How To Clean and *SHINE* Your Microwave Without Cleaner!


This is one of those ideas I have gone back and forth on whether I should post. First of all....I feel like EVERYONE already knows this "trick" to cleaning the microwave. I've been doing it for YEARS. However, I didn't discover it until I had been married for several years and had cleaned the microwave COUNTLESS times the ... Continue Reading

“One Good Thing By Jillee” is One Year Old Today!

birthday cake

(My delicious LEMON birthday cake before I blew out the candle and made a wish for NEXT year!) It's been an eventful week in our family! No. 2 son got his first part-time daughter got a raise at her daughter-in-law got a new job that she's very excited about....and the hubster is competing in his very first ... Continue Reading

Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner and Detangler

Conditioner Detangler

I decided to do something nice for ME today. It was a little out of character....and it felt a little strange...but overall it was great! Several weeks ago I came across this Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner hair treatment at and was intrigued. I wanted to give it a try...but something always came up. I swear...having a ... Continue Reading

DIY: Homemade Granite Cleaner

granite cleaner 9

I have had several people ask me about a homemade granite cleaner solution. Apparently you can't just spray any old cleaner on granite or you could very likely damage some very expensive countertops! Marble, granite, and stone do NOT like having acidic (ie: citrus-based) cleaners used on them. Citrus or vinegar will actually ... Continue Reading

Discover Some Great New Music and Enter To Win A Caribbean Cruise!

caribbean cruise

THE LUCKY WINNER OF THE CARIBBEAN CRUISE IS......... NIKKI NORMAN!!! Nikki......please contact me at within 72 hours and you and your favorite person will be going on a cruise! :-) CONGRATULATIONS NIKKI!  ============================= So I was on this new website the other day and listened to the most ... Continue Reading

Simple 3-Ingredient Banana Bread {Including The Bananas!}

banana bread

It doesn't happen TOO often around here...but once in awhile the bananas that I buy for smoothies and to put on top of cereal, or  just for eating, end up looking like this. :-( Now this isn't a COMPLETE loss if you like banana bread...which we DO! But more times than not...I have good intentions to make banana bread with ... Continue Reading

Creamy Frozen Yogurt Chips

frozen yogurt chips

A few months ago I posted a simple idea called "Frozen Yogurt Dots" and little did I know how the idea would EXPLODE! People went bonkers for these little bites of creamy deliciousness. As a matter of fact, that post has been pinned on Pinterest over 572,000 times! I kid you not! :-) If you read through the more than 120 ... Continue Reading