How To Build A Spinach Salad – A Pictorial

spinach saladI just LOVE making delicious salads for LUNCH! Mainly because I’m really the only one in this house who really APPRECIATES good salads. The men/boys in this house would much rather just have iceberg lettuce with ranch dressing (if I can get them to eat it at all!) than a “fancy schmancy” salad with all the scrumptious “trimmings”.  Not me! Bring on the fancy!

That’s why lunchtime (when the men/boys are at work and school) is the perfect time to create a masterpiece for just me!

So, as I was constructing my salad du jour (thanks to my inspiration found here)…I decided to snap a few pictures. Maybe SOMEONE out there will appreciate it! ;-)

spinach salad

spinach salad

spinach salad


spinach salad

spinach salad

I would write more….but I’m LITERALLY eating this salad as I type this! :-)

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  1. KimH says

    Thats quite the beautiful salad.. Did you use Feta or Blue? I can tollerate Feta but thats about as far as my strong cheese tastebuds can go. M’honey on the other hand adores blue cheese crumbles & the more, the better in his opinion.. I know you enjoyed it much! I think I’ll run make myself one right now too. ;)

  2. Kristyna says

    Hey, this salad looks amazing! I would be very grateful if you sent me the recipe to my email adress. Im just starting on my healthy diet and collecting recipes I fancy. I can send some of my favourite recipes. Thanks loads!!! :) Kristyna

  3. Lindsy says

    Oh my I am drooling and it’s 9:30 am
    Here…. Hubby hates iceburg so we always have spinach and romaine here so i am so going to have to whip this up! That dressing sounds good too! I love your posts ans am so happy to have found you!!! Your dishwashing soap (dawn, sun and vinegar) has saved my glasses from the nasty hard water stains I had been
    Fighting since we moved out to the country 10 months ago!

  4. says

    Oh my goodness! I love this type of salad, too! And I’m so grateful that my kids (and husband) love salads with lots of “stuff” (and NO iceburg lettuce!). Great pics – I’m inspired to go and make a salad tonight!



  5. says

    Yum, that looks sooo good! I love making salads like this, but my hubby is just like yours.. would rather have iceberg lettuce with ranch dressing (blah!)

  6. kim says

    What a beautiful salad! I live with a houseful of boys too, and whenever I buy iceberg lettuce (like once a decade) they get so excited that I bought “the good stuff” LOL I don’t get it! I hope you enjoyed your salad. Did you use the same dressing as the recipe she gave? I’m going to try this one.

    • says

      kim….I did use the same dressing from the link by Recipe Girl. :-) It’s quick and easy and I just mix up enough for one salad at a time by shaking it in a mason jar. And yes, I enjoyed my salad VERY much! :-) Thanks!

      • kim says

        I made this last night for my husband and I for dinner… we both loved it! I do think next time I’ll tone down the dijon in the dressing though.