How To Unload A 12-Pack of Soda Into Your Fridge in 10 Seconds!

12 pack soda can trickI feel a little funny posting this particular “One Good Thing” today….for a couple of reasons.

#1) It’s definitely not my typical type offering on here (but typical can get boring don’t you think!??)

#2) I just barely asked for your advice on the One Good Thing By Jillee Facebook page about how to start drinking more WATER!!  Kind of ironic that I should have this scheduled to post right after that. lol.

Oh well….neither of those things change the fact that this is a GREAT IDEA (from Life Hacker)!

It addresses one of my MANY pet peeves very nicely!

Pet Peeve #368: unloading 12 packs of soda from the box they come in, into the refrigerator.

I know some of you will say, “Who says you have to UNLOAD the box?”  Well…..*I* do!  I can’t stand BOXES! You can see from the post I did about my Pantry Makeover that boxes are the enemy of efficient storage! Whenever I come home from grocery shopping I try and take as many things out of their original packaging as possible and put them in different storage containers. Same with the soda cans. I always take them OUT of the boxes when I put them in the fridge. I just like them better that way. So sue me! :-)

This is an ESPECIALLY handy trick when you are having a party (like I am tomorrow!) and are loading up on beverages for your guests.  Trust me…once you have tried this….you will never go back to the way you did it before.

For all you ‘healthy’ people out there who don’t drink evil soda pop….the same concept can be applied to cartons of juice, etc. It just won’t be nearly as satisfying as getting that whole 12 pack of cans in all at once.



And for us ‘unhealthy’ soda drinkers…..this is not a license to go crazy with your soda consumption!  Remember: moderation in all things. :-)

So I will stop keblabbing (keyboard blabbing) about this…and get on with the {slide}SHOW!


12 pack soda can trick

  • Start with your typical 12 pack can of soda. I am showing my weakness, my downfall, my friend…Diet Coke. (But in this house it could have just as easily been Sprite, Cherry Coke or Pepsi.)


12 pack soda can trick
  • Anyway…..first open one end of the box. DON’T open the other end….just yet.


12 pack soda can trick
  • Take the box with one end open to the refrigerator (be sure to already have a designated spot for unloading the cans) and stick the OPEN END onto the shelf.  Push the box about 3/4’s of the way back on the shelf and THEN open the other end of the box. Now put the box all the way in.


12 pack soda can trick
  • Now here’s the tricky part that requires the skills of a NINJA!  (Not really….even *I* can do it! But in the pictures it’s No. 2 son doing it):


12 pack soda can trick
  • Hold your hand against the cans while sliding the box OUT.


12 pack soda can trick
  • Continue until all cans are IN and box is completely OUT.


12 pack soda can trick
  • Now flatten the box and put it in its’ proper recycling container.

Did that take you longer than 10 seconds? I shouldn’t have!  If it did…go back and do it again until you get it right!   ;-)

This holiday season…when you’re getting ready for a party… will thank me!  (You’re welcome.)


12 pack soda can trick


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  1. Katrina says

    Why is it some of the most simple ideas are found years later!! I love it. And we are avid Diet Coke drinkers and I laugh because we are always unloading the soda out of the box. And fortunately for us, we are replenishing today so I will be giving this an immediate try! Thanks.

  2. Ruthie says

    If you are having a party, Missy, why the pantry and not the fridge or a cooler?
    Yes, you have lost it this time, me thinks. :-)

  3. Kathy Fuller says

    I’ve been doin’ it this way for years!! It’s especially handy when opening a 24 count box. :)

  4. Olga says

    Great trick. Too bad I won’t need it – we never have any soda in this house and the V8 juices from Sam’s Club come in a different kind of boxes. Yeah, I’m one of those “healthy” people, what’s wrong with that? ;)

  5. Margo says

    Cool idea. I usually unload two 12 packs at the same time and stack them, I wonder if I’ll be able to use that trick 2 at a time.

  6. says

    Jillee! How could ANYONE not love you!! And now that I know you drink Diet Coke… well, you have just gained in my estimation. ;) Although the caffeine from my Diet Coke is why I’m still up and it’s pretty late, Eastern time. :)


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