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Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner and Detangler

deep hair conditionerI decided to do something nice for ME today. It was a little out of character….and it felt a little strange…but overall it was great!

Several weeks ago I came across this Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner hair treatment at and was intrigued. I wanted to give it a try…but something always came up. I swear…having a blog is like having a baby!  I hardly get any sleep and I’m lucky if I can get a shower in during any given day!

So today I decided to put “the baby” down for a nap and MAKE some time for this.

Mixing up the ingredients was a SNAP. Just three ingredients that you mix with a spoon. No heat required.

deep hair conditioner


After I mixed it up, I decided I would be really smart and put it in a plastic baggie so that I could “pipe” it onto my hair. I THOUGHT this would be less messy, but it really wasn’t. So I wouldn’t bother with this step next time. I’d just use my hands and glop it on that way. Either way it’s a little messy…but nothing that a little soap and water won’t wash right up.


deep hair conditioner


After applying the conditioner you’re supposed to cover your hair with a plastic bag or a shower cap, neither of which I had on hand at the time. So I ended up fashioning a turban of sorts out of plastic wrap! Now that was quite the sight! lol.  I toyed with the idea of taking a picture of my plastic-wrapped head…but I just couldn’t bring myself to. ;-)

Once your head is appropriately shrink-wrapped, then you’re supposed to apply heat with a hair dryer. I did this for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then you leave the conditioner on for 15 to 30 minutes. I got distracted by something (big surprise!) and ended up keeping it on about 45 minutes. After that I hopped in the shower and shampooed and conditioned as usual.

As I got out of the shower I wasn’t sure I could tell any difference while my hair was still wet…but by the time I was done drying my hair…I definitely noticed a difference! My hair felt much smoother and looked shinier. All afternoon I kept running my fingers over my hair because I wasn’t used to it FEELING so nice. I even snapped a picture so you could see my mostly gray hair looking extra smooth and shiny. (Which, as you know if you have gray hair, is quite a fete feat!)


coconut oil conditioner


So based on my one experience with this economical, easy-to-make, all-natural concoction….

I can unequivocally say….

I’m a fan!


Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner


2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
3 drops of essential oil of your choice (I used peppermint. It smelled SO good!!)

Make sure all ingredients are room temperature —the coconut oil should be rich and thick.
Measure the coconut oil into a bowl and stir well. The heat from the mixing will give the oil a smooth texture.
Add the jojoba oil and continue to stir until the mixture is even and well-combined.
Add the essential oil. (Be careful, especially with kids; test essential oils on a small patch of skin before using on a larger area to make sure there are no allergic reactions.) Stir all the ingredients together until they form a thick, oily mixture.
Apply to the hair from roots to ends, paying particular attention to any dry areas.
Cover hair with a plastic bag or shower cap and use a hair dryer to warm the hair. Leave on for 15-30 minutes.
Wash and condition hair as usual. Use it once a week for the fullest benefits.


If you’ve ever felt like THIS about your hair……….

tangled hair

…….here’s another hair product you might be interested in. :-)  


It’s a coconut oil detangler that uses the conditioner recipe above. I haven’t tried this yet….but I can only imagine it does wonderful things for your hair as well. :-)

Coconut Oil Detangler


1 part coconut oil deep conditioner (see recipe above)
10 parts water
1 spray bottle

Combine 1 part coconut oil deep conditioner with 10 parts water in a large spray bottle.
After shampooing and rinsing, spray hair with Coconut Oil Detangler lightly as you comb (use a wide-tooth comb) to help work through tangles.

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78 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner and Detangler

  1. Penny Hannah

    Looks gorgeous, but a ‘fete” Jillee?. You’re right in the respect that it’s a celebration, but ‘feat’ might be better – sorry, I’m a spelling nerd and shout at things that aren’t right.

    1. Jillee Post author

      Dangit! I hate when I misspell stuff! lol. I actually questioned that and was going to Google it to make sure and then I forgot. I blame massive sleep deprivation! :-) Thanks for pointing it out for all to see Penny! j/k. I will fix it right now and then everyone who reads it after your comment will wonder what the heck you are talking about! lol.

      1. Penny Hannah

        Bless you, I’m a pain in the proverbial and fast becoming A Grumpy Old Woman – tend to shout a lot at television presenters and newscasters too.

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  3. Vanessa

    Jillee, where do you buy your coconut oil? I found almost the same size jar, different brand, at Wal-Mart for $10.97. Is that the going rate? Thanks!

  4. Mia

    Wow, your hair looks amazing! I’m definitely going to do this. I got the same brand of coconut oil as you do
    and jojoba oil, just need to run to the store to get the essential oil. Thanks a million for the recipe!! Can’t wait to try it!!!!

  5. christina

    When you are making beauty products do you have to use extra virgin coconut oil? I have read about unrefined coconut versus refined and I am not sure I understand the difference. I found a “cheap” brand of coconut oil at Walmart and I was wondering if I could use that and still get the same results and use the expensive one for cooking.

    1. Jillee Post author

      christina…when I first started using coconut oil for making my own products like this…I used the brand at Walmart. Worked fine. The main difference is that regular coconut oil is processed using chemicals….while the virgin coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts….no chemicals.
      Hope this helps! :-)

  6. jasi

    trader joes has some virgin coconut oil for around $5 i think.

    this is a great post!

    i recently tried a hair mask with coconut oil and a drop of tea tree oil and my hair has been equally shiny. perfect treatment when you know it’s going to be humid soon and you may be in and out of a pool just to stop the frizz.

    1. Moira

      I just made this with EVOO, since I didn’t have jojoba oil. As I have no experience with coconut oil, I was surprised that it was a clumpy liquid at room temp (early fall is still rather warm here). Hair is still wet, so I haven’t decided if I like it yet.

  7. Katherine

    I’d recommend a warm towel as opposed to the blow dryer. I did this today and while my hair was very soft after I dried it, a lot of hair came out in the shower. Now luckily I have a very full head of hair, but I would err on the side of caution when adding heat.

  8. Darlene in North GA

    Anybody remember VO-5 or Brill-cream hair conditioners? The kind that you put a little dime sized spot (for normal length hair) in your palm, rub your hands together and then use your hands to work it into your hair? Well, I do the same thing with the coconut oil! I have thigh-length hair, so I use about a quarter size spot. I rub my hands together and starting at the ends (the roots have the oil from your scalp to keep them moisturized) I work my way up my hair smoothing and running my hands through my just washed hair. I comb it out and I’m good to go. Works as both a conditioner and a detangler – though I don’t have a problem with hair tangling as I wash it with Baking Soda and rinse with ACV. The coconut oil helps with the frizzies in my curly hair and humid southern climate.

    1. Trish

      Late to the party, but I do the same thing to my curly hair. My hair is very dry and I can’t wash it every day. On non-wash days, I get up and scrunch coconut oil in the ends. It restores the curl and shine and helps hold frizzies at bay in the humid TN summers.

    2. Natalie K

      How do you wash your hair with baking soda? I have very long hair and every shampoo I use leaves me with flakes.. plus it tangles so easily.. I’d love some natural, healthy hair ideas!

      Thank you!

  9. Bonnie McDiarmid

    Just wanted to thank you for all of your cool things you post. I have pinned some to my boards and enjoy all of your things. Keep up the good work!

  10. Tammy Sides

    If you add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to the mix it will also help dry scalp. My daughter mixes her oils and things with a conditioning mask so that it’s thicker and doesn’t make such a mess.

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  13. Joanna

    AWESOME! I have hair that has spent 26 summers in the sun, lake, pool, and anything else that could damage it. I did the deep conditioner (also added some avocado oil for frizziness as it’s humid here in ND! and some tea tree oil) with a shower cap on to really get a “hot oil” effect. The only essential oil I had on hand was lavender – mmm smelled so good! I’m going to whip up the leave-in here in a bit. Never, EVER will I buy the “salon” stuff again. For years I had, with them never working. Well geez, have we looked at what’s in them? It’s a bunch of silicone and perfume… ick! Thanks again for the info!!

  14. Amber

    Has anyone made/used the “leave in conditioner” are they finding it satisfactory or do you find that it is greasy/oily? I love the idea of it and want to keep using it BUT I wanted some ideas on how to get it to be less oily/greasy.


    1. Angelica

      I’ve made both and they are both wonderful. I Love the detangler, with my curly hair I have to use it everytime after I shower. It works very well and my hair feels wonderful and very manageable! I highly recommended!!

  15. Valerie

    Oh I love the combination! And I love the image of the little girl who’s crying, really cute and funny! lol. Thank you for sharing the simple recipe of the Coconut Oil Detangler. I will definitely do this moving forward because I have a long curly hair and I really need to get rid of tangles. Good thin I’m also using this coconut oil which is also recommended by my doctor for my flaky skin.

  16. Comet

    I bought coconut “oil” but–it seems to be a solid! Quite solid in that it is hard to scrape out of the container—and the other brands I saw in glass jars were ALSO solid. And this was in the summer! So–what gives? Do you need to warm this stuff up a bit before starting to use it? I have used it for some cooking but then it didn’t matter if it was solid to start with. This oil has been in my kitchen all summer and it has been HOT here in NY and it is STILL solid! Help!

    Will this work for extreme fine and thin hair I wonder?

    1. tiranda

      Late answer, but may help?? Coconut oil melts completely at about 76 degrees Farenheit (which I confirmed last summer when I left the AC off in late spring.) One thing I can suggest is to stand your jar in a bowl and pour hot tap water around it. Tap water is maybe 100-120 degrees Farenheit. The heat will transfer to the solid oil and melt the outer surface of the coconut oil inside the jar. You can then pour it out, bearing in mind it may not come in a thin stream at the bottom of the jar opening, but all along the rim. So, pour into a wide bowl till you have collected what you want. (These details are to help prevent an oily mess!)

      If you are looking to get “soft” oil, not liquid, you can scrape off some of the solid outside, which will be softer. In an environment where the oil is solid, and you have melted it, the melted oil will start to harden again so you may get the softened state you want by waiting a bit if you have time for that.

  17. Lisa

    I just made this with coconut oil, EVOO, 2 drops of peppermint & 2 drops of eucalyptus. I thought I’d give it a spin, so I sprayed it on my frizzy pony tail. WOW! After only a few sprays, the frizzies calmed down & my hair almost looks normal. I’m in shock. I’ve been using Frizz Ease for a while now & this worked better than that expensive spray. Thank you Jillie!!

    1. Jen K.

      Just microwave it until it is a liquid. Mix it well with whatever other oil you are using and it will stay liquid and blended. Of course, if you add water it will separate, but whenever I melt mine well first I haven’t had a problems with solidifying. Hope that helps. :)

  18. Barb C

    I wonder if you could substitute Tea Tree Oil for the essential oil. I have used very expensive shampoos and conditioners from salons that use Tea Tree Oil, and it felt fantastic! This would be so much cheaper!

  19. Roz

    Hi live the conditioner thank you. I thought I would mention that if you are buying doTERRA essential oils from Amerzon you are doing yourselves a injustice and here a few reasons why.
    For a low registration fee of $35, (think of the fee as a sams club card) you will enjoy the following benefits as a dōTERRA Independent Product Consultant: Privilege of purchasing products at wholesale prices 25% below
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  20. Kit

    I am SO thankful I took the time to look over every one of your DIY beauty ideas! I’ve been pushing my family to go green and I have been struggling with my daughters LONG CURLY hair. Most products contained something “unnatural” and the natural stuff wasn’t cutting it. This detangler has promise! I am so excited to try it! Thank you so much for your dedication to your followers and your willingness to try “outside the box” ideas so that the rest of us may live better! :)

  21. tammy

    I love using coconut oil on my hair. Sometimes I mix it with regular conditioner before putting it on my hair so it doesn’t run so badly. No plastic cap? Use a walmarts bag, twist the bag at the front of your hairline and let it sit however long yo want it to.

  22. Heather

    This is probably a dumb question but I’ve never done one of these treatments. Do you put the conditioner on wet or dry hair? I LOVE you post Jilliee, I have made lots of AWESOME things. Thanks for all you do.

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  24. Lona

    Sitting here with a slightly amended recipe on my hair as I type. Since I did not have jojoba oil, I used the sweet almond oil that I purchased to use as a carrier oil for my essential oils. Coconut, almond and a few drops of peppermint. I can already tell a difference even though I’m not finished with the process. And it felt AMAZING massaging it into my scalp!

  25. Tina

    I just wanted to share my experience on this deep conditioning hair treatment… lets just say I strayed a little and made some mistakes…

    I color my hair… so now my ends are dry.. and the back of my hair gets tangled now… (don’t know why… I’ve been coloring my hair for years now, but in the last year or so, I noticed the back of my neck down, my hair gets tangled and knotted… so anyway, when I saw this post… (love the site) I wanted to try it…

    I used coconut oil… (I don’t measure…so I did everything by eye) it was solid, so I boiled a small pot of water and just let the coconut oil melt in the plastic bottle…

    I added the jojoba oil… (trader joes, incase anyone can’t find it)

    I don’t have any essential oils in the house, so I didn’t add any…

    and since I just saw your post about coconut oil and olive oil “smash”, I decided to add a little olive oil in my hair treatment…

    I think this was the mistake…

    After adding it into my hair…(I did this dry… I didn’t know I was suppose to do this treatment with wet hair) and using a plastic bag to wrap around my head for a good half an hour, I showered and washed my hair….

    When I normally wash my hair, I shampoo the scalp part of my head… and just condition the ends….

    Another big mistake…. after i got out…. and blew dry my hair…. (or tried to) the ends of my hair was still oily….

    I was tempted to jump right back into the shower, but my husband and I had to go to his parents… so I put my hair up in a bun and went…

    I showered and washed my hair again when I came home… this time, I shampooed my whole head and the ends of my hair… after I was done, I blew dry my hair….

    So now, my hair feels noticeably softer, however, I think I should have shampooed my hair a few times… (scalp to the ends) because, even though it is softer, it feels heavy and greasy…

    So if anyone is still reading… don’t use the olive oil… or you will get heavy greasy hair…

    Next time I deep condition my hair with coconut oil, I’m going to mash some avocado into it instead of the olive oil…

    Sorry this comment is so loooong…. just wanted to share my experience regarding this deep conditioning post.

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  28. Chris

    I have done coconut oil conditioning previously and thought that I would share an application tip. I melted the coconut oil in a small dish and used a silicone basting brush to apply it. The brush held the oil and it just glided on. Best of all you just throw the bowl and brush in the dishwasher when finished!

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  30. ErinBear

    I have a question or two: is it ok to mix coconut oil with your regular conditioner? Will it make hair greasy? I added coconut oilto my regular conditioner but my hair is still wet so i can’t really judge quite yet. I have severely dry brittle hair and since im trying to grow it long, i need some advice!


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