DIY Notecard Purses

Spent most of the day trying to put my kitchen and laundry room back together after it was pretty much turned upside down during the new tile installation. Note to self: don’t go out of town when a project like this starts! If you do, expect everything that needed to be moved to end up in a big pile in the garage. Aye, aye, aye! It’s taken me DAYS to sort everything out! But I digress….

As I was returning items to my “craft closet”, I noticed a pile of scrapbook paper that was calling my name. :-) It has apparently been too long since I indulged my paper craft obsession…because the paper was calling really loud! It’s almost as if the paper KNEW I’d just seen a super cute project at Sweet T Makes Three that I was dying to make! So, I decided the re-organizing of the kitchen/laundry room/craft closet would have to wait a little longer while I made some of these fun Notecard Purses. Actually it didn’t have to wait long…this is a quick and easy craft with a big cuteness pay-off. :-)

To be honest, I really have no idea what I’m going to use them for…..YET. But I’m sure something will come up. I’m sure you all will have some great suggestions. Obviously they would be darling for a party invite of some sort!

purse notecards
What You Need :

  • scrapbook paper
  • Purse Notecard Template
  • spray adhesive (or double sided tape)
  • button(s)
  • scissors
  • utility knife
  • envelope(s)

Print the template onto a piece of cardstock by clicking the photo to enlarge, then right-click to save to your computer.

purse notecards

Cut one large piece of scrapbook paper into two pieces. Take 1/2 of one piece and glue it to 1/2 of another complimentary piece using spray adhesive or double stick tape. Trace template onto the assembled scrapbook paper piece.

purse notecards

purse notecards

Cut the solids lines, create the slits using a utility knife, and fold into thirds.


purse notecards

Glue on a button to finish.


purse notecards

To turn these cute purse notecards into mailable invites…simply fold the handle down…and insert into a 4 – 3/8 x 5 – 3/4 envelope.


purse notecards

I don’t know about you….but almost every invitation that comes through this house is put directly on the fridge.  How cute are these as little fridge reminders?!?  I think I need to plan a party JUST so I can send these invites! :-)

purse notecards

purse notecards

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  1. laurel says

    Any way of getting a better template? Tried to print it out twice and just get a partial one.

  2. KimH says

    Those are totally adorable~~ Thanks for sharing them. Cant wait to share with my daughter & step-daughter.

  3. Christine says

    Cute! Wish the template had that bottom cut (where you tuck the flap in) so I wouldn’t have to use trial and error.

  4. says

    How cute are those! Perfect timing, too, as I just started a business a little over a month ago selling purses, totes, etc. via home parties and online! (See my website if you’re curious.) They will make the perfect invitations to home parties. Thank you thank you thank you! Now to find the time to make them, lol. :-D

  5. says

    Your site has quickly become one of my all-time favorites! I truly enjoy receiving your posts in my inbox each day! So glad I subscribed. Such valuable information and fun, cute ideas! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

  6. jennifer says

    Soon as I saw these I thought of putting sticky notes inside with a small pen as favors for a ladies get together or for a little girls party or just for a special someone:) Thanks for sharing!

  7. jennifer says

    Ok, I’m sorry for coming back on right away but my mind is going crazy with things to do with these cute purses! My daughter is 11 and for her 12th b day I am going to have her help make the purses and then we are going to put shaped sticky notes inside with a pen. A purse will go at every spot on the lunch table and while they wait they can doodle or write messages or better yet make a game for them to do like eye spy or whatever. My daughter and I can make a scrap book sheet before hand and each girl can write something to the birthday girl and stick it on the page. After all is said and done we will take a picture of each of the girls and put it beside the sticky note the girl wrote and then frame it and put it in my daughters room the whole year then put it in a scrapbook. Thanks for the inspiration.