Printing Personalized Post-It Note Messages

printing on post-it notesSeveral months ago I discovered the surprising (to me!) fact that you can actually PRINT ON POST-IT NOTES using your own home printer.

Recently I ran across a similar, but MUCH SIMPLER method for printing personalized messages on post-its, and I couldn’t wait to try (and share) the idea again.

Kelly at Studio DIY used this method to print out a cute “Happy Anniversary” greeting. Unfortunately I found this the DAY AFTER my anniversary. :-)


But the idea could be used in SO many other ways!

How about an “inspirational message of the week” for the refrigerator? I decided to try this out with one of my favorite ones.

printing on post-it notes

Kind of fun huh? :-)

Here’s the simple “How-to”:

  • Open any program on your computer that you can manipulate text with. I used Adobe InDesign but you could use Microsoft Word or some other program.
  • Choose your font then spell out your message leaving enough room between each letter so that you can place the post-it notes on top without them overlapping. I only had the smaller sized post-its on hand so I was able to fit 12 on a page. If you want to use the larger size notes you can plan on fitting 6 on a page.
  • Print out your message…then stick one post-it note over each letter.

printing on post-it notes

  • Now put the paper with the post-it notes on it back into your printer and re-print the exact same page again. How you put the page in your printer to make it print correctly will depend on your printer. Mine is face up, upside down.

printing on post-it notes

Now you can just peel off your perfectly printed post-its and stick them wherever you feel like posting a unique, colorful, and removable message!

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  1. Moncia says

    As a teacher I can think of sooo many uses. I want to make some that say at the top of the post-it. “A post from Miss B”, or make small ones that say No name, Great job, etc. things I have to write a lot. When I grade things with a rubric (check list of main things I grade for), I can just print it on a post-it and put check marks in a box! I think I will also Print my business address on some for my business and stick them to customers’ items! Can’t wait to gat started. I know it will work because my printer is identical to the picture. THANKS

    • Yolanda says

      Thanks for the idea; I usually print more than one rubric on the same sheet and cut it out to save paper; no more!

  2. Jo says

    I would think if you routinely use the same or similar notes you could save your “master” document and save even more ink and paper too.

    • Amy says

      Jo, that is brilliant! You could have one master sheet, and cover any letter with post-its. It wouldn’t necessisarily have to be that letter. Thank you for sharing!

      • Debbie says

        yeah…do an entire alphabet with some extra vowels and popular consonants and reuse them!

  3. Martha says

    Just in time. A co-worker’s birthday is Monday and he is addicted to Post-Its. Gonna give this a try.

  4. Paige Holbrooks says

    I just thought I would add, if you print the original font in “outline” mode you would waste much less ink but still be able to see the letters well enough to place the post-its.

  5. Joy Wingfeld says

    I work at a university and used this same technique several years ago when I needed to label some assigned seating for a test we were giving to the senior students. It works great.