Recycle Old Glass Jars Into Colorful Objets d’Art!

A few months ago….I attempted (and failed!) to make my own tinted mason jars.  They were supposed to look like this…..

But ended up looking like this…..

Then I decided to try different colored jars (I apparently have a fascination with this idea!) and had a bit more success with those.  But I still wasn’t completely satisfied with how they turned out.


Well last week I saw these Pretty Painted Jars by Elle at Diary Of A Mod Housewife and fell in love!

Diary Of A Mod Housewife


I could hardly wait to try my hand at painting….again. :-)  And I have to say….I’m pretty thrilled with how they turned out!



I think the photographs are pretty self-explanatory…but here is how it’s done….in a nutshell:

  • Pour a generous amount of paint into the jar. (I found sample jars of latex paint at Walmart for $2.47 each!)
  • Swirl it around slowly to evenly coat the jar.
  • Pour excess back into paint container (try not to spill!)
  • Set the containers upside-down on cardboard (I used brown packaging paper) and let excess drip out (otherwise, you will have permanent drip marks).
  • Move containers every 15 minutes or so, so they wont stick to the cardboard.
  • After about 2-3 hours, turn them over and let them air dry.
  • Fill with silk flowers or whatever your heart desires. If you decide to use cut flowers…just put a paper cup filled with water into the jar to prevent the paint from coming off.

And that’s it! FINALLY I have conquered the painted mason jars to my satisfaction.

I THINK I can move on now. ;-)

What follows is basically a BUNCH of photos….because I couldn’t decide on just one or two. I think I had as much fun PHOTOGRAPHING these as I did PAINTING them.  I’m really starting to enjoy the taking pictures thing….something I NEVER thought would happen.  Will miracles never cease???



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  1. Diane says

    I have tried this before and I had problems with the tops of the jars. Did yours have excess clumps of paint from being inverted? If so, how did you deal with that? Mine were so ugly at the top that I ended up never using them.
    THANKS~ Diane

    • says

      Diane, If you move the bottles often…like every 15 minutes or so…you shouldn’t have that problem. I had a few tiny clumps but just scraped them off with my fingernail.

  2. Amanda says

    I love getting your blog in my email every morning! I’m definitely going to try this. My Grandma influenced me to never throw out ‘foreign matter ‘ since it’ll junk up our landfills, although I’m pretty guilty of tossing things that probably could have been recycled, jars a re not one of them. I just cringe if I have to. But anyways thanks for this post! Love the creamy colors!

  3. says

    I love reading your blog. Again, you have inspired me to do something new. I am in the processss of reupholstering my living room furniture, and these painted jars will make a wonderful addition to my new color scheme as accent pieces.
    Thank you again. I refer to your blog often in mine, with links to yours.

  4. Penny Hannah says

    Is it the latex in the paint that makes a difference? I wonder if adding some PVA glue [like Elmers] would help with acrylic or craft paint? Love the colours of your jars and the complementary flowers.

  5. says

    Oh I have been wanting to do this for months – ever since I saw the first Pinterest photo! You did a fabulous job and they are going to brighten up any room they are in! Love the colors you found. And, yes I am off to WM to see if I can find the paint!

  6. says

    I’m going to have to give this a try again. I attempted this with some jars a few weeks ago and the end result was less than satisfactory. If anyone attempts and messes up like I did, just add some water, let sit and the paint comes right out.

    I will try again using a bit more paint to get a good coverage.

    • Trisha Wallace says

      any way to seal the paint? I would like to add water to the actual jar.

      • Megan says

        I was thinking about that this morning, I wonder if spray paint would work?? Or exterior paint?

      • Lisa says

        I have used spray paint and it worked just fine. Do it outside. I have also put cut flowers in them week after week with no damage as of yet.

      • nancy says

        Did you spray the inside, outside or both of the jars? And was it enamel based or latex based spray paint?

  7. says

    absolutely adore this…. feel like a ‘duh’ moment, as I have so many jars and this would certainly be a great idea for adding pretty colors in all rooms!!! TY so much for the wonderful share!!!!! I LOVE COLOR!!!