Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint – The Natural Antihistamine

lavender lemon peppermint

Today I wish I was a songwriter….because I would totally write a song that sings the praises of this wonder cure I have been using lately.

Just a little background before I start my serenade. ;-)

For a couple of months now I have been dealing with the most random ailments. Things I’ve never dealt with before. But the two most tormenting things have been itching (all over) and swelling in my ankles. No matter WHAT I tried I couldn’t find relief! I would find temporary relief with a few natural remedies for the itching…but since it wasn’t dry skin related they really didn’t last. The swollen ankles were impervious to anything I tried!

UNTIL my sister Rebecca (Camp Wander) recommended I try something new. Through her work and research with essential oils she has become more and more convinced that many chronic medical issues stem from an allergic response our body is having to toxins. Toxins that our bodies are bombarded with every day from our drinking water, to our health and beauty products, to the materials used to build and furnish our homes!

So by following this line of thinking it makes sense that an antihistamine of some sort would help with this allergic reaction. No? YES! And, according to my sister, the combination of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils can create a powerful all-natural antihistamine. These three oils together can cool down body inflammation resulting from the body’s allergic response.

Lavender Lemon Peppermint

I’m going to get technical for just a minute…so bear with me. From what I understand, when an allergen of some kind (which could be a myriad of different things) enters the body, something called IGE antibodies begin releasing histamines that trigger an inflammatory response in the body. Cells start to release fluid and SWELL. The exact symptom I was having.

After Rebecca explained all this to me it made so much sense, and I was eager to give it a try! That was on December 28th and I’ve been taking the LLP combination faithfully since then and have seen an almost COMPLETE elimination of my symptoms. The itching is MUCH better (with just an occasional flare-up) and my ankles are finally back to their normal size and shape! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am about this!

Lavender Lemon Peppermint

While the typical recommendation for using LLP as an antihistamine is to combine equal parts Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils with 1 part fractionated coconut oil and rub it on your feet twice a day, my sister suggested I try taking it internally. At first I was a bit worried about this because I know how STRONG those oils are! But then she told me about these “gelatin capsules” (which I found at my local health food store for about 5 bucks) and I was off and running and haven’t looked back! I faithfully fill and swallow 3 capsules a day with 3 drops each of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint in them. For me, it has made all the difference in the world.

Lavender Lemon Peppermint

Lavender Lemon Peppermint

Lavender Lemon Peppermint

Lavender Lemon Peppermint


If you would like to read a much more detailed explanation of the power of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint, head on over to Camp Wander and read all about it. My sister’s blog is a RICH RESOURCE if you are interested in learning more about essential oils in general.

If you are looking for an affordable, quality essential oil to purchase, I would recommend Spark Naturals. Use the coupon code JILLEE for an additional 10% off your order! :-)

I think it’s necessary here to point out that neither my sister or I are doctors and would never suggest you follow our advice without first consulting your physician. That being said, if there is a safe, more effective answer to the chronic symptoms of inflammation, isn’t it worth a try?



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      • says

        Teresa, I’ve been playing around with various oils! This week I was having a sore throat, so I added a couple drops of lavender and lemon to a shot glass of water, gargled it as long as I could, then swallowed and it helped so much! I have four cats and am allergic to cat dander, so sometimes my allergies can be quite bad. So far, peppermint has been my favorite to clear up my sinuses. I usually just put a drop on my tongue, touch it to the roof of my mouth, and breathe in. I haven’t tried diffusing OnGuard, but I’m glad that it’s working well for you!

  1. stacey fogoros says

    I have fare-ups with arthritic knees. I’m wondering if the 3 essentials oils mentioned above might help with the swelling and pain. Thinking that the three essential oils in a base of coconut oil, would make a good rub and taking the capsules also. HMMM. Just a thought. Love this article and can’t wait to try it……….

    • Rachel says

      I have been using doTERRA essential oils for 2 years and suffer from arthritis. I have found GREAT success with taking LLV (Life Long Vitality vitamins) every day. For the pain, I would suggest Deep Blue. Also, have you heard of Candida? Candida is one of the main causes with inflammation in the body.
      Watch this youtube video on Candida. It will raise the eyebrows for sure. if that doesn’t work while you are in youtube, search 2012 09 19 10 50 Understanding Candida and Natural Approaches.

      • Kristina Haney says


        Hello, my name is Kristina. I am inflicted and currently feeling destroyed, thanks to an UGLY MONSTER named CANDIDA! When it comes to this horrible “infection”, doctors are CLUELESS! Therefore, I feel CLUELESS too! After reading your comment on One Good Thing From Jillee, it was as if I had just creaked open the cript to The Holy Grail. I sounds as if you may have a clue or two about Candida. I am DESPERATE! I am currently inflicted not only with this Candida thing, but also RSD/Fibromyalgia (diag. 2/4/91), Multiple Sclerosis (diag. 6/9/03), and Breast Cancer (diag. 4/10/11). All of which are auto immune diseases, all of which are inflamation involved. Can you PLEEEEEASE share any if not ALL the info you have regarding this monster currently invading and robbing me of my life? Please call, if long distance rates are an issue, I would be happy to call you back on my dime. My phone number is 480-200-7925, I live in Gilbert, Arizona, and again, my name is Kristina (43 yrs old, oops I should say 44 since my b-day is 1/23/69, LOL) single mother of a 18 year old son. I would be SOOOOOOO FOREVER grateful!!!

        • Elizabeth says

          Diatomaceous earth worked amazing for my husbands candida, you can buy it on Amazon but make sure to get the food grade. You can google it and read about all the things it helps with, it is like a clay that you put in water and drink. It is safe, even kids can take it.

          • Elizabeth says

            BTW, auto-immune diseases are caused by leaky-gut. Once you have it, you will continue to get more disease until you heal your leaky gut (as you well know, with all your diagnosis) Traditional doctors will not treat leaky gut so you may want to find a Naturopath or do your own research. There is a special diet you can follow (since leaky gut is caused but consuming foods you have a sensitivity to). I also have an auto-immune disease and have empowered myself by educating myself, and now I am feeling great. Good luck!

        • Lyn Peterson says

          Hi Kristina,

          I left a message on your voice mail. I don’t know if you will receive this message by this method, but I want you to know that my heart goes out to you. I have previously suffered from all of your various diagnoses, and have thankfully been able to reverse all of these health issues through various natural therapies, including essential oils. (EOs is like “adding gunpowder to dynamite”) I recently read about a doctor who utililizes alternative medicine near you in Scottsdale, for your specific issues, so I will locate the document about him in my files…. and hopefully you will hear my message on your voice mail. (My brother lived in Gilbert, that is why I know that this doctor in Scottsdale is close to you) He has an excellent website which addresses Cancer, Candida, Fybromyalgia, etc. and it is so rare to find a doctor that actually understands how to treat these health conditions.

        • says

          Hi Kristina,

          It sounds like you are going through a tough time, and I hope by now you have been able to find some relief. I can’t help with all your distress, however I too have been afflicted by the demon candida for about 20 years, and have spent a lot of time and money trying to get rid of it. IMO candida is just about impossible to cure, but it can be controlled. There is new research being done all the time, and the thing I’ve found works best so far is probiotics, specifically the strains reuteri and rhamnosus. I make my own kefir, and add the probiotics to it while it cultures. I’ve also used the capsules as a vaginal suppository – it’s the only thing that works for me ‘down there’.

          Treating candida is also a matter of lifestyle. It is critical that you avoid sugar, alcohol, fruits, and simple carbs like rice, pasta and bread. This is not easy – I crave sugar constantly, but if I can stay away from it and use the probiotics the difference is amazing.

          Hope this helps. If you need more info please email me at


        • Sue says

          Gluten causes inflammation and it is in almost everything we ingest. When I went gluten free, my arthritis pain went away. I know of at least 10 other people who had the same success by going gluten free.

          The vast majority of doctors know nothing about this, because the drug companies cannot make money by people changing their diets, and the drug companies write most of the textbooks that are used in medical schools.

    • Lyn Peterson says

      I developed severe arthritis in my neck and could never find a real solution, although essential oils did temporarily relieve the pain. This combination so far has worked the best: 50% PEPPERMINT OIL, 25% BALSAM FIR, 10% WINTERGREEN, 10% VETIVER. However, in the past few years I discovered ZEOLITE, which has produced an amazing improvement. [Google Arthritis & Zeolite] I was really taking this for removing toxins especially heavy metals, but the unexpected benefit was 90% pain relief in my neck which I had for over 30 years. I tried 5 different brands and the one that worked the best is ZMP 400, by Forever Green. It is a combination of Zeolite and Marine Phytoplankton.

      I also developed arthritis in my knees 2 years ago, and I couldn’t figure out why the Zeolite didn’t fix that as it had with my neck. My knees started “clicking” and then I realized that the cartlidge has disintegrated. Searched online and found that cartlidge is made primarily of COLLAGEN, but it requires sufficient Vitamin C to create the collagen matrix. I found TwinLab LPP Liquid Collagen online for $10 bottle. I also use Alive Vitamin C complex made with organic plant sources (far superior to Ascorbic acid). Within a month the pain had dramatically improved, by taking this combination 3 times per day. After 6 months, no more “clicking” sound in my knees. When I stopped taking this after one year, within a few months the pain was returning so now I take it at least once per day and that does the trick. For the first few months I had to continually apply the Pain Formula (Essential Oils listed above), but once my knee cartlidge started re-generating, I didn’t have to use the oils as much. Although I have found that essential oils also work synergestically with anything else that is being used from the Natural Domain of God’s Creation.

  2. Sabine says

    This sounds great. I am having the same problems as you had. I will give it a try.
    I wonder if you will get your allergy problem back if you stop taking the oil???
    It would be interesting to learn about that.
    Keep my fingers crossed that you will be totally healed.
    Best wishes

    • says

      Absolutely Donna! Give this protocol a try…take internally as Jillee did ~ only doTERRA though, as I can’t vouch for the purity of any other essential oil company. If used consistently during your bouts of allergy symptoms, I’m quite confident you’ll have relief :))

      • D.mac says

        Rebecca and Jillee-
        I see Jillee recommends Spark Naturals, but the photo shows doTerra and Rebecca you seem to be saying to only take doTerra internally. Is Spark Naturals okay to take internally??? There site is not user friendly and I would have liked to be able to actually read the info on the bottle to know for sure. My daughter is suffering from terrible allergies. We have done all the traditional medicines besides shots. I have tried everything natural I can think of as well. Honey, Eo’s toppically and diffused, humidifers. Nothing is helping in the slightest and now she seems to have allergy induced asthma. I want to move on and try the oils internally, but I am nervous! Are the Spark Naturals okay internally????
        Thanks for your help!

        • Ky says

          I would not take this brand of oils internally. If you go to young living’s website – their oils are safe to digest. Here are many videos you can watch to see their “seed to seal” promise. And no, I do not “sell” them. I am just concerned when people promote oils that are NOT pure.

  3. Lani says

    This sounds really interesting to a life-long allergy sufferer. Have you experienced any side effects from taking the oils internally? Any aftertaste? Glad that this is working for you so far! Please keep us updated.

    • Rachel says

      Lani, I have been using this protocol for 2 years as well as my brother who suffers terribly from allergies. I also give this to my kids when they are congested. No side effects with us. We have had nothing but good results.
      There is no after taste. Lavender gives it a different taste, but I have found that if I put the Lavender in first and then add the other oils, it masks the taste of the Lavender a little. My kids just chase it with some water.

      • Alisha says

        Thanks for all of this great information! My 7 year old daughter suffers from sinus allergies. I am looking for an alternative to over-the-counter antihistamines. I’ve just starting increasing the amount of Vitamin C, Flavonoids and Omega C in her diet and hope this helps as an ongoing preventive treatment. I’m also hoping to find a treatment that will provide some immediate relief. What internal dosage of the essential oils would you recommend for a 52 pound, otherwise healthy child? Would you recommend trying the foot rub technique for a child instead of taking the capsules? I’ve tried “consulting my (Kaiser) physician” but I’m not comfortable with where this has taken me. Thank you in advance for your help!

  4. amy says

    interesting. i don’t doubt that we’re nearly killing ourselves with all of the toxins around. i had a horrible outbreak of hives last month. i was covered in welps & felt like i had a sunburn. it lasted for days. i’m going to have to investigate this.


      • says

        Pure Lavender essential oil (plant essence, with no additives) has never been proven to have such ill side effects. Most Lavender essential oil bought from health food stores contain additives and indeed are NOT 100% pure as stated on the label. If your essential oil states “For External Use Only” you do not have pure plant essence and this oil has not undergone Mass Spectrometry or Gas Chromotography lab testing. Indeed, untested oils can contain pesticides and other toxins creating an opportunity for side effects.

        That being said, Nelleke, I suggest 1 drop of ea oil with just a bit of coconut oil for spreading on both feet 2 to 3x daily.

    • Ruthie in TN says

      I’d like to try this for my son’s itchy skin as well. He’s 9, but small for his age, so I’m not comfortable with doing the oils internally for him just yet. But we have used pure essential oils with him in rubs successfully in the past.

      Rebecca, do you know anything about how old / big kids need to be before considering them ready for the same strengths an adult can use? (Forgive me, Jillee, while I hijack your blog to talk to your sis :O) )

      I’ve also used lavender in a diffuser for him (before I had the diffuser, I would pour boiling water into a bowl and add the lavender to that and let the steam carry it), especially to help with particularly hyper times (he has ADHD) and often to help with getting to sleep. He LOVES the scent of it and will often ask for it himself. We’ve been doing this for well over a year (not every single night; I’m not sure that’s good for anybody) and have not seen any weird effects from it.

      • CTY says

        Most times medication doses are based on age & body weight. When my son turned 12 I casually mentioned during his physical that now he could take the 12 & up dose listed on packages. The Dr recommended against that because his body size & weight hadn’t yet caught up with the growth chart. Well, he’s 23 now and still hasn’t caught up. He isn’t ill often (thankfully), but he still takes the child dose if he needs OTC help.

      • says

        Ruthie, why don’t you try a small childs dose which would be 1 drop each of Lemon Lavender and Peppermint with a little carrier oils to help with coverage on the bottoms of both feet. Try this morning and night, but be consistent. A diffuser is lovely! If you’re diffusing pure essential oils into the air, both body and spirit benefit :))

      • Laura says

        I have a son who is 7.5 and can’t handle it. He says it makes him feel like he can’t breathe. I have diluted it with olive oil and given him just a tiny bit on his tummy. He’s seems fine with that, just not a whole drop.

  5. Crystal says

    Sounds like the exact reaction my friend had to gluten intolerance. I know you bake gluten free a lot, but that’s for someone else? Just a thought, maybe get tested or eliminate it completely from your diet? Good luck!

  6. Kelly says

    I’ve been putting 1 drop each of Young Living’s Lavender, Peppermint & Lemon EOs under my tongue each night before bed. I hold it there as long as I can and then swallow with a glug of water. It’s not the best taste in the world, but I’ve gotten used to it. Anyway, it clears up my nasal passageways better than Benadryl ever could and I don’t have any awful side effects.

    I have also used peppermint and lavender oils externally on my knee where I had developed a fluid capsule. I don’t know exactly what that is, but it hurt like crazy! A few days of this treatment, and the swelling receeded and took the pain along with it. I love Essential Oils!!

  7. Debbie Gallett says

    It sounds like an allergic reaction to something. Are you taking any new medication? I know my thyroid medication makes my nose run. Some medications have extra ingredients in them that can cause an allergic reaction.

  8. says

    Thank you SO much for writing about your swollen ankles! I have gone to more than one specialist about my own, to no avail.

    I went right over to your sister’s site. I want to order the essential oils you speak of, but want her to get credit. I tried to order by clicking on the link in her blog, but when I put the trio in my cart, it then said, “cart empty.” It hadn’t been a second before that! Went back to your sister’s site, looked around to see how to write to her, and the “contact me” link under her profile was not a hot link.

    I want so badly to get these ankles of mine NOt swollen. Can you direct me! If this really works it will be a true miracle and I will shout from the rooftops! Thanks!

  9. Bennie says

    One thing first – all essential oils are not alike and many are not for consumption. Is there something we should look for to make sure the oil is okay to consume? Also, is there a reason we should use the capsules as oppose to simply putting under the tongue or in maybe a glass of water/tea?

    • says

      Bennie, you’re absolutely correct, all essential oils are not for consumption. I’m involved with doTERRA because every batch of every oil undergoes MS and GC testing by 3rd party labs to ensure purity. Read the labels on all essential oils, if they state “For External Use Only” these oils have not been tested for purity.

      You can choose to take doTERRA essential oils under the tongue or with water…it’s simply your preference!

    • Ana says

      My mom is involved with Young Living Oils, we ingest them all the time and they are perfectly safe. They are very potent so I usually use no more than a few drops. I have about 5 drops of Frankincense oil with some juice every morning. Gives me the best freshest cleanest feeling in my breath/digestive system. :) I bet there are other reputable brands as well, but if I’m ingesting them I definitely wouldn’t use one that isn’t food grade. Hope that helped!

    • Ana says

      I did read about the lavender being toxic to cats. Glad I did my research on that one! Essential oils are very potent so people should definitely look into their specific uses because they are not all right for every thing or every person.

  10. Jodi Mayes says

    I have had chronic back pain for a number of years. The most recent suspicion is inflammation in my SI joint. According to MRI’s I have arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and two bulging discs in my back, none of which should be causing the pain I have. I’m so hoping that essential oils will be what God wants to use to heal my body. I’m excited to try them!

    • says

      Jodi, my husband suffers from chronic back pain and has for 8 years. He went through back surgery 8 years ago. Laminectomy/dysectomy (sp). Ever since then he has had to go into the doctor at least every 6 months because his pain is so bad or his back just plain goes out on him.
      Since I started using the oils 2 years ago, I have been doing the Aroma touch technique on him with GREAT success. He has not been into the doctor since. When he feels his back giving him issues, we do the technique and within minutes to sometimes hours he is back to his old self. Something to check into.
      And we take the vitamins everyday and that has also helped.

  11. Rachel L says

    Thanks for your post. Essential oils are wonderful! The antihistine properties of lavender literally saved my child’s life when we had no epi-pen or other means of helping her (I wouldn’t suggest anyone try it in such a life threatening situation unless all options had been tried as ours had!)

    I feel it is important to mention that NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL!! There are very few that are distilled purely enough to be able to take internally. DoTerra may be trustworthy but regular oils purchased from the shelf at the health food store are usually distilled using chemicals (the company can claim it’s pure oil with as little as 5% actual oil in it). We take our oils internally and love the results, but I would caution your readers to be selective of where they get their products if they want the same results.

  12. says

    I hadn’t thought to make liquid capsules. I use Devil’s Claw powder and a couple of other things for my fibro issues which helps me a lot, but I’ve got asthma and allergies, too. I make my capsules myself, in batches. This is fine with powders, but I’m wondering if that’d work okay for the oils? I use the gelatin capsules you do.

  13. Kate says

    Ok strange question. Our 55lb dog has been having some sort of allergy attack on and off since November. The vet has tested him for all sorts of things and just told us he was allergic to something. We’ve changed his food, monitored what cleaning products he is around etc and can’t figure out what might be causing it. Can you use essential oils on pets?

  14. Countervail says

    Jillee, I loev yuor blog and all your helpful hints, but I’m seriously worried about your advocacy here of taking essential oils internally. Both lavender oil and lemon oil have been studied for contraindications including pytotoxicity (sensitivity to the sun), and plain old cytotoxicity (something that’s toxic to cells), and there is scientific study to warrant caution with both. I’d have your readers read up on both before starting this self-treatment. For allergic symptoms, researchers have found some natural substances that work well though. A combination of bromelain (a digestive enzyme from pineapples), quercetin (a flavanoid found in many fruits and vegetables), and vitamin C. These three things together have been found as effective as OTC medications for seasonal and environmental allergy symptoms.

    • says

      If you research pure plant essence you’ll find that our bio chemistry is very similar, in fact, almost identical and this is why the body responds so beautifully to pure essential oils. These are different from what you’ll buy off the shelf in a health food store however. Even though your store bought oils are labeled 100% pure, notice that they also warn you against internal use. Why is this? Because these oils have not been extracted properly, are not from their indigenous places and have not undergone Mass Spectrometry or Gas Chromotography testing the oil for purity and potency. Not to mention, the additives found in low-priced, store bought oils. If you do due diligence, you’ll find hundreds of “clinical studies” found on PubMed that are addressing the efficacy of essential oils vs synthetic pharmaceuticals. For example:

      I hope this very brief explanation helps you understand why hundreds of thousands of people are having such great success with essential oils and improved wellness. Remember, purity is critical.

  15. Julie says

    This may be a completely stupid question but my dog is suffering with arthritis in his hip and is in bad shape. We are giving him Rimadyl and some Tramadol. Rebecca, have any of these oils been used for animals?

    • says

      Julie, a pure source of Frankincense essential oil such as doTERRA has helped by daughter’s Golden Retriever immensely. She lets him lick 2 drops off of her hand as needed. These essential oils work beautifully for dogs and horses, some caution needs to used with cats however, their livers can’t handle Citrus essential oils.

  16. CTY says

    Very interesting blog. Wow who new you could buy gelcaps–do you know if they are vegan?
    Wonder if this could help DH’s allergies??

    JULIE– So Sorry about your dog, it is really hard to watch such a loyal friend suffering. Our dog is now 14 and you can see she is achy and not very limber. Our Vet recommended 1 tsp/day organic cider vinegar (she is 50 lbs). Bragg is the brand we use. You can tell she is still stiff, but she doesn’t have anymore tremors of the hind legs when she stands to eat.

  17. Carolyn in Utah says

    Hi Jillee–

    I just wanted to clarify something– when you say “equal parts” of peppermint, lavender and lemon and “one part” coconut oil…..does that really mean “equal parts of all four ingredients”? I went to Rebecca’s website and it says the same thing. Sorry, I’m a little dense….. :)

  18. Susie says

    Hi Jillee –
    I just attended a seminar about doTerra the other night – It all sounds almost too good to be real – SO glad to see/read your affirmation about the information. Sounds awesome! and must smell delicious!

  19. Sweetea says

    I have experienced several cases where my kids would wake up one morning with red spots covering their entire bodies. This was always due to some allergic reaction to something they must have eaten or something in the air. My chiropractor suggested that I give them celery tea, as celery is a natural antihistamine. All I had to do was chop up one stalk of celery into chunks and boil it in water. Throw away the celery pieces and drink the ‘tea’. The red spots started fading the next day. It has worked for me- 3 times. I would definitely recommend this remedy.

  20. says

    Lemon oil and a few other oils naturally contain Bergapten, a UV photosensitizer (that may make the user more sensitive to bright ultra-violet light). This is something I just became aware of just wanted to share! Love your blog, I look forward to it every day!

  21. Pamela says

    Hi… I just read about these oil’s and sounds like I DEFINITELY need all 3…. I just wanted to know if I can order them from you or your sister Rebecca (Camp Wander on Facebook) or if not where I could possibly order them and get the REAL oil’s and not some watered down product claiming to be the REAL thing.. SO many scam’s out there.. If I’m able to send her a friend request I will as soon as I’m finished writing but definitely want to know more about how all of these natural essential oil’s have such healing properties….You have a VERY informative blog and thanks for the info….

  22. says

    Sounds like a wonderful alternative, I’ll have to keep that in mind! Just thought about your symptoms though, they sounded like a food allergy/sensitivity. Gluten comes to mind first (likely you would have a sensitivity if your son does) but then there’s also dairy, soy, corn etc. Maybe it would be worth it for your long term health to find out what is actually causing the symptoms instead of masking them? Just because the swelling and itching is gone doesn’t mean the inflammation that caused them is gone, you’re just preventing the inflammation to manifest in that way. I’ve had many issues and swollen ankle and foot was one of them and it’s virtually gone now that I’m eating a Paleo diet. It flares back up when I “cheat” so I know for sure the food is what’s causing it. Still tinkering with what exactly causes what symptom, but I’m very happy to be treating the root cause to eliminate the real problem. Just my two cents on this since you obviously do what seems best to you :)

  23. BossNurse says

    Love your blog, Jillee, but I have to say, as a medical professional, you really shouldn’t be giving out medical advice. I know, you have a disclaimer, but seriously? Judging from the comments, people believe that whatever you’re doing is the right thing to do. Maybe you should stick to your usual stuff, and stay away from things that could negatively effect people’s health. My red flags go up the minute anyone mentions “toxins”. What toxins exactly? And people are actually considering administering this stuff to their kids? Yikes. And ankle swelling? Itching? It can be indicative of renal and or hepatic failure. You might want to consider a doctor’s appointment rather than ingesting untested oils in gelatin capsules. Just saying.

    So, let me present another view :

    Frankly, doTerra is a MLM (multi-level marketing) scam, along with the Young Living stuff. I pity those who fall for this medically unproved nonsense.

    • Trixie F says

      This sort of closed-minded nonsense is WHY we avoid the Dr. at all costs. You can’t be trusted to give us HONEST information. Don’t come here passing judgement on Jillee or her sisters, those of us who use EO’s believe in them a LOT more than we believe in you.

    • Lyn Peterson says

      Excuse me please, neither Young Living nor DoTerra essential oils are a “SCAM”. I have been using Therapeutic Grade essential oils for the last 12 years, both internally and externally (including diffusing). My daughter, and many of our friends and family have used these oils successfully, with many amazing results. I could write a book about how these oils have benefitted our friends and family, including our dogs. We have also used these oils regarding my grandson’s autism with spectacular results. The key is QUALITY oils, and with children, use small amounts and always dilute with fractionated coconut or olive oil. The reason that both of these MLM companies have expanded dramatically is the fact that high quality therapeutic grade essential oils WORK. If you would Google or go on YouTube you will find these oils being utilized in the medical system now in the USA. If you research, you will discover that these oils have been used in the medical system in France and other countries in Europe, Asia and South America, and you will discover that there are medical studies and research documenting the validity of essential oils. The medical system in the USA trains their medical professionals to believe that essential oils and other natural remedies are “scams” which do not provide beneficial results. This is 100% incorrect, and is the result of the pharmaceutical industry influence over the American medical system. Properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs killed over 100,000 people per year, while essential oils and natural therapies do not cause death.

    • Laura says

      I am one who “fell for” YL oils and my son with Down Syndrome has NEVER had conventional meds! He’s under 2 but …he’s had a terrible flu (mild for him because we got some Thieves oil for him), croup twice (totally and quickly healed with oils, doctor actually encouraged it!). For my adrenal fatigue I would be given hormones and steroids. No thank you. I want healing! My dad’s seen the best doctors in the country (traveling around to live near them, he has the money) and he’s still on prednisone 25 years later!! He thinks he’s “healthy” if his symptoms disappear for a while. Also, you don’t actually believe drugs are thoroughly tested for safety before they’re approved do you?

  24. Ayjai says

    Wow ! Are you kidding me ? I usually love your posts and have found some awesome ideas from your blog…but seriously…what your saying here is dangerous. I whole heartily follow holistic and natural health care … and never take conventional drugs … but always opt for essential oils or herbs or energy work for what ails me. Having studied essential oil use ( Certified Aromatherapist ) I can say that it is NEVER a good idea to take EOils internally…and certainly not in such dosages as you are recommending…27 drops per day. In these doses, over time, you can cause liver damage, kidney damage, pancreas damage to name a few. A pregnant woman can harm her baby or deliver prematurely. 9 drops of lemon oil would be like eating over 50 lemons a day.
    BossNurse is right… both doTerra and Young Living are multi-level marketing scams and it is in there best interest to get you using as much of their oils as possible…it equals $$$ in their pockets. What they are recommending… and what you are not healthy. You will get just as much benefit…and will keep yourself safe… by mixing the oils with virgin coconut oil and rubbing on your feet… especially if you do your research and use organic oils ( which even though YL claims theirs are but actually not all are ).

    ok…thats my 2 cents worth … be smart…people follow your advice… you owe it to them to keep them safe and not offer medical advice.

    On a side note… for swollen ankles the first thing I’d do is get off any pain killers…like ibuprofen.

  25. Chris says

    To keep this brief, the only thing I was ever allergic to was hair spray. Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I have become allergic to everything, to the point of desperation. I have most of the symptoms others have mentioned. My immune system was also compremised after major back surgery by an overdoe of antibiotics. I am now wheat/gluten intolerant too. Anyway I have found that I cannot take any drugs (even those necessary) because of allergic reactions (itching, rash). This includes over the counter as well as prescription drugs. I have come to the conclusion that it is the fillers and capsules themselves that must have a gluten in them. I cannot believe how many things that I used to be able to eat have wheat/gluten in them. Anyway, I have most of the other same symptoms listed by the other people and will be contacting you for the oils, howere, because of the seriousness of my immune system I will not take them internally. Here’s to good health and hope.

  26. Helium says

    I just have to say that the “medical personnel” (Bossnurse and Ayjai) that left comments, in my opinion were very rude!

    I am also in the medial field and I have had more than my share of medical issues – from cancer – to rods in my neck and back. So, I know what its like to be the professional AND the patient.

    First off, she does say contact a physician to be sure, because they are not doctors – which is the same warning that is on everything from vitamins, exercise information, and even to sex using condoms and medical aides.

    I have severe chronic pain and I hate taking narcotics! I don’t like the way they make me feel and they don’t take care of all the pain, but it does take the edge off – which is the only reason that I ever take them. I have injectable Tordal, with Morphine, and Vicodin by mouth. Do you honestly think that they do not have ingredients in them that aren’t healthy???!!!! My goodness if people read what was on the possible side affects of aspirin, they probably would never take it again.

    With that being said – should people check out what they are going to put on themselves and what they ingest – certainly. (again as Jillee stated they are NOT doctors) But that is up to the individual to do and I don’t think that Jillee or her sister deserve the blasts they got. If you don’t agree with what Jillee puts in her blog on a certain day then okay – but to put her down is just disrespectful and the way it was written by BossNurse (which appears to be a good screen name) you are also disrespecting the others that do agree with what she is saying. The majority of comments have come from people who have already been using essential oils and apparently its helping them and its helped some of their pets.

    I happen to have a physician that believes that there are a lot of different techniques out there to help people with their medical problems. Not just giving them pills. I work very closely with her and I have tried things that I didn’t even think I would ever try, but surprised as I was, some of them worked very well. It sure beats being on heavy narcotics that have been proven to cause harm to kidneys, liver, heart – the list just goes on and on.

    Also attacking her sister for being involved with a certain company is way off base!!!!! That is your opinion and again keep it to yourself! If people have a concern about a company or their practices then it is up to the responsible adult (who should be the only ones reading her blog) to see if it is a company they wish to work with or purchase from. But Jillee has faith in her sister and her sister seems to love what she does with the essential oils. Why people think its their responsibility to try and put others down is beyond me. Does it make you feel important??

    I guess basically what I am saying is – if you can’t say nothing nice – don’t say anything at all. It really ruins it for those of us that have positive attitudes about Jillee’s blog and look forward to having something cheerful to read daily from her – even if it isn’t something I want to try.

  27. Comet says

    How do you find out what EO’s to USE? We do use one of the Back Flower Remedies (Rescue Remedy) and some EO’s for external use already but finding out WHICH ones to choose for a particular problem is something that just made me go bonkers. The suggestions here are great for when and if we have that problem but we do have some others not helped by “regular” MD help that I would like to look into.

    And as to Multi Level Marketing–if I remember right then we should all avoid Tupperware and Avon and Amway and Silpada and several other companies that I have not heard anyone say BAD things about recently. I am not advocating that YOU buy anything from any plan that YOU feel is not up to your standards but some people DO their homework and make a decision that they feel is the right one for them. MLM is just like any other sales plan in that SOMEONE has to be the “Front line” seller–ie the person who greets you at the counter to sell you mascara—do you really think THAT PERSON owns the company? The problem I think most people have with MLM is that the people involved can get a bit—fanatical. If they believe in their “product” and it’s benefits–whether this is soap or silver—then all fine and good for them. Don’t however try and “prospect” every one you meet! Don’t criticize those who don’t happen to see the god-like qualities of your product enough to lose money persuing the “Direct Distributer Dream”. Some will make money and some will lose–just like real estate and other ventures. If everyone sold the SAME product–then WHO would YOU sell to?????

  28. Amanda says

    I’m not brave enough (or in enough pain) to ingest EO’s. I’m just not convinced that’s safe. However, I would like to try this on my feet as it was also suggested in the blog post. Does it have to be mixed with fractionated coconut oil or will any carrier oil do? What about just melting whole/regular/solid coconut oil and using that? I already mix lavender with almond oil and sugar as a foot scrub. I guess this isn’t much different than that.

    • Jamie says

      Being an avid user of EO’s, you can use any type of carrier oil you choose. The main point here is to get the benefit from the essential oils. Although carrier oils have benefits of their own as well.

  29. Barbara says

    Question: Will this help with swollen ankles that are not from allergies? This is a problem I have. I really like to use oils. I have taken them internally and used them externally. Thank you for the information.

  30. says

    Jillee, I want to thank you so much for this info. I have been dealing with sinus issues for 40 years and have tried every natural supplement I could find for this problem. I am constantly congested. Not an allergy since i have tried every allergy med out there and none have done anything for me. 5 yrs ago i came upon a Mayo clinic study saying 90 percent of sinus sufferers have an immune response to yeast that everyone naturally has in there sinuses. I was able to find some relief with antifungals but have just hated the thought of having to use them several times a year. About 8 months ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea wbich I have most likely had for the past 15 yrs. Using a cpap machine has greatly increased my sinus issues to where i have to take sudaphed just about all the time. I had all the essential oils from this post so i mixed up a batch, without the coconut oil, and started 3 days ago. Almost immediate relief!!!! I have not had to take any otc drugs for 3 days and am absolutely blown away by the results. My sinuses are completely clear! I even have had a runny nose since starting LLP which is something my nose won’t do because of the sinus inflammation. I have very high inflammation and some immune diseases as well. I went over to your sister’s site and got more info there. There are many brands of essential oils which are 100% and excellent quality. Aura Cacia being one of these. I am just making this comment because I did not use the brand you recommended but other brands just as good and the results are fantastic!!! I also am trying to get my daughter in law started on this as she suffers horribly from allergies. Thank you for a life changing post!!!!!

    • Diane H. says

      You may want to check out and search for the healing salve recipe. It works great on all kinds of things. I rub it on my nose when I have that allergy feeling. I also inhale the oils from my hands after using it and it helps the allergy/sinus problems go away fast.

      It’s simple to make and lasts for a very long time. I have people taking my little 2 oz jars because they like it so much.

      • says

        Thank you. I have made the healing salve and have used essential oils for years and have tried all kinds on my nose and inhaling them even using steam inhalation . Rubbing them on my skin.but no relief. I had basically given up on them until i read this post. I have never taken them internally. This has made all the difference for me.

  31. Celia says

    I am just beginning to learn about essential oils and loving them. I have had an incessant itch all over that starts at night- been to 4 Dr. w/ very little relief. When I read about the LLP therapy I immediately made up a batch and applied it- OMG! almost instant relief! But the problem I’m having with the coconut oil if it’s cold – hard as a rock but it it’s room temp- too runny. What can I mix with it for a creamy consistancy and would I need to add more EO? Also I’m using N.O.W. brand. Not sure if these are for internal use or not.
    If you don’t mind could you email your answer. Only have internet on phone- makes it difficult reading through posts sonetimes! Thank you soooo much!

    • Celia says

      I found a solution to my problem. I have a jar of moisturizing anti- bacterial lotion and I use this as a base for specific uses. I added a couple of tbsp to my LLP cream. Worked perfectly! Just the right consistancy. I did add 5 more drops of of each oil.
      I read the labels on NOW eo’s and they cannot be taken internally.

  32. Sue says

    Just to clarify – are you doing 1 pill with 3 drops of lavender, 1 with 3 drops of lemon, etc (3 drops total per pill) – or are you doing 3 pills with 3 drops of lemon, 3 drops, and 3 drops of peppermint in each? (9 drops total per pill)?

  33. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I have a basic starter kit of oils so these three are some I have. I also suffer from INSANE itching in the winter. I’ve tried lotions and humidifyers. Nothing helps. I mean, I practically scratch the skin off my legs!!!! It is terrible! So I am excited to try this mix. I am going to mix it in a little almond oil and rub it on my feet. I totally get it about the allergies! I think most of our little ailments are due to allergies that we don’t even know about! Once again, thanks for sharing. I find your blog uplifting and positive!

  34. Kailene says

    Hi! I have already purchased the doterra LLP oils and am expecting their arrival today! I purchased them in anticipation of the allergy season (pollens, etc) which will arrive here in Ohio shortly and plague my DH all summer long. I am just wondering if he should begin to take the capsules 3x a day even before the onset of allergies and if he should continue them indefinitely through the allergy season?

  35. TJR says

    Thank you Jillee for your hard work and dedication. I absolutely love your blog! I’m very new at learning about essential oils. I really want to incorporate EOs into my life. My dilemma is how do you know if the EOs are pure EOs without synthetic, harmful solvents, or diluted w/carrier oils? I am happy to pay more but I just don’t want to mistakenly use or ingest something that is not pure. Hopefully someone can enlighten me. Any help would be great.

  36. says

    Jillee, I have had severe sinus allergy symptoms for about 30 years. I have taken everything from Benadryl to Claritin to Allegra, which is a testament to how severe my symptoms are because I do NOT like to take any kind of drug. And I still had severe sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, and sensitivity to hot and cold. I have been miserable.
    I read this post and decided to give this a try because I believe in the miracles of natural healing. I just did not know what I needed before reading this. I had been taking up to 3 or 4 Allegra per day, which exceeded the recommended dosage, but I was desperate for relief.
    I quit taking the Allegra cold turkey and started using the lavender, lemon, and peppermint oils on the bottom of my feet. I found the place that corresponds with your sinuses are just under the bottom of your toes, so I paid particular attention to that area. But I also rubbed more on the instep and heel areas on both feet. I did this every night and every morning and put on clean socks to help keep the oils on my skin. For a couple of weeks or so, I continued having allergy symptoms, but not as severe. The oils seemed to help – and this was without ANY drugs.
    Suddenly, I woke up one morning without the ‘normal’ sneezing and runny nose. This has been about a month ago. I can say that I am presently 98% healed, cured, and relieved of any and all allergy symptoms. And I am not even having to continue with the oils at the present time, although I have been running a diffuser with the same essential oils. It is basically a miracle!
    So, now I am no longer taking any medication. I am no longer experiencing allergy symptoms other than an occasional, normal sneeze or two in the morning. And I feel like a new woman! I am a living testament to the effectiveness of healing with essential oils. This is the closest I can come to shouting it from the rooftops!!!
    THANK YOU so much for sharing this healing method! Hugs!!
    And I used over the counter essential oils – Aura Cacia and NOW only applied to the feet or diffused.

    • CricketII says

      There is a chance that simply having stopped the continual meds would account for much of your relief….rebounding symptoms from meds can be horrid and most folks (including myself with headache meds last year) will take the med more often thinking it will help when it just makes it worse.

  37. fannyarbuckle says

    I am disappointed that bossnurse feels so compelled to be antagonistic towards people trying to find a better way to feel better. I am an IPC for doTerra and I DO NOT make any money. I buy it for my self and my family. If someone were to want the oils for themselves, I would direct them to my next level. I have found great success with the oils myself and if I don’t have to take advil, antihistimines, or any other DRUG then I think the trade off is AWESOME. Why would I continue to invest in drug companies who are looking for a profit and not my best interest? If doterra has side effects, how can they be worse than a manufactured chemical (DRUGS)? I think not. I have been to enough doctors to see and know first hand that most are too ready to prescribe a drug without even knowing what is wrong with you. I actually had a rhuematoligist tell me not to have a certain blood test because it will always be positive and that I would just worry, but that nothing was really wrong with me. I tested positive for an autoimmune disease, but didn’t have enough symptoms for a diagnosis so until I have more symptoms, don’t have the blood test. REALLY? Well that is when I started on doterra’s LLV and started feeling better. NO more joint pain in my fingers- they did say I had osteoarthritis. No more fatigue. I feel better than I have in years and I believe it is due to doterra. I have a full time job and am not looking for a profit so I do not actively sell the oils. My son has HORRIBLE allergies. He is 27 and it continues. NOTHING works for him. I will be getting him set up this weekend with oils to try. I truly hope that it works for him. If it does I will be an even bigger believer in the oils. He hates dr’s and medicine. His whole life has been allergies and meds and dr.s. We did allergy shots when he was little. I hope to give him a more natural relief. If you do not believe in oils and their benefits then don’t. But certainly do not poopoo people who are trying to help others live a good life with alternatives. Rebecca and Jillee give information and offer resources, they don’t force anyone to purchase from them. I can stop using doterra anytime without cost to me. I can earn free product for myself simply by purchasing my LLV product at a discount. So, please allow that this is a forum for adults to make decisions about their health and that of their family. A doctors visit is very important, but not the only answer. If I had had this information and the oils 20 years ago, perhaps my son would not have had to suffer all those years. And I would not have felt so guilty putting him on medication after medication and worry about side effects. Ever see a kid on a prednisone burst for asthma? or see them shake uncontrollably after using their rescue inhaler? The side effects from oil use can not be any worse then those, so we give it a shot. Advil can effect your liver too. So, if oils effect my liver am I any worse off? Although, I suspect that the oils are not harming my liver in the doses I use. Just saying! Thank you Jillee for your wonderful site.

  38. Kacorey says

    I’ve been using doTerra oils since last fall. I mix LLP in a recycled 15ml bottle with a dropper & take it 2x’s a day with some water. Deep Blue & Breathe EO’s are life savers. I am completely off OTC/RX drugs for chronic pain from a shattered ankle, carpel tunnel, arthritis &, allergy pills/nasal sprays. If I wake with a little congestion I swipe a drop of breathe oil or peppermint near my nose. I am working on a few suggested protocols for low thyroid and researching candida cleansing. I use lavender & lemon for everything & in all my cleaners. I am sold on EO’s


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