Coming Out Of The Medicine Cabinet…17 Alternative Uses for Alka-Seltzer!

Tis the season for over-indulgence. If you happen to indulge in a little too much food or drink this holiday season…a couple of Alka-Seltzer can be your best friend. But did you know that these fizzy little tablets can do a lot more than ease a hangover or an upset stomach?

Alka-Seltzer is made up of aspirin, citric acid, and baking soda which make it not only useful for medicinal purposes but a great cleaning product as well!

Here are some OTHER uses for the “plop, plop, fizz, fizz you might not know about (I sure didn’t!):

uses for alka seltzer
Safely Unclog A Drain

A great natural solution for unclogging the drain!  Just drop four Alka-Seltzer tablets down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar and allow to stand for about ten minutes. Flush with a pot of boiling water. Doing this on a regular basis can help keep that drain clear. This also works to deodorize the drain.

uses for alka seltzer
Clean a Toilet In A Hurry

Drop two tablets in the toilet, wait 20 minutes for the citric acid to loosen the grime, scrub and flush. The bowl will be clean, shiny, and deodorized. Handy for a quick clean in case of uninvited, unannounced, surprise guests.

uses for alka seltzer
An All-Purpose Cleaner  

Alka Seltzer can also be a good all around cleaner.  Plop three tablets into 8 ounces of warm water. Once the fizzing stops, dip a sponge in the water (or you could fill a spray bottle) and wipe down counters, tiles and tubs. You can even place some in your sink and use as mop water. Just add five tablets to one half gallon of water.

uses for alka seltzer
Soothe Insect Bites

Drop two tablets in warm water, then soak a cotton ball in the solution. Place on the bite for 30 minutes for relief from the insect bites.

uses for alka seltzer
Catch a Fish

Fish love bubbles. Break a tablet in half and throw it out near your fishing line, or put a tablet inside your tube jig and cast off. The fish won’t be able to resist the stream of bubbles.

uses for alka seltzer Remove Burnt On Food From Bakeware

Drop 5 tablets into a sink full of hot water and let your cookware soak for an hour or so. The burnt food will come off with ease.

uses for alka seltzer
Whiten and Brighten Your Laundry

To get rid of dingy yellow color on white cotton, soak your whites in a solution of a gallon of warm water and two Alka Seltzer tablets. Then hang your whites in the sun to dry to get rid of any lingering stains.

uses for alka seltzer 9
Deodorize the Fridge

For a clean, fresh smelling refrigerator, drop an Alka-Seltzer tablet in a cup of water and leave it in the refrigerator for a half hour. If there is still a smell in the refrigerator, then wash down the inside of the refrigerator with another Alka-Seltzer tablet in water.

uses for alka seltzer
Clean a Glass Jar, Flower Vase or Thermos

For those difficult to clean vessels with narrow-necks, and hard to reach places, drop two Alka-Seltzer tablets in, add hot water and swish it around until the tablets are dissolved and let it sit for an hour. Rinse, and the glass jar, vase or Thermos will be as clean as new.

uses for alka seltzer
Restore Stained Plastic Containers

Got spaghetti sauce stains on your plastic containers? Simply fill your container with warm to hot water and depending on the size drop 1-2 tablets into the water. Let sit for 30 minutes and the stains will disappear before your eyes.

uses for alka seltzer
Polish Your Jewelry

Drop two tablets in a bowl of warm water. Let your jewelry soak for about 20 minutes. It will look new again! (Note: This is not safe for pearls or opals.)

uses for alka seltzer
Build Rockets For Kids

Entertain little ones by heading outside with an empty film canister, filled halfway with warm water. Drop in half a tablet, snap on the lid and place the canister upside down on the sidewalk or driveway. Take a step back and watch your rocket blast off!

uses for alka seltzer
Clean Your Coffeemaker

Fill the water chamber of the coffeemaker and then drop in three tablets. When the Alka-Seltzer has dissolved, put the coffeemaker through a brew cycle. This will clean out all the internal components. Run through another plain water cycle before using the machine again for coffee.

uses for alka seltzer
Help For Nicotine Addiction

If you’re trying to quit smoking Alka-Seltzer can help. Take two tablets three times a day to relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings.

uses for alka seltzer
Cure Urinary Tract Infections

Showing signs of a urinary infection? Take two tablets in a glass of water as soon as you notice symptoms. Results are almost immediate. Keep in mind that Aspirin is a main ingredient in Alka-Seltzer so those with Aspirin allergies shouldn’t use it.

uses for alka seltzer
Clean and Deodorize A Cooler

After an outing or trip, add about 1 inch of water to the bottom of your cooler, drop 4 tablets in, and let sit for an hour. After an hour, rinse and dry. All smells will be gone and it will be clean and ready for its next use.

uses for alka seltzer
Clean Dentures

Drop an Alka-Seltzer tablet into a glass of warm water, and then drop your dentures into the glass for about ten minutes. The citric acid and carbonation will remove the toughest stains from your dentures and other prosthetic dental work. This is an excellent substitute for more expensive denture cleanser products.


Have you tried any of these? 


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  1. Terri says

    I’ve been using denture tablets for about a year or so now to do a lot of these cleaning tasks. It’s good to know that Alka Seltzer will do the same thing, so now when I need a new box of “bubbly” I can check to see which one is the cheapest that week. You got me on the “Cure Urinary Tract Infections” one. Does it really CURE it or mask the symptoms until you can get to a Dr? How often should you take it?

    Thanks to Jillee I feel like I’ve learned something new everyday!

    • Katherine says

      It can only mask the UTI symptoms because a UTI is caused by bacteria. Alka Seltzer doesn’t contain antibiotics. It says it contains aspirin, so it is only going to help with the pain.

      • dani says

        Actually, baking soda is a common remedy for uti’s. I’m sure the aspirin helps with the pain, though.

      • frances says

        Uti can only exist in an acid environment, alka seltzer removes the acid, hence uti goes away if taken at the early stages

      • tina says

        apple cidar vinegar is the very best thing for uti if you wake up w uti symtoms take abt a shot of vinegar w a glass of water as soon as you get up thn again befor you go to bed the next morning you will fill much better i usually do it for abt 2days thn whn im beter i usually at least drink vinegar and water 1ce a wk because i drink alot of DT MT DEW

    • Rachel Bennett says

      Also, the citric acid (vitamin C) will help increase the acidity of your urine, which helps kill the bacteria. You could take some Vitamin C by itself, as well. I am a nurse, and took care of a lady once who was VERY prone to UTI’s and her doctor had told her to take 4000 mg per day to keep them at bay. You cannot overdose on vitamin C, since it is water soluble — your body gets rid of the excess in your urine! It won’t hurt you and it might help you avoid UTI’s. If it doesn’t work, you can still go to the doctor. The vitamin C will not have hurt anything.

      • Chefmary says

        As a nurse, I was also taught that vit c was benign. I advocated for large doses of vit c especially in the cold season. Until…. My husband got kidney stones secondary to vit c and green tea intake. In big doses, vit c will precipitate out as stones. So… If you take large doses of vit c, don’t drink green tea.

      • Mitch says

        Yes same thing happened to me. I was told “you can’t take too much, you’ll just pee it out”. I was getting a lot of colds so I started taking massive amounts of Vitamin C daily. About 6 months after I started the high dose Vitamin C regimen, I had a kidney stone. After some research I realized it was probably the Vitamin C. 10 years later and no stones other stones.

      • Lily says

        Your reply makes it apparent you’ve never seen anyone overdosed on vitamin c. Diahrrea, vomit, dehydration, and abortion are common in vitamin c overdoses. Some nurse you are!

      • Kim says


        I found your reply interesting. However, I would strongly urge you not to give general medical advice online as it may give readers the impression that they do not need to seek medical care. This is a friendly post, from one nurse to another.

      • Ram says

        It has been specifically proposed that megadoses of vitamin C increase oxalate production (thereby increasing the formation of renal stones); competitively inhibit renal reabsorption of uric acid; enhance the destruction of vitamin B12 in the gut; intensify the enteric absorption of non-haem iron, thus leading to iron overload; result in mutagenic effects; and increase vitamin C catabolism that would persist after returning to lower intakes of the vitamin (Combs, 1992). These and other possible effects of high doses have been reviewed by Hornig and Moser (1981) and Rivers (1989), who conclude that ingestion of even massive amounts of vitamin C (up to 10 g/day) does not usually constitute a health risk for humans. Nevertheless, large doses are contraindicated in cases of renal insufficiency, chronic haemodialysis, unusual forms of iron overload, and in oxalate stone formers.

    • KELLY says


    • says

      I haven’t tried the UTI cute, but my grandmother gets them all the time, and I will be checking this out! It makes perfect sense if you think about alkaline vs acid environments in the body. Wish I knew this sooner. Thanks!

  2. Deb says

    For stinky feet, pour warm water in container and add 2 tablets and soak feet for 3-5 minutes. Alka Seltzer cold plus works best!

  3. says

    Great hints. Especially the one for the coffee maker. You would be able to treat a hangover and have your cup of coffee at the same time. May not taste that good though.

  4. Vicky T says

    I have done several of these using denture cleanser tabs. I have no doubt these work but I certainly would try using “store-brand” or generic brands since Alka-Seltzer is quite expensive, especially when used in large amounts. Still do love the uses though. Great!!

  5. Casey says

    I used them when I was a teenager and had a retainer. I always felt weird buying them at that age, but they sure worked!

  6. says

    I make my own fizzy tablets when I’m making bath bombes! Just mix 2:1 Baking soda and citric acid, spritz with enough water to make it hold together, and pack into small ice cube tray / candy mold. No asprin, and cheaper if you already have the citric acid!

  7. CTY says

    Keep out of reach of Children: Somehow once as a kid, one of us got hold of some travel size two packs. We broke them up and took turns foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. My brother was the best (as always), he put a whole one in his mouth because he wanted to foam the most, & kept his mouth shut. Yep, you guessed it- it came through his nose.
    Since the digital age–where can I get film canisters?