A Sweet “Heart” Surprise For Valentine’s Day {Or Any Day!}

Sweet Heart Surprise

As some of you know….I am in Chi-Town this week for the Chicago Auto Show! The hubster and I are like “two ships that pass in the night” this week! He left on a business trip Tuesday morning and got home Wednesday night…while I left on Wednesday morning and won’t get home until Saturday afternoon!

I have to say, I feel very fortunate to have a partner who is so understanding and cooperative when it comes to our crazy, busy schedules! While this is not the “norm” in our household…it’s nice to know that I have a supportive partner in this endeavor called “life”. :-) I decided to show just a sliver of my appreciation by leaving a “heart attack” for the hubster when I left.

Sweet Heart Surprise


Sweet Heart Surprise


Sweet Heart Surprise



Based on his reaction, I’m guessing it was well-received. :-)



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  1. Sadie says

    Love this! My kids would love it, too – maybe in their lunches like confetti. I also saw on Pinterest how you can do something similar for someone you love long-distance: use several paper hearts, write one thing you love about them on each heart, box them up and mail them. When they open the box they get “showered” with hearts and love! Have fun in the windy city!

  2. lori says

    what a nice idea! i have thought of sending flowers to his work, the time hasn’t been right. See his B-Day is the 15th and he takes aweeks vacation then. have to think up something else.
    love your blog you do have some great ideas!!

  3. Karen Irizarry says

    very cute idea! Well we were young and broke I got some little metallic hearts and sprinkled them on my husband’s dashboard, and then recorded a CD with songs that expressed my feelings for him. i left it in his CD-player in the car. He loved it!

  4. Sunshine1985 says

    OMG! That is so adorable! I wish my hubby would do that for ME! LOL. I’ll be nice and my 3 year old and I will do it for him on Valentines day! Seriously I am in love with your website! So that means you need to do this forever, LOL. Can you believe I have thought about the horror of checking your website and NOT seeing ONE GOOD THING, LOL. Blessings! :)

  5. Sabz says

    Have a wonderful time in Chi-town. If you get a chance, stop by the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s on Michigan Avenue and a place filled with beauty and creativity. They are open until 8:00 pm and I would highly recommend a visit.

  6. Jessica k says

    Aahhh! So jealous your at the auto show! I used to go every year. Drool over the cars for me please! This is a cute idea but my dogs would try eat the hearts (they try eat anything paper) and since one is always under the covers on the bed they may get kicked out onto the floor lol.

  7. Rhonda says

    What a fun thing to do for my cats….errr….my hubby! Well, he would appreciate it AFTER the cats were done with it…..LOL. I will be doing something similar, but maybe in his vehicle….with some music to drive to work with. Thanks!

  8. Shana Z. says

    I wish my hunny would appreciate that! he’d probably just think it was another mess to clean up, hahaha! I think leaving him a love note tucked under his pillow would be better received.

  9. Shannon B says

    It is so refreshing to hear of another couple that loves being in love! Life can be so hectic and overwhelming at times that I think often we take for granted the ones who truly want the best for us and love us unconditionally. We need to appreciate and invest in the love of our spouses. My husband and I against many odds, have been married for almost 16yrs now. I can honestly say I love him more now than I ever have. Thank you for the reminder I needed to show my husband that I love and appreciate him. Have a wonderful time in my hometown and I wish you safe travels!

  10. Karen C says

    i think foil wrapped heart candies would be even more fun… tho lumpier.
    maybe the paper ones, taped to a string would be easier to pick up. : )
    I gotta try this somehow on my grumpy husband just to see the reaction.
    SO cute of an idea thanks.

  11. Shana says

    Oh fun-I’ve always wanted to go to a car show!! My husband would absolutely not know what to do with that lol. If I wanted to surprise him before going out of town I would bake him a cake or a special treat or something. He would much more appreciate food haha. Be safe in the Windy City and have fun!!! xoxo, Shana


    ~formerly roddyjones.com

  12. natalie wiley says

    my sweet husband read this post in our email yesterday and suprised me with it last night!!!! he made it een better by writing one thing he adored about me on all the hearts!!! so sweet!!!

  13. Safaia says

    That, was adorable!! However for whatever reason some of your links are currently not working in the post :( Hope you can get them fixed so that we can see the rest of the beautiful pictures! As soon as I am able, I think I am going to steal a combination of your idea and some of the ideas posted above, such as using a string to make the hearts easier to pick up (could also hang them somewheres afterwards like a ‘beaded’ door) and maybe hold the ends of the hearts down with the heart shaped foil wrapped chocolates. Add the music and voila :D

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