24 Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn

natural heartburn remedies

I would venture to say that there isn’t a single person reading this that hasn’t at one time or another experienced the pain of heartburn. I used to get it really bad when I was pregnant. But the WORST culprit for me is eating SPICY foods. Eating a spicy dish is almost guaranteed to cause me major discomfort.

Other foods that can lead to heartburn are tomatoes, onions, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, and caffeine. Also, dishes high in fats and oils and certain medications will do the same.

So what’s a girl (or guy) to do?? Suffer in silence. Of course not. Why would you when there are some very simple things you can do at home to relieve the discomfort of heartburn?!

Hopefully you will find one that works for you.


natural heartburn remedies


Almonds are especially good for digestion because their high oil content neutralizes stomach acid. Take a handful (about 15-20) and 1/2 hour later your heartburn should be gone.


natural heartburn remedies

Aloe Vera Juice

Just as Aloe Vera acts as a coolant and reduces the inflammation on the skin, it also cools down the stomach and provides heartburn relief. Aloe vera juice has a long history of use in Europe as a natural home remedy to relieve heartburn. You should only use aloe vera juice that has been specifically prepared for internal use.


natural heartburn remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar

Stir 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into 1/2 cup of water or apple juice & drink immediately after each meal. It will calm stomach troubles and brings about digestive relief. Apple cider vinegar can also be taken in tablet or capsule form.


natural heartburn remedies


Even a slice of apple can calm down acid production and reduce the burning sensation. Apples neutralize the acid in your stomach in about 5 minutes. Braeburn or Gala apples work best. Celery sticks and cabbage will also minimize stomach acid.


natural heartburn remedies

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural antacid. Mix between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water to neutralize acid and temporarily alleviate heartburn caused by acid reflux. If you have heartburn regularly, avoid using this remedy. It is high in salt and could cause side effects like swelling and nausea.


natural heartburn remedies


Bananas act as a natural antacid in the body. You can eat either fresh or dried bananas.


natural heartburn remedies


Basil leaves also help in relieving heartburn, as well as combating nausea and gas. Chewing 2 to 3 basil leaves minimizes stomach acid.


natural heartburn remedies


To help relieve heartburn, try drinking a half cup of ice cold buttermilk. You can use regular whole milk, but the effects of heartburn relief are not as quick. It is highly recommended you include fermented milk and soy products regularly in your diet, because they can help correct acid reflux problems.


natural heartburn remedies

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile has been used to help neutralize stomach acid. It is also used by people as a stress reliever.


natural heartburn remedies

Chewing gum

Chewing gum stimulates the salivary flow rate, and any acid that accumulates in your stomach is washed away and cleared more quickly. Choose a sugar-free, fruit-flavored gum. Mint gums can be irritating to some people.


natural heartburn remedies 12


You can also make teas made of crushed cinnamon or cardamom to cool the heat of heartburn. Add 1 teaspoon of either crushed or powdered herb to 1 cup boiling water, steep, strain and drink.


natural heartburn remedies

Fennel tea

According to herbalists, tea made from anise, caraway, or fennel seed can ease the burn of heartburn. Add 2 teaspoons of any of them to 1 cup of boiling water, steep for 10 minutes, strain and drink.


natural heartburn remedies


Even though many people BLAME garlic for their heartburn, a clove or two can erase the burn as quickly as it came. Chew a clove of garlic when heartburn occurs, or store a few cloves of garlic in apple cider vinegar, and drink a sip of the liquid when heartburn occurs.

Raw garlic is a power-packed antibiotic, and is known to kill the pathogenic microorganism that is most often found in those suffering from gastritis.


natural heartburn remedies


Fresh ginger is one of the oldest remedies for heartburn. It is also used to help treat nausea. Ginger can be added to food when it’s cooked, eaten raw, or consumed as ginger tea.

Combine 1 tbsp. of ginger and lemon juice with 2 tbsp. of honey in 8 oz. of warm water. Drink when you begin to feel the effects of indigestion.


natural heartburn remedies


Eat 10 to 20 grapes whenever you experience any type of digestion issue. Grapes are very good at relieving indigestion, as well as an upset stomach.


natural heartburn remedies


A form of licorice called DGL also provides heartburn-soothing effects. It provides protection from acids by promoting mucus release in the stomach.

DGL comes in large tablets that you place in your mouth and allow to melt. You can chew them slightly but don’t swallow them since it is your saliva that helps activate the DGL.



natural heartburn remedies


Mustard is a little known and surprising remedy for heartburn. The next time you have an attack of acid reflux, try 1 tsp of yellow mustard with about ½ glass of water. Apparently the yellow coloring, turmeric, has long been used for digestive disorders.


natural heartburn remedies


Potato juice not only neutralizes the acid in your stomach, but it also heals the lining of your esophagus. It is simple, safe and effective.

Juice one raw potato and add an equal amount of cold water. Make sure to stir the mixture well until it is cloudy from the starch. Drink it right away for the best result.


natural heartburn remedies

Peppermint Oil

Add two drops of peppermint oil to 8 oz. of cold water and drink whenever you have indigestion. If you are unable to drink this mixture, suck on one piece of peppermint candy to relieve indigestion and stomach irritation. Peppermint oil is a regular ingredient in over-the-counter heartburn medicines and a great cure for heartburn.


natural heartburn remedies

Pineapple Juice

Drinking 4 oz. of pineapple juice after meals highly effective in reducing hyperacidity and heartburn. Pineapple contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that helps control levels of hydrochloric acid in your stomach.


natural heartburn remedies


Slippery Elm

Slippery elm has been used in herbal remedies for centuries to treat a variety of illnesses. This tree extract thickens the layer of mucous lining the stomach creating a stronger barrier against acid.

Add one teaspoon of the powder to a cup of hot water, and drink a few cups throughout the day.


natural heartburn remedies


Turmeric helps stimulate digestion and prevent acid build-up. Turmeric is used in curried foods. If you don’t want to use turmeric in your cooking, it is available in capsule form and can be taken before meals.


natural heartburn remedies

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juices, like raw potato, celery and cabbage are very alkaline in nature and are helpful in correcting an acidic stomach. Papaya juice contains the digestive enzyme papain, which has a soothing effect on the stomach and aids in the breaking down of protein.


natural heartburn remedies


With some people, all they have to do is drink water. It can help to wash excess acid that splashes into the esophagus. Make sure that you do not drink too much water, as it may actually make the problem worse. 

There are some other things you should keep in mind if you suffer from heartburn:

  • Avoid specific foods that trigger your heartburn. Eat more fiber to keep your digestive tract moving and healthy. Also reduce portion sizes. 
  • Push away the plate at least two or three hours before bedtime so your stomach has a chance to empty before you lie down.
  • Eat slowly, taking smaller bites.
  • Excess abdominal fat can press against the stomach, forcing acids up into the esophagus. Follow a diet and exercise program to shed extra pounds.
  • Smoking can reduce the effectiveness of the muscle that keeps acids in the stomach. For this, and so many other health reasons, it’s always the perfect time to quit.
  • Ditch the skin-tight jeans. Tight clothes put added pressure on the abdomen.
  • Put wood blocks under your bed to raise the head about 6 inches. Don’t bother raising your pillows, though — it’s not effective for heartburn.
  • Exercise may protect against the acid reflux that leads to heartburn.

(If you have frequent problems with heartburn, see a doctor, as it may be a more serious condition.)


Even though heartburn is always an unpleasant experience, an effective home remedy doesn’t have to be!

If you have experience with any of the remedies listed above….or you can add some of your own…please share!


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    • Sonia Mathews says

      Yes i highly recommend fennel too, also A cup of cold water can certainly stabilize the acid in your stomach to eliminate heartburn. Taking a cup of water prior to or following a meal assists in digestion, that might help with heartburn . it helps me,read it here : http://heartburnnomorre.uni.me/

      It’s crucial that you be certain that the water isn’t way too cold, nonetheless, because the temperature could lessen the pace of the metabolism.

  1. Kimberly says

    Great tips as always, Jillee! Dr. Oz says that if you chew gum, it should be sugar-free and fruit flavored. The mint kind can be irritating to some people. I’ve tried it, and it works :-)

    • Eric Hansen says

      I drink a half gallon of orange juice just before going to bed to prevent heartburn. But if I drink pineapple juice as recommended here, I get terrible heartburn. Pink grapefruit juice is also helpful for me. Grape juice, tomato sauces, and wine are other big triggers for heartburn for me. Sour cream works good to prevent heart burn for me. But palm oil and soybean oil found in baked goods hurts me. Corn chips are real bad, but potato chips are not as long as they do not contain palm, soy, or corn oil. A good light late night meal for me is a 8oz (instead of a full pound) of sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese or swiss cheese, a bag of potato chips (instead of wheat bread/crackers), and a 1/2 gallon of OJ.

  2. says

    I had heart burn so bady it burned my esophagus. What finally healed it was HCL and aloe vera juice. Through my research, I found that it was a lack of stomach acid that causes heartburn. The food rots in your intestines and produces lactic acid which comes up and burns your esophagus, not stomach acid. So I now take HCL after every meal to help digest my food and it has helped tremendously. I sure knew I didn’t want to be on those drugs that stopped stomach acid for the rest of my life. It didn’t make sense to me to do that!

    • Rita says

      Same here. It took about 5 weeks to really notice a difference, but no more wheat for me. I’m hoping it will clear up my IBS, also. it has for others. Also, black tea is a culprit, so I stopped that as well.

      High fat and spicy foods do not bother me. It was totally the wheat. Never bothered me before.

  3. Cindy says

    I love the list of remedies you shared. However, I;m disappointed you didn’t address that f heartburn could also be an effect of not enough stomach acid in some cases. If one follows the Blood Type Diet then Type ‘A’s tend not to produce enough acid. Also we don’t produce enough acids as we age. Papaya, watermelon, pineapple (never processed), and food enzymes help to provide more stomach acids which help break down food.

    • Eric Hansen says

      I am blood type O, but I am not going to go against my morals and eat meat. If I wouldn’t kill something myself, I can’t expect someone else to kill it for me behind closed doors just so I can eat it. I don’t eat animals or birds. I am ok with fish, eggs, dairy, nuts. That’s my 2 cents. I eat sharp cheddar cheese like it is going out of style. A pound for dinner is not uncommon for me.

    • says

      HCL is hydorchloric acid and you can get it from any health food store. I get mine from healthline.cc because it has worked the best for me. It is what your stomach naturally produces to digest your food but as you age, you lose more and more of your stomach acid, hence you don’t digest your food as well.

  4. Her says

    HCL is hydrochloric acid. If your adrenal glands are weak, your stomach will not have sufficiently strong acid to digest your food, as the adrenals govern stomach acid production.

  5. SLE says

    Caution should be taken when eating black licorice. If you are prone to heart problems such as irregular heart beats you should NOT eat black licorice. My mother started eating it for her heartburn and ended up in the emergency room numerous times because her heart started racing or missing beats. Once she stopped eating black licorice she’s had no further problems.

  6. Gail says

    Yes, yes and yes! Most times heartburn is caused not by too much acid in the stomach but by too little of the ‘good’ kind. My preferred remedy at home is raw apple cider vinegar. I use Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) tablets when I’m out or traveling because it’s kind of hard to travel with a glass bottle of vinegar. :-) I also agree with limiting gluten intake. Learn your trigger foods and avoid them.

    With all due respect to Dr. Oz, no one should be eating (or chewing) anything ‘sugar-free’. The toxic chemicals that replace sugar are much more damaging than a small amount of the real deal. Choose cane sugar to avoid the GMO beet sugar if you can. Better yet, use raw honey. You probably won’t find it in a chewing gum though.

  7. says

    I swear by pro-biotics, I have taken them while pregnant and have never gotten it and I am 37 weeks. Also if you take/eat cayenne regularly it will help to prevent heartburn, kinda weird but its true! Thanks for all the info Jillee! Btw, hope you ate that chocolate cupcake I made you!

  8. cty says

    Nicely done Jillee.
    Food for thought.
    My single brother in law has chronic heartburn that nothing can subdue. Every gathering we endure this woe. He was having a particularly bad bout of it over Christmas appetizers & his sweet aunt delicately suggested going to the Dr. He said, in an offended way, that he had been & that they could find nothing wrong. He had tests that were negative & none of the usual suspect foods made it better/worse. Prescriptions & OTC medications didn’t help. Then after watching him plow through the appetizers it dawned on all of us (except him) . He eats way to fast. He gives the phrase “inhaling your food” new meaning. His problem is two fold. 1. Eating fast causes him to swallow air with his food. 2. Eating fast causes him to overeat. Between the air & the extra food there isn’t room in his stomach for his to digest food. Because it is a touchy subject for him (this is where having a spouse comes on handy) we were all trying to find a gentle way to tell him. We were all cowards. I decided though that I would serve the meal broken up into many small courses. This worked quite well, it slowed him down enough to a mild case. Now if we can just get him married & his wife on board.

  9. Katya says

    My young son is special needs and due to his low muscle tone was prescribed Zantac for reflux. I was glad to find these recommendations as I don’t feel comfortable to give him acid reducing drugs for the rest of his life.

  10. Becky says

    Thank you so much for all the great information! I have tried all of these remedies at some point through the years but have forgotten quite a few of them..I guess that’s the old adage ‘I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know’ lol!
    Jillee, you’re the best!

  11. Paula says

    Unfortunately, bananas actually give me heartburn. I swear by baking soda. It tastes awful, but works fast. Be forewarned, you’ll have the burps for a while afterward (like baking soda and vinegar volcanoes we all made in grade school, that’s how the baking soda and stomach acid react).

  12. Megan says

    Warm milk and honey. I had heartburn so bad when I was pregnant I would wake up crying. Just heat up a cup of milk in the microwave and stir in a spoonful of honey. It works every time for me, I still use it regularly.

  13. Catherine's not naturally crafty says

    I find that I tend to rely on the Baking soda fix when I’m out, about or visiting somewhere and I don’t have a choice for ant-acids. Most homes and even offices have baking soda and just a bit will fix you up fast. Even if you have to raid the fridge or freezer box, it will still work although it’s likely to smell a lil’ funky. Also, if you’re dining out you can ask for plain tonic water, it will also quell an acidy/upset stomach.

  14. Heather says

    I do baking soda all the time, works like a charm for heart burn and painful indigestion. If its really bad I’ll chew up a tums and take a bit of soda water, instant relief.

  15. laura larmore says

    Depending on why you have Heartburn (too much or not enough acid) decides what you should use. Pickle juice is awesome for almost all heartburn. If you frequent a local restaurant, you can probably get it for free. The local BBQ places gives me a gallon at a time since they just pour it down the drain. If pickle juice doesn’t work, then backing soda water will.

  16. Cath says

    An interesting list. Regarding mustard, it is definitely the turmeric that is of benefit, so you may as well season your food with a spoonful of turmeric (which is quite good). Then again, if all you have available is yellow mustard, it’s a quick, easy way to get some turmeric in your stomach. It does need to be the yellow kind, as it’s the turmeric that gives it that bright yellow color. Regarding raw potato juice, I’d do some further reading about consuming raw potatoes before I tried that one. You need to exercise a little caution there.

  17. says

    You actually make it appear really easy along with your presentation however
    I in finding this matter to be actually something that I think I’d by no means understand. It seems too complicated and extremely large for me. I’m having a look ahead on your subsequent publish, I’ll try to get the dangle of it!

  18. money says

    pineapple is LEGENDARY!! it works miracles for anything from heartburn 2 a cough.. its the most awesome fruit! digestion 101 cure. not 2 mention its delicious & cooling

  19. alicia says

    please please see a gastroenterologist if your symptoms are bad, you could have an ulcer, or a condition called barretts which leads to esophageal cancer!!!!!! sometimes a PPI (ex. nexium prilosec) is needed to treat these problems.

  20. says

    I’ve known a lot of people who struggle with heartburn. It can range from mild to extremely painful and it can last quite a while. There are all kinds of over-the-counter and prescription medications for it but those can cause problems of their own. I love that you’ve got several ways that people can get rid of their heartburn problems without having to resort to these medications. Things like almonds or aloe vera are things that a lot of people have around their house too so these are definitely easy too.

  21. christina says

    I’ve been suffering from heartburn, acid reflux and severe GERD for 11 years. I’ve undergone blood work and several upper gi procedures. The bloodwork revealed a baceria called H Prilori, it’s been treated but because I’d had it for so long my esphogus has been severely scarred and has narrowed, I choke on nearly everything including sunflower seeds. It’s hard to eat and even drink anything without severe indigestion, heartburn and choking. I take 40 mg of prilosec twice a day and 300 mg of zantac twice a day and still have heartburn, i also go though 100-150 Tums in a 14 day period.
    I am going to try some of these rememdies on here and see what happens.
    I don’t eat alot of tomato or acidic foods, don’t drink soda or even coffee, i primarily eat fruits and veggies and meat and potatoes. I have cut out pastas and breads, greasy foods salty foods i don’t touch at all and yet the heartburn is so severe that it makes me physically sick.
    Every six months I have to have my esophagus stretched so that I don’t choke.
    Any suggestions, the gastro doctor and family doctors are baffled. I’ve tried so many things with no help including following some very strange diets.

    • Liz says

      Your symptoms sound similar to Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Please google that and you may also want to go to APFED.org for more information. Some Gastroenterologists are still not familiar with the disease which is on the rise here and abroad. Best wishes.

    • poppyjojo says

      I once took some natural health classes and they had a saying, ” The more simple the meal, the better I feel.” And it is so true!!! You might give this a try…don’t combine starchy foods with proteins, like meat with potatoes. Instead stick to meat & non starchy veggies, like a simple salad, green beans, etc. I guess protein and starch do not play well in the digestive process, the acid cancels out the enzymes. I tried eating that way, although I was younger and wasn’t having trouble with heartburn, but it is amazing how fast your food digests!! I lost weight & felt great!!! You’ll be hungry 10 mins later tho!! Try looking up online non starchy veggies too, to find out what ones are best. Also, don’t mix fruits with other foods as it can create fermentation of the fruit. Good luck to you, sounds like you’ve really gone thru a lot. :)

    • Eric Hansen says

      Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Just as rebooting a computer can fix many problems associated with a computer, so drinking plenty of water to hydrate yourself properly can correct health issues. Most Americans suffer from dehydration and don’t even know it.

  22. Andrea says

    Stumbled upon your website and thought I’d add a few things that might be helpful.

    It is extremely common for those with Celiac Disease (the inability to digest the protein found in gluten (wheat, barley, rye and regular oats) to experience heartburn, GERD, and Barrett’s Esophagus. I was diagnosed with CD and BE. I strictly adhere to a gluten-free, the only medically prescribed treatment for Celiac Disease. I was told that Barrett’s was irreversible. I could not tolerate the acid reflux meds prescribed for Barrett’s and developed asthma as a result. Life became very difficult. I stopped all the drugs and tried natural things, many of them that are listed here. The good news is that six months later, after having another upper GI, my doctor called and said he could not explain it, but there was no longer any evidence of Barrett’s. A friend of mine who also was diagnosed with CD and BE tried the same natural remedies that I used and her gastro told her the same news! The reason that we (and physicians) don’t hear about his is because there is no money to be made by the pharmaceutical companies. PPI’s or acid reflux drugs are BIG business and they don’t want to lose it! I just returned from a visit to Mayo Clinic and the gastro there was very interested in what I did to resolve my BE.
    The main thing is to get the gluten out of your diet (it’s hidden in lots of foods!) and try some natural things such as Aloe Vera Gel, a good digestive enzyme, Betaine HCl, DGL and especially powdered Slippery Elm mixed in warm water (it will not dissolve by stirring, you must heat the water first and put it in a jar along with 1 tsp of Slippery Elm powder and SHAKE IT, then pour into a mug). This is very soothing to the esophagus. Please note that anyone who is on a gluten-free diet should not consumer regular red or black licorice as suggested above, because it has gluten in it. DGL tablets are deglycyrrhizinated licorice and are gluten-free.
    FYI: Many people never think of asking to be tested for celiac disease because they are not aware of the symptoms. Also, some people are asymptomatic, which means they don’t have ANY symptoms, but they still have the disease. I highly recommend reading up on what the symptoms are and the very serious consequences/complications that can occur when one does not get diagnosed in a timely fashion. If not for you, do it for your family. Celiac Disease is a serious autoimmune disease and it is hereditary! Caution: Do not go on a GF diet until AFTER testing is completed or you may skew the results. For more info, go to cureceliacdisease.org

  23. John says

    I’m confused. Some of the posts said that indigestion was (could be) caused by not enough acid in the stomach. I have infrequent heartburn, and someone told me to try apple cider vinegar in water. It didn’t work for me. So I went back to a bicarb remedy (sometimes Alka Seltzer), which seems to work every time. However, I will try some of the other remedies here. I want to keep it natural and avoid prescription drugs.

  24. Beverly says

    I have tried taking 2 tablespoons of honey and it gives immediate relief BUT does not last long..I cannot lay on my right side because of the heartburn, But I do lay on my LEFT side..Any other suggestions???

  25. MTrot says

    OK I have been up since 3 AM CST with both a headache and really bad heartburn. I have done enough research so I know that if you take any sort of calcium based antacid than you need to wait 2 hours or more before you can eat or take any other medications because those types of antacids actually can coat the inside of your stomach and stop any nutrient or other substance absorption.
    I had weight loss surgery in 2010 and I have never had heartburn problems until the last two weeks. It seems to be every night and I have tried several different (natural) remedies to help. Tonight was oatmeal. Don’t know if it will work because it is still there, but I think Chamomile tea is my next stop.
    P.S. Think I need a chemistry lesson… How does one acid help to diminish another? Do two acids make a base by cancelling themselves out?

  26. says

    I created a website with a system that cured my heartburn for good I’ve been heartburn free for 5 years now.Im hoping to reach people with my info so they can live heartburn free too because I know the pain that heartburn causes I thought I was dying a lot of the time actually having a heart attack it was so bad I cant tell ya but you have great info here I was just trying to offer another option its worth a look have a nice day.


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