Make Your Own Deodorizing Bath and Body Powder

bath and body powder

You know the saying…”you learn something new every day?” Well TODAY I learned that making your own bath and body powder could NOT be easier or faster!

3 ingredients…less than 5 minutes…and you have your own customized powder for personal use or gift-giving!

I decided to make mine “unscented”…but you can CERTAINLY use your favorite essential oil in this recipe. Lavender, of course, would be divine! As would rosemary, jasmine, geranium, etc.

You could also add a few drops of your favorite PERFUME to turn it into a fragrant dusting powder!

So many possibilities!

Here is all you need: (and I bet you have it all “on-hand” right now!)

The baking soda and cinnamon are natural deodorizers while the cornstarch is very absorbent.

homemade bath powder

Just mix the 3 ingredients together in a bowl and transfer to the container of your choice. I fashioned a paper funnel out of a piece of printer paper to make the transfer a little easier.  My container was a mason jar (big surprise there!) with a couple of holes punched in the lid. You could also repurpose an old baby powder container or even a parmesan cheese shaker. Store the extra in another container to refill as needed.

homemade bath powder

If you live in a humid climate, add about ¼ cup of uncooked rice to the powder to keep it from clumping.  The rice won’t shake out but will keep the powder flowing smoothly.

As you can see, this made a nice, big batch of powder! You could cut the recipe in half if you didn’t want to make that much…or you could DOUBLE it for making gifts!

And who wouldn’t want to get something like this as a gift!?!?  I love the way it feels on my skin…smooth and soothing…not to mention the way it makes me feel overall….fresh and confident! :-)

homemade bath powder


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  1. juli says

    Hi there. I was trying to look at your recipe and it directed me hear. Not sure if I am doing it right.


  2. Nelleke says

    It might be becouse I’m Dutch, but I don’t understand the purpose of this powder. What do you use it for and how do you use it?

  3. Zoquara says

    I already use something VERY similar… only just cornstarch and backing soda, and only a small amount on the baking soda. It makes an EXCELLENT deodorant… I could literally just get out of the shower and smell my underarms before I started using this… and all deodorant did was ball up in my armpits and make them sore. This feels wonderful and silky on my skin, and my body has no smell.

    Nelleke: One thing I’ve seen this used for is under the boobs, or anywhere that skin may rub together to keep for causing sores, such as touching thighs while wearing a skirt. In really humid areas, it can keep you from feeling sticky/tacky all day as well.

  4. says

    Thanks!I buy something similar from Lush, only it has a whole vanilla bean in it …so I can’t wait to make this and try it with a vanilla bean! It will be so much cheeper!

  5. Winona says

    I just made this and it smells great.. The only problem I have with it ithe grittiness of the baking soda.. After it’s rubbed in, it’s fine.. After I’ve used this batch, I’ll try it again with less baking soda and see how that works for me :)

  6. says

    Wonderful idea!! I’ve been looking for something like this for uh, the “nether regions” because my aunt’s oncologist said not to use talc powder in that area because it has been linked to an elevated risk of ovarian cancer. I’m glad to have this option now!

    • Lynn Sterud says

      The connection of talc to cancer is quite true. There is a finding in some cancers that looks exactly like a talc crystal.

  7. Becca says

    Great post! You can use the lids off of Parmesan cheese containers on narrow mouth mason jars to make a “shaker” jar if you don’t want to punch holes in the lid.