I Am Woman, Hear {My Harley} Roar!

  Yep…that’s me all decked out in my motorcycle garb sitting on a Harley.  Just call me Easy Rider! ;-)  

riding a harley

A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to fly to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of Harley-Davidson, and experience what it was like to “ride a Harley!” I have to tell you…I was the envy of many friends and family members. :-) Who wouldn’t jump at that kind of opportunity? Harley-Davidson is synonymous with “COOL”!   

Even better? I got to go with 10 awesome women bloggers from around the country who were invited for the same event. Here we all are sweltering at a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game. lol. It was 107 degrees when we were there! So we all look a little bedraggled in this pic, but it’s the only group shot we got! (I look sad, but I’m just HOT! And not in a GOOD way!)  

harley mamas


Click here to find out more about the amazing Harley Women and their amazing blogs.


Why did Harley-Davidson invite all these cool women to Milwaukee? Well, when you think of “riding a Harley”, most people might think of it as a “guy” thing. Not anymore! Harley-Davidson is reaching out to women with some great programs designed to help ANYONE who is even just CURIOUS about riding a Harley get on a bike!  

My guess is there are plenty of you who would go for something like that. But for those of you who are still a little leery about riding a motorcycle, I have two words: NO CAGES! When I first heard that phrase out at Harley-Davidson headquarters I didn’t quite understand. But after spending some time on the bikes and with the people who ride (and work there)…I get it!  

Cages = cars…technically. But “No Cages” is bigger than that. It’s a philosophy of freedom and the independent spirit I believe is in every single one of us! That need to break free of the “norm” once in awhile and just “GO”. Where? Doesn’t matter. Just somewhere not on your familiar beaten path. Of course a motorcycle isn’t necessary to accomplish this, but it sure is fun! And honestly, I have yet to experience a more “freeing” feeling in my young life. ;-)    

  woman rider

  Lest you think you have to be a blogger to get this sort of opportunity, let me assure you you don’t! Harley-Davidson has created some awesome opportunities for women (and men for that matter) to experience Harley-Davidson up-close and personal and get a taste of the “No Cages” philosophy! The best way to get started would be to go to a Garage Party!

A Garage Party is an opportunity for women to join other non-riders for one night and learn the basics of motorcycling. Harley-Davidson dealerships around the country offer these get-togethers specifically geared towards women. I love their tagline…It’s like a book club, only louder! lol.   Now that I think about it, how fun would it be to plan a “girls night out” around one of these parties?  Trust me…they are a blast!  

We attended a Garage Party at Hal’s Harley-Davidson and learned SO much! Everything from how to pick up a bike that has fallen over to where do you carry your makeup and beauty supplies on the bike! :-) It’s a really fun opportunity to learn about Harleys from “real women” who ride them!    

garage party  

Yeah…I picked up that bike by myself!

Click here to find a Garage Party near you!    

After attending a Garage Party, if you’ve caught the fever and are ready to head out on the highway, Harley-Davidson provides a training program called Rider’s Edge. Also offered at H-D dealers, it provides you with 25 hours of expert guidance from certified instructors. If they’re anything like the instructors and the other wonderful Harley-Davidson people we worked with at H-D Headquarters…we’ll all be in good hands!      

harley instructors  

A few of the fine people who were our “tour guides” at H-D while we were there. (Dana, Amanda and Bill Davidson, great-grandson of company co-founder, William A. Davidson.)  

And just in case you’re wondering, after I finish Rider’s Edge training I’ve already picked out my “dream bike” bike. ;-) Awesome huh?    

my future harley

  My thanks to Harley-Davidson and the awesome people who work there who made 10 other bloggers and myself feel like we were “born to be wild”…at least for a few hot days in July!  

And as if that weren’t enough fun I’m heading out to NYC TODAY for the BlogHer annual convention where I get to meet up with these awesome ladies again!! Harley-Davidson is a sponsor of this event, and I’ll be tweeting and instagram’ing all over the place. :-) So excited!    

  Tell me what life with “no cages” means to you for a chance to win this Harley-Davidson Women’s Pink Label Embellished Nylon Jacket.   Women's Harley Jacket

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Be sure to visit the Harley-Davidson No Cages brand page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers reviews and find more chances to win!    

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  1. Barbara Heymann says

    For my 50th birthday, I took motorcycle riding training course and got my motorcycle endorsement. I had not ridden a motorcycle before, only a scooter. Learning to shift was a whole new experience, but I did it! Nothing like two wheels…

  2. Mary says

    Life with no cages would mean to me that my husband and my kids could just pick up and travel around the world. We could camp, or bunk with friends but just experience everything we could.

  3. Norma D. says

    Cages=cars…….but there is nothing like the freedom of the wind blowing thru your hair on a bike! I don’t have one of my own, but my boyfriend has a Harley:) I love going riding with him!!!

  4. says

    What a fun event and campaign! To me no cages means not putting myself in one of my own making, like my first response of “Oh I could never ride a Harley” after reading your piece I thought, why couldn’t I? Very cool! I hope I get to run into you at BlogHer, I will be there with my partner Val! Look forward to meeting you!

  5. says

    SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the one you chose- I would have picked that one too. My hubs has the Road King in that red color of the one next to the one you chose- I can see the fender in there & it’s called Sun Glow Red because it sparkles with gold glimmer in the sun. We joke because in our garage we have a minivan & a Harley- total opposites.

  6. Donna says

    I’ve always dreamed of getting a Harley someday. I think they are beautiful and I always wrench my neck to catch a glimpse of one going by when I hear the trademark sound. My car definitely feels like a cage right now with two little ones and car seats and goodies that need to be with me at all times. It would feel wonderful to ‘escape’ a bit and drive around my beautiful area without looking through windows. :)

  7. Susan says

    My husband has a Harley. He’s been trying to convince me I need my own, or else he has to sell his and get a larger one for me to ride on the back. The problem is, I fall off BICYCLES for no reason. If I could get over my fear, that would be “no cages”!

  8. Dena G says

    No cages = Freedom!! Freedom from what others think. Freedom to enjoy life. Freedom is what I feel on the back of my hubby’s bike. No cages = leaning back a bit and stretching out my arms and letting my face look up and see the blue sky above me. It’s amazing. (We just inherited the bike this summer and are looking forward to more and more fun together!!)

  9. says

    No cages to me equals life without Lyme disease. I have it and so do all three of my girls. I can’t wait for the day when we are free from its horrible ramifications and we can take to the ways of freedom, the running through a field, playing, racing around, not being bound to medicine regimens… No cages.

  10. Melissa says

    I took the Riders Edge course at our local HD dealer for my 40th birthday, along with my 18 year old son! We had so much fun! He’ll never let me live down the fact that he aced the course with 100%, beating me out by a few percentage points. But I was so proud of him! And proud of myself too! “No cages” is certainly a different feeling but it’s so fun to have the capability to ride together with my husband and son & make family memories. Now my 17 year old son is next!

  11. Rita says

    Living cage free for me would be Not having to Work. Having the money to travel anywhere, anytime on a Harley Davidson. I would LOVE it. Although I can’t do that but I have the best Harley in the world my Son Harley James.

  12. Amanda says

    This giveaway is amazing! The jacket is gorgeous. My husband and I have an agreement that when our children graduate high school we are buying a Harley to travel on. ( I’m hoping for his and hers ) I can’t wait for that day.

  13. Janeen says

    LOVE the jacket!! My husband and i ride as much as we can this would be an amazing jacket to wear
    Life with No Cages means to me that I have time to breath the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and freel FREE!! I am able to ride, clear my mind of random thoughts and just de-stress for the time I can ride. No Cages means its just me and the road. No kids to argue, no spouse to complain…

  14. Missy says

    While I understand “no cages” = no cars, I also know that it exemplifies freedom. Our “no cages” would be to take off on the open highway or open water and just relax and enjoy for a week or so…no cages.

    Thanks for generous giveaway!

  15. Krystal says

    For me “No Cages” means spending time with my dad. When I was little he used to let me play on his ole Honda Goldwing (he isn’t one for Harleys lol). He used to say the reason I loved them so much was I “came into being on one”. To this day every time I see a motorcycle I think of him and the times he and I spent either riding around town or just sitting and watching the sun pass over it. He’s even getting my 6 year old daughter into them.. He believes all little girls need a bike all their own!

  16. says

    For me, “No Cages” means don’t hold back your potential. Go for it! The 10 of you must have had an absolutely amazing time. What a hoot (even in the heat!). Following you on Instagram now. The pics are awesome.

  17. Deborah Jennings says

    Jillee, if I was younger, I’d be at a Harly dealer right now! I grew up with them. But at 60 years young, I feel that I am too fragile to be riding alone. I have lost an inch in height already. But just wanted you to know, that I’d be there if I could. Plus hubby can’t ride anymore due to back surgery and having rods and screws in his back.

  18. Josanne says

    Life without cages for me would be my hubs and I getting a pair of bikes and riding cross country, not having to worry about money, just being able to be our adventurous selves :)

  19. Marie aka Grandma says

    NO CAGES means not having to at any place at any certain time or date! I love to ride with my hubby on his Heritage Softail Scarlet O’Harley ( can you guess what color it is?)

  20. KimH says

    What a great time!! I grew up riding motorcycles but its been close to 30 years since I’ve had my own.. Way too long. I think about it occasionally.. perhaps I’ll do so again..

    No cages meaning having the freedom from any & all lifes boundaries, whatever they may be.. ;)

  21. Amanda Phillips says

    To me, no cages would mean not having to worry about financials. It would be such a freeing experience to be able to go to the doctor when I was sick, put new tires on my car when needed, or even be able to buy groceries without having to worry about what bill I wasn’t going to pay on time just so I could purchase what my family needs to survive. No cages would be wonderful.

    Thanks for the giveaway post, been following you for ages through email!

  22. Jane Wilson says

    No Cages… no worries, no obligations, freedom to be. Stopping to smell the roses or skinny dipping in that pond in the middle of the night.

    I was lost, now I’m found… proud new owner of 883l.

  23. says

    No Cages = the opportunity to silence all the the “could’ve, should’ve, would’ve” little conversations we have with ourselves by getting out on the road, letting the breeze blow off all of those nagging voices and just let us be us. It’s about taking risks and living life on our own terms! We will no longer be confined by the cages of our lives but instead will strike out own our paths and roads on this planet!

  24. Manda G says

    No cages for me means finally getting out and living, enjoying at least one part of each day. Years hve went by so fast and I’ve realized that I’ve not once did something I’ve truly wanted without asking for approval and with asking for approval I generally get shut down for one reason or another. All I’ve ever done is worry about what everyone else thinks and worried about things I can’t change. Well, I’ve realized I can change my outlook on life and get out every day to enjoy being here. I’m through being scared to enjoy life and not goign back in the cage.

    Your dream bike is beautiful, mine is a trike…a street glide trike to be exact though I ay never have that exact model I’d give anything for my own Harley Trike.

  25. says

    I’m so jealous of you! I know all about these Harley Davidson garage parties, but have never had the fortune of attending one myself. I think it’s great that HD holds these garage parties for women. HD, being such an iconic part of American history, encourages women to be part of history by inviting them to these garage parties. With these parties, the brand proves its local and global appeal, and shows women that these formidable bikes aren’t just for guys anymore.


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