A Sweet “Heart” Surprise For Valentine’s Day {Or Any Day!}

Sweet Heart Surprise

As some of you know….I am in Chi-Town this week for the Chicago Auto Show! The hubster and I are like “two ships that pass in the night” this week! He left on a business trip Tuesday morning and got home Wednesday night…while I left on Wednesday morning and won’t get home until Saturday afternoon!

I have to say, I feel very fortunate to have a partner who is so understanding and cooperative when it comes to our crazy, busy schedules! While this is not the “norm” in our household…it’s nice to know that I have a supportive partner in this endeavor called “life”. :-) I decided to show just a sliver of my appreciation by leaving a “heart attack” for the hubster when I left.

Sweet Heart Surprise


Sweet Heart Surprise


Sweet Heart Surprise



Based on his reaction, I’m guessing it was well-received. :-)


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  1. Natasha says

    Very neat idea!!! My hub would probably complain abot having to clean it up before he could go to sleep tho. LOL!

  2. Sadie says

    Love this! My kids would love it, too – maybe in their lunches like confetti. I also saw on Pinterest how you can do something similar for someone you love long-distance: use several paper hearts, write one thing you love about them on each heart, box them up and mail them. When they open the box they get “showered” with hearts and love! Have fun in the windy city!

    • Donna says

      I Useto make my kids heart shaped sandwiches, using a cookie cutter, with a heart shaped sugar cookie, little apple hearts…those were the days!

  3. Donna Howard says

    I’ve always loved this when the YW would do it on the door. Never thought to do it this way!! Thanks for the suggestion!!