21 Home Remedies for Dry, ITCHY Skin!

remedies for itchy skin

I really don't mean for this blog to be "all about me" all the time....but it seems like lately I'm having a lot of "issues" that I think others might relate to and then I feel I have to share the information I discover! :-) Over the past week I have decided that itchiness that you just can't get rid of is one of the most ... Continue Reading

World’s Fastest Dinners!

fast dinners

Things are getting crazy around here! It's that time of year when the calendar just keeps filling up and the time I have to cook dinner just keeps going down. Last night we had Cafe Rio for dinner because I had a late meeting and the hubster is out of town on a business trip. The night before I bought a rotisserie chicken at ... Continue Reading

How to Restore Stained and Yellowed Linens

whitening yellowed linens

Earlier this month I did a post on the MANY Practical Household Uses for Salt and one of the tips was for brightening yellowed cottons or linens. The timing couldn't have been better because right after that I purchased a beautiful Battenburg lace tablecloth and 12 matching napkins from the consignment shop in town. (Same day I ... Continue Reading

Homemade Honey Butter Ambrosia!

honey butter ambrosia

I have been struggling with what to call this recipe ever since I ran across it on Pinterest. It happened to be one of those pins that doesn't actually lead to a blog or website, but just a picture uploaded by an individual. It was just a casual snapshot...a little out of focus, poor lighting....but it was the DESCRIPTION that ... Continue Reading

Gluten-Free Bread In A Cup In Seconds!

gluten free bread in a cup

Coping with Thanksgiving can be rough when you have Celiac's disease and can't indulge in any of the yeasty, gluten-y dishes. Since this is only the 3rd year we've had to deal with this, it caught me a little off guard when No. 2 son asked me the night before Thanksgiving if I could make my gluten-free "Better Than Pumpkin Pie ... Continue Reading

The Ultimate Detox Bath

Detox Bath

A couple of nights ago I was really feeling poorly. I was worn out. Physically and mentally. I KNOW I bring a lot of it on myself. I don't get enough sleep a lot of the time (OK...most of the time) and I hardly ever give myself any "down" time. But I try to eat healthy and I take vitamins, etc.  I just felt like my body was ... Continue Reading

DIY “Joyeux Noel” Luminary Cups

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 9.08.00 PM

So today, for some reason, I decided to get my D.I.Y. on!  I guess I was just feeling crafty! Or maybe I was just inspired after I saw this picture: I think originally I saw it pinned on Pinterest and it was something for sale on a website like Etsy (but it wasn't Etsy), but it was sold out. So I took a screen shot of ... Continue Reading