Make Your Own All-Natural Deodorant {Stick or Spray}

homemade deodorant

Several months ago I posted a recipe for making your own deodorant. It was mainly in response to discovering that those hard to remove armpit stains (see how to get rid of them here!) are caused by the aluminum in commercial antiperspirants! I’d worked hard to figure out how to get rid of those stains! I didn’t want them coming back!

While I have been perfectly happy with this deodorant…some people would prefer not to have to put their fingers into it to apply it and have requested a SPRAY or SOLID alternative. Your wish is my command. :-)

The SOLID version was actually inspired by my sister Rebecca. On her website, Camp Wander, she shared a recipe for a solid form of deodorant that’s not only effective on odor and wetness, but is formulated with essential oils that promote cleansing and rejuvenation.

Her original recipe makes a BIG BATCH of deodorant, so I decided to cut it in half and it turned out to be the perfect amount to fill two empty deodorant tubes.

make your own deodorant

Homemade Solid Deodorant


1/2 cup coconut oil
1 1/2 Tablespoons beeswax pellets
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cornstarch
10 drops each of Lavender, Lemon and Frankincense Essential Oils

If you don’t have essential oils on hand, don’t fret. This will work just fine without the oils. The oils are an added BONUS. :-)

make your own deodorant


Add the coconut oil, and beeswax pellets to a small saucepan. Slowly melt over VERY low heat. Once melted, remove from heat and add  baking soda, and corn starch.  Mix with a spoon until smooth and creamy in consistency, then add the essential oils and pour into your containers. Let stand to cool and solidify.

I was very pleased at how well this turned out. It has a great consistency and smells divine! But most importantly, after wearing it for a full day, it was every bit as effective as any commercial brand I have purchased.

And on a somewhat related, but not really related, subject….I just have to offer kudos to the makers of Old Spice for making the labels on their deodorant tubes so easy to take off! It makes repurposing containers SOOOO much easier! Labels that are practically FUSED to the bottle are one of my PET PEEVES!! (Makers of Dawn…are you listening?)

homemade deodorant

OK…I just had to get that off my chest. I feel better now.  :-)


Now, for those of you “sprayers” out there….here’s a recipe for you!  Another all natural option with essential oils as an added benefit.

make your own deodorant

Homemade Spray-On Deodorant


1/2 cup witch hazel
1/4 cup aloe vera gel (or juice)
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
10 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil (one of the most effective deodorant essential oils that has a crisp, refreshing scent!)

make your own deodorant


Add witch hazel, aloe vera, baking soda and your favorite essential oils to a small spray bottle and shake well before each use. Spray on underarms. If you don’t like the “wet” feel of it…you can stand in front of a fan for a few seconds to help it dry…or you can gently pat it with a dry towel. I didn’t do either. I just sprayed it on and went about my day. 

(Important Note: Clary Sage Oil should be avoided during pregnancy.)

I also tested this deodorant out on my own armpits and loved it. When I first sprayed it on it felt cool, refreshing and almost tingly! I thought the ‘wetness’ feeling of it might bother me…but after a minute I forgot I even had it on. And after wearing it all day long, no notice of any odor or wetness. Success!!

Whether you prefer to rub-in, rub-on, or spray….now you can make your own homemade deodorant that’s safe, effective and downright enjoyable to use!


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  1. Lee says

    I bet those roll on perfume bottles or recycled roll on container would work for the “rub in”

    • Maija says

      I’m guessing those roll on bottles would `not` work for the rub in. The firmness necessary for a `stick` would keep the ball from rolling. Liquid would be the only way to go with those. IMO.

      • Mindy says

        Maija, I agree the “stick” version in this post likely wouldn’t work with the roll-on containers, but the rub in that Lee is talking about is Jillee’s original post that in its current form requires you to “dip” your fingers into the tub and rub it on your skin.

      • Davina Irias says

        For the Powder Recipe I use and old Mineral Makeup Brush, no need for using your fingers and I do get more control of how much powder goes on, I’m thinking on putting some of the powder inside the empty container of the mineral makeup and have To Go Powder Deodorant dispenser for when going to Gym, dont know if these would be any help.

        I love Jillee’s site!!!!

    • Jen says

      Love the recipe! I only had 1 empty deodorant container so I halved the recipe. The only problem I had is it melted in my bathroom ( I take steamy showers). So, I poured it back into the pan reheated on low and put more beeswax (total is 4 tbsp). So far it’s good!—-Also, I used rose EO, I smell so good!

  2. Karen says

    Been hearing about the beeswax pellets, where can I purchase them?
    Does the spray-on need to be kept in the fridge because of the aloe vera juice?
    Thanks again for not being selfish and sharing.

    • says

      Amazon is a great place to get the beeswax pellets. If you use aloe vera juice you would want to keep the spray in the fridge but you probably don’t need to if you use the gel.

      • Soncierea says

        My favorite deodorant smell is baby powder. How can I make this to smell like that. I was thinking maybe adding actual baby powder to the mixture instead of the oils. What say you?
        I love your website BTW!!!

  3. Nicholle C. says

    After successfully trying your dryer balls and home-made fabric softener, I’ll be trying your home-made laundry detergent this weekend and then my next project will be this deodorant!

    By any chance did you do a cost comparison, to see what the savings might be to make versus buy the commercial stuff?

    • Angelica says

      Nicholle, my mom asked me the same question. Since most of the ingredients or all of them are thing I already have at home, well it’s cheaper making it. Well with the exception of the EO’s but as Jillee said those are extras but I chose to buy the missing EO. But in the long run even if you purchase the items you most likely won’t just be making it once so it will pay off on it’s own. Well that’s just my opinion.

  4. Amy says

    I’d also like to know the cost breakdown of this, as I currently have a good stockpile of deodorant that I’ve gotten basically for free using coupons — only paid sales tax on most of it. I’d like to try this out, too, so that I know I have a good backup should I run out of what I have.

    • says

      To make one stick cost me:
      1/4 cup cornstarch 12 cents
      1/4 cup baking soda 12 cents
      1/4 c. coconut oil – 95 cents
      3/4 tbs beeswax – 5 cents
      15 drops oil – approx 2 cents per drop – 30 cents

      Total, assuming you use your own container: $1.54

      With all the harmful junk that a purchased (or free) stick of deodorant has in it, I’d rather spend the $1.54 and the 5 minutes to make my own. Its easy, it works great and I know exactly what I’m putting on my body.

  5. Carol Samsel says

    Thanks so much!Cost factor aside the use of Aluminum Zirconium in commercial deodorants has raised major health concerns and some research has linked it to the rise in Alzheimer occurrences.

    • Denise says

      very true Carol! That and the cancer risks from other chemicals are enough for me to never go back to store bought!!

    • Joel G says

      In 1974 I was informed by my then-MD and orthomolecular psychiatrist, Dr Michael Lesser (Berkeley, CA), that aluminum has been found in studies entangled with the neurons in the brain on autopsy of terminal Alzheimer victims. Nineteen seventy four.

  6. Tessa says

    I know many natural deodorants do not stay solid at room temperature or perhaps in the summer. How does this formula hold up in keeping its shape?

    • Marie says

      It depends, the melting point of coconut oil it 76 degF but beeswax is higher, around 145degF. So you can increase the amount/ratio of beeswax to coconut oil to get it to stay solid at a higher temp. You may have to experiment with it a bit.

    • Tricia says

      I made my first batch of stick deodorant this summer without beeswax and it would melt sitting on my cupboard. So to the refrigerator I go! This September, I came across a recipe that had 2T of beeswax added and thought I would try it. I have been so happy with it now and I am able to keep it in the bathroom! I also had a slight burning with the old recipe in which I used cornstarch. This time I used arrowroot powder and have not had any burning. Yippee! The only problem I have with it is that it leaves graying/darkening type stains on my husband’s T-shirts.

      • raczyk says

        Never tried the recipe, but does arrowroot work just as good and does it have any health benefits over cornstarch?

      • Jamie says

        Arrowroot is fine and many use that instead of the baking soda which irritates some people.

      • Joel G says

        I’d guess cornstarch is likely to be sourced from genetically engineered corn. If you think that’s probably harmless, I wouldn’t, just on the Precautionary Principle. I’m not qualified to debate molecular biology but in addition I’d just feel bad sending any revenue to the GE industry.

  7. Landon says

    For those asking about beeswax pellets:

    Check your local craft stores. Sometimes you can find them with the soap making supplies. If you can’t find them locally my favorite online source for all natural supplies for homemade items is Mountain Rose Herbs. They are in Oregon, have great products & wonderful customer service. No, I do not work for them. I’m on the opposite side of the country, but just love their prices & selection.

    I’ll be trying the spray, I do believe, after I use up my stock pile of deodorant. Jill, I’d love to know what sort of Aloe you used & where you got it. I’m wondering if buying a plant & using it to grow more pots of my own might not be the best source.

    • Marie says

      Ditto the above comments on Mountain Rose Herbs! I get my herbs and spices from them and also essential oils. High quality and great service!

    • Kate says

      I use the spray and I really like it. I do have to spray it on a couple times during the day if I’m outside in the heat for awhile. However, I spray it on one time before I workout, as in, I do an hour spin class then an hour weight lifting class, and I don’t smell! It’s great! I bought my aloe vera gel from Trader Joes, but you can find it anywhere.