Better Than Pumpkin Pie . . . Cake!

pumpkin pie cake

I spent some time with one of my sister's today visiting my Mom. We got talking about life, kids, work, and FOOD. For some reason when it starts turning colder and 'fall is in the air' I start obsessing about "comfort food".  Aren't "Autumn" recipes the best!?!?  I love all the pumpkin-y recipes that start showing up ... Continue Reading

How To Unload A 12-Pack of Soda Into Your Fridge in 10 Seconds!

12 pack soda can trick

I feel a little funny posting this particular "One Good Thing" today....for a couple of reasons. #1) It's definitely not my typical type offering on here (but typical can get boring don't you think!??) #2) I just barely asked for your advice on the One Good Thing By Jillee Facebook page about how to start drinking more ... Continue Reading

Make Your Own Antibacterial Soft Scrub Cleanser

homemade soft scrub

I have been so excited about this post I could hardly wait for today to come! That is either a sign that it's a really great idea...or that I really need to get a life! lol. Either way...I think you are going to LOVE this one! Once again, I had to ask myself...why haven't I thought to try something like this before!?!  I ... Continue Reading

18 Home Remedies For Soothing Irritated Eyes

sad eyes

Recently I bought some eyeliner that did NOT agree with me! I actually should have known better (why does it seem like I say that a lot?) because I have had an adverse reaction to pink and/or purple-hued eye shadow or eyeliner in the past. But it had been a LONG time....and I was doing a TV appearance...and I was wearing this ... Continue Reading

Simple and Creative Ideas for Recycling Cereal Boxes!

cereal box upcycling

If you're like our go through A LOT of cereal boxes. The funny thing is...we rarely eat cereal for's more of a snack item around here. Especially at night when I have announced that "the kitchen is closed" (ie. "you are on your own if you want anything more to eat tonight"). When left on their own ... Continue Reading

Fresh Scent Homemade Fabric Softener

homemade fabric softener

If you are a fan of my homemade No-Grate Laundry Soap but miss the "fragrance" aspect of it...have I got an idea for you! Basically it takes the two most basic "fabric softening" substances....baking soda and vinegar....and adds a little scent love. Thanks to Poppy at Poppy's Money Tree House for the inspiration! Start ... Continue Reading

How To Unclog Your Kitchen Sink! {Or Any Other Sink}

clogged drain

I have the most temperamental kitchen sink EVER! To be more precise....the DRAIN in my kitchen sink is temperamental. A DIVA of the first rank! After having had several unpleasant experiences with backed up pipes, I am usually SOOOO careful what I put down it. No rice, no eggshells, no vegetable peels, basically NOTHING that ... Continue Reading