My Top 10 Favorite Beauty Tips From The Experts!

Once in a great while I will run across a “Beauty Tips” article that makes me sit up and take notice. It doesn’t happen very often….but this particular article was one of those that did just that. It’s from Shape Magazine and there were 31 tips in total in the article….but here are my Top Ten Favorite of the bunch! I hope you find at least a couple of them helpful. I’m pretty excited about trying several of them myself! :-)

#1 Layer Your Liner
I have always wanted to try liquid liner but have been too chicken for the very reason listed in this tip! I am definitely going to try it now!

“If you’re not a professional makeup artist, it can be difficult to line those eyes, but then again liquid liner tends to stay on longer and smudge-free. So what I do is, I line my eyes first with a pencil liner because it’s easier to make that straight line with it. Then I go back on the line with the liquid liner. It’s kind of like coloring! The result? Your eye liner will stay on, smudge-free, and well-lined.”
-Ysolt Usigan, beauty and style contributor at Huffington Post


#2 Starbucks Blotters
Love the “out of the box” thinking behind this one!

“If your skin is on the shiny side, stop by your local Starbucks, grab a handful of those brown napkins, and shove them in your purse. They work better than any blotting papers I’ve used and they’re free. And, don’t feel guilty about pilfering from the coffee conglomerate. If they’re charging four bucks for some java and steamed milk, they owe you a shine-free face.”
-Daneen Baird, founder and editor-in-chief of

Clarification: I am not condoning STEALING from Starbucks. If you happen to go there and purchase a latte or a frappuccino or whatever your favorite beverage is…just pick a couple of extras napkins. You could even cut them up into squares when you get home (or in your car if you carry scissors like I do!) and stash them in your purse. A couple of napkins would go a long way!


#3 Soft and Sexy Eye Makeup
Black liner on top….brown liner on the bottom. Who knew something so simple could make such a difference?

“For an eye look that’s defined but not too heavy, line your upper lash line with black eyeliner and the bottom lash line with brown eyeliner. This is one of my biggest makeup artist tricks for beautiful, soft eyes!”
-Mally Roncal, celebrity makeup artist


#4 Warm Your Eyelash Curler
This one just makes TOO much sense not to try! :-)

“Run your eyelash curler under warm water (or blast it with your blow drier for a second) before using it for a considerably curlier result that lasts!”
-Alexis Wolfer, editor-in-chief of


#5 Fatten Up Baby Fine Hair
This made total sense to me. I have always maintained that my hair is easier to style a couple of days AFTER washing!

If you have flat, baby fine strands of hair, an aerosol can of dry shampoo is essential for pumping up the volume. Women who are blessed with hair to spare use it to sop up oil between blowouts, but I like to spritz it straight onto clean roots daily. (Klorane is my absolute favorite brand, but there are some great drugstore options out there, too). The fine blast of powder adds texture and what I like to call “grip” to give my style staying power—and more importantly gives me lift that lasts all day!
-Ellen Miller, beauty director at SHAPE


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#6 Getting Rid of Yellow Nails
Just a smart idea.

“If you get yellow nails after months of wearing dark polish, try scrubbing your toenails a nail brush and whitening toothpaste. It gets rid of the yellow color. Try it — it works pretty well, and you end up with minty fresh toes!”
-Roxanna Sarmiento, beauty and style writer, and blogger at


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#7 Sea Buckthorn Oil . . . the good oil!
I hadn’t ever heard of this oil until my sister told me about it last week. She’s a believer…and now maybe I will be too!

“Flawless skin is everyone’s best beauty asset. Apply a drop of omega- and antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn seed oil on blemishes to speed up healing and see more perfect skin by morning. It’s amazing!”
-Jolene Hart, beauty and health coach


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#8 Mix With Lotion
Lotion doesn’t have to be purely for moisturizing…it can be part of your beauty routine as well!

“Mix your favorite body lotion with body oil (even a tiny bit of olive oil will work!) for an all over soft sheen. Mix a body bronzer with your favorite body lotion; it’s an easy, goof-proof way for a quick boost of color, especially when you are pressed for time!”
-Michelle McKean, Beauty Mama blogger at


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#9 Pillow Talk
I’ve always heard you should sleep on a silk (or satin) pillowcase for the benefit of your hair AND skin! I really need to try this!

“Always sleep on satin or silk pillowcases so that your hair doesn’t snag and break when you’re tossing and turning. If your hair is prone to dryness, focus shampoo on your scalp. Clean your scalp and when you rinse, the shampoo will clean the length or your hair just enough to gently cleanse it.”
-Kai Chic, creator of Mane and Chic


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#10 How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

“Coconut milk helps the hair grow long and thick, (The kind from a can is fine.) Rub it onto the scalp, leave it on for an hour or so, then wash it out.”
Pratima Raichur, Indian ayurvedic skincare expert.

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  1. Mama T says

    I am definitely going to try the last one. I’ve had long hair most of my life, and I cut it all off not that long ago. Then, I dyed it a few times, and now it’s dry and brittle. So, I have to cut more off of it, and then, I’m leaving it alone! I’m hoping the coconut will help moisturize it as well.

  2. Stephanie says

    I am sorry, but as my mom used to say,”Two wrongs do not make a right.” I am very disappointed in this “tip” of stealing napkins. I don’t care how much Starbucks charges for coffees. If you don’t agree with their pricing policies, don’t go there. Please do NOT remove THEIR napkins for your own makeup needs. Wrong is wrong, despite an attempt to justify it.

    • Vicki W. says

      I agree with Stephanie. Going into a place of business to take an item of theirs meant for CUSTOMERS is really stealing.What I suggest is that WHEN you are already at Starbucks enjoying the coffee, pick up 2 or 3 napkins to take with you. Cut them into smaller pieces, place them in a baggie, and keep on hand in your purse. That’s a win/win! Goodness, in my area I get so many napkins in the drive through and I hate that there wasn’t a good use for them because they are so flimsy and fall apart. Glad to know there may be uses I haven’t thought of.

    • Brandette W. says

      Oh please! The post says that she doesn’t condone you just stealing from Starbucks, that wasn’t the idea. What was stated was that if you purchase something at Starbucks, grab some extra napkins. I do this everywhere we go because with a toddler you never know if you will need one. I guess you would be very disappointed in me too then.

      My feeling is this: if you frequent an establishment and give them business and revenue by buying something of theirs, the condiments/napkins/utensils, etc come with the purchase and are to be used by customers. Now, if you use the napkins for your drink consumption great, but if you have a few leftover and end up trying them as this tip stated, even better use of your money!

      • Stephanie says

        Sorry Brandette. I stick with what i wrote. The author recommended that we not feel guilty about pilfering. Look up the definition of pilfering. Stealing is stealing. I had 3 toddlers and never felt the need to steal from eating establishments. Having said this, I have no problem with taking the napkins home, if they don’t get used at the restaurant, as they will just get thrown away. Like you said, it is a better use of money, less wasteful, and helps to keep our planet green.

      • Brandette W. says

        Sorry Stephanie. I stick with what I wrote as well. I do not need to look up the definition of pilfering, thank you. My comment was based on what Jillee had said, not what the author of the original suggestion linked to had to offer. I never said I steal from eating establishments either and did not appreciate your assumption in relation to my toddler. I clearly stated that I may grab a few extra napkins after I have purchased a drink or meal. If you consider this stealing, even though I purchased something, asked for them from an employee and was handed them by said employee, then you must think the vast majority of consumers are thieves.

        I still fully support Jillee’s Clarification and stand by her 100%!

      • Kirstie says

        I support her to. SHE IS NOT SAYING GO STEAL, put think about this. It cost then if lucky a $1 to make that $5 plus coffee. so if you walk out with 2-3 extra napkins then so what. I bet if I followed you around there are times you take an extra thing here or there. No one is perfect. You shouldn’t go in there and just take them. Or even take a huge pile. But if you take 3 once in a while and cut up so they go farther then there is no harm. I see people take large stacks of napkins when they are eating, drinking or what ever. Not use them and they go in the garbage. So what about people who do that. And again I bet if I followed you around Stephanie I will see you through a couple out because you didn’t use them. So that isn’t any different. You spent $$ there. Walking out with an extra napkin or 2 isn’t going to break them. I don’t like Starbucks or coffee for that matter so I wouldn’t do it. I’m not spending $$ there so.
        If you have such a problem then ask them for a couple of extra napkins.. they will give it to you and now you can sleep all sound at night.

      • Lindsay says

        THEY’RE FREE NAPKINS!!! LOL! They already budget the loss of there napkins in the food prices.. Its funny people arguing about napkins LOL!

    • Ashley says

      I ask for or grab extra napkins where ever we go and stash them in my truck. They come in handy for everything – spills, needing to blow your nose, blot your face, etc. Having 2 kids, you almost have to get extra napkins for any occasion. I don’t see anything wrong with it, especially if you are making a purchase.

  3. Vicki W. says

    I’m going to try several of the tips. The one I’m most excited to try is pre-lining the upper lid, and also using black on the upper lid and brown on the bottom. Going to do these today!

  4. Susan says

    Satin pillowcase works. I have curly hair (very) and a regular cotton pillowcase makes it VERY dry. Easy way to do it (if you sew) is to grab a length of lingerie fabric at store, make seams up 3 sides and stuff your pillow inside. Of course, you can go pretty, finish the hem, etc but your choice.

  5. Deborah Jennings says

    I don’t drink Starbuck’s coffee, even though I love it. But I love these tips!

    On tip of using black eyeliner on the top lashes and brown on the bottom . . . I heard that it will make your eyes look bigger and brighter if you will use blue eyeliner on the bottom lashes. I have done this and it does work. The blue makes the whites of your eyes show up and look whiter and brighter. I love these tips! One other thing . . . I use baby wipes to clean my make-up off of my face before cleaning it. It takes it off really well. I do love my baby wipes! =)

    • Katherine says

      If you line your water line (the pale, fleshy part of the lower eye) with a cream or white eyeliner, it can help brighten your eyes and help open them up. White eyeliner can sometimes be a little too obvious, so I recommend a beige or cream eyeliner instead.

      • Kirstie says

        Try taking some white or cream eye-shadow too. Use it with a thin angled brush and add just a very little, even in the corner closest to your nose.

  6. Stephanie says

    hmmmm….The author recommends not feeling guilty about pilfering from Starbucks. Pilfering=stealing. Check out a dictionary!

  7. tammy says

    Great tips! You can also use toilet seat covers as oil blotters…they work great and one will go along way. (Just tear off a bit at a time as needed.) I keep one in my purse. Give it a try! :)

  8. Teresa says

    I don’t drink coffee so I don’t go to starbucks. BUT when I eat at a fastfood place I always get at least 3 or 4 napkins per person. Let me explain why, The table may need to be wiped off, the chairs or bench seat too. I spead a couple of napkins on the table to hold my food. Most of the time the burger wrapper isn’t big enough to hold the burger and fries. I need a napkin to for my face and hands too. If I have grandkids with me I always get extras. Spills happen with kids. I sure wouldn’t want a customer to return the unused napkins to the napkin dispenser. What are we suppose to do with the leftover napkins? Are we suppose to throw those 2 or 3 napkins in the trash? I sure don’t. I take them with me and leave them in my car. I may need them the next time I eat fast food but use the drive thru instead of eat inside. I may also need them for other uses. Why waste those couple of napkins trashing them. Jillee is not talking about taking dozens of napkins. I think she was only meaning when you get those couple of extra napkins don’t trash them, use them.


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