Make Your Own “Curiously Strong Mints” {Altoids}

homemade altoidsI don’t know about you, but I personally can’t get enough of these “simple handmade gift ideas”!  I find that even if I don’t end up making them…if I see a really great creative idea…it gets my OWN creative juices flowing and then who KNOWS what can come of it!  I have seen that time and time again on this website. I post something and all of YOU comment on it and add to it and get each other thinking and it’s like a brilliant chain reaction!  It’s most amazing to watch! I love it!

So, today I offer one more idea that you can take and make or use as a springboard for your own ideas!  Homemade Altoid Mints!

I always have a tin of mints in my purse and it never even occurred to me that these little gems could be duplicated at home until I saw it posted on Nila Rosa! When you see how EASY it is you will most likely be asking the same question I OFTEN do…why didn’t *I* think of that!? :-)

Not only were these a fun project to make…but think of the different possibilities!  They could be a little favor/thank you gift for a teacher or a neighbor, or you could include it in a gift basket of several different goodies.  Or you can do like I did and put them in your purse! :-)  And the different FLAVOR possibilities are virtually endless as well!

homemade altoidsWhat You Will Need:

  • 1 pkg (or recipe) of Gum Paste
  • Powdered Sugar (just enough for dusting your surface & for tossing the mints in)
  • Essential Oils or Flavored Oils (I used 3-4 drops per egg-sized portion of gum paste. More if you want stronger flavor! Mine were about average.)
  • Food coloring – just a tiny bit is needed! (optional)
  • Citric Acid for “sour” flavors – I didn’t use. (optional)
  • Plastic straw (the fatter the better)

I figured the gum paste might prove challenging to find…but I found it in the cake decorating section of my local Walmart. The rest of the ingredients you probably already have on hand.

homemade altoids

Start out by pulling off a piece of the gum paste about the size of an egg and start kneading it. It’s pretty hard at first, but the warmth from your hands will soften it quickly. This is when I added the food coloring and flavoring. (I forgot to take a picture of adding the essential oils for flavoring.) I decided to use a latex glove the hubster had in his BBQ stuff so that the food coloring didn’t stain my fingers…but in hindsight I don’t think I really needed it. I also ended up using a just a few drops of regular cooking oil to help soften up the gum paste and help mix in the coloring and flavoring better.

homemade altoids

Once the color has been worked all the way through the “dough”…go ahead and sprinkle a little powdered sugar on your working surface and roll it out about 1/8” thick. Now you can start “punching out” mints with the straw. I happened to have these “fat” straws that I found at my grocery store, but I also tried it with the skinnier straws and it worked just fine that way too. Anything that will cut a small circle will do. Come to think of it…you could even use a pizza cutter or a knife and make them square-shaped.

homemade altoids

Once you have all your mints cut out, toss them with a little more powdered sugar to keep them from sticking together and let dry for at least 48 hours. The longer you let the dry…the harder/crunchier they will be…like a good mint SHOULD be.

I ended up making 3 different flavors in 5 different colors:  Yellow = Lemon; Orange = Wild Orange; and Pink, Green and Purple = Peppermint.

homemade altoids

I had a blast making these! Of course I originally set out to make ONE kind of mint….Peppermint, and couldn’t stop after just one! :-) Then at the end I went all CRAZY and mixed them all together for my own “custom Jillee blend”. :-)

homemade altoids






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  1. Debbi says

    And to think that they all laughed at me for saving/hoarding my Altoid containers for all these years!
    Well whose laughing now???????? hahahahahhahahahahha!

    • says

      Angela….I don’t think you would use EXTRACT for this recipe…but you can use flavoring oils that you purchase at a craft type store (or any place that sells candy-making supplies). They don’t need to be essential oils. Hope this helps!

    • Landon says

      One word of caution to those using essential oils – make sure the brand you have is edible. We have one herbal store here that sells essential oils, Hobby Lobby & I buy from Mountain Rose Herbs. The herbal store here in town will tell a person every time they are looking at the essential oils that their oils are strictly topical & not to be taken internally.

      • says

        I agree I use essential oils in skin care, but most are not for internal use, only topical please check the label before using.

  2. Sara Jones says

    I would love to make some of the mints, however, where do I find such things as the essential oils, gum paste, etc. These are not normal items in the grocery store. Please guide me where I can find them to purchase?

    • says

      Sara….Gum paste and the flavored oils can be purchased at most craft type stores that carry cake decorating and/or candy-making supplies.

    • Kelly says

      Please do be very careful with the oils. Those not set up for eternal use can do harm. You can also look at your health food stores too. They have many of those from various dealers. Thanks for the tips to check my local pharmacy’s would have never thought to look there.

    • WNCmountaingirl says

      Craft stores like Micheal’s carry cake decorating items .. you can also get pre made fondant and add tylose to it (again can find at craft store cake area) there are youtube vids about to make fondant into a gumpaste…also carries a lot of cake decorating items … youtube also has recipes for making your own fondant..

    • claudine says

      You can eve use flavourings, like vanilla…… but you can find them at any health food stores too, same as gum paste. Hope that helps.

      • claudine says

        Dont mistake essential oils for flavouring!! You can get essential oils for fragrance but you can’t and wont want to eat these!!!

    • says

      For essential oils, you should ONLY be using ones that are deemed food-grade safe. These can be purchased through doTERRA or Young Living and will run you $15 per bottle and up.

      Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing doTERRA oils like she used in this tutorial!

  3. Murphy says

    Would these work for the peppermint – hot choccolate mix? Representing those shopping in European supermarkets – thanks for the recipe, WNCmountaingirl! Jillie, your ideas are great, too, just the shopping is sometimes challenging. But, that’s what the rest of the team is for :-)

  4. WNCmountaingirl says

    For those who can’t find gum paste or prefer to make your own (cheaper!!) for this here is a simple recipe for it …

    Ingredients :
    1 Lb Powdered Sugar Fine -10X (reserve 1 cup)
    plastic bag
    1 Packet Knox Gelatin
    2 TBS of Lemon juice
    3 TBS of Water
    1 Tsp of Glucose (can use corn syrup)

    Instructions :
    Add gelatin, water & juice over double boiler; dissolve about 5 to 7 minutes.
    Add glucose (corn syrup) stir.
    Use a mixer with dough hook.
    Place sugar (reserve 1 cup for kneading later) in mixer then add liquid mix until slightly together remove and knead. (can be mixed by hand but use spoon til gelatin mixture cools off a bit while stirring then use hands)
    If it feels too sticky add a little more sugar.
    Wrap with plastic wrap and place in plastic bag (GET ALL AIR OUT!) , seal.
    Let rest over night.

    After resting – Allow to come to room temp if rested in fridge (can microwave for 15 to 20 sec increments til room temp is reached) then knead using more powdered sugar (reserved cup) if needed to keep from sticking) til softened up and stretchy..

    Will keep up to 2 weeks at room temp or a month if stored in fridge – remember to get all air out so it doesn’t dry out!!

    • says

      You rock WNCMountainGirl! I was going to look up a recipe to include for those who can’t find gum paste at the store and I totally dropped the ball. :-) But you picked it up! Thank you!!

      (I edited your original comment with the correct amount of powdered sugar. thx again!)

    • Natalie says

      So will the ones made with the bought gum paste last out of the fridge longer than 2 weeks or no? How about the recipe including butter below – does anyone know how long that will last out of the fridge? (LOVE the idea!)

    • Cheri says

      This recipe worked great and I had everything I needed on hand. I made 7 flavors so far. I wasn’t sure where to find a wide straw and then remembered my daughter had some for “bubble tea.” I think they were purchased at an international foods store.

    • wendy H. says

      my gum paste is not stretchy. I looked up other homemade recipes and they call for gum arabic, or something else (TRI-something). I followed recipe as stated here

      • wendy H. says

        ty have consistancy taste of those pastel mints, also dough is crumbly when cools. my kitchen is cold so i warmed in microwave so was easier to knead. Can I salvage this? HELP

  5. Emma says

    I want to try this, but before I get started I need guidance in how many drops of essental oil to use. Please and thank you.

    • says

      Very fun idea! I would also like guidance on how many drops. I love the idea of making orange ones – orange is my favorite flavor!

  6. Sandra R says

    Your blog is the best in the whole wide world. I love, love, love it! You never cease to amaze me and you have never disappointed us yet! Each post is a winnder and I find I can’t wait until I read your daily post. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to us all and encouraging us to use our creativity. Long may your blog live. YEAHAH!!

  7. Billie Jean says

    I love all your homemade projects and solutions. So far none of your post have let me down and I’m sure this one won’t disappoint either. THANK YOU& LOVE YOUR SITE


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