Attention All My Fellow “Fanilows”!

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OK….it’s been a “few” years….but I was SO in LOVE with Barry Manilow as a teenager I could have been crowned the QUEEN “Fanilow”!

Barry Manilow was one of the first concerts I ever attended growing up in the LA area. (The first was Michael Jackson….R.I.P. Michael!)  That concert actually ended up being one of the more traumatic incidents of my young life! Imagine four BARELY 16-year-old girls trying to find their way to The Forum in L.A. to see one of their first ever concerts and getting COMPLETELY LOST! Back then we only had our “Thomas Guide” to go by…no GPS to guide us there! We kept having to stop and ask for directions and by the time we got there we had MISSED HALF THE CONCERT! Talk about DEVASTATING! :-)

I think I still owe my friend Diana an apology for all the complaining I did that night about being late and missing the concert! I’m sorry Diana!  But this was BARRY MANILOW! The man behind the songs that shaped my youth….”Mandy”…”Can’t Smile Without You”…”Weekend In New England”…”I Write The Songs”…”Looks Like We Made It”…”Tryin’ To Get The Feeling……and my ALL-TIME personal favorite….”Even Now”.  Ahhh….be still my heart.

Well, If you love Barry like I love Barry…you might be interested to know he is once again on tour and making his way around the world to perform LIVE!  And get this….tickets start as low as $9.99! That’s unHEARD of nowadays!

Unfortunately Barry is not coming to a venue near me. :-(   For those of you lucky enough to be in one of the cities he’s coming to….I might have to come visit. :-)  I promise to bring my Droid phone with built-in navigation so we don’t miss a MINUTE!!!

A full list of concert dates can be found at or

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  1. Kelly DeSchepper says

    Oh, Jillee, I remember that night! And the ladies with the denim jackets covered in Barry buttons. So fun! I miss you!

  2. Nancy Bell Ringer says

    Barry came to Wichita, KS about 2 weeks ago and I am still hearing him sing ALL his wonderful songs!! I’ve also had him in the CD player in my car torturing my kids with his music~~:)
    He donated musical instruments to our public schools too_Go see him if he’s even remotely close!! His concert was fantastic and he still sounds exactly the same!!!
    PS…..lovin your website :)

  3. Ruthie says

    Just saw a billboard advertising the concert here in Nashville a few days ago. Trying to figure out if there’s any possible way of getting my husband to go to this….may have to see if any girlfriends are fellow Manilows! Sherry in Alabama, come on up! :O)

  4. Barb says

    I just saw Barry last week! After reading your post, I feel kind of guilty having gotten to see him since I didn’t actually know much about him before having the opportunity to see his concert. What really impressed me about Barry (besides the music, of course) is his donation of a piano to our school district and his encouragement during the concert for others to donate instruments as well. In a time of budget cuts, it is wonderful to have such a strong supporter of music programs!

  5. says

    I fell asleep many nights listening to my Barry Manilow album when I was a teenager. (Donny Osmond was a favorite too. :) I ran right over to his website after reading your post but just like I expected, no planned concerts for Alabama. Boo-hoo. I’m not normally a concert kind of girl (I don’t like huge crowds), but I would go to hear/see Barry. Maybe Alabama will be on his touring schedule next year.

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I’ve tried many of your recipes for homemade cleaning products and love them so!

  6. Kim in Michigan says

    We got lucky enough to see him in Detroit when he was here! My brother gave me 4 tickets, and we were about 5 rows back from center stage! he was awesome, still has it! he just doesnt move around as much.(he had hip surgery just before this tour started) So glad we got to see him!