell me either how many milliliters there are in a ‘cup’? Or how many fluid ounces so I can convert it?

    Thank you!!!!!!!

    • Murphy says

      No problem: start with the fact that a quart and a liter are not THAT far off from each other, for our mix your own purposes. So 1 Cup is 1/4 liter or 250 ml. 1/2 Cup is 125 ml, etc.

      Officially, 4 Tablespoons are 1/4 Cup which means 1 Tablespoon is about 15 ml, and a teaspoon is 5 ml (check the measuring spoon from a cough syup bottle if you want to be more precise than your kitchen drawer.)

      Since all Jillee’s recipe’s can be ‘tweaked’ to suit, these should give you a starting point. Good luck!

      • Landon says

        Also keep in mind that any measurement you wish to convert can be easily done through if you forget the conversions. For example: use the search query – convert cup to milliliter & the convert will open. It has a drop down menu that you can change to choose the measurements you wish to find to convert other items as well.

      • Lily says

        Thank you so much Murphy ! I’m french and have had a hard time figuring out how to convert cup measurements into millimeters without resorting to Google every other minute ! I’m going to copy and print your comment, thanks again :) xxx

  24. Colette says

    So, I made this recipe and it was runnier than I liked – ie pumping alot to get the amount I wanted for shaving, most of it running off the legs before I could shave, etc . So, to thicken the mixture, I tried potato flakes. It changed the smell slightly. Once I got passed the graininess of the mixture, it did a nice job. Instead of using a Dial soap dispenser, I had an empty Coffeemate container that I peeled the label off (they are clear underneath) and poured the mixture into it. I liked how smooth it left my legs feeling (I think it was due to the coconut oil) My thoughts: If I have to buy the ingredients to make my own shaving cream, I might as well pay for the canister of Skintimate and have the little convenience it affords.

  25. Cassandra Smith says

    This does not make sense, why use shampoo that contains SLS for a shaving cream? SLS can definitely be drying and adding coconut oil and lotion is not my idea of a well formulated product. I agree with Laura, many well made products out there.


  26. Allison says

    I was wondering if anyone used the shampoo/condition combination. I have bought several for my fiance’ using coupons (making them nearly free) and think he would prefer that scent over the “girly” scent of what I made. I’ve got the same smelling lotion as the 2in1 hair (it was mixed in with the 2in1 and I didn’t read the label closely). Just wondering!


  27. Safaia says

    Another idea is to just switch to using conditioner for shaving creme. The Suave Naturals Aloe conditioner works wonderfully for soft silky legs and the razor glides over it w/o nicking ya.

    As for Britta and her nicks, they’re expensive but try the venus razors, since they have a head on them that rotates a bit she may have less issues than the bics. Simply because of the fact that it conforms to the body a bit more

    • Landon says

      I will only buy Venus – with coupons, of course. They are the best blades & no nicks. Embrace is our personal favorite. A while back I made the mistake of buying Bic blades because they were on a buy one get one free sale & I had coupons. Good thing I didn’t pay hardly anything for them because they wound up in the trash. They nicked me so bad that it looked like Edward Scissorhands had gotten hold of my legs.

      • Laura says

        We were on vacation a while ago and I realized I forgot my razor. We stopped at a local grocery store and I grabbed some store brand razors that were on sale….huge mistake. The shower floor the next morning looked like an axe murder had just taken place there. I put the towels in the shower and washed all of the blood out of them before housekeeping got there.

  28. Laura says

    Just tried a 1/2 recipe and loved it. Knocked down the conditioner and shampoo amount bit just a couple of tablespoons and added Queen Helene cocoa butter creme in place of the lotion and it thickened up nicely. Although i would like to get it a tad bit thicker.

  29. Sarah says

    Love this stuff! Used all the same ingredients and boy it sure does smell A-M-A-ZING!! I added 1/2 tsp guar gum to thicken it up (it was way cheaper than the oh so popular xanathan gum at Whole Foods!) and it’s the perfect consistency for me now! Anyone not familiar with xanathan or guar gum… it doesn’t thicken up right away after you add it! It takes about 5 minutes. Make sure to blend it in WELL with everything, either in a blender or thoroughly with a whisk.

  30. Jennnifer says

    Why not add some baking soda; if you want it to be thicker? I am making mine tonight, and will be adding some baking soda to it, I will update you and let you know how it works. But I imagine that it will work like a charm. Baking soda is good for your body; and definitely helps thicken things up! I put it in my homemade face wash, and in my homemade toothpaste. And of course, I use it in my homemade laundry detergent. Guess I’m a baking-soda addict ;)

  31. Rhonda says

    It took me a long time to try “traditional wet shaving” but I can say that it is worthy. It takes a bit of time but it is much better than using these homemade concoctions. Making lather with a brush is not hard either. Al’s Shaving Cream made all the difference in the world, thanks Laura!

  32. Kim says

    I think I have a solution to making it thicker .. Try adding cream if tartar I see other websites using it in bath mouldable products .. I’m going to play around with it and see if it makes a difference


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