Edible Play Dough! Let’s Make Some Nutty Putty!

nutty putty

If you have ever checked out my “Little Ones” Pinterest board…you already know I have a thing for play kitchens and play food. :-)

Maybe as a child I was deprived of play kitchen time.

Maybe my love of all things in a “real” kitchen just translates to little kitchens too.

Or maybe I just never grew up! :-)  

I’m thinking that last one might be most accurate. It would explain why I’m making (& playing with!) edible play dough when my youngest child is 13 years old! 

nutty putty

nutty putty If you like “playing” in the kitchen too….you will love this recipe for Nutty Putty!  It combines the “fun” of play dough with the “joy” of teaching kids about “real” cooking! PLUS, you get to actually EAT it…and it tastes good! (I know plenty of little kids end up eating regular play dough…but I can’t imagine it tastes all that good! lol)

I discovered this recipe a few years ago when I was producing a daily talk show. One of the viewers sent it in and said she had raised 6 kids and this was their “play dough” growing up. She also said that even though her “kids” are all adults now, they STILL ask her to make it. :-) I have to say, I don’t blame them.  It’s yummy! Especially if you’re a peanut butter fan, like I am!  Oh…and as an added bonus…it’s GLUTEN-FREE. :-)


1 3/4 cups peanut butter
1 3/4 cups corn syrup
2 cups powdered sugar
2 cups powdered milk

nutty putty

Mix all ingredients together well with a wooden spoon, turn out the dough onto a hard surface dusted with powdered sugar, and knead the dough with hands until smooth. This would be fun to have the kidlets help with! Shape into a long roll, and wrap in clear plastic wrap.  Store in refrigerator.

nutty putty


Unfortunately, when the dough had firmed up, I didn’t have anyone to “play” with. :-(  (I tried to talk my daughter Britta into playing with me…but she blew me off. Ingrate!)  So there I sat at the kitchen table trying to be creative with my Nutty Putty. I’m afraid my efforts were fairly pathetic (hey! I haven’t play with play dough for a LONG time! I’m rusty!)….but I consoled myself by eating my creations when I was done. :-)

nutty putty

Now, go make some Nutty Putty and “play with your food”!  :-)

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  1. True Blue says

    I love play kitchens and food too,I WAS deprived of it as a child,no easy bake even! This site has the coolest play foods.. the tinned stuff and the bunches of carrots KILL me.
    I can’t wait til my girls are old enough to have a play kitchen,I have all those DIY also ikea has the more inexpensive and adorable plush (machine washable!) food sets!

  2. Julie says

    We used to make “No Bake” peanut butter cookies, and played with the dough. Peanut butter, honey and powdered milk. Yummy and a lot of fun. I haven’t made it in over 30 years, and don’t remember the exact amount of each. Might have to revisit soon. ;-)

  3. Shawn Sisler says

    Thanks Jillee, this is a wonderful recipe and it will be useful when teaching my grandson to cook… I had to hogtie his dad and uncles….lol Now his dad is a trained chef.. go figure.
    This recipe is really close to the one I use for the centers of my homemade peanut butter ball candy that I make for Christmas. The only difference is I only use half the powdered milk and add 2 cups crushed corn flakes or other similar cereal for crunch.

  4. Cynthia says

    Too cute! And given the fact that we have some young ones in the family again, I’ll definitely be making this.

  5. Heather J says

    I love play kitchens but not playdough. Have you seen all the knitted,crocheted, or sewn food? I would so much rather step on knitted bacon than plastic bacon!

  6. Mindy says

    what a great idea! You could even “paint” your projects with a little icing (or jelly since it’s pb). Really get creative (and have a snack after!)

  7. says

    It is a good idea. But this particular recipe won’t work for us, as my son is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and milk (and many other things). And though I never grew up, and am tempted to try it myself, I can’t have those ingredients in my house :(

    • Jennifer says

      What about sunflower seed butter? Or tahini (sesame seed butter)? I imagine you could use powdered goat’s milk if that isn’t an allergen or even a combo of powdered sugar and flour.