Protect Your Floors (and your sanity!) with Felt Pad Sliders!

We’ve all seen these things before. They are predominantly promoted as a product to “protect your hardwood (or whatever) floors”! And since I really don’t CARE about my flooring (well, I DO, but it’s being replaced soon after many, many years of good service), I have never really been motivated to buy any. Until I bought my new kitchen stools that is.

I found these three awesome stools on clearance a few weeks ago (Regular price $200.00 each) for $69.00 each. I had already pitched our OLD stools a few weeks earlier because I was so disgusted with them, so this deal came along at just the right time!

The problem is….they are HEAVY! They are very nice and VERY well made. So sliding them in and out was a bit of a struggle. I love that they are so sturdy and anyone can sit on them and feel completely comfortable and supported, but pushing them and pulling them out for everyday use and then picking them up off the floor when it’s time to clean was a major effort!

So one day I was shopping with No. 2 son and he happened to see these felt pad slider things that you stick on the bottom of each leg and said we should try them. I thought, What the heck! I did the math wrong (shocking I know!) and only bought enough for TWO stools…but the difference was INCREDIBLE!

These very substantial high-backed stools are now a breeze to slide around! I immediately went back to the store and bought enough sliders to do the 3rd stool and ALL my kitchen chairs! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Why in the world did I not do this LOOOOOONG ago!!??

Sure, my “older than the hills” vinyl flooring is being “protected” now…but a million times better than that is the fact that moving chairs and stools around in my kitchen is now (almost) a pleasure! :-)

Just thought I should share……..

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  1. Marce says

    We have log bar stools (super heavy)wide legs, and a wood floor. My dad was a junker (depression baby) and he came across commercial carpet squares (hideous green)with the foam back that someone was throwing out. I brought home 2 squares placed my bar stools on them and traced the bottom of the leg (which are about 3″ wide and cut them out and glued them to the bottom of the leg. There work perfect, they have lasted 17 years and still holding up. I vacuum the bottoms periodically. I thought I’d mention it in case some else has an unusual leg size, foam backed carpet will do the trick.

  2. MaryC says

    Great idea, Jillee and No. 2 Son! We have stools like these on ceramic tile-awful. I bet this will work great for us. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Sarah says

    I have tried these on my kitchen chair but eventually they all came off. I would love to hear a solution that would actually stay put. I have metal legs on my chair so I can not use anything that nails into the bottom…and to complicate things more the legs are triangle in shape so those plastic things they sell do not fit on the bottom of mine. I have even tried using liquid nails with the thin felt ones and that didn’t stay put either.

  4. says

    We put the nail on plastic sliders on our chairs. We also put new flooring down. It wasn’t long before I noticed scratches. The plastic had become rough. I’m looking for someting to replace them. I have seen metal ones but as usual when I need them I can’t find them.

  5. says

    We also use those to make cabinet doors more quiet – just one felt thingy patched to the door in one corner (or two, if the cabinets are a bit crooked, one at the upper corner and one at the lower one), and no banging cabinet doors anymore. ^^

  6. Sade says

    Timely post Jill!
    We are getting ready to put new flooring down and I was thinking I’d need something to prevent scratches from chair legs. Thanks for your insight and also the comments above-all helpful!

  7. Lauren says

    If you ever have heavy chairs in a carpeted room, they make slick plastic ones that are awesome for that. ^If you think you want them on for a long time, throw some super glue at em! You can get the super glue gel at dollar stores – my new favorite adhesive! ;)

  8. Brook says

    We used those for a long time, but they kept collecting dog hair and dirt. Ick. Now we have the kind you nail into the bottom of the chair and I couldn’t be happier! (They don’t fall off either!)

    • Lauren says

      Ack, yes, we have the felt pads on EVERYTHING on the main floor due to wood flooring and it drives me nuts as they collect all the hair and dust, bleh :(

  9. Sarah says

    I love these felt pads too but they seem come off fairly quickly.
    Does anyone have any tricks to keep them on longer??

    • says

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