DIY Hair Detox

sea salt shampoo I have been having a “hair crisis” of sorts lately.

As I get older my hair is getting thinner, and so to COMPENSATE I’ve been using more and more hairspray! Not only am I using MORE hairspray…but I’ve even starting buying the “industrial strength” hairspray!  Can you say “Helmet Hair”?? :-)

Anyway, my hair has been feeling weighed down lately, and looking tired. Regular shampooing hasn’t helped, so I started looking around for something to detoxify and revive my wilted hair. Little did I know how simple it was.

All you need is:

Course Sea Salt    &   Your Favorite Shampoo

Full of minerals, sea salt de-greases hair, removing dead skin cells and dirt, without stripping natural oils. It also removes PRODUCT BUILD-UP which gives hair a LIFT. Perfect for hair in need of a boost….like MINE!

big shampoo


Sea salt is also the main ingredient in the very popular shampoo BIG by Lush which is $26.95 for 11.4 ounces!!!!!  We can do better than that! :-)



To make your own Sea Salt Clarifying Shampoo for PENNIES….just mix 3 parts course sea salt with 2 parts of your favorite mild shampoo. (In hindsight I would probably try adding a little coconut oil next time for some added softness. Seems like EVERYTHING’S better with Coconut Oil!)

sea salt shampoo

sea salt shampoo


Wash hair with mixture and then thoroughly rinse with water. I like to finish with a COOL WATER rinse. As cool as I can stand without starting to shiver! ;-)

This is NOT a shampoo for daily use. I would recommend using once a month for a thorough cleaning. Using too often could be drying to your hair and scalp.

sea salt shampoo

I was really pleased with this shampoo. It felt GOOD to actually use something on my scalp that had a big of an exfoliant action to it. My scalp felt tingly and clean. I DEFINITELY noticed more volume and lift to my hair after using. All that hairspray was really doing a number on my limp locks.
I was also pleasantly surprised at how SHINY my hair was!  I guess all that caked-on hair product wasn’t allowing my flaxen strands to shine through. ;-)  Now you pretty much have to wear shades to even look at my hair! lol. Not really. But it’s definitely shinier and bouncier….which is EXACTLY what I was hoping for!

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  1. says

    Amazing tip, Jillee! I’ve never tried this before, only the ACV soak which does a pretty good job of detoxing the hair and scalp… but the smell is a turn-off.

  2. says

    To remove product build-ups, I add baking soda to my shampoo, rinse off and use conditioner afterwards. I do this once a month.

  3. Diana says

    For those with blood pressure issues – do not do this. Salt soaks into your skin. Not with baking soda either. Since someone mentioned cider treatment – maybe this should be worked towatds.

  4. Denise says

    This amount of salt and it being on your scalp wouldnt really effect blood pressure one way or another. It’s not like being left there to soak in.

  5. Michelle says

    If you’ve had a keratin straightening treatment on your hair you don’t want to try this one. It will strip your expensive process right off!


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