DIY Salt Votives…Adding Warmth And Sparkle To Your Home!

epsom salt votives

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you are going to probably laugh at today’s post because once again I am demonstrating my obsession with crafts that flicker! I just can’t help myself!  Especially at this time of year. The glow of “candlelight” is just so cozy and inviting, and with the little LED tea lights you can buy now you can light up the night safely and economically! It’s a dream come true for a girl like me. :-)

These charming votives made from recycled glass jars, a little Mod Podge, and Epsom Salt were so simple to make, I might have gone a little overboard. But I had all these jars I’d been saving for SOMETHING and when I spied this idea at Farmhouse38 I knew this was the perfect way to use them! (My glass jar hoarding was finally paying off!)

epsom salt votives

Here is what you’ll need to make your own Salt Votives:

  • Glass jars (any size will do!)
  • Epsom Salt
  • Mod Podge (or some other adhesive)
  • Painter’s tape (optional)
  • Clear Coat Finish spray paint

epsom salt votives

Here is what you’ll do:

I liked the idea of keeping part of the jar clear glass so I opted to tape off the top of the jars about 1/8 to 1/4 of the way down. I had lot of painter’s tape leftover from painting my office and this worked perfectly.

epsom salt votives

Fill a shallow container with Epsom Salt (I used a small baking sheet).

epsom salt votives

Next “paint” your jars with a medium thick layer of Mod Podge and then ROLL them in the salt. Keep turning the jar and rolling in the salt until you have a nice, even coverage. Set aside to dry while you make another one! (or two or three…or TEN!)

epsom salt votives

epsom salt votives

epsom salt votives

Spray each jar with a coat of clear gloss spray to help the salt to adhere to the jar and give it just a little more sparkle! Allow to dry (really only minutes!) and remove the tape.

Place one of those LED tea lights in each jar and THAT is it!  You’ve just made a pretty little votive that would complement just about any home decor.

epsom salt votives

Of course I was thinking “Christmas decor” when  made these, but since then I have placed them all over the house!

I have one by my nightstand, one on a small table by the chair in my office (shown above), several placed around my bathtub (perfect ambiance for a nice, soothing soak!) and of course on the mantel…because they just look so nice there. :-)

epsom salt votives

epsom salt votives

epsom salt votives

I even stuck a few in the Christmas tree…just for fun. My pictures don’t do it justice….but they provided the most lovely glow amongst the branches!

epsom salt votives

On a scale of 1 to 10…I’d give this craft idea a solid 9.5 (because there’s always room for a little improvement!)   :-)


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  1. Cyndee Baldwin says

    Wonder if you could color the salt somehow? I’m using epsom salt IN my mason jars to anchor votives, looks like snow!

    • Landon says

      Did you know you can also use coffee grounds to anchor votives? Light a real votive & the heat of the flame will warm the grounds so that they let off a yummy fragrance. Vanilla, caramel or hazelnut candles are my favorite ones to use with coffee grounds.

      • says

        I debated with mselyf whether I should put it at the top like APW or at the bottom like Hindsight Bride, and went with the later. I feel like people will just skip over it if I put it at the top and it’s still a good post that deserves reading as much as any other. I am pretty proud of my pink label though. Fifteen minutes on PhotoShop.

  2. meenakshi says

    Cute !

    One could also paint a few random strokes or designs once the salt has dried ! Acrylic paints should work fine.

  3. PJ says

    Neat idea. It’s also a great way to reuse jar candles after they’ve burned down to the bottom.

  4. Alisha says

    This is a great idea. Also you can add a couple of drops of food coloring to the Epson Salt to get a color you like.

    Jillee! You did it again.

    • Sherri McNeeley says

      Yes, you can. Place desired amount of ES into a clear or slightly transparent container with a lid — plastic or glass, doesn’t matter. Add a couple drops of desired food coloring, attach lid and SHAKE thoroughly til ES is evenly colored.

  5. Katie E says

    That is such s good idea!! But I really wished I hadn’t seen it, now I want to make those for christmas gifts!! Those would be so nice and easy to make. I love your blog!!

    • says

      I just loved your salt votives. I have a few health problems and in the house more than I want so I’ve decided to start crafting again. I’ve missed it. Time to start again. I am going to my local craft store and get some new supplies. My first project will be the salt votives. Thanks for the great idea. Thank-You for helping me get out of my depression.. Happy Holidays!!