Vegas-Meets-Mississippi Pot Roast

mississippi pot roast

Have you ever had a really weird food craving that you wondered, “Where the heck did THAT come from?!”  Please tell me I’m not alone…lie if you have to. :-)

The other day I had this craving for pot roast. But not just ANY pot roast, I’m talking BUFFET pot roast! You know the kind of pot roast you get in those really good buffets when you’re dining in Vegas? Vegas buffets are the best!  Places like Chuck-a-Rama and Golden Corral (around this neck of the woods anyway!) are pretty good second choices for buffets…but nothing beats Vegas buffets!


vegas buffet


vegas buffet


For some reason whenever I’m at a buffet I’m drawn towards the pot roast and mashed potatoes. It makes absolutely no sense when you think about ALL the good food that is presented. But there ya go…I’m just weird that way. :-).


 mississippi pot roast


So when I ran across this tasty-looking recipe for Mississippi Pot Roast on Pinterest the other day, I wondered if I could re-create my Vegas buffet pot roast experience and satisfy my craving! I know what you’re thinking! The two couldn’t possibly be farther apart…but my CRAVINGS didn’t know that, so I figured I’d give it a try. :-)




Unfortunately, when I went to make it and take photos I failed to notice that the recipe called for pepperoncini (which is pretty funny because I mean really, how does one MISS that ingredient!?) so I made it without. But NEXT time I am absolutely going to include it! I am certain it puts this dish over the top.

I call this my “Vegas-Meets-Mississippi Pot Roast” :-)

Vegas-Meets-Mississippi Pot Roast


  • 1 3 lb chuck roast
  • 1 packet of dry Ranch dressing mix
  • 1 packet of dry Au Jus mix
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 5 - 6 pepperoncini


mississippi pot roast

mississippi pot roast 4


mississippi pot roast 5



Place roast in crockpot and sprinkle Ranch dressing mix and Au Jus mix on top. Top with 1 stick of butter cut into chunks. Cook in the crockpot on low for 6 to 8 hours. When it is done, remove the meat from the crockpot and place in on a plate and cover. Pour the remaining liquid in a saucepan on the stove, bring it to a boil, and add a mixture of cornstarch and water (or flour and water) to thicken it. Shred the meat and serve with the gravy on top.


mississippi pot roast

mississippi pot roast 2


Well, well, well….I’ll be tarred and feathered! This was GOOD!! Now I don’t have to go all the way to Vegas to have a Vegas buffet pot roast!




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  1. Lauren Ryszka says

    I usually make this roast 2-4 times a month. My whole family (husband and 4 kids) loves it. It’s even better the next day (believe it or not)! We have rice with ours and some fresh Italian bread. Quick, easy and satisfying. What could be better, right? The pepperoncini really make this dish. I add 4 and it gives it just the right amount of heat.

    • Amy says

      I was raised eating our roast with rice, most people around here have never heard of doing that, instead it’s always potatoes and carrots. My kids actually preferr the rice, while I lean towars the other. I don’t think they would enjoy the pepperoncini’s they don’t like anything spicy (maybe in a french dip). It is also really nice that we raise our own beef and have meat in our freezer all the time. We know what they have been fed and if they have had any antibiotics or not.

  2. Judith Jones says

    I will try this soon. Wanted to tell you about how I fix a similar roast, Just put a chuck roast in the crockpot. Pour over 1 can beer and 1 jar Pepperocini or salad peppers. That’s it! Cook on low for 4-6 hours or more. Wonderful!!! We love to slice and put it along with a pepper or two on a crusty roll for the best sandwich.

      • Ronna says

        The Mississippi Mud Roast is a HIT with my family and we make it ALOT! Yes you can put some of the juice from the peppers in the roast. I have also used Brown Gravy Mix instead of the au jus. Haven’t tried the “beer” yet..but I can imagine a good dark beer like…Guiness will add a whole other flavor level to this no fail meat dish. =)

  3. cheryl kerspilo says

    I got this recipe from another site and she said she usually uses mild pepper rings because they disintegrated during cooking and her family wouldn’t see them. Her family doesn’t like peppers of any kind and this way she got the full flavor without them noticing. I can’t wait to try this.

  4. Teri says

    I found this recipe about a year ago and was afraid to try it because I can’t eat anything hot. I finally did, and it was so good! It is not hot, it’s just flavorful. I don’t cut up the butter, I just sit the whole stick on top of the roast. Also, instead of au jus, my recipe calls for brown gravy mix. One of my favorite recipes! I haven’t made it in a while. Guess I’ll have to make it tomorrow now, lol…

  5. CTY says

    Never had a pot roast from a buffet that I liked. I would get it because it looked great–but always disappointment.
    I make mine in a Dutch Oven on very low–don’t take off the lid! Like Lori E. I sear the meat first–but I add fresh garlic chunks to the searing oil. We love what I call Italian Style so instead of the Ranch Mix I combine about 2 tsp each oregano, basil, thyme & cracked pepper, I also smear Better Than Bouillon beef base over the spices and rub in a bit. Before making the gravy I scoop out the garlic chunks & add them to the potatoes for mashing. To make my gravy thicker, to the juices I add tomato paste. Best part–this is a one pot meal–sear, cook & make gravy all in that beautiful Dutch oven.
    Guess I’m buying a roast today.

  6. Joyce says

    A similar recipe that is absolutely wonderful: 1 package Ranch dressing, 1 package Brown gravy, 1 package Italian dressing, 1/2 cup water. Mix together all ingredients, pour over roast, cook in crockpot. So simple and delicious!

  7. says

    I’ve never done pot roast before. My first reaction was, oh geezzz this yummy looking roast post just when I’m doing my pork boycott. There were over 16,000 dead pigs (and counting!) fished out in Huangpu River, which supplies Shanghai with our tap water. Aren’t we lucky, when we open the tap we get free Pork Rib Soup! hahaha. My sentiments here

    And then….. after reading the comments, I realized that a “Roast” means Beef! Wheeeee! I am doing somersaults in my mind (because a. I’m in the office and can’t make a scene and b. I can’t really do real somersaults hehe). I’ve just been eating chicken and veggies, I will grow feathers soon.

    I wanna try this next week when Holy Week is over. Thanks for this!

  8. Kathi says

    I made this roast last night and you are right, it has unbelievable taste!! I think next time I am going to use unsalted butter, as it was a bit salty. The peppers add a great flavor and are not hot at all, I have never cooked with these peppers before, only had them with sandwiches, great find. I found that eight hours on low was too long, I only cooked mine 6 1/2 hours and it was plenty of time.

    Also, another trick in using your crock pot, do yourself a GREAT favor and purchase the crock pot liners, saves on time for clean up. these liners are a live savior, no mess at all, just remove and toss in the garbage. I keep a box in my crock pot.

  9. Allie says

    Wow. Just wow. The simplest and best pot roast recipe ever. I had a small $4 pot roast which I plopped into my crockpot. I put in half an envelope of the ranch dressing and low sodium au jus and saved the rest (more on that in a minute). Then I topped it with 3 pats of unsalted butter. That’s it. Because of my crazy schedule, I cooked it on low for 4 hours the first night. Scooped out the hardened fat the next morning and cooked it on high for another 3 hours the next day and served with homemade mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. This is going in my regular rotation! The gravy it created was absolutely delicious – I served as is, no thickening necessary.

    A few notes:
    * Use a crockpot liner for easy clean-up.
    * I put the leftover seasonings in a small mason jar and later added 2 more packets each of the ranch and au jus and mixed well to use in the future. That’s how good this is – that I already know I’m going to making this again.
    * Tried to keep the fat content down, so I just put in 3 thin pats of butter and you still got the flavor without going overboard. The original recipe from Pinterest said put an entire stick of butter – holy artery buster!

  10. Helen says

    Ok I didn’t like the way the roast looked at the store so I just purchased a few packages of stew meat. This came out incredible. The meat was so tender it just broke apart right on the serving spoon. I made a side dish of Harvest Grains from Trader Joes and my family went to town! I will definitely make this again hopefully with a nice cut of meat from the butcher.

  11. Gail says

    Does anyone have a similar recipe that doesn’t require using powdered mixes? My husband loves pot roast and I love to try variations on the old standard braise but I don’t cook with mixes. Suggestions?

  12. Tara says

    ***Loved, Loved*** this was by far the best pot roast I have evert made. I followed the directions exactly. I even sent my son back to the store for the peppercini’s. Thank You for another winner.

  13. Shari says

    I totally agree about buffet pot roast especially Golden Corral’s pot roast.. its usually what I always
    get when going there.
    I can’t wait to try this recipe.

  14. Nan says

    I made this tonight. I also make my pot roast to go with rice. It was perfect. I made it according to the recipe but also added 1 package of lipton onion soup to it. After it was fully cooked I added a cup of water with some corn starch to make more gravy for my rice. It reminded me of a pot roast my daughter and I use to make. It was really good! This is definitely a keeper! Thanks for the recipe.

  15. silverdust says

    Since I’d rather use one hour’s worth of natural gas vs 6-8 hours of electricity, I always have to look up the conversion chart. I’m putting it here for next time! At 325 degrees, bake roast at 20 minutes per pound.

  16. Nicole says

    I finally tried this tonight. It was really good. I didn’t use a stick of butter though. Since a chuck roast is already so fatty, I couldn’t rationalize adding so much butter. I had 2 TB of a stick left so I just added that. I’m glad that was all I used. I love butter but being in the crock pot for so long it seemed to give the roast more of a brown butter flavor that I don’t really care for. Next time I’ll leave the butter out all together. I also tried the recipe someone else gave above with the italian dressing packet. That was good also but my own personal preference would be this recipe with the ranch packet over the Italian.


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