Make A Beautiful Doily Snowflake Garland!

doily snowflakesI’m not going to lie….yesterday was NOT one of my better days.

I made a really dumb mistake on yesterday’s blog post that I was kicking myself for…….I was feeling pretty worn out from having been to San Francisco and back in 48 hours…….and then upon my return home I learned about the tragedy in Connecticut.

All those things combined with the typical “10 days until Christmas stress” made me feel like not doing much of ANYTHING!  So what did I do???  I crafted!

I have always found that doing a SIMPLE craft soothes my soul. And this one was no exception. As I folded and cut and created…I found the worry and stress I was feeling melt away. Which I felt was a fitting metaphor since I was making SNOWFLAKES. :-)

paper snowflake present

I made some snowflakes last year out of plain white paper and used them as Christmas present embellishments…but this year I decided to kick things up a notch and make them out of doilies. Since doilies are already perfectly shaped and delicately detailed…a few simple snips with the scissors and you have an intricate and beautiful snowflake. After realizing how easy (and satisfying!) these were to make I decided to try fashioning a couple of snowflake garlands to hang around the house for my Christmas party this Friday. It really was so simple to make and looked so lovely….I plan on making several more this week. :-)

Here is a rundown of how I created my snowflake garlands.

I bought two sizes of doilies at my local Walmart. They were in the wedding cake decorating section. When I went to make them into a garland, I just alternated the sizes.

doily snowflakes

First thing you have to do is FOLD the doilies. The method I used makes a 6-point snowflake:

doily snowflakes 2

doily snowflakes 3

doily snowflakes 4

After I had made a good number of both sizes of snowflakes, I ironed them using my stream iron with the STEAM TURNED OFF and on the lowest temperature setting. After they are nicely pressed, lay them out in a row on your table or on the counter, lay a length of fishing line over the top, and tape it onto each snowflake using invisible Scotch tape. At first I tried “stringing” the snowflakes on the fishing line, but quickly realized that taping was MUCH EASIER and kept them all nicely spaced. And you don’t see it at all!

doily snowflakes

I ended up making two swags that I draped across the front of our entertainment center…and one smaller one for one window in the same room. But like I said, I plan on making before my Christmas party. I love how they look festive and elegant at the same time. :-)

doily snowflakes


Have you started feeling the pressure of Christmas being 10 days away?  I highly suggest getting out your scissors and making of few of these. :-)


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  1. katie e says

    They are so pretty and easy to make. Don’t stress too much about yesterday, everybody makes mistakes. Also everybody who can’t eat gluten knows what they can’t and can eat. I’m allergic to peanuts and I no exactly what has peanuts in it and what doesn’t.

  2. Aleta Worthey says

    I love this idea and if you want something simple for the kids to do for decorating sometime just take some Coffee filters. They are pretty cheap and have them fold them the same way and cut away. I used to do this with my grandson and my kids when they were little. Than we taped them to the windows for a festive look and if the sun happened to shine it would shine through them and the kids would love it.

    • Lissi says

      Aleta, my young ones and I make paper snowflakes every January and tape them to our big dining room picture window. It makes me happy to hear that someone else has done the same sort of thing. It really is very pretty, isn’t it? We use a variety of papers in whites, silvers and golds. Jillee, I love the garland idea, too! Thanks!

  3. Kim says

    They are very pretty and therapeutic, giving your home a little joy after a rough day.

    And, I agree with Katie E. Those of us with food issues know what we can and can’t eat. I take responsibility for that myself, never expecting that of someone else. Don’t be hard on yourself. I don’t blame you at all, my dear. :) Big hug!

  4. Hazel says

    These are great, and perfect timing too, my son and I made some semi-snowflake-looking things last night (lol) now we can make really nice ones and it so happened I found a pack of paper doilies forgotten in my cabinet, can’t wait for my son to wake up to show him how to make these, thankyou

  5. says

    I love this little project. I probably made my first doily snowflakes soon after I could wield a pair of scissors. I’d forgotten how sweet they look when strung across a window.

    I wonder if you could attach them to a string of lights (I mean, I know you can, but would it be safe?) … maybe take two snowflakes, one for each side of the light and tape them to the cord on both sides of the bulb… pretty pretty.

    Hang in there! No worries for your goof. We’ve all been there at some time or another!

  6. jan says

    Hi Jillee,

    Just wanted to say you do such a terrific job. I enjoy your posts so much – both the ideas and the way you write. When I read your posts, I feel like I’m hearing from a good friend. Don’t sweat the recipe thing. I have a husband and daughter with Celiac’s and we all know how easy it is to make mistakes with that. Years ago I even fed oatmeal based cookies to my father-in-law who also had Celiacs. I was new to the illness and was so proud of myself for finding a cookie recipe that didn’t use flour! I since have learned so much more.

    So, enjoy the holidays and keep those terrific ideas and recipes coming. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us.


  7. says

    My husband and granddaughter made similar snowflakes after dinner on Thanksgiving. I pressed them and arranged them on a bright rd tablecloth I have for Christmas and then placed the glass we keep on the top of our dining room table over it. It holds the snowflakes in place and gives the room a festive look. I’ve receive a lot of compliments on it. A snowflake garland would make it look even more festive!

  8. Marla says

    Ditto to the comments above regarding the recipe oops~no big deal. I went to Mother’s and found great subs for the stuff my Sis can’t have~using your recipe as a guide. So no worries! Enjoy your day and Merry Christmas!

  9. Jaan L of Tx says

    Ha, Ha….once I saw “Party Mix” I didn’t care, I love Party Mix….and this one is sooo good. By the way, I happy that you did these snow flakes. I have to decorate for my son’s birthday on the 24th, yeah, he’s weird like me…and only wants Christmasy decorations for his party. Thanks

  10. Kristi Myers says

    Jillee, I’m home from church & about to make “your chex mix”. Just saw your update. It’s okay!! No one is perfect including ME!! Of course Jesus IS perfect!! Don’t beat yourself up. As I have said before, “Jillee is an awesome lady!!” And that is that! =)

  11. CTY says

    Bout the post–I still think you are divine! And according Alexander Pope’s admonition, if you forgive yourself you are DIVINE. Just sayin.
    Lovin’ the snowflakes & got me thinking all my gifts this year to family are homemade & I just seem to have less for # 1 son. I found this website for Star Wars snowflake templates–it looked really hard but then I thought nothing ventured nothing gained (I may use an exacto knife–if I can find it). I’ll make time today, in between batches of cookies(maybe it will keep me from eating so many)

  12. says

    Thank you for this posts and all your posts. I appreciate the work you put into your blog. And the snowflake garland is perfect for today. I live in Georgia with no snow and my girls are missing the snow of Utah as well as my son on his mission in Mississippi. This will make me Super Mom! Thank you again!

  13. Lindie says

    Love this!!! I’ve always used coffee filters in the past. But these are so much prettier. Also, comes at a great time since our Elf was going to make some decorations soon in time for Santa’s arrival. Thanks for the great idea!

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