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Kindle-paperwhite(Note: This review is part of my participation in the Viewpoints Blogger Review Panel).

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon’s new higher-resolution, front-lit eReader, and let me tell you right off the bat….I love this thing!!  Thanks to my new little friend, I’m actually reading BOOKS again!

In this fast-paced, digitally-obsessed world…the simple joy of reading a book has definitely taken a back seat in my life. Sadly so. I have always ADORED reading, but over the last couple of years as my life has gotten busier with career and family, I literally can’t find the time to sit down and read a book. That all changed when I got the Kindle Paperwhite. Now I throw it in my purse, just like I do my cell phone, and take it everywhere! When I have a few minutes here and there of “downtime”, I can catch up on my reading.

I honestly didn’t think it would make such a difference, I just thought it seemed like a cool techie gadget to have. But the size, the durability, the extra long battery life, have changed my mindset about reading from a “too busy to read” to “have Kindle, will read!”

The Kindle creators did a fantastic job designing this thing. It really feels like I’m reading a book! I hold it in my hand like a book, I swipe my finger across the screen like I would turn a page of a book. The screen is just as easy to read in indoor and outdoor light. Plus it has definite perks no ordinary book can give you….reading in bed without needing a light on! I love this feature. My husband is an “early to bed, early to rise” sorta guy; I’m a “night owl”. I’ve always loved the ritual of reading a book before I fade out to dreamland, but I hated to turn on a light when the hubster was already sleeping. Enter Kindle Paperwhite, problem solved! Happy ritual restored! Marriage saved! Just teasing about that last part. The Kindle is great, but I’m pretty sure my marriage would have survived without it. :-)


I could go on and on about the cool features of this Kindle, but I will wrap it up here because, like I said, I’m a busy person! ;-) Which reminds me of one of my favorite new features of the Kindle. The “Time to Read” feature gauges your reading speed and let’s you know at the bottom of the page when you’ll finish your chapter! How cool is that? Talk about your time management tools!

One more thing. Since this is a “review” of the Kindle, and not just a “rave” about it, my only complaint would be that I haven’t been able to figure out how to quickly go back to the beginning of a chapter or to another section of the book to re-read something without losing my place. Of course I’m sure there is some user error involved there. I just think it should be easier to figure out.

If you have someone on your Christmas gift list this year that loves to read…you will earn their undying love and devotion if you put this little gem under the tree this year.  I’m just saying. :-)


OK, must get back to work! But first I have to finish the chapter I’m on of “Renegades Write The Rules: How The Digital Royalty Use Social Media” by Amy Jo Martin. I only have 6 minutes left!

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  1. Gina says

    you could always “bookmark” the beginning of a chapter and when you want to go back you can “bookmark” the page you are on and there is an option to “Go To” and I guess its now called “My Notes & Mark” then you can go back and forth if need be or when you want to back to your point in the book go to synch to furthest read or something similar to that

    • Gina says

      The kindle app is the main reason I bought a tablet… I love reading in bed but also didn’t want to keep my boyfriend up at night with a light… went with the tablet because it was just a tad more iwth more options than the kindle and the kindle fire wasn’t available yet

  2. says

    I have the “old fashioned” kindle and LOVE it. My only drawback is that it needs light to read at night. This new one is quite intriguing except I already own one. hmmmm

  3. Landon says

    I’d love to have one of those, but in the mean time I use Kindle for PC. Love it! I also signed up at The Cheap and get daily emails on free books that are available. On the PC version of Kindle if I scroll across the upper right side of the page a translucent image of a bookmark appears. When I click it the page is bookmarked. Have no clue if an actual Kindle would work the same.

  4. Lacey G. says

    Jillee, thank you for posting this! One of my dear friends was showing me one of her readers, and I am contemplating getting one as a Christmas present to myself :) One question, can I only download books from Amazon? I love to go to Barns and Noble, and I know that they have something set up with their “Nook”. Could I download books from the B&N store?

  5. Cyndi says

    I got a Kindle 2 years ago for Christmas. I bought a cover with a light that has solved my reading-in-bed problem. I don’t believe you can get books from Barnes & Noble, but you can borrow books from the library. I was always a reader, but now I am obsessed. Be careful…