How To Update Your “Window Dressing” On A Shoestring!

Last weekend I had a million places to be and a million and ONE things to do….and doing a window MAKEOVER was NOT one of them!

But for some reason, on that particular day, I took one last look at the mini blinds in my bedroom, that looked much like this picture, (I didn’t take an actual picture because I really had NO intention of blogging about this!) and hit the proverbial wall!

I couldn’t stand to look at them one more day! So I ripped them off the wall and threw them away. lol. I CAN be a bit impulsive sometimes.

(Word of caution:  This is best done when the hubster is off doing something else. For SOME reason they tend to start getting nervous when you start ripping things off the walls that are attached with hardware. Don’t ask me why!)

The problem with being impulsive? You solve one problem…but end up creating NEW ones. I was pretty sure the hubster was going to be dismayed upon returning from his BBQ competition gig and finding NAKED WINDOWS…so even though I had a million places to be and a million and ONE things to do….NOW I had to make an unscheduled trip to Walmart to see what I could come up with for my naked windows.

A little explanation might be in order here. The reason I hadn’t ripped down the broken blinds BEFORE is because we are PLANNING on getting new blinds throughout the whole house…but since next week we are getting tile installed in our kitchen area…blinds are going to have to wait awhile.  I figured I could just “live with” the sad state of the blinds until we were ready to order all new ones….but I was wrong. Obviously. :-)

I didn’t want to invest a lot of $$$ into something that would be replaced fairly soon…but I didn’t want naked windows until then either.

So this is what I came up with as a TEMPORARY but LIVABLE solution until then.

window coverings makeover

window coverings makeover


window coverings makeover


window coverings makeover       window coverings makeover

Not bad. Like I said…I wasn’t planning on doing this mini-makeover….but based on how easy and inexpensive this was…I’m kinda wishing I’d done it LONG ago. :-)

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  1. Patricia says

    Girl, you are too funny, you sound just like me, I do things like that when my blindsman isn’t home, I Hate mini blinds, I put vintage table cloths be hind my lace curtains, they are so sweet. I love making things out of what I have laying around, good idea!!

  2. says


    I’ve dressed up most of my windows with weird thrift-store finds. But I like to sew, which makes it a lot easier.

    I just made myself a set of curtains for the laundry room by cutting a vintage tablecloth in half and sewing up the resulting edge. White with a bright yellow stripe of a border. Adorable!

  3. Teresa says

    Love your blog. So many great tips and ideas. I do have a question about this post. I don’t unstand the last picture in this post. What is the clip thing on and what is it for? I still have not had my coffee yet so maybe that is why I can’t see it. Someone help me see what the picture is about. Off to get that cofee now.

    • says

      Hope the coffee helped Teresa! ;-) Sorry about the random, unidentified photo so early in the morning. ;-) It is a clip that you can move up or down among the pleats to keep the shade up or down. (Very low tech version of mini blinds!) Hope this (and the coffee) helped!

  4. Penni G says

    This is PERFECT! I have been wanting to do somethin gdifferent with my windows in my living room/dining room for a long time. I just have curtains that have faded and just need to go. I actually want to repaint, but the hubster said we have to wait on that one. So I think I just might try this. THANK YOU!

  5. kris says

    Where did you get the shades for 3.95? Like the blanket idea!!!! I have a beautiful damask shower curtain that started life as a tablecloth. I couldn’t find what I wanted at the fabric store so I was checking out walmart shower curtains and there in clearance was a tablecloth with just the kind of material I wanted for 5.00! Now I get seasonal tablecloths to make as my shower curtain kris

  6. Deb says

    You are:
    Smart, clever, ambitious, talented, AND a very creative writer/blogger! How in the heck did you come up with that idea! I think to myself, I would have never thought of that! But then, once I was clever too – I have a small shower in my master bath (not as wide as a tub shower.) When I re-did the paint in there, I purchased a pretty shower curtain, which I cut in half lengthwise, hemming up the side, and used 1/2 the shower curtain on a rod with 6 of the regular shower curtain hooks. The top of the other half I used as a window curtain (cut to fit the length of the window.) I put a large tension rod in the window and used the other 6 shower curtain hooks to hang the window ‘curtain’ ! That left the bottom quarter of the shower curtain, which I cut into a circle and used for a small table topper in my bedroom! For the price of a shower curtain (around $20) I got a shower curtain, window curtain and a table topper. I love your ideas, keep up the good work!

  7. GlendaP says

    Your windows look great. Thanks for the idea. I really, really enjoy seeing your blog each day. I find myself sharing them more and more often. I don’t know where you find the time to come up with all of these ideas but I sure am glad that you do. Have a great 4th.

  8. says

    Great ideas! You could also use flat sheets–a bit less expensive than using a blanket and a wider variety of colors, patterns, etc. Need more volume than a twin-sized flat sheet? Try a full or queen fitted sheet–these are wider and longer than a twin size. Most flat sheets also have a wide hem on one one edge, which with a quick slip of scissors to open up the edge, makes it easy to slid in a regular curtain rod. Washing them is also easy-peasy–just throw into the washer and dryer!

    Need a bit more decoration on it? Iron or glue on ribbon, rick-rack or beads. Still very budget friendly!

  9. Heather says

    I’ve recently done some budget curtains and found room darkening curtain panels ones at both Walmart and Tartget starting around $10 a panel. I like the Eclipse brand and have used 4 different types they offer . We are daily in the 100′s right now and it is really helping keep things cooler! Love the clip rings and found a really helpful tip on the blog Addicted 2 Decorating on how to “hang curtains like a pro” where you hook the top ends to the wall (which also helps keep the light out)
    Jillee I LOVE your blog and look at it daily – it has been so helpful!! It must take a lot of time. Thank you for sharing such a wealth of knowledge :)

  10. Sonja says

    I too have to ask waht is the tab on the last picture?

    But LOVE this idea!!!!! I could TOTALLY sell this idea to DH — I love to sew but for some reason am measuring-challenged for anything over about 12 inches so curtains kind of look wibbly when i’m done with them…..;-)

  11. says

    What a great idea to use the blankets! Your make-over turned out great.

    Here’s another hubby tip – when you’ve asked for a picture or shelf to be hung and it just isn’t getting done, make lots of noise finding the tools, picking out the biggest hammer you can find. With this in hand make sure to walk through the room where he is sitting watching TV. When he jumps up and asks what you are doing, casually tell them you are going to hang up the ____________(insert whatever you’ve been wanting done) Amazing results – I can tell you that this approach works 100% of the time but be prepared for a little grumbling about not needing a hammer that big and that YOU don’t know what you are doing.


  12. says

    I recently did something like this using fabric shower curtains from the Dollar General Store. Over the years our cat has systematically destroyed our blinds in our room and one day after washing the old curtains I just lost it took forty bucks went to DG and bought two matching shower curtains, and the rest is history..Great post.

  13. Michelle Stoll says

    This is such a great, creative solution! The only thing I don’t understand is why you used blankets and clip rings instead of a regular curtain. I know Target usually has a pretty good selection of curtains (some of them quite dark, but none “room-darkening”) for about $7 each. That way you don’t have the added expense of the clip rings (and they’re a bit cheaper than the blankets, too.) Although, once you take THESE down, you have a couple blankets for snuggling on the couch or what have you! :)

  14. Ginny says

    We’re using these blinds right now. The key words to Jillee’s original post are “temporary” and “livable”! We are nearing the end of a major renovation and needed something temporary to provide privacy for a front-facing window in my hubby’s home office. Our decorator told us about these blinds which hubby found at Lowe’s for $3.99. The window has three long panes so we used 3 blinds. They hang up with peel and stick tape that is already on the top. Since he’s working in there, he wants to see out, so he opens one blind each day. You do this by sort of gathering about the pleats/folds with your hands then securing them with the provided clip. They are a little bit of a pain to fiddle with but that ‘s the “livable” part and he knows it is only “temporary”. Looks finished and very nice from the street (I’m not one of you w/the vision or skill to craft something from a sheet–would have **looked** like a sheet in my front window), but only spent only $12 for 5 feet of very good-looking, effective treatment. Jillee’s idea to add a drapery treatment is terrific!

  15. Penny says

    I did this yesterday thanks to your blog! I had been wanting to change up the ugly valances in my bedroom and am so pleased with the results. I already had a white cotton blanket from Walmart, so I just cut it in half, sewed it up, got everything else on your list, and got it done! Thanks for the idea, love your blog!

  16. Autumn says

    Hi , i think the makeover is very nice! I also use the rings and rods in 2 places in my home, one with “real”
    curtains that i bo’t years ago and the other i used a pretty heavy blanket to keep cold/heat out …they work great

    Jillee i understand your impatience…we didn’t have curtains in our bedroom and i was using sheets on rings when the cheap old rings gave out and quit holding, so…determined not to be out done…i stretched the sheets across the bed, measured and folded them to look like they had a valance, then STAPLED them in pleats to the window frame! LOL it looks like it is pleated correctly and no one notices unless i point it out to them and i have a nice blue hue in there :)

    btw, love this site and your ideas!!! :)

  17. says

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  18. Kelly says

    Beautiful! I often look at table cloths for curtains, especially shower curtains. They are wider than regular shower curtains which gives a richer and fuller look. I also have used jute twine instead of curtain clips. I wrap the twine around evenly spaced gathers of fabric, then tie them on to the rods. New to the site, but love it!!!


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