DIY Salt Votives…Adding Warmth And Sparkle To Your Home!

epsom salt votivesIf you are a regular reader of this blog then you are going to probably laugh at today’s post because once again I am demonstrating my obsession with crafts that flicker! I just can’t help myself!  Especially at this time of year. The glow of “candlelight” is just so cozy and inviting, and with the little LED tea lights you can buy now you can light up the night safely and economically! It’s a dream come true for a girl like me. :-)

These charming votives made from recycled glass jars, a little Mod Podge, and Epsom Salt were so simple to make, I might have gone a little overboard. But I had all these jars I’d been saving for SOMETHING and when I spied this idea at Farmhouse38 I knew this was the perfect way to use them! (My glass jar hoarding was finally paying off!)

epsom salt votives

Here is what you’ll need to make your own Salt Votives:

  • Glass jars (any size will do!)
  • Epsom Salt
  • Mod Podge (or some other adhesive)
  • Painter’s tape (optional)
  • Clear Coat Finish spray paint

epsom salt votives

Here is what you’ll do:

I liked the idea of keeping part of the jar clear glass so I opted to tape off the top of the jars about 1/8 to 1/4 of the way down. I had lot of painter’s tape leftover from painting my office and this worked perfectly.

epsom salt votives

Fill a shallow container with Epsom Salt (I used a small baking sheet).

epsom salt votives

Next “paint” your jars with a medium thick layer of Mod Podge and then ROLL them in the salt. Keep turning the jar and rolling in the salt until you have a nice, even coverage. Set aside to dry while you make another one! (or two or three…or TEN!)

epsom salt votives

epsom salt votives

epsom salt votives

Spray each jar with a coat of clear gloss spray to help the salt to adhere to the jar and give it just a little more sparkle! Allow to dry (really only minutes!) and remove the tape.

Place one of those LED tea lights in each jar and THAT is it!  You’ve just made a pretty little votive that would complement just about any home decor.

epsom salt votives

Of course I was thinking “Christmas decor” when  made these, but since then I have placed them all over the house!

I have one by my nightstand, one on a small table by the chair in my office (shown above), several placed around my bathtub (perfect ambiance for a nice, soothing soak!) and of course on the mantel…because they just look so nice there. :-)

epsom salt votives

epsom salt votives

epsom salt votives

I even stuck a few in the Christmas tree…just for fun. My pictures don’t do it justice….but they provided the most lovely glow amongst the branches!

epsom salt votives


On a scale of 1 to 10…I’d give this craft idea a solid 9.5 (because there’s always room for a little improvement!)   :-)




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  1. Heather says

    What if you used colored sand, like for Sand Art?. You can find that at Michaels. I’m not sure if a color, even a light one would make it harder for a person to see the light. It is just a thought. Very cute, LUV IT!!

    • Rachel says

      I’d be afraid that a finer grain of sand like that would cover the jar too fully and not let enough light out? If you used a thin layer of mod podge on the jar and sprinkled the sand over it instead of rolling the jar in the sand, it might work. But we’ll never know til we try!

      Where are my Michael’s coupons…

  2. Karen423 says

    This would also be great to give the fake berries in a wreath or other decoration a little bit of sparkle and tone down the red of the berries.

    Landon – I am a coffee addict! I already have plans for a container of coffee beans on the table with a vanilla votive in it.

    • Landon says

      Just be sure to use the votive tea lights that are in little cups or add a small candle cup inside of a larger container with the coffee beans or grounds. You want to avoid the coffee coming in contact with the flame. Don’t ask how I know, just know it took days to get the scorched coffee smell out of my house! LOL It didn’t cause a safety risk – a few grounds got in the melted wax & made it’s way to the flame, but boy did it stink up the place!

  3. says

    I don’t know whether to thank you or hate you for your blog! I have recently started following you and I now have NO spare time! I keep running out and buying what I need to try whatever your last posting was for. For sure I will be making these candles before the holidays. I hate that work gets in the way of crafting. Thanks


  4. Lynn Sterud says

    One word…ribbons! Would add to the seasonal look and with flameless votives be quite safe!
    I think coarse glitter, alone or mixed in with the epsom salt would also be pretty. Great idea!

  5. CTY says

    These look great! They can satisfy my desire for candles without causing alarm in DH about burning down the house. Especially since he heard the daughter-in-law’s story of a family member who did burn down the house when an candle caught fire some years ago. Really like them in the tree.
    Jillee- I was hoping to read all your posts from the beginning (over the winter) & wondered if there is a systematic way to search them & read them.

    • says

      CTY…on the sidebar…on the right hand side of the website there are links to the Archives that are arranged in Chronological order. You could start there. Otherwise there are Categories listed in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
      FYI…we are working on the overall look and functionality of the website….expect exciting things come January! :-)

  6. Carole says

    Just to let you know, your blog is the first thing I read each morning and sometimes (like today) I go back for a second look. You are truly amazing – please, please never stop giving us such wonderful ideas. I rushed out to buy my “stuff” to do this early this morning. I give you a 10+++.

  7. says

    I adore this! I have a 3 year old grandchild and I have put my favorite candles away to keep her safe. I don’t consider it a hardship, but now I can enjoy having candles again as well as delight in little Emme. Thank you Jillee. I can’t get enough of your ideas.

  8. Comet says

    These would also look great “strung up” with wire handles outdoors summer and winter! And then you could use the real candles that are just that bit brighter!!!! Or nestled in the snow—not a snow fan but anything that makes winter ANY brighter is good for ME!!!! OH—and you could use some of that AMAZING RED AND WHITE BAKERS TWINE Jillee!!!!!! LOL!!!!

    One thing–don’t EVER put your burned candles in the SINK. Even if it is a metal sink! Fires have started when people put the candle in there and it is not either OUT or is still full of HOT wax–the wax can get down the pipes if the candle tips or the container cracks and MELT or SET ON FIRE the PVC pipes under there—right where a lot of us store our chemicals! And paper goods! If it doesn’t manage to melt your pipes it can certainly clog them and make for a very annoying and messy clean up. No one wants to spend an evening under the SINK!!!!! Better to just have them sit on a flat stable METAL baking type pan until they solidify.

  9. Cynthia says

    Wonderful idea as always! I have got to try making some of these. Epsom salt is a staple in our house…and these are lovely. I also like the idea of coloring the salt, or maybe the glass itself.

    Just out of curiosity, Jillee, what is the reoccurring injury on your left thumb? I see that in a lot of your posts, there is a band-aid on it. But your nails are always polished so lovely!

  10. says

    I have to agree with everyone else, Jillee, you have incredible ideas! I’ve thanked you in the past for all your research into “Things” that make our life easier and I say it again. I want to add a thank you for the darling ideas, such as this one today, that adds joy to our homes and what an easy gift idea. I’m going to hopefully fit this into my schedule of homemade items for Christmas. If I don’t get to it by Christmas, I’ll do them for News Years…I think I can make them in that week! Yeah!

  11. Lindalou says

    If you like scented things, add some essential oils to the Epsom salts (along witha few drops of food colouring, if you want colour too). Haven’t tried these yet, so not sure how long the scent would last, but probably good for a while…just an idea…

  12. says

    I am curious if you would think it safe to paint the Mod Podge on a toddler hand and then roll in the ES? I think this might make a good gift for my son’s biological family. I have never used Mod Podge before and just don’t know.


  13. Valerie says

    You have the best blog ever!!! Your ideas are fantastic! Love to read it at work on my lunch break. This idea is cool. I wonder if you could use fragrance or essential oils to scent the epsom salts?? Is this even possible? My mind is running in overdrive now thinking of different things to do with this. Thanks for all your ideas and keep up the great work! I’m a “lifer” now. Love it!! :-)

  14. katie e says

    Just made 25 of these and the oatmeal shower bags and the semi-homemade loition!! I love this site and appricate all the hard work you do. Please, please, please keep it up this is the best site I have found for homemade and DIY!!!! Thank you so much and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  15. Terri says

    I made these salt votives and they made such a beautiful eye catching decorations for my holiday parties!! thanks for the idea! I gave some away as gifts when people cpmplimented them. I love your blogs, I look forward to seeing what is new everyday. I make my own laundry soap, hand soap, body wash, dishwasher powder and dish washing liquid because of your blog!!! I also like to look back at what I missed out before I found your blog. thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  16. Kelli says

    I just made several of these. They are beautiful. I am searching the house for different knids of jars I can do this on…lol. I just did this on a large vase, waving the tape so the top line isn’t straight. looks very cool! Love the ideas of coloring the salts. Wonderful and easy ideas

  17. Lisa says

    This website it brilliant. How about using outdoor mod podge, the salt, more mod podge, with solar light on top for a luminaire? I think I’ll try it plus maybe color the salt for different colored luminaires. Thanks for all your hard work for other people.


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