Tips From Master Barbers For The Perfect Shave!

art of shaving

I’m always surprised when I learn that something as mundane (or what I THOUGHT was mundane) as shaving has been elevated to an ART FORM by some part of the population. It’s like when the hubster bought his first smoker…I had NO IDEA there was this huge smoking/grilling/barbecue CULTURE out there. But that’s what I LOVE about life, and writing this blog….there is always something NEW to discover and experience!

When I first heard the phrase, “The Art Of Shaving”, I admit I had images of zillionaires who have their manservant shave their face for them every day. But what I have discovered is that shaving as an art form is really just a fancy way of saying there is a better way to shave your face.

While I’m NO EXPERT, I’m going to attempt to demonstrate “The Art of Shaving” in my first ever video post. :-)  (I’m pretty nervous about this…so be kind!)



So that’s the basic concept. PREPARE. LATHER UP!  SHAVE.  MOISTURIZE.  Simply smart.


art of shaving

Here are a few MORE tips from The Barber Masters for the PERFECT shave:

  • Applying shaving cream with a brush (vs. your fingers), actually exfoliates the skin. It also lifts and prepares the beard for the blade.
  • Always make sure your razor handle is thoroughly rinsed, kept clean and that the blade dries in the upright position by using a razor stand.
  • 5 to 10 shaves is the ideal number of times to use a blade/razor cartridge. If you experience any type of drag or pull during the shave, change your razor cartridge immediately!
  • When shaving, use a light touch and slow down. Give yourself ample time for a proper shave. Let the blade and the products do the work for you.
  • Wet shaving gives you a closer shave, exfoliates the skin, and lasts longer compared to using an electric razor.
  • Every time you shave, you remove a thin layer of skin that contains moisture. After shave products help to restore moisture and to accelerate the healing process. Make sure your after shave does NOT contain alcohol. Alcohol dries and irritates and can cause ingrown hairs
  • On your next shave, try shorter strokes, this allows for less build up and a smoother pass.
  • To help prevent nicks & cuts, shave in or after your shower. The steam opens pores and brings moisture to the skin. It also hydrates your beard, and softer hair = less work for your razor.

This has been a fascinating look into the world of face shaving for me! (I have plenty of experience on other body parts.)  I really had no idea just what went into a good, close, COMFORTABLE, shave. Suddenly I have a lot more respect for the guys who do it day in and day out. (I can just hear the hubster saying right now as he reads this, “Well, it’s about time!”)  ;-)


art of shaving

If you are interested in trying some of the products from The Art of Shaving (either for yourself or someone else) here are a few deals that might interest you:

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  1. Kristi Myers says

    Absolutely loved seeing your video! I enjoy getting to my computer each day to check out your blog. Today was a great surprise to see & hear you in action! You didn’t seem nervous a bit. Your son was GREAT, so sweet to help mom demonstrate!! Bring on the videos! God Bless You & Your Family! And a verry merry CHRISTmas to all!!

    • says

      Thank you Kristi! I really appreciate that. I haven’t done much on-camera stuff since my tv news reporting days which were a LONG time ago. ;-) There will definitely be more to come…hopefully it will get easier as I do more of them. :-)

  2. CTY says

    I used to use a ladies electric razor, but there were too many cons. You have to shave more often, will only do lower parts of the legs, wasn’t effective around knees & ankles, legs were not as smooth in the long or short run.
    So back to the razor in the shower & Dr Bronner’s. Afterwards I moisturize with coconut oil.

  3. Tiffany says

    My husband has been wet shaving for close to 5 years now, and it has made a WORLD of difference in his complexion. He used to have terrible acne and ingrown hairs, but since he switched to the brush and bowl, his face is clear and smooth all the time. He uses shave oil every time he shaves, and swears it makes a huge difference. It’s very expensive to buy from places like Art of Shaving, so he makes his own from a combination of castor oil, olive oil, and essential oil (just to make it smell nice). He switched to a “safety razor” a couple of years ago, so his razor blades are now VERY cheap ($10 for 100!). One disc of soap lasts anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on how often he shaves, so the overall cost of the whole process is much less than buying razor blades and shaving cream all the time.

    The same principles apply for women shaving their legs – exfoliating before shaving will make a big difference. Art of Shaving actually sells a brush and soap for women, designed for use on your legs. I’ve never tried them, but I’m definitely intrigued after seeing how well the process works for my husband!

      • Amanda says

        I’ve never seen razors $10 for $100, but you can get an inexpensive safety razor on Amazon or eBay ($5-10), and blades at either of those sites. I ordered 200 Derby double-edged blades on Amazon for about $10 recently, and 100 straight razor blades and a cheap straight razor for $5. Bear in mind that both types of razor have a learning curve, though my husband has happily been using a safety razor for months, and just started with straight razors. Twelve+ hours after using the latter his face felt as smooth as one just shaved with a Gillette cartridge. You can get (cheap) brushes at Walmart, and soap there and at Kroger, Walgreens, and CVS.

        I have used a safety razor, brush and soap on my legs, though my legs have been lasered, so they aren’t too hairy. A Salux cloth is great pre-shave exfoliation for legs and bikini line.

  4. says

    One tip to make your blade last longer. Rinse it well and then pour/spray/dunk the blade in alcohol. I’ve been using the SAME blade for 2 YEARS now (and I have thick hair that I only shave every month or so). I simply rinse the blade often and when I’m done I rinse it well to make sure that there is no hair sticking to the blades (I use a multiple-blade razor). I then pour some alcohol over the blade and allow it to dry. I don’t have a razor stand, so I lay the razor on it’s back to dry. Like I said, 2 years and still going strong on the same razor cartridge/head (whatever it’s called).

  5. Patti says

    Great tips…have to pass them on to my husband. And fun to hear your voice…funny how I had this idea that you had a deeper voice when I’ve never even heard your voice until now, lol…don’t know why I assumed that.

  6. John Hinton says

    Jillee, I make good money but after looking at the links I can say almost for a surety that most men will not or do not use these or cannot do not want to pay this much for a ” good as it gets shave” man oh man !

  7. Chris says

    Loved seeing/hearing you on video…
    Hubby has been wet shaving since his late teens (now is pushing 50) and would never go back to electric. Any light oil is a good lubricant to prep with, and yes, the brush bristles help ‘set up’ his beard stubble for the shave, but he uses my DIY shave lotion/cream on his face. He chooses to shave UP his face, against the growth, for a closer shave, but didn’t start out that way because of irriation. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…. not just to feel smoother immediately, but helps prep for tomorrow’s shave. I buy inexpensive alcohol-free fragrance-free moisturizer for him.
    Thank you for such a great site…I look forward to checking in everyday.