Living Your Best Life At Any Age {A Nice Way Of Saying…I’m Getting Old…Now What Do I Do?}

getting oldWriting this post about “getting old” has been quite interesting. I’ve gone through a whole RANGE of emotions about it and found myself right back where I started.

At first when I was invited by BlogHer and Pfizer to write a blog post on how I feel about “getting old” I was slightly horrified. Me? Old? Did someone know something *I* didn’t know? I don’t FEEL old!

Of course I’m intelligent enough to realize that on the human continuum…I am definitely tilting more in the direction of “old” than “young”. If only slightly. ;-)  Still, to have someone actually ask you to write about how you feel about getting old pretty much seals the deal….I’m getting old. :-(

Well, if I’m OLD, I might as well write about it! Even if I’m not HAPPY about it. I begrudgingly went and visited, the website that Pfizer has launched where members of the public are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences about getting older. First impression? Cool website. Neat interface. Creative idea!

Then I started reading the stories…and I read…and I read…and I read some more. I literally had to pull myself away and refocus myself on the task at hand…writing this post. The vignettes that people had posted were captivating! I absolutely loved reading what people had to share about “getting old”. Some much younger than me, some much older, but each with a compelling story and a strong opinion. And all of them REAL.

People talked about being scared, happy, angry, grateful, worried, ecstatic, etc. The list goes on and on because there are hundreds of different people with different stories, but now, thanks to Pfizer and the “Get Old” initiative, they all realize they are not alone. I was especially enamored with a pair of sisters, Kelly and Sally, that call themselves the Midlife Gals and were featured several places on the website. How great are they??? :-)


I love that they don’t take themselves too seriously (something I am guilty of!) and just live life and have fun…because age really IS just a number after all. I also found the website Divine Caroline through my browsing, which in turn led me an article by Kathy Porter called Six “Secrets” For Living Your Best Life At Any Age!

My favorite was #6.

Embrace wherever you are however old you are! Remember when you were twelve, you couldn’t wait to be thirteen? Or, when you were fifteen, you ached to be just one year older? How did you feel when you turned eighteen or twenty-one? All too soon, you’re staring thirty in the bathroom mirror or coming up on the early side of forty. Fifty. Fifty-five? Almost sixty? Maybe you’re walking with your sixty-five year old self or you’re just the other side of seventy. Maybe eighty’s looking pretty good right now. Each age has its own milestones. Grab hold of every one. Never look so far ahead that you forget to pay attention to exactly where you are right now.

So as I stated at the beginning of this post, I am right back where I started. Only WISER. :-) I still don’t FEEL old, but I’m not in denial either. I am throwing open my arms and wrapping them tightly around who I am right now…today. Regardless of the number on my driver’s license. :-)

embracing life


OK…enough philosophical stuff…..let’s get to the GOOD stuff! How would you like to win one of three $500 gift certificates for!?!? Silly question I know. Well, here’s how you can enter to win one!

Click here to visit the Pfizer website then leave a comment below stating which of the four categories listed there you would fall under. And please feel free to share any thoughts you have on the whole “getting old” idea. I would LOVE to hear what YOU have to say on the subject. :-)

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This sweepstakes runs from 7/30 to 8/31.

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  1. says

    I feel “uneasy” because I don’t know what to expect next (although: who does?). Last time I checked, I was 18. Where did 62 come from? It has, in fact, taken two years for me to get comfortable with the “6″ number. I was okay with “5″ and below, but “6″ can no longer be considered **anything** but “older.” I am increasingly concerned with making the most of what I have left, whatever that might be.

    Thanks for pointing us to the contest!

  2. Rick says

    I’d also fit under the “I feel optimistic” category. I’m bordering 38, but actually do not feel old at all. Every waking day is a gift in my eyes.

    With all the negativity, tragedy and sadness that we hear on the news, etc…I still feel that there are amazing people out there. Bad things happen! It’s a part of life. Sometimes….we just need to stop, take a deep breath, look around, and be thankful :)

  3. Colleen says

    As my Gram said to me once, “Getting old ain’t for sissies!” This was while undergoing some physical difficulties related to aging and having to readjust her life in some big ways. It caused me to really look at the aging process and consider how true that statement is. So, that puts me somewhat in the ‘uneasy’ category as I near the “50% off” mark (that’s what my 8 year old son innocently declared I will be when I turn 50 ;-). Will I be tough enough to handle it all? I also feel cautiously optimistic as well, as every day I age brings me a little more insight and wisdom. There are definitely positive aspects to getting older, but I can say with certainty, it’s NOT the sagging skin.

  4. Amanda L says

    I am absolutely optimistic, even if I have a few wrinkles around the eyes, and other places.

    I want to enjoy my family every day, and stop worrying about makeup, hair, and age.

  5. Tami L says

    I feel uneasy. Who am I? My kids are getting older and I feel like I am still young and fun. (Of course the teenager is thoroughly embarrased by any of my attention grabbing antics!) But uneasy is the only way to describe it. There have been several times in my life where I was content with who and where I was, so I am sure that this too shall pass…just need to continue getting older for that time to come!

  6. says

    I am most definitely in the “I feel optimistic” category!

    I have had such an appreciation for the older generation all my life.
    Everyday I experience something new that awakens that inner,”wiser” person in me and it feels good.
    I embrace and look forward to the coming experiences in my life; so that someday a young child can see me as that elder person, full of wisdom, that I appreciated so much when I was young too :)

  7. Terri says

    Jillee, you are not only getting old (with the rest of us), you are getting better! You are the best thing that has happened to me lately as I have stumbled upon your site and learned so much. Thank you for working hard, blooming and “becoming”…day by day. Showers of blessings!

  8. says

    I picked optimistic. I choose that because every day I make a conscious choice to be optimistic. I just turned 50 in July. To celebrate instead of being sad about it, I employed the help of my family and friends and did 50 acts of kindess to celebrate all that I have been through to get to this point in my life. I have so much to be thankful for in my life. I have learned so many lessons in these past 50 years. They have made me who I am today and I am still growing into who I am. So yes, I am optimistic that I have many blessings and lessons awaiting me!

  9. April says

    I try try try to be optimistic, and in some ways I think I am more than I was a few years ago even… but most of the time, I fit in the “I feel uneasy” category. I’m definitely not where I thought I would be in life at age 34… but! …having a crazy, beautiful, smart, funny 4 year-old son helps remind me of what’s important and that there are GREAT things to look forward to as I get older too!

  10. Laura G. says

    I feel optimistic, but slightly uneasy. Optimistic because I’m back in school after 20 years of working and raising my babies, and I see a new and exciting future ahead of me. Uneasy because I am 39 and still feel 15 inside; I’m standing on the brink of a new decade of life and wonder if I am really ready to grow up some more…

  11. Mary B says

    I feel optimistic…finally. I know that life is going to be more carefree and fun. I didn’t feel this at first. At first I was uneasy. But I realize that I am in a new chapter of my life…another adventure!!

  12. says

    Great post …..fodder for thought….mine are drifting to age much more than they ever used to!! I keep telling myself that 50 is the new 40 – and praying it is true! lol. I am torn between optimistic and uneasy but if I had to pick one today it would be uneasy…no optimisitic…no….I really am undecided – I guess that automatically puts me in uneasy doesn’t it? hmmm…..thanks for the opportunity! Again – enjoyed the post! Blessings ;-)

  13. Lauralee says

    At 68, count me in on the ‘prepared’ side. Not that I have a whole lot of money but just enough to keep me going without worry. I do have very good health, a sweet condo to live in, a sense of safety and friends to keep me thriving. Oh, and best of all, a garage to keep my car snow and ice-free in the winter. Now that’s prepared!

  14. Karen C says

    I feel uneasy, because I see people my age, 53, getting seriously ill with cancer when they tried to life properly and since I have not lived as well, I wonder if I am next to get some horrid problem leading to death. Several ladies were in their mid 40s also. But then I am glad I am still able to walk, talk and be online. It takes a lot longer for muscles to recuperate from outside work now and stepping off a curb wrong can jar my body in ways it never did even ten years ago. On the other hand, I don’t care what people think and I can wear t-shirts and sweatpants every single day in perfect comfort.

  15. Ashley C. says

    I feel optimistic about getting older. My kids are all past the baby stage and I am really enjoying being with them. I look forward to the years to come-even the dreaded teenage years!

  16. Sonya says

    I try to be optimistic, but I think right now I fall more into the “I feel uneasy” category. I never expected to be on the verge of being a single mom (again) raising teenagers and two little ones, one of which has special needs, all alone. But even with the best planning sometimes life gives us something other than what we wanted or planned for.

  17. JR says

    This weekend, I will celebrate my 60th birthday! Your blog couldn’t have come at a better time! Although the number is hard to say at times, it sure beats the alternative! In my mind, I should be about 40. Now I just need to get my body to cooperate! I think this will be the best decade yet! (Because my mindset is to embrace it and realize how fortunate I am to be here!)

    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and thoughts. I feel like I am connecting to a good friend when I read your blog. I can almost hear you saying it!

    Thanks again for all you do and here’s to a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us all!


  18. Erica says

    I think the best way to describe how I feel is uneasy. I know by numbers I am not that old, but health wise is a different story. I’m a type 1 diabetic nurse (which means I know all the negative of the disease and forget the positive). Not only do I worry about how long I will be able to work, if it is safe to try to start a family, what complications will I end up having (going blind, losing a limb, losing my sense of feeling, having a heart attack), etc, etc, etc. recently my husband was diagnosed with a autoimmune disease, ankliosing spondilytis, in which the spine fuses together. Now I also have the same concerns and worries regarding him. To sum it up I see getting old as a big ball of stress.

  19. Valorie says

    I feel “prepared”. I have watched my parents age and pass away. I know what is coming and am at peace with it. I am full of the Grace of God and enjoy each day to the fullest. I feel empowered through Christ and past experiences. Most of my kids are grown, I have an awesome husband to grow old(er) with, we are expecting our first grandchild and our youngest just turned 4. I have a full, fun and blessed life.


  20. says

    Three years ago, I lost my Dad to ALS. He was 57. we spent 5 years, watching him go from golfing every day and training for a marathon to being unable to feed himself, talk, even scratch his own nose. Through it all, his motto was, “as much as I can, for as long as I can.”

    I decided that was how I wanted to live my life. Yes, I’m getting older. But it sure as heck beats the alternative! So I’m optimistic. Every single day is a gift.

  21. joyce says

    Optimistic> > >I changed the way I looked at life several years ago, what a difference it has made for me. I try to make one thing better everyday. It’s amazing to me, where I started and how far I have come in just a few years

  22. says

    Although I do feel prepared, my strongest feeling was for the Optimistic option. In the last two months I have buried my mother and found a breast tumor and had it removed (benign, but something rare that needs extra attention). I surprised myself when I looked at the four choices, and felt strongly optimistic about my future and aging in general. I feel good about myself right now, have a wonderful husband/soul mate to share hopefully many years together, three great adult children that are doing well in life (and as a bonus we all like each other), my life is rich with a wonderful sisterhood of girlfriends, and I am able to live comfortably, though not extravagantly. In spite of the bumps and bruises along the way, over all it is good to be me!

  23. says

    With all my siblings being older, and my parents being older, I’ve had to deal with a multitude of challenges, from cancer to nursing homes. Learning to be an advocate in the medical realm has prepared me for several different things that may happen, and while I’m soundly staring 52 in the face, that doesn’t mean I have to act old. I work out with kettlebells, do yoga, and still need to lose more weight (don’t most of us?) but refuse to let my mind get old. I have a 14 year old to keep up with, and we have fun with music, television and technology!

  24. Pam says

    For sure, OPTIMISTIC! I am not getting old, I am already old :-) and it’s okay. Not easy, health and beauty wise, but neither was being a teenager, figuring out how to be married, having babies, raising a family,becoming empty nesters or developing health problems! Life isn’t ever easy but it’s good. The best part of getting old is all the learning I have done…I just know so much! And I never stop learning…and my best friends, especially my husband, are getting old with me! I just found out today I am going to be a Grandmother again, how great is that? And I still turn heads in public, just have to work at it a little harder. Of course a spa day would help that!! Hold your shoulders back, put on some lipstick and smile…everything will be just fine! Suzi

  25. Sharon says

    I feel optimistic! At fifty-two years old, I stand at the precipice of my new life. I am moving out of state, entering nursing school soon for my second career (I am currently a teacher) which I have wanted for the longest time. I have divorced my emotionally abusive ex-husband. My firstborn daughter is graduating from college soon, and my baby is going off to college. Soon, I will have the luxury of working on my wants, my needs, my preferences. The future? It is exciting!

  26. Carolyn says

    I feel “optomistic”! I am about to turn 60 and hope to be toned when I do. I work out 7 days a week, attend a boot camp and kick boxing. I work full time, am President of my HOA, teach scuba, have rental property to maintain, sew handbags for sale and volunteer several hours a week.

  27. Debbra W says

    Really good article. I am optimistic about the future. I have gifts and talents I have developed over the years with the help and cooperation of my mother, friends and other family. I’m certain that my talents will see me through and my gifts will help. Life is feels better if you have something to help you move along.

  28. Katrina says

    I feel a bit uneasy just because there is so much I want to do but I seem to not get as much done as I planned. I want to slow time a bit to enjoy my little ones longer because I hear so many people say they grow up so fast and they are! Which is good but also a bit hard for me :). I really do try to put it all in perspective and be optimistic about things changing and be able to enjoy my family differently as we all get older and *cough cough* wiser. But we will ALWAYS have fun, even if I have to drag them along when they are teenagers!

  29. says

    Thank you, Pfizer, for encouraging middle-aged people to Feel Old. I am appalled to see people in their fifties and sixties talking about ‘feeling old.’ Persons who are truly old, eighties and nineties, could tell them a thing or two. Why not a movement called ‘Stay Young’?

    In our seventies, my husband and I still do what we’ve always done. Tasks take longer and we’ve learned to use hydraulics, mechanics and ingenuity as aids where abilities fail. I’m much less concerned about getting physically old than I am about the economy and rising taxes.

  30. Charity says

    At first, I chose “I feel uneasy” because this world is filled with so much hate and anger. I feel uneasy about our government and the lack of God and Christianity in our country. But as I read the posts on the website and some of the comments here, I realize that I am also optimistic. I have three beautiful daughters. I love the time that I get to spend with them now. I look forward to continuing to watch them grow and change. In that aspect I feel optimistic even though right now my oldest is throwing a tantrum. Ha! I do love my life and love being a mommy! Thanks for sharing and helping me think about all the things I am blessed to have, that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t “get old”. :-)

  31. Tammy says

    I am a little uneasy, but I’m also excited to see what each of my kids does in the future and also for my husband and me to have “our time” travelling and spending time with each other and with our kids and their families, when they have them, which is still 10 years or more away. We have 2 kids in college this year, 1 starting high school and 2 in elementary. I have been a stay-at-home for 20 years and just applied for and got the very 1st job I applied for after 3 interviews so I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life at 48.

  32. AnnW says

    I’m optimistic at 65! I just finished taking care of my 90 year old mom. My dad died last year after I spent 6 weeks with him, day and night. I have the rest of my life to do what I want. I feel like I am young and a few months ago, before my mom died, I was in the strongest shape of my life. I need to lose more weight, but I can bench press 55 lbs, which it something for me. I also am using 20 lb dumbbells. Ann

  33. says

    I’m optimistic! My 4-year old nephew came up to me on my 50th birthday this July and said, “Aunt Jody, Happy 5-Old!” (instead of 5-0) I Loved it! I’m a happy Granny (of 3 grands and one on the way) with silver hair who’s enjoying each and every day.

    (don’t enter me in the drawing- thanks)

  34. Molly Gochenour says

    I feel uneasy because I have been dealing with a chronic pain condition for the last 10+ years, fibromyalgia, and each day is a struggle physically and mentally. If I continue to deteriorate at the rate I am going I will be in a home for disabled by the time I am 70, I am 58 now. I did not plan to be this way. I spent 20 years in the Air Force, worked my way through college undergrad and grad and had a wonderful career as a city planner until the chronic pain came. I planned to retire and enjoy gardening, painting, traveling, my dogs and volunteering with veterans. Now I can barely read as my attention span is gone and my ability to use my hands to paint and create wonderful things is severely restricted. I still have wonderful creative ideas though and I journal everyday. I guess that is what keeps me going-seeing what the next page will say.

  35. Wendy says

    I am optimistic. There is a lot of life to live whether we have one day or 100 years left. The older I get, the less I care about what other people think I should be doing with my life. If I live long enough, my hope is to reach the point where I only need to do what I think I should be doing. I hope I am mature enough to handle it…


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