Holiday Shipping Tips

It’s scary how the dates on the calendar just keep creeping closer and closer to Christmas in such a relentless fashion! I can’t seem to keep up!

But one thing I’m NOT stressing about this year is my Christmas cards. Thanks to OfficeMax Impress Print Center, I created, ordered and received my cards in record time and am close to finishing up addressing them.

I realize Christmas isn’t for two more weeks, but I was a little concerned about shipping and mailing dates….so I decided to look them up for all of us. :-)

Here they are straight from the United States Post Office website:

Holiday Shipping and Mailing Dates for Domestic Mail

Make sure you know the recommended dates if you’re hoping your gifts will arrive by December 25.

  • First-Class Mail® Service  –  Deadline is Dec. 20
  • Priority Mail® Service  –  Deadline Dec. 21
  • Express Mail® Service*  –  Deadline Dec. 22
  • Parcel Post® Service  –  Deadline Dec. 14

So never fear…you’ve still got time to order, address and send your cards! And here’s an added incentive……

OfficeMax ImPress Print Center is offering a great deal on custom holiday greeting cards that you can take advantage of now through December 30, 2012. At checkout, simply enter “CARDSAVINGS” to get 50% OFF!  PLUS $50 OFF holiday card orders of $200 or more at

OfficeMax ImPress features more than 200 card designs that you can personalize with family photos, or whatever photos you choose! Simply select a card design, upload a photo and add a personal message.


Here’s just a few of the cute designs available.



OfficeMax Impress Print Center also wants to give away a $100 gift code to one lucky winner to create their own custom holiday greeting cards! There will be a quick turn-around on this giveaway so the winner can get their cards ASAP! A winner will be announced Wednesday, December 12, 2012!


I’m going to make the requirement for entering very simple….all you have to do is leave a comment below sharing how you display Christmas cards you receive in the mail. This has been driving me crazy for the last 25 years! I have yet to come up with an idea I like that WORKS!  So if you could help I’d REALLY appreciate it and you might just win a prize for your efforts.    :-)


I received a set of holiday greeting cards from OfficeMax ImPress Print Center in order to facilitate this review. Opinions in this post are 100% my own.


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  1. Leah says

    I tape them to the back of the door of my apartment, that way I see all the smiling face of my friends and family as I’m leaving for the day!

  2. Kat says

    I use an Umbra photo holder. I saw that they now make Christmas tree shaped ones for that very purpose!

  3. Monica says

    We use clothespins to clip the cards to a length of wide ribbon that is tacked up on our bulletin board. My mom puts her ribbon on her fridge with magnets.

  4. Michelle says

    hung around the door opening into our kitchen!! Also, have a card holder from Southern Living at Home that hangs on the wall.

  5. Comet says

    We have two places to display cards—one of the wire wrapped holders in shape of Santa that have the circle clip on the wires; and also a folding decorative hanger that hangs flat on the wall for the larger ones—these can both be re-used every year.

    Never manage to do the “formal”
    pics–always do pics of grand kids and sometimes even manage to send them in December! Well—doesn’t everyone NEED a smile in JANUARY!!!!!

  6. Alyssa says

    We have always put them up on a main wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. Thank you for the post, love the the blog.