Nicole’s One-Minute Eggs

nicoles eggs

Today I had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!?!” moments.

I think I’ve shared before that we go through a LOT of eggs in this house. They are gluten-free, high in protein, can be cooked a zillion different ways, and we just really like the way they taste. No. 3 son has an egg sandwich every morning before school! And every morning I drag the cast iron skillet out (which is no easy task by the way! Those things weigh a TON!) to cook the “egg” part of the egg sandwich. So why in the world have I never thought to make the EGG part of his sandwich in the microwave? I have no answer for that.

I’m a bit embarrassed to even admit this, but it was quite the revelation today when my friend Nicole, over at the Small Fry Blog, shared her “recipe” for SUPER CINCHY microwave eggs with me. Sometimes the most obvious things just completely escape me. It’s actually quite frightening sometimes. lol.

At the risk of appearing completely cooking illiterate to you seasoned home chefs…I present to you Nicole’s “recipe” complete with the beautiful pictures she took! She’s the only person I know who can make microwave eggs look like art! ;-)

Nicole’s One-Minute Eggs

Step 1-crack 2 eggs into a microwave safe bowl. (make sure to pierce the yolks with a toothpick or a fork to prevent an “eggsplosion”)
Step 2-cover bowl with plastic wrap.
Step 3-microvave for 1 min 15 seconds (for two eggs).  add 15 seconds for each additional egg.
Step 4-carefully remove from microwave (bowl will be hot!), remove plastic wrap and fluff with fork.

Not only were these ridiculously easy to make…they were every bit as tasty as the kind I make on the stove. I ended up making 3 batches of eggs. One for me, one for the hubster, and another one for me. :-)  It just happened to be dinnertime and I just happened to be really hungry!

After those three batches I made a few tweaks to Nicole’s “recipe” and now I’m pretty sure these will become a go-to meal option around here.

  • Instead of 1 minute 15 seconds…I did mine for one minute flat. I like them a TINY bit yolk-y. (Of course this time will vary based on the strength of your microwave.)
  • I salted and peppered the eggs before I put them in the microwave.
  • One batch I scrambled with a fork before cooking, but I think I’ll stick with the whole yolk version.
  • And finally, I added just a little bit of butter to the eggs when they came out of the microwave. It made them a little less dry and tasted a little more like my pan-fried eggs.

If you like POACHED eggs, you could add a little water and a splash of vinegar to the bowl and cook the same way.

Thank you Nicole for enlightening me today! And for making my blog pretty with your beautiful images.

easy eggs


OK….come on….someone please tell me I’m not the ONLY one who didn’t now about microwaving eggs!?  Please???   ;-)



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    • Angie says

      NOPE – they were not rubbery as long as you don’t overcook them. My only problem is that I couldn’t get the yolk to cook to egg salad consistency without the white getting over-cooked. I might try adding water to aid in the cooking process.

      Funny story: I made this for my kids the day I saw the recipe. They came bursting through the door at lunch time asking me the usual, “What’s for lunch?” I had JUST sat down to enjoy a delicious microwaved egg sandwich. When I told them they could split my egg sandwich, they asked, “What else is there?” My reply was, “Whatever you decide to make yourself.” When they realized their choice was an already hot, prepared sandwich or slaving over a butter knife and some bread they caved and split it. A literal minute later I turned to my daughter to ask how the sandwich tasted – it was already gone! I guess it wasn’t so bad after all…

      • says

        You can scammble them just cut down on the time. Mix egg with fork, microwave for 30 sec.(we have 1200w) then fluff with fork and put back in for an additional 15 sec. Light and fluffy as they should be.

  1. Shana Z. says

    I have been microwaving eggs for years! I like using Southwestern egg beaters, with a little chopped deli ham or turkey mixed in. Maybe a little hot sauce or salsa too.

    Another ‘weird’ egg recipe: Scramble eggs in a pan as usual, add salt and pepper and for every 2 eggs, one tablespoon of Mayonnaise. Serve hot on toasted bread for a creamy eggy sandwich (whole wheat is my fave, and butter the bread if you want to be really bad). I thought it was odd at first, but mayo is mostly eggs anyways, and it WORKS!

    • says

      Mayo is mostly eggs when you make it at home. The stuff they sell in stores is a “mystery stew” I still can’t comprehend. Did you ever read mayo labels? Here’s a puzzle for you. The labels say – 0 g protein but the first thing in the list of ingredients is eggs. What do they really make it of? I still haven’t cracked that puzzle. Will be obliged if anyone could explain it to me. :)
      And yes, your recipe IS bad, home made mayo or not. :) On my list anyway – I’m a Paleo believer so for me grains and dairy (considering you meant real butter because the processed margarine is even worse) are evil. :)

      • Laura says

        That’s like cooking spray that is labeled “fat free” – it’s really nothing but fat, but a serving size is so small that it falls under the “less than .5 g = 0″ thing. That’s also how a lot of foods that contain hydrogenated oils are able to use the label 0g trans fat – as long as it’s less than .5 g per serving, no matter how small the serving size is.

  2. Joanne S says

    Been making eggs in the microwave since the kids were little and my baby is now 22!

    I’ve always added a splash of water or milk before putting them in the micro – makes them fluffier.

    Add some spinach & feta and you have a yummy breakfast or snack!

  3. cyndi9170 says

    They actually make microwave safe dishes with a hinge on them for microwaving eggs. I use ours daily with two egg whites in each side with salsa or veggies. BTW I absolutely adore your blog!!!!!!!

  4. Roberta Vecchio Calhoun says

    I have been microwaving my eggs for over 25 years. Scramble the eggs, add a splash of milk, a pat of butter, salt, pepper to taste.

    THIS IS THE KEY: Cook at 60% (NOT 100%) for 2 minutes, stir cook another 2 minutes at 60%, depending on how you like them cooked (I like my moist) and how many eggs you are cooking.

    Please try the 60%. You will find them much moister. I learned this in a cookbook that came with the microwave. :O)

    • Bea S. says

      Your stove did not come with a cookbook? Sorry, but why would anyone take the microwave radiation hitting your body while you stand beside the microwave, and eat denaturalized food out of free will, just because you have bought the gadget to microwave stuff? I can simply not understand it, sorry. I cannot understand people proudly presenting how they are able to cook food with a microwave. Do you want to have your food prepared in the microwave when you go to a restaurant? You would get your food much faster, if everyone preparing food on commercial basis was just microwaving it. As you dont mind the quality of your food, but only seem to care about time, you deserve nothing but microwaved food when you go out and pay for it, too. Peace out!

      • Robin W says

        Um….Bea- This is a blog for easy tips and tricks.

        Microwaves do not use NUCLEAR Radiation. You are not ACTUALLY “nuking your food”.

        You are incorrect that microwaves are harmful. Microwaves just cook from the inside out because micro-waves don’t bounce off the edge of the food. Radiation is light. It can be visible light, or it can be invisible, depending on its wavelength. From largest to smallest wavelength, here are the types of light: radio – microwave – infrared – visible light – ultraviolet – x-ray – gamma ray. Radiation is only dangerous when it’s ultraviolet, x-ray, or gamma ray (in order of increasing energy).

        Microwaving eggs is a great shortcut! Its also a handy way to get eggs the right shape to fit perfectly on an English muffin!

      • Cassie says

        Microwave ovens are shielded to keep the microwaves bouncing around inside and cooking the food; that’s why they have that mesh over the door window. You’re not getting cooked standing in your kitchen, trust me.

      • Tracy says

        LOL! I think its funny how cranky she is over how OTHER people prepare food. Make yours how you like and we will do the same. Oh and I have studied nutrition extensively at the college level and its denatured protein, NOT denaturalized, and ANY heat source will do that to protein, even boiling. So unless you are eating it raw, its not any healthier to boil it on the stove than it is to ‘nuke’ it with a little water. Great job on the tips here ladies and don’t let a troll ruin this thread.

    • Sue says

      Roberta, I have you beat. -:) I’ve been microwave cooking for over 30 years. First microwave was in 1977. Still alive and kicking and healthy as a horse per doctor.
      Unfortunately, my cheap-o apartment microwave cooks only on full power but you’re right – lower power yields better results.

    • Jennifer T says

      Why didn’t this occur to me before? :-) I never think about reducing the power on my microwave. I’ll give that a try because my eggs seem a little rubbery when I microwave them. Thanks for the tip!

    • Autumn says

      thanks for that! I’ve been microwaving eggs for years too but was always too impatient! Now that I’m home more I can try the 60% thing :) I really like moist eggs and I love a good egg sandwich w/ mayo :) ! but I think I may try the butter since I have finally found the real raw kind!

      Jillee, I love the new look of your website, very sheik! Keep these things coming, I always learn something new :)

  5. Bea S. says

    I wonder why so many people just love to use the microwave to cook their food. Has none of you ever read up on how it changes the structure of your food in unhealthy for you ways? You are basically nuking your food, or what did you think is cooking those eggs without heat source…
    So you have to mix butter into the egg to make it somehow resemble pan-fried eggs in taste. I wonder what it is about saving time. Even boiling an egg will not kill anyone, and it is the healthiest option to prepare an egg and tastes just as well on sandwiches. And if you are so keen on saving time- you can boil a whole batch of eggs and keep them in the fridge for days and use them whenever needed. Time for preparation then: 2 seconds for taking it out of the fridge, 30 seconds for peeling and slicing it. There you have a winner.

    • Dianna A says

      Bea, I am with you on this. I am sorry people are attacking you for your good intentions. I know this is a blog for easy tips and tricks and for those that are not concerned about their health, this trick might be great. But it isn’t the healthiest way to scramble an egg. I can scramble my egg in a pan in less than 2 minutes; it is quicker than the microwave and healthier too. Even healthier, as Bea point out, is a hard boiled egg (which can even be cooked in the oven). With education, each person can look at the +’s and -”s of each tip and trick and make their own decision about whether this is a good tip or trick for them. Thank you Bea for providing that education.

      • says

        I also try to avoid the microwave because it makes me “real food” into something less real and less healthy. But I use it for convenience sake when I heat up leftovers. I also melt butter in it when a recipe calls for melted butter. I know it is bad for me but I do use it occasionally.

        The way I make my eggs is in a cast iron skillet, with coconut oil. (coconut oil is SO good for you, speeds up your metabolism, provides nutrients and is a brain food). I try to get some coconut oil in my diet every day. Anyway, I heat up the pan with coconut oil in, crack two eggs in it, put some pink salt and a dash of pepper, and put everything away (The egg carton, the coconut oil — all except a dash which I leave on the spoon, to rub onto the cast iron pan when I am done with it, etc) then I start to scramble the eggs. I put them on my plate and quickly scrape out the cast iron pan while it is warm, not using soap, but a scrub brush. I rub it down with the coconut oil and put it on the counter to “dry” before putting it away.

        It all takes less than 5 minutes for me to do this, from beginning to end. I even can get some toast out toasting while I do all this.

        We are lucky — we get free eggs from our neighbor who raises chickens, so they are super healthy.

        I need animal protein for breakfast or I feel yuck all day long. I do not like hard boiled eggs so I stick with scrambled or fried eggs. Yum!

        Now I am hungry and I need to go eat :)

      • Britt says

        I didn’t really receive any sort of education. If your personal opinion is that microwaving food is unhealthy, then please do not use a microwave. There are people out there who believe that even cooking their food is unhealthy. Varying opinions do not mean that it is necessary to make negative statements on a blog that people come to enjoy. If you have scientifically based, peer-reviewed articles that will inform me that the microwave is less healthy than the stove, then please share, I’d love to read it to make a better informed decision on how I currently prepare foods.

      • says

        I think when in doubt it is better to err on the side of what your gut tells you. I don’t trust “medical” science — because it is actually just “theory” — I recall when the doctors’ line of recommendation regarding taking a multi vitamin supplement was that there is absolutely no need… then they changed that line of “theory” and started recommending to their patients that they should be taking a multi-vitamin supplement. That one example sticks out in my head (I am in my 30s) because my dad would never take supplements because his doctor said they weren’t needed. Then, all of the sudden he started taking one because his doctor recommended it.

        My gut tells me that my body is missing certain nutrients, no matter how well I eat. So I have searched and found a whole foods vitamin supplement that I feel comfortable with, and I take it. I rely on what my body tells me vs. what the medical community tells me, and I feel so much healthier for it. :)

        • KD says

          A theory in science is not a guess. In scientific terminology, “theory” means a logical, tested, well-supported explanation for a great variety of facts.

          Sometimes people’s bodies tell them to eat things like dirt, cat litter, cigarette butts, etc. Doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

          I think it’s great when people think for themselves, but fear-mongering hurts everyone. It doesn’t surprise me that your dad went from not needing a vitamin to needing one. As we age, or our habits change, our needs change.

          Medical science changes all the time for a variety of reasons. New technology, new data, new studies, or results from long-term studies.

          Anecdotes are not evidence.

        • Ana says

          I agree! I have a doctor who I love, but I am a big believer on going with my gut and trusting nature to heal and nurture me. I use the microwave maybe once or twice a week. I’m sure that won’t be a big hazard, and I’m glad it’s there for emergencies. Definitely don’t want to use it daily as this post suggests, especially not for eggs, but I’m always a happy reader of this blog and at least I was reminded that eggs are a good way to start my mornings. :)

        • CTY says

          The medical arena has also changed their standing about eating eggs. Not too long ago they were taboo–now they are viewed as a healthy protein. Guessing that’s why they call it medical “practice”.

  6. Terri says

    Jillee, I did know that people microwaved eggs, but honestly I didn’t think they would turn out decent. I assumed that they would be dry or rubbery. I’d rather cook them on the stove than end up with rubbery gunk. But, if you say they taste just fine, then I’ll try it next time.

  7. Patty says

    My daughter gave me this recipe and I love it. We call them Egg in a Mug. Use a coffee mug. I sometimes start with a slice of cooked bacon, crumbled in the mug (or raw) and microwave until done. Then I crack in my egg, add splash of milk, salt and pepper, scramble with a fork. Microwave on high for 1 min. Remove and stir, cook for short intervals until desired doneness. If not using bacon, try diced ham. Or no meat-I add a small pat of butter at the beginning after I scramble. These taste like stove cooked eggs. I also take to work for a quick breakfast. Just cover the mug with press and seal wrap, and wrap up in a towel to help keep the mug hot. So quick and easy.

  8. Jennifer says

    For fluffier eggs: scramble 1 egg in the mug add a tiny splash of milk (spray it first). Nuke it for 20 seconds, ptake it out move the cooked parts to the middle, nuke another 20 seconds, move cooked parts to the middle, and nuke 20 more seconds. Viola! Fluffy non rubbery eggs. And you only dirty 1 mug and 1 fork.

    • FrugalFarmMom says

      I use this method. Never rubbery when stirred a couple times with a dash of milk. I add a spoonful of salsa and throw it in a flour tortilla to take with me.

      Just as yummy as McDonald’s burrito!

  9. Nicole says

    Haha… I thought that you had ESP or a camera in my house when I read the subject of this email. I (also a Nicole) was just told about this the other day and being that we are in the middle of a Kitchen Renovation, my Microwave has become our go-toappliance. I made my first microwave egg just this morning and yes, it was great!!!

    Too funny! :)

    • Nicole says

      LOL, me too! Same name and same recent experience of microwaving eggs! The only difference is that I’ve known of this method for several years. I tried it a few days ago when my 2-year old starts asking for eggs and it wasn’t breakfast time. Immediately the microwave came to mind to avoid pulling out my cast iron pan (!) and having to clean it later. After cooking it looked like the picture, but tended to remind me of a hard boiled egg due to the texture of the white, which didn’t totally mix with the yolk. I took a tiny taste and didn’t like it as much as panfried. I think I’ll whisk the eggs a little longer next time and add some butter.

  10. KimH says

    Sorry Jillee.. Been doing that for 25 years or so. My grandma used to do that. I dont prefer them like that since it makes them kinda rubbery but its great in a pinch.
    You could also bake them in muffin tins ahead of time & put them in a container in the frig so you dont have to cook them each & every morning.. or use your pan & do up a weeks worth.. Have fun!

  11. Tess says

    I’ve been microwaving eggs for years… but I’m a lot older than you! :)
    There’s an egg casserole I make in the microwave oven (there was a time when the microwave was my only oven… became very creative!!!)

    “Chicken or Egg, which came 1st?”
    1 T butter, melt in m/w-safe bowl
    6 – 12 eggs, scrambled, in same m/w-safe bowl
    add 1 can cream of chicken soup mixed with 1/4 c milk
    M/w on high for 2 minutes. Stir.
    Continue cooking at 2-min intervals, stirring between each, until eggs are done.

    Serve with toast… or biscuits and bacon!!


  12. Sue says

    My way… -:)… I have a soup mug that is the perfect size for microwaving an egg to top an English muffin.
    Spray mug with just a tiny bit of butter flavored PAM, break egg in mug. Beat egg with about 1/4 tsp. water. Micro about 45-48 seconds. Perfecto! Depending on mood…toast English muffin, butter, add egg. Or…place slice of cheese and slice of lunch meat ham on muffin, add egg, and grill for a minute or two for the perfect McMuffin sandwich. Sometimes I use the George Foreman grill for the grilling part. Sometimes I use previously fried and chipped up bacon in place of ham. Whatever! Like you, I love eggs and eat way too many.

    • Lynn says

      Sue – I make mine in a mug the same way but have never added water – I’m not sure what that does for the egg?! Best way to make a homemade McMuffin for sure! For the rest … if we are having scrambled eggs – those NEVER get made in the microwave …family thinks they are too dry and taste different. So th eonly way an egg goes into the microwave here is for a McMuffin!

      My older microwaves always came with a cookbook, stove manual had recipes in it!

      Enjoy your helpful info Jillee!

      • Alice says

        Lynn, I think the water creates steam, which makes the eggs fluffier. I add water to eggs when making an omelette for the same reason. I think I read somewhere that this is a French method, but don’t quote me on that! :-) Today’s post is making me hungry. I think I’ll be having eggs for dinner, too!

  13. Carrien N says

    I started microwaving them a couple of years ago when i first started following Hungry Girl. I love them with one wedge of laughing cow cheese cooked in the mug with them. They are far better that way than any other way i have ever prepared eggs.

  14. Angela K says

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Do what’s right for you, but dont make other people feel as though they are makin bad choices. This is a great recipe for my kids who have to be on the bus @ 6:30 for school. They are working at school before some adults are up for work. It’s very hard to get them to eat a big healthy breakfast before school. They are just looking for ways to get a few more minutes of sleep.
    Thanks Jillee ur website is awesome

    Carrie N is right about Laughing cow cheese, it gives the eggs a great flavor and is very creamy

  15. Shannon says

    Jillee -
    Wow! What a variety of comments you’ve received today.

    Yes, I cook my eggs in the microwave – especially for tuna and egg salad, because sometimes I just DO NOT have an extra 15 minutes to feed hungry kids. I always spray the cup or bowl with non-stick spray first – clean up is much easier!

    Scrambled, I use a non-stick pan with cooking spray or a bit of oil because usually I’m cooking them for more than just me.

    Yes, sometimes I boil a dozen and keep them in the fridge for use during the week. When I have them on hand, already cooked, I’m so proud of myself. But, that’s rare.

    Thanks for all your great tips!

  16. Nadene says

    Rubbery eggs from a microwave???? Nah — I’ve been cooking in a microwave for centuries — okay, okay, so I’m not even that old, yet. But I have used one for a long, long time and had more GOOD results than negative. One thing to always keep in mind is that microwaves love to suck liquids outta everything — don’t ask me where they put all those liquids, but nevertheless, they do it.

    I rarely use a standard stove/range; it’s a microwave and crockpot world for me these days. And yes, I have lots of recipes and advise on both processes. Hint about those eggs, Gals, put just a tad of water in with them, and you’ll get a much fluffier egg; especially when scrambling them. Also, even though microwave makes things a lot quicker, doesn’t mean to cook your recipes quickly — as in don’t always just push the 1 minute button and ‘voila.’ Sometimes, depending on the recipe, one needs to do a little stirring inbetween the entire cooking time suggested.

    I make a bread pudding ta die fer in my microwave, and believe me, meatloaf and even cake comes out the most moist you’ve ever had when cooked correctly in the “waver.”

    Blessings on all

  17. says

    Have you tried a banana in the microwave? I slice half of a banana length-wise in a micro-wave save cereal-size bowl, add a sliver of butter on top and sprinkle with brown sugar. Only takes a minute for a lovely treat!

  18. says

    I fully expected people to have differing views on this post….which is perfectly fine with me. Just a reminder however….there are respectful ways to agree to disagree and still make your opinions known.

    Have a wonderful Friday everyone! :-)

  19. TRIXIE says

    Way back a million years ago, when the microwave oven was first available to the public, my Mom got one and the recipe book that came with it suggested eggs were a great option to cook in the microwave. We tried it and none of us were at ALL impressed so I haven’t done it since. Microwaves may or may not have come a long way since then so I may try it again though. My husband has an egg poacher gadget that goes in the microwave and he uses it periodically when he wants a poached egg. I am a bad wife because I the very sight of a poached egg makes me ill so I don’t make them for him. Haha. Oh well, he’s not starving, I promise.

    As for the “evils” of the microwave and all the haters here today……..just like with every other thing out there that medical (ahem!) science deems hazardous to your health; there are contradicting studies available with just a few keystrokes in your google search bar. This is not a place for going on a rampage about how much better you are than the rest of us.

    Have a great day, Jillee!!

  20. Gayle says

    I thoroughly enjoy this site but for the most part have given up reading any comments that follow the posts. This is a shame because most people offer constructive comments and suggestions, but they are ruined for me by the few who are rude and downright nasty. I don’t understand why people respond to your posts this way as they are in no way controversial. The comments by Bea S are a perfect example. She doesn’t like microwaves. Fine – we get it. Why be nasty about it? She should simply unfriend this site and move on to sites that she would enjoy more and that are more in keeping with her obviously deeply held beliefs. I’m sure we would ALL be happier!

  21. Susan H says

    I am late reading this today. I can’t remember the exact recipe I forgot all about it. But I used to have one for an egg with cheddar cheese a pinch of cayenne pepper, and I think I remember green onions? Not that I would always have green onions in the house. But the cayenne pepper might help kick start your day. :)
    Now I need to go eat some eggs. (It’s only 9:15 in CA)

  22. Elaine Schoepf says

    I cook mine in little ramekins with a bit of butter or water in the bottom. this also works with liquid egg and egg substitute. Salt and pepper, whipped or just cracked, with chives or green onions, (or any very thinly sliced veg), grated cheese or even cinnamon and sugar. if you spray “pam” in the bottom they slide right out.

  23. says

    I have been nuking eggs for quick meals forever. I have found the easiest way is to butter or spray the inside of a coffee mug. Break in an egg and whisk with a fork, salt and pepper, add a tiny knob of butter and nuke for 45-60 seconds. this fits perfectly on a toasted English muffin with a slice of cheese for a fast, delicious, “egg mac-muffin”!!

    • BB says

      I was hoping someone would post this info re plastc. I know a cancer researcher and he says to never even use plastic in a micro, in fact, he cautions about the use of microwaving foods, period. I guess people will say that everything causes cancer but we need to still be well informed.

  24. Terisa says

    For some really awesome “eggs in a cup” recipes go to She has some fanatastic recipes that you make by microwaving eggs (and other ingredients) for a quick meal.

    I love eggs no matter how you cook them. Might as well make it easy on yourself.

    Love your website Jillee!

  25. Jeanette says

    Jilliee – I had no idea that you could cook eggs in a microwave!!! And I’ve had one since they first came out in the 70′s! So I made eggs this morning, and they were fantastic! Thanks so much for this. And although this is my first time commenting, I LOVE your site and look forward to my one good thing every day. Thanks and blessings!

  26. Nancy Smith says

    I have an easier step! Take a clean mug and spray it with non stick spray. Scramble 1 or 2 eggs in another bowl and add some water (N0t milk, I found that milk caused the egg to explode), s & p, cheese (if wanted). Microwave for 1 minute, then flip over and do it for another minute if needed. I do use my big plastic microwave cover over the mug, I suppose you could use plastic wrap.
    The best part is that you have an omelet to go! We do this before heading out to early morning seminary.

  27. Peggy says

    My mom used to microwave eggs for my sister back in the 70′s, when microwaves were the size of televisions! But I hadn’t thought of doing it for my own kids til I read this! I cook with a cast iron skillet too and love it. I make anything and everything in it!

  28. agnes says

    you can also “fry” that egg in your microwave. using a microwave safe plate, heat the plate for 1 minute.
    then put about 1/2 Tablespoon of cooking oil on the plate, along with the egg. pierce the yolk & cook for 1 minute intervals, turning plate 1/2 turn each time, even if you HAVE a turntable in your microwave.

    its been long enough i can’t remember how many minutes it takes to cook egg to whatever degree you’re looking for so you’ll have to experiment some.

    have fun w/ learning something new.

  29. says

    Hi Jillee,
    Just want to say how much I appreciate you and your blog. I’m always amazed at the time and research you put into the great ideas you have for making our lives easier and saving us time and money. Blessings on you and have a great weekend!

  30. Amanda says

    I’ve actually read all sorts of different microwaved egg recipes in a recipe book before–maybe Hungry Girl?? Anyway, we’ve lived without a microwave for about 4 1/2 years now, so I’ve never actually tried it myself. Sounds easy though for people who need to cook for one, for quick meals, or for people who only know how to cook with a microwave :)

  31. Amanda says

    Wow-just read the other comments; sounds like being a daily blogger isn’t for the faint of heart. Jillee, you have so many people who read your blog daily and love and *use* the ideas you share. I know I have read some of your posts in the past and thought “that doesn’t pertain to me” oh well. But I refrain from commenting and let those who like the idea discuss it. Keep up the great work!

  32. Sunshine1985 says

    I love what you do Jillee. I am really amazed at some of the comments lately. We all have our own personal ups and downs in life but that doesn’t give us the right to dump our negativity on good innocent people. So please stop dumping your trash on this wonderful blog. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. What do you gain from being so rude? I hope that the negativity will stop. It affects all of us and frankly it’s just childish. Blessings to all and I hope life brings GOOD things to all of us.

  33. gurian6 says

    I’ve been using the microwave to cook eggs for more than 30 years. So fast and easy when I need to cook only for 1 or 2. One dish and one fork to clean. I found that adding 1 tsp water per egg, then scrambling them, makes the eggs nice and fluffy and never rubbery. A nutritionist told me the milk will always make eggs rubbery. And she said recently that the new microwaves do not emit any radiation. Just some FYI. Thanks Jillee for a wonderful blog. Each week there is always something…

  34. Zubaida says

    Just a little FYI…..please do not use plastic wrap in the microwave, it releases deadly toxins and thses toxins drip into the food. You can use a glass lid, which will keep the moisture in and keep the eggs fluffy.

  35. Jaynie says

    This has probably been posted before, but I spray my glass or pyrex bowls with butter spray, so much easier to clean the dish and it gives the eggs a yummy butter flavor. My husband microwaved his eggs all the time and I had to work on getting egg residue out of the dish for 15 minutes!

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