What To Do With Leftover Wrapping Paper

leftover wrapping

As I have been trying to dig out from the clutter of Christmas I discovered I had at least half a dozen rolls of wrapping paper that each had only a foot or two left on them. I was seriously contemplating just throwing them out but just couldn't bring myself to. :-) So I did a little research and one idea led to the next and ... Continue Reading

Hot Ham & Swiss Sliders With Poppy Seed Sauce

ham sliders

For the last several years our family has adopted a more "casual" entertaining style on Christmas Day. We used to do a turkey dinner with all the trimmings but somewhere along the line we got smart and decided we were just too tired after all the festivities leading UP to Christmas. So we have adopted a much more laid back menu ... Continue Reading

Feeling S.A.D.? 5 Natural Remedies For The Winter Blues

seasonal affective disorder

Soon after the excitement of the holidays is over I often find myself facing the rest of the winter with a feeling of dread and a bit of melancholy. Although I've never actually been diagnosed with SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, sometimes I feel like I might suffer from a touch of it. Feelings of sadness, lack of focus, ... Continue Reading

How To Easily Clean Your Oven

How To Clean Your Oven

The holidays have been rough on my oven! Even though we actually purchased a NEW range back in July (we won't talk about the unfortunate cookie fire that led to the demise of the original one) all the cooking I've been doing the last month has taken its toll. So for today's "Save My Sanity Saturday" post, I decided to revisit ... Continue Reading

3-Ingredient Chili Cheese Dip

chili cheese dip

During the holidays we eat a LOT of sweet treats! There's the stuff we make for parties, the stuff we eat at parties we go to, the stuff we make for neighbors, the stuff the neighbors drop off at our house...the list goes on and on! It's all very hard to resist, but eventually I reach the "sweets overload" stage and crave ... Continue Reading

21 Brilliant Benefits Of Beeswax


Lately I have been making a lot of salve for gift-giving. Dream-y salve, all-purpose healing salve, warming salve, and even naked salve (much less exciting than it sounds!) One of the key ingredients in salve-making is beeswax. Beeswax is used in many skin care products because it provides a protection against irritants while ... Continue Reading

Our Christmas Eve Random Acts Of Kindness Tradition


It's a day I look forward to and dread all year long. Even though I really do try and do Random Acts Of Kindness at times other than just Christmas, for the last few years in our family we have made Christmas Eve a day when we all make it a point to do something significantly random. :-) Last year I titled my post "Random ... Continue Reading