These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

gift tagSo I was at the store on Saturday and noticed that on the cover of Oprah’s Magazine she is giving away her Favorite Things for Christmas! I was a little disappointed that she decided to copy my idea…but I guess in the spirit of Christmas cheer….I will forgive her. ;-)

I am joking of course! Oprah is the QUEEN of the “Favorite Things” Christmas Giveaway idea! But it’s such a great one…it’s easy to see why it’s so often replicated! Just like I’m going to do today! (On a slightly smaller scale.)  :-)

Once again I am teaming up with the gals at Small Fry Blog for a VERY EXCITING giveaway of some of our Favorite Things! I will be giving away some of MY favorite things for ME…and the Small Fry gals will be giving away their favorite things for the kidlets. So those of you will little ones will want to scamper on over there to enter right after you’re done here.

But don’t go yet….I think you’re going to want to stick around to see what you could win!

Putting this giveaway together was SO fun and yet SO hard! I could have included at least a hundred more “favorites” to this list…but since I don’t have Oprah’s budget…I had to set some limits. But, that being said, I think this is a good sampling of some of the things that make me happy (and I hope will make you happy too!)   :-)

My Favorite Things


So here is my 2012 list of some of My Favorite Things that I am going to be giving away to one of you! (In no particular order.)

My Favorite Things

MAC Cosmetics Lip Glass Gift Set

I’ve been wearing MAC’s Lip Glass for a long time (although I’ve only recently started using their other make up) and I LOVE this lip gloss. It’s so shiny and stays on so much better than anything else I’ve tried. Not to mention the beautiful shades! This is a nice collection of colors in a very cute gift set.

MAC Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Gift Set

If you’ve never used MAC make up brushes…you are in for a treat! The brushes are so soft and don’t leave little pieces of the brush all over your face. I hate that.

My Favorite Things

Philips Sonicare Elite Limited Edition

Includes 2 power toothbrushes, three brush heads, two chargers, and two travel cases! I bought this exact same toothbrush from my dentist about 6 months ago and all I can say is….Why didn’t I do it sooner??  I had no idea what I was missing. I feel like my teeth get a much better brushing/cleaning and I love the way it makes my teeth feel after using it. Tip for first time users: put toothpaste on the brush, insert into mouth, and THEN turn it on. Trust me on this one. :-)

My Favorite Things

$50 in Movie Theatre Gift Cards

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I have always loved going to the movies. I haven’t done nearly enough of it in the past couple of years, but I am making a conscious effort to take more time to enjoy one of my favorites pastimes again. As that famous line from the movies goes….”All work and no play makes Jillee a dull girl!”

My Favorite Things

1 Year’s Subscription to my Top 5 Favorite Magazines

  • Real Simple Magazine
  • Martha Stewart Living Magazine
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine
  • Food Network Magazine
  • Oprah Magazine

This was actually fairly hard to narrow down. I love magazines. I love when one of my favorite magazines arrives in the mail and I can sit down and leaf through its’ glossy pages. The trend of magazines going to digital makes me kind of sad to think about.

My Favorite Things

Ultra Plush Luxury Throw Blanket 

This might seem like an odd thing to include in this giveaway….but it quite literally is one of my favorite things!  It is THE SOFTEST blanket EVER and super HEAVY! So it is the perfect blanket for those power naps…or for those LONG winter’s naps! I keep it folded on the end of my bed and every time I walk past it I can’t help but run my hands over it. It literally feels like mink! You will love it…I guarantee it!

My Favorite Things

(24) Colored Sharpie Markers

I am a major doodler! I really don’t have any artistic talent to speak of (although it is one of my fondest dreams to be able to illustrate like Mary Engelbreit or Susan Branch)….but I love to doodle. Fine tipped Sharpies are great for doodling and they’re also great for a myriad of fun crafts! CLICK HERE to see some examples.

(15) Pilot G2 Gel Ink Pens

Another great doodling pen! I have literally filled dozens of small notebooks with doodles using this pen. It’s funny how some people have a very strong opinion when it comes to their favorite pens…including me. My daughter and I even got into it over gel vs. ink pens! I informed her she was just plain wrong. ;-)

My Favorite Things

(5) Burt’s Bees Gift Sets

An assortment of Burt’s Bees products that I love. Their lip balm is the best…as is their lip tint. Plus I love their commitment to natural products that are good for you and the environment.

AND…last but not least…..

My Favorite Things

Blendtec Designer Series WildSide Blender and a Blendtec Twister Jar Package

Suggested retail price $618.95!

That’s right!  Back in October we did a giveaway for this same Blendtec package which resulted in over 3,000 entries! There was so much positive response generated that One Good Thing By Jillee is teaming up with Blendtec for this giveaway and beyond!  Thanks to this partnership we will be giving away a Blendtec blender every month for the next SIX MONTHS!  Isn’t that crazy awesome??!!  I’m am so thrilled with this collaboration because having used this blender for almost 2 months now I can honestly tell you it is one of the most valuable tools I have in my kitchen! It is INCREDIBLE the possibilities this machine can open up to you. I posted about some of the things I’ve made with it HERE  and HERE. I’m so excited to be able to get this gem in the hands of 6 more of you!

October’s winner, Christine H. from Ohio, recently sent me an email and a picture of her Blendtec in action!

BlendTec blender

I have to say that I LOVE it!!!! I had a Vita Mix that is 18 years old. The Vita Mix has never been as powerful or as good as this Blendtec. The first night I had it I made sweet potato bisque (see photo above). That meal took me less than 10 minutes to make. This BlendTec is going to not only save me time, but money. I have decided that when I make potatoes (sweet or white) and squash, I will make extra to use the next evening for soup. I envision making up soup kits for the freezer with all the ingredients assembled and ready to thaw and put in the blender for soup. I won’t be wasting any bruised or wilting fruit as I have been making smoothies every morning for breakfast. I scored some great buys on bruised fruit at the grocery store yesterday, no one knew the difference.

Thank you again for the Blendtec!

Christine Hall

Thank YOU Christine, for sharing how you are using the Blendtec in your home. You’ve given me even MORE ideas.

So there you have it….my Christmas gift wishlist TO YOU! I hope you like it…and I hope you will enter! I would love to send it all on to you in time for Christmas!

gift tag





Congrats to Rachel for winning the My Favorite Things Giveaway!!

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  1. Sue Coates says

    I just now tweeted this: Enter to win “My Favorite Things” courtesy of @JillsGoodThings and @SmallFryBlog #onegoodgiveaway

  2. Sue Coates says

    Oh my gosh! Thank you for the contest. I am feeling lucky too!!! One of my favorite things is the blender. I have been wanting one since the summer. I want to make my hubby (who is very sick) some healthy juices and smoothies. I am so excited!! Good luck everyone!!!