DIY Homemade Blush!

Sometimes I am astonished at how timely the things I find online are!

Just this morning I was bemoaning the fact that my blush that I ordered from Avon a “million” years ago was running out! I couldn’t believe it! This blush has seen me through thick and thin for WELL OVER 6 months now.

I don’t really have a problem with buying more blush…but this has been GREAT BLUSH. Seriously.

When I saw this idea for “homemade” blush, I was definitely intrigued. First of all, I NEED some….and secondly, it has been my experience that when there is a HOMEMADE option….it is most likely not only a GOOD OPTION but a FRUGAL one as well. And I am ALWAYS on board with that. :-)

Since I am currently in the skies between Detroit and Salt Lake City as I type…I am going to take My American Confessions word for it on this DIY blush recipe and share it with you.  It actually makes a lot of sense and makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it! (A common feeling I have when I find a “bright idea”.)

I have read through it thoroughly and personally can’t wait to actually get home and try it! But since that is impossible at this moment…..I am going to go ahead and give it a Jillee “Thumbs Up” in anticipation of how much I think I am going to like it when I get home. :-)   (If I don’t like it as much as I anticipate I will, I promise, you will be the first to know.)

So, with 3% battery left to go on my MacBook….I present My American Confessions recipe for “Do It Yourself Blush.”


This is a pretty neat DIY trick. It costs just a few cents (Literally, maybe 1?), and leaves a very smooth, even color that blends incredibly well.

DIY Blush

*Baby Powder (or make your own “baby powder” with 1/2 cup corn starch and 1/2 cup arrowroot powder…or just plain corn starch)
*Red Food Coloring
-1-2 drops for light pink
-3-4 drops for medium pink
-5-6 drops for red/dark pink

In a bowl, mix your desired amount of food coloring with 3 tablespoons of water. Next, squirt baby powder in, 1-2 teaspoons at a time, and mix until smooth. Continue to add baby powder until the consistency of the mix is almost that of a soft clay and it is no longer all together, but breaks up easily into several pieces. Now, using your fingers, pat the mixture into an empty make-up container (I had one already empty from an old blush) until filled.

If you feel creative, try mixing in a little yellow for a peachy color or a tiny bit of blue for a bit of a purple hue.To use: You can use it right away, but for best results, allow the mixture to air dry, then press a make-up sponge into the blush and apply to your cheekbones, blending with until smooth.

*Note: The color of the blush is MUCH darker wet than dry, so don’t be worried if it looks red when you mix it.


Pretty cool huh? Maybe I’m strange…but I love stuff like this! :-)   I hope you like it too!

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  1. Amanda Collins says

    I’ve researched making make up in the past and have since gave it up due to the fact that Im pretty lazy and don’t want to go through the effort, lol. Plus it was looking expensive. But THIS looks intriguing! What I did find when I was searching was that you can buy Mica aka that shimmery stuff they add to blush. I also wondered what would happen if you add that edible pearl dust they make for cake decorating (I think Wilton has it). You could definately go different directions with this. I know Wilton has some pretty incredible icing colors, I don’t know what they would do in the mixture, but a little pigment goes a long way. I wonder if you could make your own make up with those? Like eye shadow? Ooooo the possibilities! :)

    • Jessica S says

      Check out Brambleberry soaps online for mica, edible and otherwise (they sell both). They have it in colors.

  2. joanne says

    Good Point on the water, @Catherine.

    I may just try this just because. I normally use the mineral make-up from Avon,

  3. kim says

    well, well… what will you think of next? I’m going to try this one. I probably only have to replace my blush about once a year, but hey, every penny saved can go toward something else!

  4. says

    I’m so happy to find another homemade cosmetic idea! After looking at the many ingredients (some unrecognizable to me) in my “natural” blush, I just quit using any at all. I’ve been brushing on a cocoa powder/cornstarch blend for my face powder/foundation and then rubbing a little coconut oil on my cheeks and lips for a healthy shine. I like the results but I will need a little more color in the winter when my summer tan fades. I’ve Pinned this page so that I can make it when the cold weather gets here. Thanks!

    • Brenda says

      I think you have a great idea here, Sherry, but may I suggest that you apply coconut oil to your full face and neck first, then apply your powder? That way your powder has something to, for lack of a better term, stick to. Additionally, it will keep your face moisturized longer under the dryness of the powder. Since I’ve never used your creative powder blend – yet – perhaps it would be best, if you do choose to try it, to try it on a day that you’ll be staying home first. . . . For a more natural blush color, I’m thinking about a very small amount of organic beet powder. Do you think that would work well?

      Thanks Jillee for another great idea!!

      • Brenda says

        Update: I made some face powder like Sherry’s, applied it to one side of my face, and my store bought to the other side (with a light base application of coconut oil), several hours ago, and I can’t tell the difference. No, I’m not kidding, and I’m very happy about this! Can you imagine how much money this will save?! And you can sniff it for its lovely cocoa scent. Now I can’t wait to try making blush as above, except for beet powder instead of food coloring. If it’s too purple, I think a little turmeric, or a green veggie powder might work for color adjustment – thinking RGB color values here. . . . I had no idea we could make our own cheaper and healthier makeup. Thanks, Jillee and Sherry! Makeup hasn’t been enjoyable for quite a few years – until now!

      • April says

        Brenda and Sherry,

        I really want to try this cocoa powder/cornstarch foundation, but was wondering if you think it would work for a lighter complexion. Also, how is the coverage? Do you think it will cover tone imperfections or blemishes? Thanks Jillee, Sherry, and Brenda for these great ideas! I love making my own natural products, and saving money just as much!

      • Kristin Lee says

        I actually mixed mine with melted coconut oil and it goes on as a creamy blush, wonderful for my dry winter skin! I just melted maybe a teaspoon of coconut oil, mixed it all together and the let it sit overnight to get “solid” again. I usually use a finger to put it on but I’ve used a brush as well. It also works great as a light lip gel.

  5. Bubby says

    Jillee, you are da bomb! I am making this today. So glad I found you on Pinterest.

  6. julíє says

    That’s funny cuz as I was reading thru this I thought yellow or blue would be good to enhance skin tones. I might have to give this a try. Thanks for all your amazing tips. Have not found ine yet I wasn’t pleased with!

  7. Susan says

    This looks like fun. I am using the very last bits out of my favorite mineral blush (it lasted for over a year) so I want to try this one….