“Last Minute” Thanksgiving Tablecloth

dish towel tablecloth They say that NECESSITY is the MOTHER OF INVENTION….well, I was in need of some SERIOUS invention intervention yesterday!

I had a list a mile long of stuff to do before Thanksgiving and ONE of them was to find a tablecloth. Sounds simple enough huh? Au contraire!

I went to four different stores in search of a Thanksgiving tablecloth and came up empty-handed. I was even willing to entertain the idea of a SLIGHTLY Thanksgiving-ISH tablecloth at one point…just SOMETHING that I could pass off as a “Thanksgiving tablecloth”. But no. Nothing.

I could have bought a dozen CHRISTMAS tablecloths…but not a single Thanksgiving/Fall/Autumn to be found. As a matter of fact…there wasn’t hardly ANYTHING of a Thanksgiving nature to be found!  Come on retailers…I realize there is pressure to SELL, SELL, SELL at Christmastime….but give Thanksgiving a chance too!  You just lost out on a BIG SALE! At one point I was close to paying ANYTHING for a Thanksgiving tablecloth. Big mistake. ;-)

So here is where the NECESSITY and INVENTION come in!

While there wasn’t much to choose from in an Autumn motif, I did manage to find a few cloth napkins. Of course I couldn’t find enough of one kind to make a tablecloth. However, there were enough of three DIFFERENT napkins (that were all in the same “family”) to create a “tablecloth quilt” of sorts. At this point I was desperate…so I grabbed 3 of each (for a total of 9) and brought them home PRAYING I could figure something out.

dish towel tablecloth

At about 9pm last night I finally got around to my tablecloth project. I lucked out and found a spool of yellow thread in my sewing box that actually worked quite well with the napkins (I feared I was going to have to use white because at THIS point I was NOT going to another store!)

Unfortunately, since I was making this thing up as I went along and had NO idea if it was even going to work, I didn’t take any pictures of the process.

About the only help I can provide at this point is this little graphic I made showing the order in which I sewed the edges of the dish towels together. And I do literally mean I sewed the edges together. I simply butted the finished edges of the napkins up against each other and zig-zagged them together. No seam allowances to deal with.


thanksgiving tablecloth

Since the dish towels were not all completely square OR the exact same size….there was a little bit of trimming involved, but, surprisingly, not much. The whole project went about as smoothly as I could have hoped for! Which I was very appreciative of…especially after the lesson in futility and frustration I had just gone through at the stores. :-)

So that is my VERY Last Minute Thanksgiving Tablecloth! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, considering how little thought went into the whole thing.  I’m thinking I might just make one DELIBERATELY (and not just out of desperation) for Christmas! I have seen SO many CUTE Christmas dish towels out there this year that would work perfectly for this. I might even take a few pictures next time. ;-)


dish towel tablecloth      

I want to wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being such an important part of my life.

I’m truly grateful for the community that you have helped me create here.

I hope it continues for a very long time to come. :-)



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  1. CTY says

    WOW! Whenever something like that comes together so beautifully for me, I never let the secret out to my guests. I let them think I stayed up nights to figure out what more I could do for them ;) You did a great job. So was it made from napkins or dish towels (the linen type or terry)? I think after use I would take them apart.
    My latest trick for easy decorating is that I buy, online & only on clearance, Vera Bradley napkins (20″ SQ). Nice & big as place mats, I think you once showed us a table runner from napkins, could do a cloth like yours with a little table padding underneath, buffet/mantle display, basket liners & of course use as napkins. I even made a purse from them. Every season there are more on sale (I paid just over $3 each). I am sure you would come up with all kinds of things. Best part they are so colorful- they can pull off multiple celebrations/seasons.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  2. Justjenny says

    Just thinking, buying some colorful fabric and seaming the edges would work too, wouldn’t it?

  3. Hazel says

    Happy thanksgiving Jillee and many blessings to you and your loved ones, and once again thank you for all the help you give us all

  4. Deborah Jennings says

    I love this! I think when hubby gets my dining table built, I will be making one of these. Maybe not with kitchen towels, but some fabrics. I live in a house that looks like an old farm house, and am wanting to decorate it in that style. It is a work in progress and may never be finished in our lifetime. But it does make life interesting and active to be working toward a goal. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  5. says

    AWESOME! But too bad I saw it Thanksgiving morning…and nope, I’m not venturing out…However, I might be willing to search the clearance bins in a day or two and have it ready for next year. Thanks for sharing..

  6. Monique says

    I think it’s adorable and much better looking than so many of the tablecloths out there!
    Thanks for all your great posts! Love every one of them.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Terry says

    I like it. Never would have thought of butting them together. — Since I have a round table it is would not work for me. — This is the reasons that when I see a round table cloth I like I buy it.

  8. Barbara Heymann says

    I know what you went through Jillee! I, in the past, have used a solid colored flat sheet and added placemats and or towels as a runner to give it seasonal look I wanted. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. says

    Thanks for the cute idea. I never thought of butting the towels together with no seam allowance. I wish I had some towels to make this for my TDay table.