How To Unload A 12-Pack of Soda Into Your Fridge in 10 Seconds!

12 pack soda can trickI feel a little funny posting this particular “One Good Thing” today….for a couple of reasons.

#1) It’s definitely not my typical type offering on here (but typical can get boring don’t you think!??)

#2) I just barely asked for your advice on the One Good Thing By Jillee Facebook page about how to start drinking more WATER!!  Kind of ironic that I should have this scheduled to post right after that. lol.

Oh well….neither of those things change the fact that this is a GREAT IDEA (from Life Hacker)!

It addresses one of my MANY pet peeves very nicely!

Pet Peeve #368: unloading 12 packs of soda from the box they come in, into the refrigerator.

I know some of you will say, “Who says you have to UNLOAD the box?”  Well…..*I* do!  I can’t stand BOXES! You can see from the post I did about my Pantry Makeover that boxes are the enemy of efficient storage! Whenever I come home from grocery shopping I try and take as many things out of their original packaging as possible and put them in different storage containers. Same with the soda cans. I always take them OUT of the boxes when I put them in the fridge. I just like them better that way. So sue me! :-)

This is an ESPECIALLY handy trick when you are having a party (like I am tomorrow!) and are loading up on beverages for your guests.  Trust me…once you have tried this….you will never go back to the way you did it before.

For all you ‘healthy’ people out there who don’t drink evil soda pop….the same concept can be applied to cartons of juice, etc. It just won’t be nearly as satisfying as getting that whole 12 pack of cans in all at once.



And for us ‘unhealthy’ soda drinkers…..this is not a license to go crazy with your soda consumption!  Remember: moderation in all things. :-)

So I will stop keblabbing (keyboard blabbing) about this…and get on with the {slide}SHOW!


12 pack soda can trick

  • Start with your typical 12 pack can of soda. I am showing my weakness, my downfall, my friend…Diet Coke. (But in this house it could have just as easily been Sprite, Cherry Coke or Pepsi.)


12 pack soda can trick
  • Anyway…..first open one end of the box. DON’T open the other end….just yet.


12 pack soda can trick
  • Take the box with one end open to the refrigerator (be sure to already have a designated spot for unloading the cans) and stick the OPEN END onto the shelf.  Push the box about 3/4′s of the way back on the shelf and THEN open the other end of the box. Now put the box all the way in.


12 pack soda can trick
  • Now here’s the tricky part that requires the skills of a NINJA!  (Not really….even *I* can do it! But in the pictures it’s No. 2 son doing it):


12 pack soda can trick
  • Hold your hand against the cans while sliding the box OUT.


12 pack soda can trick
  • Continue until all cans are IN and box is completely OUT.


12 pack soda can trick
  • Now flatten the box and put it in its’ proper recycling container.

Did that take you longer than 10 seconds? I shouldn’t have!  If it did…go back and do it again until you get it right!   ;-)

This holiday season…when you’re getting ready for a party… will thank me!  (You’re welcome.)


12 pack soda can trick


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  1. says

    Jillee! How could ANYONE not love you!! And now that I know you drink Diet Coke… well, you have just gained in my estimation. ;) Although the caffeine from my Diet Coke is why I’m still up and it’s pretty late, Eastern time. :)

  2. Olga says

    Great trick. Too bad I won’t need it – we never have any soda in this house and the V8 juices from Sam’s Club come in a different kind of boxes. Yeah, I’m one of those “healthy” people, what’s wrong with that? ;)

  3. Katrina says

    Why is it some of the most simple ideas are found years later!! I love it. And we are avid Diet Coke drinkers and I laugh because we are always unloading the soda out of the box. And fortunately for us, we are replenishing today so I will be giving this an immediate try! Thanks.

  4. Landon says

    Great idea!

    My idea for drinking more water is that I don’t keep my cans in the fridge. Each morning I bring 2 cans in from the laundry room & put them in the fridge. Occasionally I might have 3 cans, but try to stick to 2 per day. It doesn’t matter when I drink them as long as I have ice water in my cup when it doesn’t have soda in it. Once the soda is gone for the day it’s nothing but water for me. I use a large Tervis Tumbler & keep it filled all day long. I’m more likely to drink my water when it’s already prepared. Try it for a few days. The more water you drink, the more water your body wants. :-) If you are a heavy soda drinker & are trying to cut back drink plenty of water to help flush the caffeine from your system. That makes a tremendous difference in the withdrawal headache. Did you know that a large portion of daily headache suffers actually dehydrated?

    Found your blog this week & LOVE it!! I’m a coupon Mama that makes all her own cleaning & laundry supplies. I’ll be making your body wash & reusable eye makeup remover pads as soon as I finish what we have on hand – along with a whole slew of other things I have bookmarked! I’m all for saving money while not paying for a bottle of water with a brand name on it. :-)

    Yes, I voted that you are a GENIUS!! ;-)

    • Zoquara says

      If you’re not already a user, I recommend signing up for Pinterest. My bookmarks were getting overly full, and an added bonus with Pinterest is that you get a visual for the bookmark (pin). Plus, it’s easier to follow Jillee that way :)

  5. amber says

    I am also a diet coke addict–and trying to drink more water. One important thing about the box–those coke codes! Be sure to cut them off and start saving them online. I’ve gotten some cool things using them–entirely FREE! I got a great diet coke t-shirt, and shirts for my husband, free magazine subscriptions and my favorite item, a retro-looking red toaster. So tear that code off before you toss the hated box!

  6. says

    I’m impressed at how clean your refrigerator is!

    I’m a bad mom and let my teenage son consume a can of Mountain Dew as his caffeine fix everyday. To his (and my) credit, he’s on the slim side of the weight scale and had no cavities at his last check up (unlike his Mom who rarely drinks soda!). Anyway, he stores his soda cans in the vegetable bin. It doesn’t get used because I buy mostly frozen vegetables.

  7. says

    Great idea! DC is my downfall as well. But I have been drinking more water and here is my “good thing” for doing that….I bought one of those insulated glasses you are seeing everywhere that have a screw on lid and a straw. I fill that with ice and a bottle of water every morning on my way to work. I make sure I refill it at least four times a day with water. It seems like I can drink more water if it is out of a straw.

  8. Charli says

    FYI…Coca Cola has a program where you collect the points from their boxes and bottlecaps, log them into their rewards site and get free stuff! 12 pack boxes are worth 10 pts and you can get rewards for as little as 100 points – things like magazine subscriptions, etc. I have tons of people just giving me their points and my husband still drinks a ton of it (but I have got him drinking more water these days – he used to drink Coke exclusively- ack!). Anyway, I just got a nifty vintage-look Coke cookie jar for 1000 points – which only took a few months to collect. Just thought I’d throw that out there for anyone who drinks Coke products and likes free stuff!

  9. Jeanne says

    What a fantastic idea! My husband had just finished unloading our twelve pack in our laundry room fridge. But I will try it next time! BTW, I allow myself two high-test (regular) Diet Cokes in the morning to get me going, then I either drink water or Crystal Light for the day. In the when I need my carbonation “fix” again, I have a Caffeine free Diet Coke. It hits the spot!

    I love all your tips and sense of humor! Keep it up!

  10. Kera says

    Diet Coke is my downfall, also! My tip for drinking more water is treat yourself to an awesome new water bottle! You will feel like you’re getting a small treat each time you drink from it : ) Also, make yourself drink a LARGE glass of water first thing in the morning. It keeps me from craving that ice cold diet coke so much. This may be TMI but I have a friend who drinks water all morning until her urine is absolutely clear and only then will she allow herself to have a soda lol!

  11. maureen says

    OMG!!! Did you not save the My Coke Rewards code from the carton before you threw it out/recycled it???? That’s like throwing away money. I save mine up and redeem for a FREE carton of Diet Coke!!!
    BTW, I keep my cans in the veggie bin, so I end up just turning the carton over and “pouring” the cans it ;)

  12. Tara says

    This is a good idea to unload cans. Unfortunately, Carmel coloring alone is known to cause cancer. This is in dark soda. Not to mention the artificial sweeteners. I agree that quitting soda and caffeine makes one feel much more energized and alert.

    • Cynthia says

      Everything causes cancer. There is no definite way to say, if you eat/drink/smoke this or that, that you will most definitely get cancer. It all has different effects on everyone. And, like Jillee said, all things in moderation. And at least she’s making the effort to cut back. Gotta give her props for that! Don’t go shootin’ people down for their vices or ideas. I’m sure you are addicted to some sort of something that isn’t as good for you as you would like, but you love it and you’re going to consume it anyway, because dangit you just can’t help it! Like me with popcorn (among other things). Had to give it up when I had braces…worst time ever. But, now that I don’t have them anymore, I don’t crave popcorn as much. I still love the microwave stuff, but I know how bad it is and am trying to convert to doing it myself on the stovetop. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna indulge once in awhile. It’s just that I’m TRYING to make an effort, just like miss Jillee.

      • Tara says

        Organic, unprocessed food doesn’t cause cancer, filtered water doesn’t cause cancer. I learned years ago the dangers of the standard american diet and I don’t eat processed foods, drink alcohol, or smoke. I commend anyone who is making an effort to wean off their unhealthy addictions. And I am NOT shooting anyone down, I am looking out for my fellow human beings. My bestfriend died at the age of 18 from cancer. The least I can do is warn people who don’t know of the dangers of what they ingest. ALSO I said that the can thing was a good idea; so get you facts straight. Also another another word of advice for anyone who cares; If you’re quitting unhealthy foods and/or drinks, your body needs to detox to be able to rid itself of the toxins. Its important to drink a lot of filtered water and have plenty of fiber. I felt like a new person after I quit the standard american diet and started detoxing. Years later, I’m STILL detoxing from the stuff I had been eating all my life. Its more than worth the effort.

  13. Cynthia says

    This is a great idea, Jillee! Props for coming up with it. Will definitely come in handy.

    When I gave up soda a couple of years ago, I quit cold-turkey. I just didn’t drink soda anymore, no matter what. I drank water only…and, usually only plain water. However, if you like those little flavoring packets for water, I would suggest switching to those instead of soda. Or, you could make your own by using carbonated water and adding a little Stevia and fruit juice. Or, switch to making your own tea or lemonade and keep it in a big pitcher in the fridge. A few slices of fresh ginger and some mint leaves steeped together and sweetened with honey is one of my favorites. If you need a way to freshen up your plain water, a lot of people use lemon, and while I LOVE lemon for all kinds of things, it’s just not right to me in water. Instead, I use slices of fresh cucumber. It gives the water such a cool, refreshing feel and taste.

    Hope this gives you some good ideas, Jillee!

  14. Christie says

    Diet sodas are HORRIBLE for you and your weight! They make you retain water or something like that. Instead of drinking sodas I get club soda and add water flavoring to it. I still get the carbination, but with the benefit of 0 calories and drinking water! It takes a little getting used to, but I like it!

    • says

      I love my points twice too & this just reminded me I better check to see if I lost for a third time. Time flies, I always forget to enter them in. I used to get a lot of great free stuff too

      Great tip btw, I think I saw it on lifehacker before. Our fridge is too small, so I can only put a few cans in at a time. Plus I keep the boxes because we have deposit on our cans. When I put the cans in a bag it always makes a mess, the boxes work the best for returning them.

  15. says

    how over the last 9 years of being married to the biggest dr pepper drinker in the world did i not think of this?? we have a minimum of 2 12-packs in the fridge. always. and i hate taking them out of the package. not anymore!!!

  16. Nancy says

    Please tell me that you get the code from your Coke carton(before you recycle it) and enter it into the Coke MyRewards program for free 12 packs of MORE Coke. I think you need 240 points to get the free soda but Hey!

  17. says

    on the drinking more water side of things – i highly recommend getting a sodastream (a silly single-use appliance that carbonates water). i discovered that the carbonation is by far my favorite part of soda, so we make “sodas” with just a splash of juice or fruit tea in homemade soda water (and, of course, it’s great for cocktails, but that doesn’t really fall into the health advice you were looking for).

  18. sandy says

    Can’t believe you do not know the dangers of soda…especially the diet type.

    Carbonated beverages leach calcium from your bones….the sugar substitutes are more dangerous than sugar: even leading to convulsions and other brain problems. Just look up some of the results on the internet.

    Basically enjoying your posts, but promoting stuff like sodas is not helpful.

    • Annon says

      Then dont drink it Sandy, simple as that. What gives you the right to judge someone else? Can you honestly tell me you do EVERYTHING the right/safe way ALL THE TIME? I highly doubt it. Do you always wear your seatbelt, always use your turn signal? Do you only eat the exact alloted callories with out splurging? Do you only use glass containers to store your food and NEVER use plastic? Do you NEVER go out to eat? Have you eaten some sort of fried food in your life? Do you drink any type of alcoholic beverage? See my point, your not perfect :) Jill is not “promoting” drinking diet coke, she’s just saying that thats what she likes, and Jill I say MORE POWER TO YA!! We all know what is good/bad for us, but until you are exactly perfect you have no room to judge!
      ~From one DIET coke drinker to another ;)

      • Sherry says

        Thank Annon…..see my post. I love that people say, “I don’t drink diet sodas because….(fill in the blank)” but they have habits which are just a bad. I have never said a word to them about their extra 150# they are carrying on their small body frame or the tons of chocolate they eat…blah, blah, blah….I don’t care how others exercise their agency…just let me be!

  19. Mary says

    I drink a lot of diet soda too unfortunately…I usually buy it in the two liter bottles though…takes up less space…but when I have bought cans I just leave them in the carton and open the end where it is perforated and the box acts like a dispenser….why would you want to take them all out of the box? I’m just clueless about this I think! LOL!

  20. Sherry says

    Diet Coke is my BEST Friend! And before all those “haters” out there decide to counsel me on the dangers of drinking DC….look at your own habits first! Jilly…I’m with you sista! Great idea. Now what to do with that case of DC from Costco????

  21. says

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